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Anybody wanting their dick sucked

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Once you get to know me, you'll be happy that you did, I'm truly am a nice man. M4w Just looking for someone to come over, watch a movie and maybe have a glass of wine. I like to cook and read.

Relationship Status:Married
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Anybody wanting their dick sucked

Need Your Pussy Licked And Worshipped

I have an apartment of my own where we can be together and there is no chance for disruption.

I am searching for a college aged girl from 18-30 or so that is either married or single and doesn't get the sexual attention she needs. If you do not think you can handle that donot bother me.


Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you have been placed in read-only mode. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled i. Anyone get their dick sucked by another guy before. My old roomate did it to me. We had a 2 bedroom apt. One night I was in my room sleeping. He was not at home.

I woke up to his mouth on my dick. I thought I was dreaming. I am a hard sleeper, but awaken to his mouth on my dick. I couldn't beleive it. I did not know he was like that. I wanted him to stop, but it felt so good.

Next thing I know I came in his mouth. He did spit it out. The next day I did not mention it to him neither did he. We still are freinds to this day. He lives in North Carolina now. We have talked about recently he tells me that he is bi-sexual. He likes to suck every now and than. He told me that he wants me to come down there and feed it to him again. I just laugh at it. No, I never have. You said it was different than a female.

In what ways was it different? I've heard guys give better blow jobs than girls because they know the equipment better and knows what feels good. But don't know if it is true. All I know is I'm a self sucker, and I can suck my cock better than any woman has, although it is much easier and relaxing to have a woman suck it. I'm high on my own testosterone. I have, It feels great I think it's because men know what men like and we just want to give what we want back.

Three guys have sucked me, one was crap, the other two were good. I suppose they just do what they want done to themselves. Apparently I gave a guy the best blowjob he ever has I bet he says that to all the boys: Happened to me right after high school. Didn't want it, wouldn't have chosen it. Was on a church trip and sharing a bed with my buddy. Next thing I knew his hands were on my chest and stomach. Shaking like a leaf and didn't know what to do.

Then he put his hands in my underwear and started jacking me off. Once again, I was totally freaked. Couldn't believe this was happening. I was scared and didn't know if or when or how to stop it. I thought he would jack me till I came, but I was wrong. He got down between my legs and started the blow job.

I had absolutely no idea that would ever happen. Thought it only happened in movies and on the west coast. But he finished the job. I felt guilty for years because I didn't stop him and because it felt good. I've just now, through counseling, began to understand that I was violated. I didn't choose it. He knew I was scared and took advantage of me. I also know that the fact that it felt good physically meant nothing. The biggest growth piece for me was realizing that the most heterosexual men in the world often get blow jobs from other men voluntarily.

I should stop beating myself up and hating myself because it happened to me involuntarily. I can't believe I just shared that! Hey bud, thanks for sharing that. I'm glad you felt comfortable enough here to do that. I'm sorry you got violated that way, you sure didn't do anything to deserve it nor did it sound like you really wanted it to happen.

Something similar happened to me while I was in HS. But I also participated in some same sex experimentation about that time and felt really guiilty about it as well. Like you, I've learned that many of us go through some of these things and move on to have healthy sex lives. Glad you dealt with this. That took a lot of courage to share that, and I'm glad you felt comfortable enough with us here to do so.

I was "jumped" by two brothers once in a remote location. The one had a reputation of sucking cock, so I had a pretty good idea of what the end result was going to be when they attempted to strip me. I managed to fight them off and they gave up, but since then I've felt guilty because one part of me keeps saying you should have let it happen to see what it feels like.

The most valuable and useful of all talents and abilities is that of never using two words or descriptions when one will do or I've got a girlfriend, so I'm bi. She knows what I've done before and that it could happened again.

She's bi too, so we cancel one another out. I'm bi and i've had my dick sucked by two guys. The first time was a bit sore and i didn't come.

The second time was absolutely brilliant. I met this guy where he worked on his own. He had this private room, very small and a little dark. I stood against the door and he went to work on his knees. Eventually it got too much and i just emptied myself in his mouth.

He didnt even spit it out. It was a marvellous feeling him just sucking away and when i came i couldn't stop shaking. Home Male Genitalia Anyone get their dick sucked by another guy before This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Anyone get their dick sucked by another guy before I have and it is different from a female. RockinMyLife74 , last edited by.

Screw the whales, save the subjunctive! NCIX , last edited by. Soul87 , last edited by. I get my dick sucked by another guy every now and than. EnigmaTom , last edited by. LoopsBoi , last edited by. Ma cousin sucked me off wen i was Reply Reply as topic.


Anyone get their dick sucked by another guy before | AfraidToAsk Forums

I know you want to feel like you have a huge penis right now but it really hurts and makes me feel degraded. So cut it out! OK, so getting your dick sucked can feel one of three ways: Amazing, painful or like nothing at all. I once was with someone ages ago who would go down on me and it would feel like air. I would have to check to see what he was doing down there because it felt like nothing was happening.

In a way, I guess this is a good thing. But it still weirded me out. How can you put a mouth on a penis and have nothing happen??!! I once was with someone who drowned my penis and it made my dick so sensitive that I would have spasms if he touched it. Anyway, the moment a guy comes up and starts jacking me off, it feels amazing. The actual sensation of a mouth on your penis feels exactly like how you would think.

One thing you should know about how it feels to get your D sucked? Some take 5 minutes to cum bummer and some take 30 exhausting bummer. Of course this anxiety makes it impossible for him to cum, and then it becomes a blowjob aborted. With most sex stuff, most of it is all mental. Blowjobs are major work. Blowjobs are the kindest gesture.

In fact, I would kill to know what it feels like to get eaten out. Or just what it feels like to have a vagina in general. If you notice they get more excited or seem like they are experiencing more pleasure when you do something then continue that action.

Is there anything I should do if I am receiving oral sex? Oral sex can be pretty intense at first. Try to relax and enjoy it. You may want to provide some feedback about what feels good by saying things like: Useful Tips Talk with your partner before oral sex and find out what you are each looking for.

Keeping your vulva or penis clean can make it a lot easier for your partner to go down on you. Will oral sex expose me to STIs? Try going down at your own pace, there is no rush.

There are so many things you can do with your mouth. Start by planting soft kisses on his penis to gagging on it to sucking on his balls and finally slithering your tongue down his penis. Sloppy head is the best head. You need to add a lot of saliva to the equation not over the top but well lubricated. If your mouth is dry, drink some water first to moisten it. If you are giving him head with dry mouth, the friction causes pain and discomfort to both you and the man.

You can avoid this by spitting on the tip and using your mouth to spread it all over his penis. Your mouth needs to feel as good as your pussy feels. You probably think this will look gross and messy but to be honest, guys love it and they think it is sexy. You should want this as bad as he wants it. You are on your knees because you personally want to please him and not because he wants it.

Add some passion to it. Make sounds groaning and when slurping on his penis. It also proves that you enjoy it as well. Some people believe eye contact while giving head can be really creepy but eye contact is literally looking at him enjoy the pleasures you are giving him. Indirectly you are getting to know what he likes just by staring at him. Pay attention to how he reacts to things you do to him his body movements and moans. You can either try 69 or something else that can be more engaging.

Anyone get their dick sucked by another guy before This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. H. hdog Anyone get their dick sucked by another guy before. I have and it is different from a female. hdog77 |, last edited by The one had a reputation of sucking cock, so I had a pretty good idea of. Hi there 26 yo good looking slim boy looking to suck nice clean cock I m bottom love sucking Very clean fit ddf n very view this ad now! im d/f/d/f long brn hair brn eyes 5'7 lbs love a fat cock looking to suck cock get fucked swallow hot cum for the first time blk guys a big++++ ALSO LOVE CHUBBY GUYS IM A BOTTOM AND IN S.C VERY CLEAN ANYONE IN N.C OR S.C WANT TO COME LET ME SUCK YOUR COCK AND FUCK ME.