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Asian girl or any in France

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That piece is colored by my skin — sure — but it also owes its shape to myriad other factors. Living in the capital. Being a young woman in my twenties. My Chinese American heritage. Speaking with an accent in French. Smiling a lot and wearing big, shiny earrings, etc. While far from universal, my perspective is nonetheless based on actual encounters that may or may not only occur to someone without my specific set of characteristics. First things first, I love France.

I was a born Francophile. Also, my dad had the brilliant idea to dress me up as Napolean when I was a baby.

The first hint for me that being Asian in France might be different from what I was used to came during a dinner at the Paris home of a Chinese French couple friends of my parents and their high school age boys. At the time, I had only spent a few days in France and was still shy about using the language. Still, I managed to engage the high schoolers in a discussion about French versus American cultures.

The boys were friendly, extroverted and spoke animatedly. To me, they sounded perfectly integrated into French society. They were born in France, and in my mind, they were French. However, as the night progressed, something seemed off about our conversation. I struggled to put my finger on it, when it suddenly hit me. If that were the case, which societal factors led them to feel that way? Now, after over a year of cumulative living experience in France, I think I can offer some possible answers.

Do I ever, I thought to myself as I mentally listed all the curse words I wanted to unleash on him. Unfortunately, their meanings would have been lost on him, a non-native speaker, and I feared that engaging him in any fashion would only provoke further interaction. After what seemed an eternity but was only a couple of minutes, my train arrived. I managed to get into a different car from my harasser and take some deep breaths. At last, my racing heart slowed to a normal rhythm and my fury at being objectified, exoticized, targeted, and accosted while simply going about my business began to dissipate.

I wish this had been an isolated incident. Similar incidents happen on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, there are more insidious ways to single someone out for their race — ways which may even be construed as friendliness or fraternal lightheartedness.

When he found out that I had Chinese heritage, he was extremely enthusiastic. Surely, I thought, others I encountered in the professional realm would be a tad more sensitive. This latter belief was blown to pieces when I went to a dinner hosted by this very acquaintance and attended by a few others in our field.

Though I felt uncomfortable, I am ashamed to say that I did not speak up and, after a few cups of bubbly, even laughed along for a bit. In France, the standard size of a coffee is what Americans tend to think of as an espresso.

This is something I had trouble getting used to, after having run around New York for a year with a cup of Joe constantly glued to my hand. On the now rare occasions when the desire for a heartier beverage strikes me, I turn to the much maligned Starbucks. I say this so that you can imagine my disappointment when last September, news broke of an instance of racism at a Starbucks in Paris. The article induced some head-shaking and sighing on my part but did not stop me from patronizing their establishments.

After all, this was perpetrated by an individual barista, and — as indicated within the report — this kind of stuff happens in the US too.

Oops, I mean Americano. I briefly considered the damage that a steaming hot beverage could do, but I restrained myself. Nonetheless, the drink left a bitter taste in my mouth — one that had nothing to do with the coffee itself. From those, I had to select just a few to sketch my experience. Perhaps others have more encounters of this sort than I do. Perhaps others experience something similar on a daily basis. I may be supremely privileged, and this may all sound overblown. I may also just be unlucky; perhaps other Asians saunter about France completely unassailed.

What I do know is that in nine months of living and working in Manhattan, I can only recall two instances of something like this happening. It also seems more reasonable to compare New York and Paris, as each is an international metropolis with a significant Asian population. Offenders come in all colors of the rainbow, can be any age, and of either sex.

Besides the fact that strangers who approach me in public spaces to inquire about my race are always male, there is really no pattern. I make a valiant effort to explain what being Chinese American means to me. Thanks for your interesting post! Thanks for your comment. Not for one second. Glad you stumbled on the blog!

Your response hits the nail on the head. Thanks for your insight. Please unload it before it melts. Notwithstanding what your avatar announces about your attitude toward proportionate responses, I hope you may agree that a sub-Supreme-Court-level signal that the line of cultural courtesy has been crossed would be very useful to the peaceful progress of our species through the coming decades.

Many of us are still stuck in the perception that the PC Police are prepared to make a federal case of a minor infraction. You seem to have moved on to an environment, real or perceived, where people make a federal case of your having made a federal case of a minor infraction. I hope you and I never have the opportunity to see how quickly these niceties evaporate when the broader picture turns to genuine violence.

Even a gentle tip-off will read as a reprimand and elicits defensiveness unfortunately. I think education about this really needs to start with kids at home and in schools. I lived in Paris over 20 years ago as an exchange student and the same things happened to me all the time.

Hey, I found your blog by way of reading another. Thanks for the post. I thought it was informative. Anyhow, hope your year continues very well. This was a really interesting article. I naively assumed that it was like the US in that blacks, whites, Asians, etc can all feel and be regarded as authentically American by virtue of being born and raised there. All I can conclude is I must have subconsciously absorbed it from the discourse of the people around me.

Thanks for recounting your experience! Everybody else of immigrants are only French from citizenship perspective. Totally different from the USA or Canada, countries if immigrants!

Just get over it and embrace it! I went to Denmark for a quick 3 day trip, and at a party, I was introduced to this guy with his 4 friends one of them was Danish as he was born and raised in Denmark but he was of Iranian decent. In the UK, I fine that the urban areas such as London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester are filled with people of different races and many people seem to not be phased by people different than them — even the ones who display their religion on them like the head scarf and the turban.

Wow, I feel for that Danish guy. That is really uncomfortable. Curiosity should be channeled through respectful questions, no assumptions, and an open mind. So while you caught a good point i think you read the meaning a bit differently than how a french or other european would.

To your cousins talking about french people is the same as asians talking about white people. Plus europeans tend to think the people of each nation look different and have those ethnic and cultural ideas. So even germans, english and italian people who are all well integrated would also call the french french and make that distinction. This is not saying that there is no racism but my point is things just seem more shocking when seen through an american lens where the lens.

Plus the history is different and not everyone knows american history as americans dont know french history. Though i am a bit confused why americans think asiams are from asia when they have a longer history of immigration and must have met more asians who were born in america.

There are, I agree, some idiots that like twiddling with trouble, but all you have to do is answer back, in words or action. Every french experience will be different… France is never the same twice over for the same person. You make a great point about the French art of conversation. I love the analogy to fencing; safety is definitely not guaranteed when holding a conversation in France!

I think a bit of a thick skin is required to be able to hold your own, and one can definitely come to enjoy the sort of back and forth that takes place even when political correctness is set aside. Let me just start off with this— I really connected with all of the points you mentioned, since I studied abroad in Paris last year for a semester. What really fascinates me is the difference between race relations in the US, and in France.

I know quite a few French-Chinese people most of them are full Chinese , and I really noticed the difference when I was relating the slanty-eyed incident to one of them, a girl from the suburbs of Paris. But I agree that it is annoying. So while I loved and still love! It was probably my black peacoat and boots.


Asian French - Wikipedia

And then we have Paris. There are actually, not one, but three Chinatowns in Paris! Nowadays, the descendants of those people still live there. From what I understand, back when Vietnam was a French colony, there also were a lot of Chinese Vietnamese there and I believe that they are the ones who settled there first after the Indochina war.

But the relationship between White France and its Asian population is strangely very different than the relationship it can have with North African and Black people. The relationship between France and Africa and the Caribbean over the Centuries colonization, slavery, etc.

Of course, the way immigrants arrived in France plays a huge part too. For example, I advise you to read this excellent blog post from an Asian-American in Paris talking exactly about that. Finally, I cannot talk about the relationship between the French and Asian people without talking about the strange love affair France and Japan have these days.

Of course, they have a very unrealistic view on the whole thing. Nowadays, I feel that French kids are more interested in Japanese cartoons, comic books, music even than in the ones coming from the US that was my generation, although to be fair my generation is at the crossroads.

The consequence being that nowadays the French youth seems to have an extremely positive although sometimes unrealistic view of Japan and Japanese people. But this is more about countries than the people. While most of it is still valid, things may have evolved a little with Korea and China.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I ate there once…not much business. The relationship between the French and Asian food almost deserves a post in itself.

Thanks for addressing this question! I found this not only educational but very sensitively written, as well as insightful. Thanks for your comment. I absolutely agree re: I lived and worked in Germany as an expat for 7 years. I speak German, Spanish, Tagalog and of course English. I felt another level of consciousness for their misery that never even crossed my mind before. Thank god I was transferred back to heaven the west coast of America.

As I eluded to earlier, I will be in Paris unfortunately alone. He is missing in action and everything is booked and non-refundable. So I guess this is dumped Parisian style. Any networking groups that I can meet people and feel safe? I love Paris and I will definitely make the most of it. I was really happy to find your blogs. David any tips from you? These Parisian guys are a bit flaky. Not sure what advice I can give you.

First, are you going to be there for just a little while vacations? To avoid harassment, the sad but true method that every French woman uses is to be cold and unfriendly in situations when harassment could happen.

What a great post — written beautifully and very insightful. I appreciate that you give explanation to any claims and points you raise, and that makes it very convincing. For example, I do hear that in Eastern European countries, the anti-Asian vibe is strong. The Franco-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce. Archived from the original PDF on 16 April The Specter of Genocide: Mass Murder in Historical Perspective. Retrieved 14 July Archived from the original on 11 November Archived from the original on 6 January Retrieved 1 November Archived from the original on 12 May French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

La Croix in French. Archived from the original on 16 June Retrieved 27 November Arabs Azerbaijanis Assyrians Kurds Tamils. Arabs Berbers Black Africans. Retrieved from " https: Asian diaspora in France Ethnic groups in France. CS1 French-language sources fr Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references Articles using infobox ethnic group with image parameters All articles lacking reliable references Articles lacking reliable references from July They traversed the Mediterranean in a frail boat with neither rudder nor mast and landed at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer near Arles in 40 CE.

The cathedral of Autun , not far away, is dedicated to Lazarus as Saint Lazaire. The first written records of Christians in France date from the 2nd century when Irenaeus detailed the deaths of ninety-year-old bishop Pothinus of Lugdunum Lyon and other martyrs of the persecution in Lyon.

In Remigius baptized Clovis I , who was converted from paganism to Catholicism. Clovis I, considered the founder of France, made himself the ally and protector of the papacy and his predominantly Catholic subjects. In the beginning of the 5th century, various Asian nomadic tribes of Iranian origin, especially the Taifals and Sarmatians , were settled in Gaul by the Romans as coloni.

They settled in the regions of Aquitaine and Poitou , which at one point was even called Thifalia or Theiphalia Theofalgicus in the 6th century, with remaining place names such as Tiffauges.

From , Alans who had allied and then split with the Visigoths , entered into an agreement with the Romans which allowed them to settle in the area between Toulouse and the Mediterranean where they played a defensive role against the Visigoth in Spain. In Attila proclaimed his intent to attack the powerful Visigoth kingdom of Toulouse , making an alliance with Emperor Valentinian III in order to do so. Attila gathered his vassals — Gepids , Ostrogoths , Rugians , Scirians , Heruls , Thuringians , Alans, Burgundians , among others and began his march west.

In he arrived in Belgica with an army exaggerated by Jordanes to half a million strong. Bury believes that Attila's intent, by the time he marched west, was to extend his kingdom — already the strongest on the continent — across Gaul to the Atlantic Ocean. Saint Genevieve is believed to have saved Paris. Following the rise of Islam in the Arabian peninsula in the 7th century, the Arabs invaded northern Africa, then the Iberian peninsula and France.

They were finally repelled at the Battle of Poitiers in , but thereafter remained a significant presence in southern France and Spain. Various exchanges are known around that time, as when Arculf , a Frankish Bishop, visited the Holy Land in the s.

An Abbasid-Carolingian alliance [26] [27] [28] was attempted and partially formed during the 8th to 9th century through a series of embassies, rapprochements and combined military operations between the Frankish Carolingian Empire and the Abbasid Caliphate or the pro-Abbasid Muslim rulers in Spain.

These contacts followed an intense conflict between the Carolingians and the Umayyads , marked by the landslide Battle of Tours in , and were aimed at establishing a counter—alliance with the distant Abbasid Empire. There were numerous embassies between Charlemagne and the Abbasid caliph Harun al-Rashid from , [26] apparently in view of a Carolingian-Abbasid alliance against Byzantium , [29] or with a view to gaining an alliance against the Umayyads of Spain. From the 10th to the 13th century, Islamic contributions to Medieval Europe , including France, were numerous, affecting such varied areas as art , architecture , medicine , agriculture , music , language , education , law , and technology.

Over several centuries Europe absorbed knowledge from the Islamic civilization , but also knowledge from India or lost knowledge from the ancient Greeks which was being retransmitted by the Arabs.

The French scientist Gerbert of Aurillac , future Pope Sylvester II , who had spent some time in Catalonia in the s, was instrumental in the adoption of Arabic numerals , [31] as well as the abacus in France and Christian Europe. Between the 16th and 19th century, France had at times a relatively dormant relation with the Near East or Western Asia , while at other times was closely politically intertwined.

Relations with the region were mostly dominated through the two empires that ruled the area, namely the rivaling Ottoman Empire , and the various Persian dynasties between these centuries Safavids , Afsharids , and Qajars. The rivalry between the French, British, and Russians was a key factor in foreign policies for the French for the region, finding themselves at times allied with the Turks or Persians. The alliance has been called "the first nonideological diplomatic alliance of its kind between a Christian and non-Christian empire".

Afterwards, Francis allowed the Ottomans to winter at Toulon. The strategic and sometimes tactical alliance lasted for about three centuries, [40] until the Napoleonic Campaign in Egypt , an Ottoman territory, in — The advent of Shah Ismail I in coincided with crucial world events.

Becoming the eventual archrival of the Ottomans, the shah sought, unsuccessfully, to establish a precarious alliance against the Ottomans together with the Portuguese, Emperor Charles V, and King Ludvig II of Hungary. French endeavors in the Near East remained cautious and limited even after the fall of the Safavids. However, France played an important part in post-Safavid external policies through Marquis de Bonnac , ambassador to the Porte, and who was an active mediator between Russia, Iran, and Turkey, all regional rivals.

However, relations picked up intensely with the advent of Napoleon and the Qajar dynasty in Persia. Following his victory at Austerlitz in , Napoleon managed to establish the short-lived Franco-Ottoman alliance and a Franco-Persian alliance formalized in the Treaty of Finckenstein in , while Persia and Russia were already for three years in the Russo-Persian War , in order to obtain strategic support in his fight against the Russian Empire.

The treaty included French support for Persia to reclaim its lost territories comprising Georgia and other territories in the Caucasus that were occupied by Russia by that time, promising to act so that Russia would surrender the territory.

In exchange, Persia was to fight Great Britain, and allow France to cross the Persian territory to eventually reach India. Changes in the political atmosphere that marked the peace between France and Russia at the Treaty of Tilsit made the alliance lose its motivation. The ongoing Russo-Persian War despite several successes partly influenced due to initial French assistance, resulted eventually in combination with the Treaty of Tilsit in a disaster for Persia, as not only was it forced to recognize Russian suzerainty over Georgia, its own land which it had been ruling for centuries, but it also facilitated the cession of Dagestan and most of what is today Azerbaijan to Russia amongst the other terms of the Treaty of Gulistan.

Napoleon attempted to establish a decisive French presence in Asia, by first launching his Egyptian Campaign in He wished to establish a French presence in the Middle East, and was then planning to make a junction with Tippu Sahib in India, against the British. France began trading with Eastern Asia from the early 16th century. In , a sailor from Honfleur named Pierre Caunay sailed to Sumatra. He lost his ship on the return leg between Africa and Madagascar , where the crew was imprisoned by the Portuguese.

Following the Portuguese and Spanish forays into Asia after , a few Frenchmen participated in the activities of Catholic religious orders in these countries during the 16th century. The first instance of France-Thailand relations occurred according to the Jesuit Giovanni Pietro Maffei when about a French Franciscan , Bonferre, hearing of the great kingdom of the Peguans and the Siamese in the East, went on a Portuguese ship from Goa to Cosme Pegu , where for three years he preached the Gospel , but without any result.

On , another adventurer, Pierre-Olivier Malherbe returned from a circumnavigation, and informed Henry IV of his adventures. On the missionary front, Nicolas Trigault resumed France-China relations when he left Europe to do missionary work in Asia around , eventually arriving at Nanjing , China in France-Japan relations started in when Hasekura Tsunenaga , a Japanese samurai and ambassador, sent to Rome by Date Masamune , landed at Saint-Tropez for a few days.

He penetrated into Japan clandestinely, against the interdiction of Christianity. He was caught, tortured, and died in Nagasaki on 29 September In , two expeditions were Asia—bound from Honfleur in Normandy:

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