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Mother's occupation and sex ratio at birth. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Abstract Background Many women are working outside of the home, occupying a multitude of jobs with varying degrees of responsibilities and levels of psychological stress. We investigated whether different job types in women are associated with child sex at birth , with the hypothesis that women in job types, which are categorized as "high psychological stress" jobs, would be more likely to give birth to a daughter than a son, as females are less vulnerable to unfavourable conditions during conception, pregnancy and after parturition, and are less costly to carry to term.

Methods We investigated the effects of mother's age, maternal and paternal job type and associated psychological stress levels and paternal income on sex ratio at birth. Our analyses were based on 16, incidences of birth from a six- year to inclusive childbirth dataset from Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, UK.

We obtained a restricted data set from Addenbrooke's hospital with: Results Women in job types that were categorized as "high stress" were more likely to give birth to daughters, whereas women in job types that were categorized as "low stress" had equal sex ratios or a slight male bias in offspring.

We also investigated whether maternal age, and her partner's income could be associated with reversed offspring sex ratio. We found no association between mother's age, her partner's job stress category or partner income on child sex.

However, there was an important interaction between job stress category and partner income in some of the analyses. Partner income appears to attenuate the association between maternal job stress and sex ratios at moderate-income levels, and reverse it at high-income levels. Conclusions To our knowledge this is the first report on the association between women's job type stress categories and offspring sex ratio in humans, and the.

Recent increase in sex ratio at birth in Viet Nam. Since the s, sex ratio at birth male births per female births has increased in many Asian countries as a result of selective abortions, but to date there has been no such evidence for Viet Nam.

Our aim in this paper is to ascertain the situation with respect to sex ratio at birth in Viet Nam over the past five years. Original data were obtained from sample population surveys in Viet Nam recording annual birth rates since of about , women, as well as from two successive birth surveys conducted for the first time in 1.

The annual population surveys include specific information on birth history and mothers' characteristics to be used for the analysis of trends and differentials in sex ratio at birth.

Starting from a level probably close to the biological standard of , the SRB reached in and in , a value significantly above the normal level. An independent confirmation of these results comes from the surveys of births in health facilities which yielded a SRB of in High SRB is linked to various factors such as access to modern health care, number of prenatal visits, level of higher education and employment status, young age, province of residence and prenatal sex determination.

These results suggest that prenatal sex determination followed by selective abortion has recently become more common in Viet Nam. This recent trend is a consequence of various factors such as preference for sons, declining fertility, easy access to abortion, economic development as well as the increased availability of ultrasonography facilities.

Sex ratios at birth after induced abortion. Data on abortion practices that might help to explain these findings are lacking. We examined 1 births to women with up to 3 consecutive singleton live births between and in Ontario.

Records of live births , and induced and spontaneous abortions were linked to Canadian immigration records. We determined associations of male: However, among infants of women who immigrated from India and had previously given birth to 2 girls, the overall male: Spontaneous abortions were not associated with male-biased sex ratios in subsequent births.

Using information available at the end of , the authors present and analyze data on expectation of life at birth in countries. Differences between developing and developed countries, trends over time, sex differentials, and limits on life expectancy are examined.

The analysis reveals limits of approximately 73 years for men and 80 for women in the most developed countries. In France, which displays excessive male mortality, expectation of life increases more slowly for men. The authors attribute these sex differentials both to biological factors and to behavioral factors and ways of life. A study to review sex ratio at birth and analyze preferences for the sex of the unborn.

The data was collected from the records maintained in Medical Record Department from January to December and were studied to determine the sex ratio as well as its relationship with the increasing parity. Sex ratio was females per 1, males in primi para, which decreased to females per 1, males in second para, further reduced to females per 1, males in third para and females per 1, males in fourth para.

The ' sex ratio at birth ', defined as the number of girls born for every 1, boys born, is a more accurate and refined indicator of the extent of prenatal sex selection. Sex ratio at birth in India, its relation to birth order, sex of previous children and use of indigenous medicine. Sex -ratio at birth in families with previous girls is worse than those with a boy.

Our aim was to prospectively study in a large maternal and child unit sex -ratio against previous birth sex and use of traditional medicines for sex selection. Sex -ratio among mothers in families with a previous girl and in those with a previous boy, prevalence of indigenous medicine use and sex -ratio in those using medicines for sex selection.

Overall there were girls to boys. The sex -ratio was In second children of families with a previous boy girls were born per boys.

Sex -ratio in those with one previous girl, who were taking traditional medicines for sex selection, was Evidence from the second children clearly shows the sex -ratio is being manipulated by human interventions. More mothers with previous girls tend to use traditional medicines for sex selection, in their subsequent pregnancies.

Those taking such medication do not seem to be helped according to expectations. They seem to rely on this method and so are less likely use more definitive methods like sex selective abortions.

This is the first such prospective investigation of sex ratio in second children looked at against the sex of previous children. More studies are needed to confirm the findings. We explored sex ratio at birth , defined as the proportion of male live births , in women with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and eating disorders not otherwise specified-purging type EDNOS-P relative to a referent group in a large population based sample of 38, pregnant women in Norway.

This study analysed sex ratios at birth defined as the number of male births per female births using data on children ever-born from three censuses conducted in Ethiopia in , and The results showed very high values by any standard, with an average of Analysis of socioeconomic correlates revealed that the sex ratio varied very much by household wealth, from about for very poor women to about for wealthier women.

The high value of the sex ratio at birth in Ethiopia could be explained by poverty, used as a proxy for poor nutritional status. In multivariate analysis, the effects of living in urban areas and of maternal education were less important than household wealth.

Among the many ethno-linguistic groups, the Nilotic family had higher sex ratios than other groups. The results were confirmed using data from DHS surveys conducted in the country, and by the analysis of children still living at time of census. Birth weight in opposite sex twins as compared to same sex dizygotic twins. The question addressed in the present report is whether the large birth weight differences in dizygotic twin pairs of opposite sex DZos , especially in 'male first' couples - observed by Blickstein and Weissman Blickstein I, Weissman A.

Birth weight discordancy in male-first and female-first pairs. We examined data of 2, children from the PARIS birth cohort followed up with repeated questionnaires completed by parents until age 4 years. TRAP exposure in each child's first year of life was estimated by nitrogen oxides NO x air dispersion modeling, taking into account both home and day care locations.

Association between TRAP exposure and patterns of wheezing, dry night cough, and rhinitis symptoms was studied using multinomial logistic regression models adjusted for potential confounders. Effect modification by parental history of allergy, stressful family events, and sex was investigated.

TRAP exposure was positively associated with persistent wheeze, dry cough, and rhinitis symptoms among children with a parental allergy, those experiencing stressful family events, and boys, but not in children whose parents did not have allergies or experience stressful events, or in girls all interaction p -values sex may increase their susceptibility to adverse respiratory effects of early TRAP exposure.

Live birth sex ratios and father's geographic origins in Jerusalem, To examine whether ancestry influenced sex ratios of offspring in a birth cohort before parental antenatal sex selection influenced offspring sex. We measured the sex ratio as the percent of males according to countries of birth of paternal and maternal grandfathers in 91, live births from to in the Jerusalem Perinatal Study.

Confidence limits CI were computed based on an expected sex ratio of 1. Of all live births recorded, Relative to Jewish ancestry Among the former, sex ratios were not significantly associated with paternal or maternal age, education, or offspring's birth order. Consistent with a preference for male offspring, the sex ratio decreased despite increasing numbers of births over the year period. Sex ratios were not affected by maternal or paternal origins in North Africa or Europe.

However, the offspring whose paternal grandfathers were born in Western Asia included fewer males than expected This was observed for descendents of paternal grandfathers born in Lebanon The West Asian group showed the strongest decline in sex ratios with increasing paternal family size.

A decreased sex ratio associated with ancestry in Western Asia is consistent with reduced ability to bear sons by a subset of Jewish men in the Jerusalem cohort. Lower sex ratios may be because of pregnancy stress, which may be higher in this subgroup. Alternatively, a degrading Y chromosome haplogroup or other genetic or epigenetic differences on male germ lines could affect birth ratios, such as differential exposure to an environmental agent, dietary. Objective To examine whether ancestry influenced sex ratios of offspring in a birth cohort before parental antenatal sex selection influenced offspring sex.

Methods We measured the sex ratio as the percent of males according to countries of birth of paternal and maternal grandfathers in 91, live births from to in the Jerusalem Perinatal Study. Results Of all live births recorded, Conclusions A decreased sex ratio associated with ancestry in Western Asia is consistent with reduced ability to bear sons by a subset of Jewish men in the Jerusalem cohort.

Lower sex ratios may be due to pregnancy stress, which may be higher in this subgroup. Alternatively, a degrading Y chromosome haplogroup or other genetic or epigenetic differences on male germ lines could affect birth ratios, such as differential exposure to an. Having multiple melanocytic naevi sex , socioeconomic status education in childhood and adulthood, skin type and sunbathing habits.

The prevalence of multiple melanocytic naevi was Higher education odds ratio OR 2. Inflammatory skin diseases decreased OR 0. In conclusion, several risk factors were found for multiple naevi among adults living in high latitudes, in Northern Finland. New birth weight reference standards customised to birth order and sex of babies from South India. The foetal growth standards for Indian children which are available today suffer due to methodological problems.

These are, for example, not adhering to the WHO recommendation to base gestational age on the number of completed weeks and secondly, not excluding mothers with risk factors. This study has addressed both the above issues and in addition provides birthweight reference ranges with regard to sex of the baby and maternal parity.


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Happy, funny, and enjoy life. In most sex discrimination cases that reach trial, universities win. Most cases never reach trial, however, because they are dropped or resolved during the litigation process Box for a description of types of discrimination warranting legal action. A report by the American Association of University Women revealed that women academics won only a minority of lawsuits alleging improper denial of tenure.

Although the legal process can be financially and emotionally draining, however, it can empower plaintiffs. Types of Discrimination Banned under the Anti-discrimination Laws.

Beyond the economic risks of charges, institutional theory calls attention to the role legal sanctions may play in cultivating a normative environment that discourages discrimination.

EEO charges and settlements against a single firm in an industry may reverberate throughout the entire industry, providing legal and normative pressure for change and raising legitimacy concerns for recalcitrant firms. In some cases, publicity generated by discrimination cases can benefit the plaintiff and women faculty because it attracts the attention of legislators, advocates, and other organizations that can work toward long-term safeguards against discrimination and improvements in hiring and promotion.

Are the outcomes of individual cases leading to lasting change in organizations? Affirmative action laws have made inroads for women, but they have not always resulted in better working conditions in industry or academe. Even in companies, many of which have private dispute processes, workers file 25, cases of sex discrimination a year with the EEOC. About one-fifth result in favorable outcomes for complainants. In a retrospective year analysis of 2, firms that filed EEOC reports in , 68 Hirsh has shown that sex discrimination lawsuits often cause other firms in the same industry sector to make pre-emptive changes, apparently to avoid problems of their own.

Transforming academic institutions so that they will foster the career advancement of women scientists and engineers is a complex task. It reflects the increasing understanding that individual accommodations and help are not sufficient to bring gender equity to the academy; as discussed above and illustrated in Figure , long-standing sectorwide measures appear to be necessary to accomplish the integration of women into the academy.

This program offers awards for institutional more Sloan Awards for Faculty Career Flexibility. Sloan Awards for more Those features tend to be so embedded in organizational life as to be invisible. They generally also bear no obvious relationship to gender. The only indication that such issues exist may be an unexplained inability of the organization to attract, retain, or promote women in sufficient numbers despite an apparent willingness to do so. In an approach to overcoming such problems called small-win experiments, members of the organization, preferably with the backing of leadership, systematically seek out the features and set about finding ways to change them.

An example of such a constraining cultural feature in one organization was a looseness about punctuality and the length of meetings that made it difficult for many women—who often live with tighter time restrictions than men because of their family responsibilities—to attend all the meetings they needed to attend to keep abreast of developments in the organization. Overtly establishing a new norm that meetings start and end at the announced times is a small-win experiment that made the organization much more congenial to women.

Successful small-win experiments must be carefully tailored to the specific circumstances of a particular organization Box The consequences of the assumptions and practices must also be examined, and then discrete, concrete ways of changing the ones that adversely affect women must be devised. Leadership in Industry Case Study. Other customized tenure options are explored by the American Council on Education Box One approach to documenting the status of women in academic science and engineering is to combine quantitative data collection see Chapter 3 with qualitative information obtained from faculty, students, and university leaders.

For example, the Association for Women in Science AWIS created a Web-based interactive toolkit of surveys, literature, Web links, and guidelines to help universities to evaluate the climate for women on their campuses. Departments are also asked to provide enrollment data.

After collecting that background information, a panel of respected scientists who are familiar with climate issues meets with faculty, students, and administrators to discuss their views about the status of women in a department. The panel then makes recommendations based on the information collected and helps the department to implement them.

We must grow our women leadership ranks. We must help our women and our men fit their lives into their work and their work into their lives, so that we can keep our pipeline robust. The goal of APS was to identify and intervene in both the generic and specific problems commonly experienced by women and minority groups in physics departments.

In turn, the department chair was asked to describe in writing actions taken to remedy the problems. Women in Cell Biology. WICB began in the early more A number of universities have used a similar approach internally. For example, Duke University Box has used a combination of surveys, interviews, and focus groups. Other universities have also used quality of life surveys for internal information to help them to pinpoint critical areas on which to focus change efforts.

In addition to examining the campus climate, it is important that the university leadership make it known that it is committed to the advancement of women and minority groups. This may include drawing attention to the status of women, demonstrating that the inferior status of women is a problem for the entire university, noting that the campus has zero tolerance for sexual harassment and discrimination, and making deans and department heads accountable for what happens to women in their constituencies.

For example, Harvard and Yale have created a position of senior vice provost for diversity and faculty development; Princeton for some time has had a person in charge of these issues. To foster mentoring, some universities pair junior faculty with a senior mentor who is encouraged to provide guidance, career advice, and even intervention on behalf of the junior faculty member.

Mentoring not only helps those being mentored, but helps mentors to attract new students, develop their professional networks, and stay abreast of the work in their fields.

Students and faculty can seek out different mentors for different issues; they may have one person with whom they talk with about how to manage the conflicts between work and other obligations, another about research, and a third about teaching.

Besides mentoring, it is important that faculty have role models. The percentage of women faculty is therefore also an indicator of academic success for women undergraduates. Young women—and many young men—desire a different kind of lifestyle, and if the academy cannot make room for this variety, it will lose some of its potential contributors.

It is important that university leadership recognize that both men and women have interests and obligations outside work. Those may include spending time with family, performing community service, seeking educational opportunities, and engaging in leisure and hobby activities.

Without more fundamental institutional transformation, such practices as flexible work arrangements, family leave policies, and education and training opportunities, however important, will not be sufficient for gender equity. Maintaining the ability to combine productive work with outside interests and responsibilities is an issue for everyone, not just for parents. Nonetheless, because family care is so basic a responsibility and women are still the primary caretakers, it remains a key issue for women in academe.

AAUP also suggests allowing the use of short-term emergency leave for contingencies, such as a lack of family care services. The grants provide assistance in the form of released time, conference travel, research support, and so forth.

The grants provide support for research assistants, postdoctoral scholars, or adjunct professors to assist women faculty with their research. Both Stanford University and Dartmouth University have announced graduate student childbirth and pregnancy leave policies Box that allow students to postpone or reduce academic requirements for up to 3 months while remaining eligible for full-time enrollment status and retaining access to university facilities, housing, and benefits.

Recognizing that child rearing is an issue for both men and women, some universities provide tenure clock extension to all assistant professors who have substantial responsibility for the care of young children. As shown in the Duke University example above, providing access to day care and other assistance with child rearing may also help to ease the burdens of parents seeking tenure or otherwise coping with juggling the competing demands of work and family.

Recommendations include providing affordable child care, facilities for sick children, safe environments for children within the workplace, after-school care, child-care cooperatives, and lactation rooms. Even with parental leave and tenure clock extension policies in place, women have been reluctant to take advantage of the programs for fear of experiencing a backlash.

Suggested remedies include making it clear that tenure clock extension and active service-modified duties policies are entitlements. Princeton University recently established an automatic extension for men and women for both birth and adoption. And UC-Berkeley includes in its letters asking for review of a candidate that reviewers must ignore any time extension due to family responsibilities.

Scientists and engineers also have to deal with competing commitments in their work lives, and this particularly hits women and minority-group faculty. Because they are relatively few, the same people are repeatedly called upon to serve on university and community committees, boards, and service groups and to mentor women and minority-group students.

So, for example, Turner and Myers use census data and show that, whereas among Native Americans and Latinos women are better represented in faculties than are men, the opposite is the case for African Americans and Asian Americans. And even though African American women earn doctorates at higher rates than African American men, they have a smaller representation on faculties. Interviews with women faculty of color have revealed how closely race and gender bias are linked in their experiences.

Nonetheless, the salience of race appears to be higher, and these faculty members feel that white women, who are doing better than faculty of color of either sex, have a cultural bias that causes difficulties for women of color. For all those reasons, it is critical that this group not be made invisible by inclusion in larger groups that do not share their issues. They need special and specific attention. As Turner says, it is important to break the conspiracy of silence about this group.

In addition to the university-specific practices detailed above, both public and private organizations have created awards aimed at advancing women in science and engineering by providing financial support for both individual women investigators and the institutions that support them. Professorship awards are proposed by an institution, and may only be used to hire new tenure-track faculty.

CBL funding also provides universities with an incentive to advance their women faculty. Considerable attention has been directed at understanding how to create work environments that provide women and minority-group members fair compensation and resources, networking opportunities, and appropriate integration of work and home responsibilities. Resistance to change is rooted in the worry that standards will be lowered if, for example, allowances are made for a young woman who has children while working toward tenure.

Because academic institutions need the best minds, dedication and effort needs to be considered in context. Currently, we favor the lightweight because they probably finished first.

Judging intrinsic merit is important. Carrying out adequate data gathering, planning, implementation of changes, and evaluation requires that sufficient resources be dedicated to the objective of increasing diversity. Academic institutions must be joined by scientific and professional societies and federal agencies for lasting change to occur. All three sectors must provide leadership on issues of diversity, hold their constituents accountable for change, and provide clear measures and methods for compliance.

The backlash against academic parents. Chronicle of Higher Education February 22 , http: Is there an unconscious discrimination against women in science?

American Physical Society Newsletter , http: The National Academies Press. M Mason and M Goulden Marriage and baby blues: Redefining gender equity in the academy. Economics of gendered distribution of resources in academe. The National Academies Press, Chapter 5. Y Xie and KA Shauman Sex differences in research productivity: New evidence about an old puzzle. American Sociological Review 63 6: Career Processes and Outcomes. Harvard University Press; D Ginther The economics of gender differences in employment outcomes in academia.

Journal of Political Economy Family location constraints and the geographic distribution of female professionals. Patterns and effects of geographic mobility for academic women and men. Journal of Higher Education 58 5: Geographic mobility of scientists: Sex differences and family constraints. Shauman and Xie , ibid. Academe 91 6 , http: E Lehrer and M Nerlove Female labor force behavior and fertility in the United States.

Annual Review of Sociology Sex differences in absence in relation to parental status. Scandinavian Journal of Social Medicine 24 1: Gender differences in days lost from work due to illness.

Industrial and Labor Relations Review 50 2: S Desai and LJ Waite Occupational characteristics and work commitment. American Sociological Review 56 4: Evidence from the United States, Britain, and Japan. Journal of Population Economics S Gjesdal and E Bratburg The role of gender in long-term sickness absence and transition to permanent disability benefits. The European Journal of Public Health 12 3: Sex differences in morbidity and mortality.

For example, see J Fletcher Gender, Power, and Relational Practice at Work. Hitting the maternal wall. Academe 90 6 , http: The public policy of motherhood. Journal of Social Issues 60 4: Effects of employment status, marital status, and age of child. A Journal of Research Is there a motherhood penalty? MA Mason and M Goulden The effect of family formation on the lifelong careers of academic men and women. Stanford Study on Dual-Career Couples, see http: Journal of Higher Education 71 3: Dual-career-couples hiring practices in higher education.

The Journal of Higher Education 71 3: A New Academic Marketplace. Johns Hopkins University Press. Developing and implementing work-family policies for faculty. Mason and Goulden , ibid. The value of work-family policies.

A Stacy , ibid. K Ward and L Wolf-Wendel How safe is it to make time for family? Long time no see: Why are there still so few women in academic science and engineering. Unveiling the hidden glass ceiling.

American Sociological Review 26 2: If University leaders do appoint women to positions of prominence, where they can gain leadership experience, these women have a high probability of going on to even greater things. Discovering directions for change in higher education through the experiences of senior women faculty. Journal of Technology Transfer B Reskin and P Roos Job Queues, Gender Queues: R Simpson and C Cohen The gendered nature of bullying in the context of higher education.

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