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Beautiful ladies searching friendship Lafayette

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This appears to be a case of incompatible Orientation as Claire is thought to be completely straight at this point. The short-lived John Ritter show Hooperman featured a Running Gag involving a gay cop named Rick and a fellow officer named Mo who repeatedly hit on him despite him having no interest in women. Liv and Lowell are both zombies, which means they take on the personality traits of anyone whose brain they eat.

Shortly after they start dating, Lowell eats the brain of someone gay, and suddenly isn't attracted to Liv anymore. He spends a night as her Gay Best Friend , and promises that his next brain will be "ludicrously straight", discussing the idea of possibly digging up Wilt Chamberlain. In Lip Service , Ed has a hopelessly unrequited crush on his lesbian friend Tess. Murder in the First: Jamie Nelson is obviously attracted to a pretty female bartender, and thus visibly disappointed when she's revealed to be straight, with a boyfriend.

After her disastrous crush on Brian, Delia has that glorious dance scene with Rickie. By the last episode, the only one oblivious to her newfound crush is Rickie. When he tries to reciprocate, she tells him she knows he's gay in that awkward, teenage way — "You're gay, right? Fran is just suspicious until Maggie says something about him getting along well with his "roommate" Chuck.

Night and Day 's Fiona and Mike Brake, despite many years of marriage. In the first season of One Day at a Time , Elena briefly dates Josh, but she simply cannot get as into it as he is. This is part of what helps her realize she's a lesbian. Fortunately, Josh is extremely cool about this, and still escorts Elena at her quinces as a friend. It was just, I realized that if I was going to be into a boy, it would be Josh.

I mean, he's cute, and he's sweet, and he's such a gentleman, but I feel more when I look at a picture of Kristen Stewart than I do when I kiss him. No wonder you saw those Twilight movies so many times. Definitely wasn't the quality storytelling. Usually averted in Orange Is the New Black , because being in prison often makes the ladies reconsider , but present from time to time.

Poussey and Taystee may be the most compatible life partners you'd ever seen on TV, but the latter just isn't a lesbian. Nichols tries hitting on Fischer, but is understandably turned down; Fischer is straight and a guard. Well, Nichols is ambitious. Luschek suffers from the exact opposite problem concerning his crush on Nichols. She's gay and an inmate, making a romance both impossible and a crime. He points out that he's gay, but obliges anyway when she says she doesn't care either way.

You must have made some guy really happy. Rowling 's outing of Dumbledore , Saturday Night Live did a sketch portraying McGonagall having this sort of relationship with the gay Dumbledore: Oh Minerva, if only you had a penis and balls! On Seinfeld , Elaine once dealt with a crush on a gay man after being his beard for a night. Unlike most examples here, she actually succeeded in getting him to switch teams Whaddaya mean he went back? I don't understand, you were having such a great time!

Being a woman, I really only have access to the, um And that's on a good week! How can I be expected to have the same expertise as people who own this equipment, and have access to it 24 hours a day , their entire lives? That's why they lose very few players. Alec's feelings for Jace on Shadowhunters , since Alec is gay and Jace is straight. There's a lot of this as the titular character is basically asexual and aromantic, making him incompatible with everyone.

Heterosexual Molly Hooper's unrequited crush pales in comparison to the hideously confusing love triangle between Sherlock, John, and Irene. Sherlock is asexual , John constantly reminds everyone that he is heterosexual , and Irene is a lesbian. Yet Irene becomes sexually fascinated with Sherlock and observes that John is in romantic love with Sherlock whether he realizes it or not with a physical dimension - John knocks Sherlock around to fake an alibi but can't bring himself to hit Sherlock's nose or teeth to make it convincing.

Sherlock has a tongue-tied sexual fixation on Irene, while also feeling romantic love with no apparent physical dimension towards John. Several examples in Skins: In the second season, Maxxie, who is gay, is stalked by a girl whom everyone calls Sketch. She sabotages her way into the school musical just so that she can kiss him, convinced she can make him love her.

She also follows him home, sneaks into his house, masturbates on his bed and then hides under it while he is sleeping. Now you know how she got that name. The strangest thing about Sketch is that she is aware that Maxxie's gay and somehow thinks that by dressing in masculine clothes and binding her breasts, she'll break through the Incompatible Orientation barrier.

When she decides to go after his best mate Anwar who is straight instead, she stops binding and starts wearing more frills and make-up. Naomi tries to tell Emily this in the third season, but it's eventually revealed that she was just Armoured Closet Gay and has always loved Emily and only Emily. Emily offered to take his virginity the same day that she came out of the closet.

This is a one-time only charity event, you understand? Because you are gay. Get on with it. This understanding didn't stop him from hoping for the possibility of a relationship when she asked him to the Love Ball, but it turned out that he was her beard , and she left him when Naomi showed up.

She tried to jump him when she was still in denial about her sexuality , but stopped after about forty seconds of mad snogging, since she realized that she didn't want to do it. In the fourth season they share a big heart-to-heart, and Naomi ends up giving him a very platonic kiss, giving us: When new character Alex is introduced in the sixth season, Liv gets a crush on him, only for him to reveal that he's gay when she admits her feelings. The American remake has a very strange version of this with lesbian Tea and straight Tony.

Tea sleeps with Tony as a joke, but he gets feelings for her. Yet, for some reason, she keeps sleeping with him, out of either a power trip or because she's confusing their platonic chemistry with sexual chemistry, depending on which interview you read. It ended up as a Relationship Writing Fumble since Tony and Tea were more believable together than Tea with her actual girlfriend and love interest, Betty.

An episode of The Thin Blue Line concerns Constable Maggie Habib meeting a handsome firefighter and trying everything to get into bed with him. In the end of the episode, it's revealed that he hasn't touched her because his interests were focused on her colleague, Constable Kevin Goody, who's spent the whole series pining after her.

In the last scene they all sit at a pub musing about their love triangle woes. In True Blood , many gay men become attracted to Jason Stackhouse , who is straight. Lafayette complains that it's not fair that such a beautiful man like Jason would only be into chicks. In Waterloo Road , Phil and Roz find that they're compatible personality wise, and form a relationship which runs smoothly until Roz falls in love with her female teacher.

At the climax of this plot point, Phil and Roz agree that since Roz is now a lesbian, they probably wouldn't go well together after all. Having been down this road, Grace tells her that she has absolutely no shot with him whatsoever.

She denies it at first before confessing why they can't be together despite their perfect compatibility. For that matter, virtually the entire premise for the series "I wanted to raise the kids to be Jewish; you wanted to sleep with men".

It may be why Eliot is so snarky towards Josh's new cook Gabi, who had a drunken one night stand with Josh on her first day to their embarrassment. Played for Laughs for the most part as for the first season. Amore Si by Tanita Tikaram is a heartfelt evocation of unrequited homosexual attraction where the singer's acceptance of the impossibility of a relationship collides with blind love.

Going with a friends-only relationship is tearing the protagonist apart. Rihanna 's "Te Amo" is about a woman who gets confessed to by another in Spanish.

She's not fluent in Spanish but knows what "te amo" means. Nor, of course, is she into girls herself. In Ally Hill's Song "In Love with a Straight Girl" , Ally advises other lesbians to "let the straight girls be" because if they aren't queer they won't reciprocate.

White Town's "Your Woman" later covered by Tyler James , about a straight guy in love with a gay woman, which makes the line "I could never be your woman" kinda obvious. It could also be about a gay man who's in love with a straight man, but either way, it uses this trope. All you can really say about this one is that it's about the bitterness and resentment of being dumped for someone else, but the details are up in the air. Is it about a straight man lamenting that his girlfriend left him for a lesbian?

Or is it about a gay man lamenting that his boyfriend left him for a straight woman? Weezer 's "Pink Triangle". I'm dumb, she's a lesbian, I thought I had found the one. Inspired by something that actually happened to Rivers Cuomo, but ironically it turned out to be a case of Mistaken for Gay: He wrote the song after harboring a crush on a girl, then noticing a pink triangle patch on her backpack one day not "on her sleeve" as the lyrics state.

It was only long after he'd already written the song and fallen out of contact with her that he learned that she was straight, and was wearing the symbol to show her support of gay rights. He offers to get a sex change to appease her, causing the girl to croon, "Oh, that's so sweet! At the end of the music video to "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen , it turns out that the dude she's been obsessing over is gay.

This is followed by Carly giving an expression of pure, undiluted "WTF". The guy is interested in the guitarist in Carly's band This is one interpretation of R. The video for " Domino Dancing " also appears to depict this trope.

Three guesses as to what's holding him back, and the first two don't count. The song also includes references to "watching [a couple making love] from the closet" and "sleeping for the wrong team.

Seo In Guk's character is in love with his best friend, not his best friend's girl. Rapper Cakes Da Killa turns this Up to Eleven with his song, "Fuck Ya Boifriend", where he proudly tells a random girl that he wants to fuck her boyfriend. Everything's obviously gonna go well for Cakes at the end. I found a girl who's in love with a girl She said that she tried, but she's not into guys Oh why, tell me why, did I fall for those eyes?

She said I was nice, but she's not into guys. She mopes around for a while but then begins noticing that she likes girls who wear school uniforms too. In "She Likes Girls" by Metro Station the singer is trying to date a woman but she's more interested in someone else.

Instead of being sad, he tries to hook her up with her crush: I like you girl, but you don't seem excited Since she walked in where has your mind been?

You're talking to me, but thinking about her Your secret is safe, I won't say a word We should slow it down, I was moving too quick You don't say you love me, 'just bite your lip I can read the signals from a mile away It's implied that the friend is straight, though it's never confirmed. She was with him when he died of AIDS.

Earlier in their relationship she thinks he's married, but he reveals that's not the problem. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm pretty cheerful myself most of the time. Rod is gay and has a crush on Nicky. Nicky isn't and doesn't. Ricky , on the other hand It's revealed near the end of The Children's Hour , after much foreshadowing , that Martha is in love with her best friend Karen.

Karen was engaged to a man most of the play but he broke it off due to fears she was cheating with Martha. The Mrs Hawking play series: A big part of why the Hawking marriage is such a disaster is because Reginald is an alloromantic heterosexual, while Victoria is an aromantic asexual. Problem for Yuuki is, Satomi's not only straight, she isn't interested in any sort of romance, period.

At least, not yet. She does assert she'd be all over him if ever he became straight. Krieg is in love with Maya, who doesn't share the feeling due to being asexual. Comes up multiple times in Dragon Age: Cassandra and Cullen can be flirted with by a female and male Inquisitor respectively, but both will eventually turn them down politely. Cassandra also turns down Sera's interest. Dorian can only be romanced by male Inquisitors. He will playfully flirt back with a female Inquisitor, but makes it clear that it can never be serious.

Plus, he's more likely to support a female Inquisitor's interest on Cullen anyway. Sera will bluntly turn down a male Inquisitor and then change the subject. If she is flirted with again after she and the Inquisitor become friends, she more tactfully says that the two of them are too much alike because they both like girls.

Implied between Craig Boone and Manny Vargas. When Boone's wife went missing, Manny could barely hide his joy, leading to Boone ending their friendship. Conversation with Manny particularly if the player has a certain perk shows that Manny was always jealous of Carla and her generally unpleasant demeanor didn't win her any favors , though Boone is apparently unaware of his true feelings. Corporal Betsy is a Butch Lesbian who shoots down a Courier who tries to hit on her with the Ladykiller perk.

Cass also gets a bit of this. If the male Courier has the "Confirmed Bachelor" perk, he can make it rather clear to Cass that he is not interested in being more than platonic companions. This text option comes after a potentially flirtatious remark from Cass' end.

In Fire Emblem Echoes: Though Valbar cares a lot for Leon and even calls him handsome, he's straight and his wife and child, PLUS his parents and siblings, were murdered by pirates very recently. Naturally, Leon is not going to let his own feelings be known after such a harsh deal; he does imply to Valbar that he has feelings for someone, but doesn't tell him who. Mordin from an Asexual species and Shepard in Mass Effect 2. If Shepard keeps going back and talking to Mordin often enough and is not otherwise in a relationship, Mordin will assume that Shepard is expressing "interest" in him, and lets them down gently.

Shepard then has the option of saying that their stopping by for conversation so frequently is Not What It Looks Like. Or you can run with it and sarcastically thank Mordin for letting you down easy. Mordin's response to that gives a little Too Much Information. It's possible to have Kaidan or Liara run into it with Shepard in the first game. Kaidan finds out if Liara is chosen in the confrontation while Liara may be told one-on-one that Shepard is only interested in men.

Interestingly, dummied out data indicates Kaiden was at one point at Love Interest for Male Shepard too. If the dummied out dialogue is restored via, Male Shepard can turn down Liara this way too, complete with voice acting. Female Shepard can use this to reject Traynor when she tries to seduce her. If female Shepard returns to speak to Jack frequently enough in Mass Effect 2 , Jack will inform her that she "doesn't swing that way". This is implied to be the case if Male Shepard turns down all of the women pursuing him in the first two games and romances Kaidan or Steve in the third.

In the first game, he can only be romanced by a female Shepard. But in the third one, though you can still romance him as female Shepard, you can also choose to upgrade your bromance with him to a full blown romance if you are playing a male Shepard being in fact the only male bisexual option in the series. Curiously, his female counterpart from the first game, Ashley, does not suffer the same treatment. He explicitly says that he wants to be with Shepard and this also works for a female Shepard who hasn't romanced him before because he already cares for them.

Kung Jin implies that one of the reasons he didn't feel like he'd measure up to the Shaolin's standards is because he's gay. This pre-fight dialogue makes it a bit more clear: You face a Shaolin.

Quite a handsome Shaolin. Barking up the wrong tree, sister. In the female protagonist's route in Persona 3 Portable , the later ranks of Aigis's Social Link have her lamenting that she's not male and, between that and being a robot, is thus not an ideal love interest for the heroine. Exactly how incompatible she is with the heroine's orientation is to some degree open-ended, but there are no opportunities for the heroine to actively reciprocate her feelings, making it fall more or less into this trope.

The main problem is that the emotionless computer discovered this and started casually spreading word of it amongst the crew, horribly embarrassing poor Large , although Nick, for the most part seems to have been sympathetic about it. Knights of the Old Republic: Implied to be the reason Juhani and Dak Vessar had a falling out. They were both Jedi Padawans, but started to have their doubts about the Order. Dak made up his mind to run away, and tried to take Juhani with him, pleading he loved her.

The male player character can try to flirt with Juhani. It doesn't work very well; she's openly disgusted in fact. In Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Eder cannot be romanced by either gender, but if a male character demonstrates a romantic interest in him then he specifically states that he's not attracted to men among the other reasons why he's not looking for a relationship. He does however note that if he's ever curious then you'll be the first to know.

They do end up going to the festival as friends though. In the past there was a failed confession between Misha and Shizune , with the latter being straight or at very least just They do stay as close friends, but as said below, Misha still can't fully let go of her feelings. In Emi's route, Hisao thinks the track team captain will be a rival for his affections for Emi, but it turns out that she once confessed to him, only to find out that he's gay.

Emi thinks it's hilarious when she finds out and then explains what's going on. Hisao can have a sex scene with Misha however it is framed as a terrible idea in the narrative and visual senses, both due to her being gay and because Hisao was dating Shizune at the time, with her desiring "comfort" from him because she can't have Shizune's love while he can. The scene directly leads to Shizune's Bad End.

Steins;Gate has Luka Urushibara, in love most likely with the protagonist Rintaro Okabe, who is alas straight. Knowing that Okabe can never answer his feelings, he sends an email 17 years in the past to make himself be born as a girl.

One of the endings has them become a couple this way and even having a child. Elise, from the same game, is a lesbian who is in love with her. So there's never been a fourth wall , and there's very little in the setting except a featureless plain and a bunch of tiny things who chat. Terra would very much like to fall in love with Zadok, but Terra's a lesbian earthworm and Zadok's a male grass golem.

She briefly gets a personal fourth wall in order to lose the concept of lesbianism solely an out-of-universe thing, since none of the characters are human and Terra is the only character with a metabolism , but self-deception is a turn-off for him. The philosopher of the group solves things by successfully arguing that applying the constraints of human biology to people without it is absurd.

Love is therefore a function of personalities, and therefore limiting it is a violation of free will and their purpose as characters. Averted in Arthur, King of Time and Space ; although either Tristram or Isolde may be gender flipped depending on the arc, their sexualities will always change to match. In every arc, though, Galehaute's feelings for Lancelot are unrequited, and indeed unspoken. Although not as unspoken as Arthur's , which were only revealed to the readers in the comic's finale although the clues were there.

It is something I should've learned a long time ago. Never fall for a straight boy. One of the omakes to Cross Heart has a boy confessing to Haru. Not only is she gay but she is taken. Please go out with me! In The Dragon Doctors , the existence of "orientation adapters" allows people to defy the trope in-universe when appropriate e.

In Dubious Company , Marty has a tremendous crush on Elly. Both are straight males. Marty has yet to understand the " male " part, despite being repeatedly told by everyone that Elly is a man.

Oddly, Joyce has discovered the truth, but they're still dating—largely because she has issues with sex especially lately and sees him as "safe," though she seems to slowly be realizing that this won't work long-term. Before Joyce, Ethan had been dating his childhood best friend, Amber ; they went to prom together and were going to have Their First Time after, but naturally that ended with Ethan finally admitting the truth.

Amber tried to be supportive and helped him come out to his family, but her broken heart has made their friendship rocky since then. Joyce got this again with Becky, her best friend from back home , who tried to convince herself that Joyce's boy-crazy personality was all an act. Girls with Slingshots approaches this situation a few times. Our first base is, "she's not straight". Oh, that's my "foul ball".

I hit a lot of those. Heterosexual Jamie and asexual Erin are in love and have a non-sexual romance. Relationship stress ensues when Jamie suffers from sexual frustration, and neither of them wants to have sex with the other. It also has this times five, because Gayngst is one of the things Shive writes well: Justin Tolkiberry a gay male has Melissa, a straight girl and his former best friend who was in love with him and refused to accept that he's not interested.

This changed during the "New and Old Flames" storyline, much to Shive's surprise. Melissa thought that she could "cure" Justin. Currently, she's in a relationship with Noah. He claims that their relationship is a mutually beneficial one "for close comfort and pleasure". It hasn't been stated outright, but the vibes are that Noah is himself gay, or at least bi, and that Melissa saw her relationship with him as some sort of "proof" that Justin can be "cured". Later events reveal that Noah is likely part-Uryom, whose attitudes can range from aromantic asexuals to romantic pansexuals , so it's tough to tell.

Susan had a crush on Justin before she learned he was gay. Notably, they're still very close , relate to each other very well, and during the Gender Bender party which turned Susan into a bisexual man and Justin into a straight woman they had a heartfelt moment which almost escalated into something they would have regretted. Justin himself is in love with his male friend Elliot Dunkel, who's straight. Worse still, when Elliot is in his " mild-mannered girl " form he finds himself attracted to Justin.

Making this an Incompatible Orientation situation twice over. Nanase's relationship with Eliot turned out to be a case of this. Nanase liked him but wasn't really physically attracted to him.

When she learned of Sarah's crush on Elliot, she ended the Love Triangle in short order by breaking up with Elliot and admitting she had just been going through the motions. Nanase didn't really consider the ramifications of this, until Elliot accidentally created an Opposite-Sex Clone that Nanase found disturbingly attractive.

Catalina later falls in love with Susan; the latter still wishes to be friends however. Susan even had an Imagine Spot about a date with Catalina, but she's well aware she's straight. Susan herself expresses 'strangst' straight angst in an early appearance, wishing she were a lesbian because of her and her mother 's issues with men. Susan's mother is saddened that her daughter isn't attracted to women.

This is mostly due to a traumatic event in Susan's childhood when she discovered her father was having an affair. Homestuck has a complex series of intra- and inter-species romantic incompatibilities.

A traditional human version of the trope occurs in Universe B Roxy has a crush on Dirk, who is gay. She knows, or at least suspects, that they're fated to have kids together. Too bad about the " ectobiological cloning " thing Dirk in turn has a crush on Jake, who is still figuring out whether he's straight or bisexual.

Later, Dirk tells Jane with uncharacteristic sincerity that he truly wishes he could reciprocate Roxy's feelings because it would make things much easier for everyone involved, but his love for her is completely platonic. Alternian society is binormative so gender is rarely a dealbreaker for trolls, but other types of incompatibility are still possible. Karkat develops a doomed same-sex hatecrush on John.

To heterosexual John, the fact that they're both guys is the biggest issue with this. To Karkat, whose native language doesn't even have a word for "orientation" , what's much more problematic is that as a human John lacks any concept of romantic hate.

The interspecies romance between Dave and Terezi falls apart not because of the troll partner's bisexuality but because of their polyamory. The monogamous human partner was not prepared for the troll norm of polyfidelity, though the fact that the troll partner was trying to keep the polyamory a secret didn't help. Jasprosesprite was extremely interested in Nepetasprite until she merged with Davesprite. After the merger, the new Davepetasprite is actually more receptive to those advances but the Rose half of Jasprose finds that, even mind-melded with Nepeta, Dave triggers her incest taboo.

Being gay, he turned her down. Charlie got over it quickly and they're platonic friends current time. Subverted in Faith and Tiffany's case.

It initially seemed as if Faith didn't have a shot with her, since Tiffany is straight. Plus, she regards Faith as her enemy. Despite this, she agreed to go on a spa date with her, which ended in a kiss between them. Still, she remained adamant about not being attracted to other girls, which she isn't. But she eventually reached the point where she could no longer deny being attracted to Faith.

The doctor was able to tend to Sookie on a lounge sofa and she was able to heal some of the toxins that the claws had left in bedded in Sookies back but Bills blood was needed after that to heal Sookie as she was before her attack. Bill insists on staying and Eric offers Bill a spare casket he had on the property.

It was later found out that Maryanne Forster was the half human, half beast that terrorized Sookie and had put everyone in the town but Sheriff Andy and Sam Merlotte under a spell of sexual deviancy and vandalism. Sookie leaves Bon Temps and goes to the Fellowship of the Sun's Church as a prisoner along with another human who was in a relationship with a vampire, but she was released by Godrick, Eric's maker.

Jason is held prisoner by one of the guards, but Jason kills him when the guard insults Sookie. When Sookie arrives back in Bon Temps with Jason they are greeted by vandals in the streets that jumped in front of their vehicle and ran off to Maryanne's place actually Sookie's home then Jason joins up with Andy to help Sam which is why Maryanne came to Bon Temps but as Jason and Andy were trying to help Sam they were also put under the spell the rest of Bon Temps was under.

Now Maryanne realized that with Sam being a shape shifter he was to be her sacrifice to a god to be given a husband. Sam and Bill outsmart Maryanne, and Sam rips her heart out with his bare hands. At the close of the season, Jason shoots a knife-wielding "Eggs" Benedict Talley, mistakenly believing that he is threatening Andy. Eggs had been tormented by the terrible deeds the maenad Maryanne Foster had forced him to commit, and attempted to surrender himself to Andy by handing over the murder weapon.

In the third season, Jason and Andy work out a plan to pin the murder of Eggs on Andy. However, instead of coming down hard on Andy for murdering Eggs, the town praises Andy's heroics. This eventually gets to Andy's head and Jason, tired of letting Andy take all the credit, blackmails Andy into letting him join the police force.

Throughout the season, Jason also pursues a mysterious Crystal Norris , who is hesitant on being with Jason due to her loyalty to her abusive father and boyfriend.

Crystal later reveals that she and her family are from Hotshot, a town filled with werepanthers. The situation intensifies through the season as Jason tries to convince Crystal to abandon her town and her family for a life with him. Jason, helpless in the situation, promises to abide by Crystal's final request: Later, in an act reminiscent of killing Eggs, Jason kills Franklin Mott , a sadistic vampire who had kidnapped and tortured Tara earlier in the season.

Broken, Jason finally confesses his crimes, in particular the shooting of Eggs, to Sookie and Tara. In the year since Sookie's disappearance, Jason has become a police officer partnering up with Andy Bellefleur. He, along with many other friends, had assumed Sookie had died and are shocked when Sookie reappears. Assuming she died, Jason had sold Sookie's house to an unknown company, later determined to be actually owned by Eric Northman.

True to his word, Jason continues to supply the Hotshot residents with food and supplies as he promised Crystal. On one of his visits, a resident traps him in an old freezer. He awakens later tied to a bed and is greeted by Crystal and Felton.

They reveal that their intentions are to change him into a werepanther so that they can use him to breed more werepanthers with Crystal as Felton is infertile.

After numerous women rape him, Jason, defeated and exhausted, refuses to have sex with a year-old girl. He convinces her to free him, and Jason quickly escapes on foot. Felton doggedly pursues him as a werepanther, but Jason eventually kills him with a sharpened stick. Crystal is relieved to have Felton off her back, and wishes for Jason to return to Hotshot to resume his role as a "ghost daddy. He is then found by Hoyt Fortenberry and Jessica Hamby , who promptly revives him with her blood.

As he is nursed back to health, he begins fantasizing about Jessica and, oddly, Hoyt. Thinking he will turn into a werepanther through the upcoming full moon, Jason handcuffs himself to his bedpost to protect others. Sookie finds him and learns about the situation - she assures him that she will make the best of the situation and will not shoot Jason. When night falls, Jason flees into the woods to protect Sookie, who subsequently chases him. Jessica, who is working at Merlotte's, senses Jason in fear since she had fed Jason her blood and quickly finds Jason to protect him.

They eventually discover that he does not turn. Jason, relieved, bonds with Jessica. They eventually part ways, though not without some obvious sexual tension between them. Jason is visited by Hoyt, who is clearly distressed by his relationship problems with Jessica. The next day, he looks for Sookie to tell her the good news about his non-turning but she is concerned about Eric, who has been bound by silver chains to prevent him from walking out into the sun due to a dangerous witch spell by a newly resurrected Antonia.

Realizing Jessica is in danger, Jason sprints to the mansion to rescue her. He is stopped temporarily by a guard, who he shoots presumably non-fatally. He rushes to promptly save Jessica by throwing her back into the mansion. The spell is soon released and Jessica, indebted to Jason for saving her life, kisses him on the lips, which he returns. She apologizes and Jason places her back in bed under chains to rest and prepare for another possible spell.

As per Bill's suggestion, Jason agrees to not report that Jessica killed the guard, a human. In turn, Jason would not be punished for the guard he shot "in the shoulder" outside. At night, Jessica visits Jason and tells him that she and Hoyt have broken up.

Jason is angry that she would hurt his best friend and not only rejects her feelings for him but rescinds her invitation to his house. The next day Jason gets a call from Hoyt - a possessed Lafayette has taken Arlene and Terry's baby and has threatened Hoyt with a gun. Jason responds to the call with Andy but cannot make much headway with Lafayette until Jesus comes and eventually puts the grieving mother spirit at peace. Later, Hoyt asks Jason to give Jessica a box of her belongings.

Jason delivers the box - although he at first remains hesitant to get close to Jessica, they eventually make love in Jason's truck. Afterwards, Jason feels guilty knowing that it will ruin Hoyt if he finds out.

He asks Jessica to glamour him to make him forget but she refuses and leaves angrily to feed on someone else. Jason helps Sookie's cause to rescue Tara and other humans from Moon Goddess Emporium, which Bill plans to destroy in order to end the war with Antonia.

He, Sookie, Jesus, and Lafayette approach the Emporium during daylight but Jesus discovers it is protected by a spell. Jesus proves his worth to Antonia by breaking through the barrier, and warns Sookie in his mind that Marnie has now turned sympathetic towards Antonia's cause.

Soon the prisoners are broken free temporarily when the spell is lifted and Tara and Holly run out to the embracing arms of Sookie and Lafayette. Jason lags behind slightly and is caught on the outside of Antonia's newly cast spell, which causes everyone else to be cast inside the shop.

When Pam, Jessica, Eric, and Bill come armed to defeat Marnie, they are unable to make any progress because of the barrier. Marnie asks Eric and Bill to sacrifice themselves for Sookie's release, and while they both agree, Pam does not and launches a rocket launcher at the barrier, causing a massive explosion and injuring Jason severely.

Jessica feeds him her blood again. Eventually, Marnie casts a spell to draw the vampires towards the deadly barrier, but Jason holds them back long enough before the spell is broken when Jesus draws Antonia out of Marnie. Marnie is then killed by Bill and the prisoners are released. Jason tells Hoyt about his relationship with Jessica, and Hoyt does not take it well as he beats Jason up. Later that night, on Halloween, Jessica visits Jason and he invites her in.

They have sex, and Jessica suggest they should just stay friends as she is not ready for a relationship and Jason agrees to be friends. At the beginning of Season 5, Jason is visited at home by Steve Newlin, who reveals he is a recently turned vampire and is a " Proud Gay American Vampire". Jason is uninterested in a relationship with Newlin and an angry Newlin attempts to bite Jason. Jessica arrives and threatens Newlin as she is basically the Queen of Louisiana since Bill is gone unbeknownst to her, he and Eric are arrested by the Vampire Authority twice.

Jason takes back his invitation from Newlin, who leaves immediately. Jason then goes to Merlotte's to see Hoyt, who is with his other 'true friends', but is coldly turned down. Jason still has feelings for Jessica and thinks the feeling is mutual, but upon going to visit her at Bill's she denies this, explaining she was just saying that to protect Jason from Newlin.

Jessica is throwing a party, and Jason attempts to make a move on her but another guy makes a move before he can. A jealous Jason takes a sorority girl to have sex, but instead he takes her home. Jason is later visited by an old school teacher with which he had sexual relations previously. They have sex but immediately afterwards Jason begins to feel like he is being used for sex and this causes Jason to remember his past with his teacher as it really was his teacher talked Jason into having sex with her while she was married and leaves her house in a hurry.

Later on, Sookie visits Jason and emotionally confesses that she killed Debbie and had Tara turned into a vampire. Jason recommends that she keep things to herself. The next day Andy tells him that Debbie's parents have left because they found what they were looking for. Jessica then glamours him into forgetting about the case, doing Jason a big favor. That night he, Andy, and Judge Clemens take a trip to a Fairy nightclub and there Jason meets his cousin Hadley, who believes Sookie is dead after disappearing at the end of Season 3.

She firmly believes that Sookie needs to be protected from vampires, though Jason believes otherwise. She lets slip that vampires killed Jason's parents while he had thought it was a flood but she runs away before revealing more information.

Jason pursues her but things turn violent in the club and he and Andy are thrown out. The next morning Jason has a dream about his parents that turns violent when he visualizes their violent deaths by vampire fangs. He later tells Andy that the nightclub they had visited the previous night was indeed for fairies. Jason visits his parents' graves and seems to start believing that what Hadley had said is true. He visits Sookie and asks her to accompany him to the fairy club once more.

Sookie is told that vampires did in fact kill her parents, and she angrily lashes out but her powers are fading - she eventually finds out since she is half fairy her powers will drain soon. Jason visits Jessica to find comfort about what he has discovered about his parents, and bonds with Sookie. He stops Sookie from draining all her powers and convinces her to use her powers to find out who killed their parents. They return to the fairy nightclub and attempt to connect with the spiritual world to discover their parents' killer.

Sookie sees a vision but cannot identify the killer. Jason is disheartened when he finds out that Hoyt wants to forget his time in Bon Temps and particularly wants to forget his first love Jessica, and Jason.

Jessica glamours Hoyt, who then leaves town to go to Alaska. Jason stops him in the police cruiser to try and prevent him from leaving Bon Temps, but he knows that Hoyt is happier this way and reluctantly lets him go. Jason and Sookie dig closer to the truth in regards to their parents' murderer, and they learn that there is a war coming between the vampires and the fairies. Jason meets Jessica, who has been commanded by a psychopathic Bill to turn Jason into a vampire.

Jason shoots both guards dead before he is turned, and learns from Jessica that Russel Eddington is on the loose. He then goes to warn Sookie and volunteers to guard the Stackhouse residence. When Russell and Reverend Newlin stop by, Jason is glamoured into giving away the location of the fairy nightclub. When the three of them arrive, Russell and Newlin cannot find the entrance - the Fairy Elder appears and stops Steve but falls prey to Russell, who then is able to see the entrance to the nightclub.

Although the fairies combine forces to attempt to stop Russell, he cannot be stopped. Eric suddenly appears and stakes him. Jason begins having hallucinations of his parents, who begin turning him into an anti-supernatural bigot. When Eric and Nora request his and Sookie's help to snap Bill out of his trance, Jason agrees to come along if only to kill some vampires, which worries Sookie.

When they infiltrate the Authority, Jason kills many vampires and guards the front desk while the others go about their business.

Jessica admits feelings for Jason but he rebuffs them, saying he cannot love a vampire. On the news, the mayor indirectly declares war on vampires, calling for a vampire curfew and numerous other measures. Jason is ecstatic, but others are not as pleased. As the group takes refuge at a beach, Nora believes that Jason knows more about Lillith and Warlow, and glamours him into getting more information.

Jason's growing hatred towards vampires intensifies and threatens to shoot Nora. The others see the conflict and Sookie says that Warlow was the enemy, not the entire vampire race.

Jason takes this as Sookie taking the vampires' side, and he angrily storms off, leaving the party. He gets picked up by a mysterious driver. My wife and children could not be happier and even our vet was impressed by not only how beautiful she is but her impressive pedigree, health background and genetics.

This dog is the most trainable dog I have ever had. Yvonne made the entire experience memorable, sending pictures once a week so we could see all the puppies as they grow.

The most difficult part of this experience was choosing which puppy to take home, they were all amazing.

Nicoya loves to play with our 2 older labs, 7 and 10 years old, and is happy playing, retrieving or cuddling with the kids. We can not thank you enough for the perfect little puppy; Nicoya is all that and more!! Ollie and Nicoya sleeping on our bed tonight. She is getting sooo big and she is such a good girl. We have our next vet appointment a week from tomorrow Her retrieving is incredible, even when she doesnt know where the bumper or toy landed, Chris tells her "back" and she continues to look until she finds it We will send better pictures in a week or so but we just wanted to let you know how amazing she is She is 7 months old and 65lbs of lean muscle.

Chris has been working everyday with her and we think she will pass without a problem. We will send pictures again soon. Just wanted to drop a quick message with a new picture. When we came home from the vet I told my husband, Clint, I never wanted another dog, ever, because I never wanted to feel that heartache again. Rouxfus, 2, came into our lives and home in Sept of I have had so much fun helping out a little with Rouxfus' training that I decided I wanted my own dog to train!

I have to also say that as I have watched an incredible friendship form between my husband, myself and Yvonne, there was never any question about where I wanted to get my pup!! Yvonne and Steve are the most caring breeders and dog people and the way they care for the pups the first 8 weeks of their lives is quite simply amazing. And on top of caring for the litters, Yvonne somehow finds the time to send numerous pictures and adorable slideshows to help us all choose the perfect pup, in addition to texting and emails and answering numerous questions!!!

She is everything I could want or imagine in a dog and is already amazing us with her intelligence and retrieval skills! When she swims, she glides as smoothly as an otter as she retrieves an Avery teal or a small bumper.

Paisley is also retrieving small bumpers on land and returns them right back to me. She is learning obedience skills as well and knows her sit, down and kennel commands quite well. She and Rouxfus get along famously!!! He is very patient with her and those sharp puppy teeth! Truly, they are each other's best friend! It is one of the best feelings in the world when Paisley comes running up to me and is always so happy to see me!! Her training is coming along very nicely and we plan to run our first hunt tests this fall in the Started and Junior categories.

She is amazing, as her trainer me is sometimes not very diligent on a daily basis as far as her training goes and yet, she always does very well when we do train. She is just so, so smart and has a high drive for retrieving. Her marking is incredible and her ability to learn quickly amazes me. But she is also a very loving, sweet girl and I am so happy I picked F2 back in July !!! I will send more pictures when she wins her first ribbons!!

We had a great time and we should have gotten a ribbon both days BUT due to handler 'error' i. I was so nervous as it was my first test, we didn't pass the first day. I was so sad I admit, I cried!

We will run our next Started test on Nov. MK Beaty and Paisley. She passed both days of the test AND we ran both days off lead senior level. In Junior you are allowed to hold your dog by the collar to avoid a break at the line. So many people told me to hold her, as that is a 'gift' in Junior you are not allowed to hold by the collar in higher level tests.

But I listened to my heart as I know my dog and decided to not hold her, as that is the level she and I had been training for. She was rock solid steady at the line! She is so smart and learns so quickly. She is focused as a retriever but she is also a complete LOVE. She has filled my empty nest with love and FUN!! I can't imagine life without her!!!! She is beautiful, smart and so playful! Every day she surprises us by showing us something new that she has learned!

She is sitting on command and fetching like a true retriever at 9 weeks old! We could not be happier with our little girl. Bayou Labradors was a blessing for us to find. The dogs are beautiful, smart and well behaved but more that that, Bayou Labrador makes it such a special experience. We were so excited to get Ella and the constant pictures, videos and news we received about the litter before we picked her up made the experience so personal and amazing! We can't wait to see what she will learn tomorrow and see the dog she becomes!

She really made our little family complete! Thank you so much for everything! She is still the apple of our eye. Incredibly sweet, loving and smart. She is the best dog ever. Retrieving his first duck. Its stuffed but he thinks its real. I wanted to tell you how great a dog Bouillon, aka Bull, has become at just 4 months old.

He has passed his first two Started Hunt test. Two more passes are needed to obtain his started title by 5 months old. We are sure he will pass with flying colors. We're taking him to the Cajun Hunting Retriever Club in Louisiana to run for his started title this fall. Bull is a true gentleman in the house, but when the ducks start falling, he turns hulk on us, lol.

He has so much drive and desire and he is a pleasure to train. He is such a fast learner. He is already finished with his basic commands and basic obedience. He passed with flying colors. Everyday his desire gets stronger and stronger. He is a true retrieving machine and a great gun dog. They couldn't believe that such a young pup showed so much hunting ability. This dog will definitely go down in retriever history. He has a bright future ahead of him. He has already made this clubs history.

How old is he again? He left me in aah, that I was able to work with such a great dog. Bull has a bright future ahead of him and I am glad I can be a part of it. Thank you so much Yvonne! Sincerely, Wilford Seymour Southern Arkansas. Swamp Stomper Retrievers Chopper and Molly He amazes me every day with his desire and drive.

Can't wait to get him in the blind this week opening day. Thanks Yvonne for everything. Cajun Gator Bouillon "Bull", 6 months old with his retrieved game on our last hunt of the season. He is so awesome! We have picked up a lot of ducks together in the past 18 months. Bouillon has been nothing but amazing in the field and in the duck blind and also as a friend of our family. He has so much style and class, he was always meant to be mine from the moment you called me and told me about him.

As you know he had a brush with death, but you will be pleased to know he has almost made a full recovery, we are still in the rehabilitation stage but as you can see in this picture He is not the same dog that was laying on that surgery table. The doctor says he cannot believe this dog was almost fully paralyzed from the hips down a month ago and how he has recovered so quickly.

Anyway I just wanted to say thank you again for everything, and for Bouillon, he is truly Gods gift to me. It was our destiny to cross paths, he has proven himself time and time again to defy the odds stacked against him and prevail over those mountains like a true champion. I cant believe nearly a month ago I sat and watched a nearly paralyzed dog lay fighting to live and now he is fighting me to retrieve.

He brings me all kinds of stuff to throw for him to retrieve, the only thing killing him now is that I won't let him, ha ha. I just tell him not yet boy, but soon enough. From the first moment I mentioned that I was starting my own kennel and training program you have supported me and my dream and helped me gain knowledge and wisdom on breeding and how to run a great kennel like yourself.

After nearly 3 years of researching and looking at hundreds of websites and kennels we found your kennel and saw Chopper. I knew I wanted my foundation stud to be a son of chopper and your bloodlines. We couldn't be any more pleased with Bouillon. He is exactly what we were looking for in a stud dog and way more than we could have ever imagined.

Again thanks Yvonne for all your help you will always be one of the foundational pillars that make up Swamp Stomper Retrievers.

You, your kennel and retrievers are 1st Class! I know if you had known how beautiful she was going to be, you would never have sold her. Well, we waited long enough for her and the wait was so worth it. First, let me thank you for taking care of her until she was 6 weeks old. I so appreciate all of the pictures you sent as well as the time you spent describing her every action to us. When she gets back from the hunting camp, she is all mine!!!

Thank you so much. Your advice and care have been special. I know you love her still. Flory and Allen Reynolds Prairieville, La.

It was after extensive research that we decided to purchase a puppy from Bayou Labradors - a decision that I'm extremely happy I made. She kept me informed of the progress of the litter via emails, texts, and plenty of pictures. The entire experience was wonderful Gator has been a terrific addition to our family. A pin and stint were administered, and 6 weeks later he was good as new!

I began training shortly after his recovery, and sent him to a professional at the age of 6 months. This trainer, an "old school" duck dog trainer who is never one to give many compliments, had nothing but praise for Gator's drive, intelligence, and obvious well-bred nature which of course, we already knew! As he so eloquently stated to me, "You've got a heck of a brown dog there - he could go as far as you ever want to take him". Given this old fellow's personality, this was about as praise-worthy a compliment any dog may ever get.

Within 2 months, Gator had flown through basic obedience, force fetch, and was beginning blind retrieves. The trainer warned me prior to starting that Gator would most likely not be ready to head to the duck blind this year - however, after 6 weeks of training the trainer was practically begging me to get him out there, and was excited for me to return Gator to him after the season for more advanced work.

Gator joined me in Arkansas this past weekend for his first hunt. He retrieved several ducks and geese with no hesitation - he would go all day, every day if it was possible! I cannot say enough about the quality of operation Yvonne runs - if anyone is in search of the highest quality chocolate lab, I advise them to look to Bayou Labradors with as strong a recommendation as possible.

I will continue to update you on his progress and send more pictures to add. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It was an immediate bond that has gotten stronger. Yvonne, Buck has been a wonderful addition to our family. I have trained several labs in my life but none have come along as quick as Buck has. When we got him he was the runt and weighed a mere 6lbs. Now at 4 months old he is weighing 35lbs, doing water retrieves, doubles, blinds and up to 80yd retrieves. At the rate he is going he will make a champion before 2yrs old.

His intelligence and drive to retrieve is incredible. Oh and he is already riding the 4 wheeler like a pro and loves it. I plan on taking him duck hunting for the second split towards the end of December. I will keep you updated on his progress.

This is the latest pic of buck. Made 57 retrieves on teal this year so far. We didn't lose a bird. He made a yd retrieve on a cripple teal and about 10 blind retrieves. His manners in the blind are awesome. Acts and works like a 5 yr old dog. Buck is sooo awesome and getting better with each hunt. He loves to hunt and gets so excited when we are calling ducks, because he knows he's about to get to retrieve, his teeth start chattering All the guys i hunt with are just fasicinated with him and cant believe he does what he does at 16 months old.

Today he handled to a yd blind retrieve that i never dreamed he would be able to do. He is a work horse of a dog and so well mannered is a pleasure to have in the blind. It's hard to believe when we got him he was barely a 6 lb runt no one else wanted.

All I can say to them is thank you for passing on my 80lb runt. Buck is a machine! Today he made 18 retrieves in 3 ft of water, all swimming.

He had a blast! I know I haven't been giving you any updates, sorry for that. I guess it's better late than never. She is the daughter of Chopper and Lillian the Brave. I know she did not come from one of your Dams but everything paid off. Sophie is doing great. She has a great personality and is very attentive to everything.

This season was her first full season of hunting. Needless to say she is a natural. When I first got her I started working with her on basics which she picked up very easily and the rest just fell into place.

She now lives to retrieve. This year so far she has retrieved over birds. Many where double and triple retrieves. Even a few two at a timers. I guess she figured why not if she was passing right by the bird "might as well pick it up too".

Anyway I am very pleased with Sophie and have recommended you to everyone. More pictures to come. Tank was a Christmas surprise for my husband and kids and the best Christmas present we could have gotten. Tank loves running after the kids and had a ball in the recent snow.

He is growing so fast, now 13 weeks old and a fast learner. Chopper and Brandy did good!!! I will recommend Bayou Labradors to anyone looking for a fine chocolate lab. He has done wonders and will start hunt training in February She is healthy and loved by all.

Everyone said how beautiful she is and we agree. She is now going to be 8 months old next week and will be going to hunt test in March and will be ready for next duck season. From being the smallest one in the litter she is growing so fast.

We have gotten so attached and her looks draw attention from everyone. We would like to thank y'all for all that y'all put into these dogs. She has caught on to everything so fast already. I hope I can keep up with her learning ability. She is sitting on command and retrieving bumpers already. I wanted write you to tell you how our dog, Preacher, is doing and send some photos!

She is one amazing dog. She is smart, a very strong swimmer with a great nose. She is just perfect in every way.

Since the day we picked her up and flew her home we bonded like loyal friends. She has brought so much joy to our family. We highly recommend Bayou Labradors to anyone looking for a quality chocolate Labrador. Thank you again Yvonne, you made the choice of getting a Chopper puppy a great experience. This is my 5th lab to purchase and train, but the first from Yvonne and Bayou Labradors.

While I don't participate in trials, I have high expectations for my dogs for duck hunting, dove hunting, and then they are finally cross trained for deer recovery on a bow hunting club. I have been looking to purchase this particular pup for 2 years. I knew exactly what I wanted in a chocolate lab and only Yvonne could fill the order.

Now that I have "Scout", I'm already looking forward to the next one. These are very special dogs! I just think it's amazing that she went from swimming to water retrieves in the same lesson.

We really want to thank you for your help and all the updates and pictures you sent to us through the whole process. We looked forward to the pictures and videos we received on a weekly basis. She is so smart and getting big so fast, 13 weeks and 21 lbs!

She has been such a great addition to our family and has fit right in and is doing awesome. She is off to training July 1st, we will miss her every minute she is gone. I would recommend Bayou Labradors to anyone who is looking for top quality Labs! I just wanted to send you some Pictures of F6. She is so smart!!!!!! We had second pick and we knew from the time we saw her at your house she was the one we wanted. She was the last to be born but I guess the saying goes they save the best for last.

She is only 8 weeks old and mostly house broken and already picking up bumpers. I really want to thank you for your help and all the updates and pictures you sent us through the whole process. We talked to Jimmie Wilson the other day and we will be sending her off to be trained. I have done extensive research to find the best breeders and dogs and this is what I have come up with.

If you are looking for the perfect Chocolate Labrador, look no further. They breed the best Labradors in the world. Yvonne and Steve care so much for their puppies. They have always answered any questions I have. We have 2 other Labradors and they even answered questions that I have asked about them. We have not only found the best breeder but friends for life. We talk on a regular basis, either they call me are I call them.

You could not ask for better people!! If anyone would want to talk to me about a reference, please give them my number. In the last letter I said we were going to send Cabela off for training, this did not happen! After we got her home we could not part with her for any length of time. We have to see her every day! So I had made up my mind that she was going to be a pet. She is the sweetest and most loving dog I had ever seen. Has to be next to my wife all the time. Something happened last month!

Now all she wants to do is retrieve. It is like I have a retrieving machine. She will go over, under or through anything to get to the bumper. Just working on the breaking and I will have it done. I could never imagine life without her. Thanks for everything you have done.

We named him Marlin, and he is such a joy to have in our lives! He is so friendly, playful, and loving. We are constantly being complimented on how cute he is by anyone that meets him: He is eating, sleeping well, and has already been to the vet. Thank you for everything you did to make the whole process enjoyable and easy. Receiving pictures and videos were often the highlight of our days, and we are so happy to finally have Marlin in our home!!

She became a member of the family from day one and has been a blessing ever since. She picked up on her training at home in the back yard and has developed in to a great retriever. Spoiled as can be sharing a king size bed with my wife and I at home, but a duck hunting machine when she needs to be. I cant thank you all enough for breeding such great dogs.

With only myself a rookie training her, she has done outstanding. Some things have been taught and some instinct. Much of this can be attributed to the blood running in side of her. Watching Bailey progress and hunt as a young dog has already made this hunting season unforgettable. Not to mention how much fun she is at home. My wife and I don't know what we would do without her. Kameaux 1 st pick male, B3 is doing great! He is so smart. Kameaux learns at a very easy and fast pace.

He will sit and come by a voice command or by whistle. So far, he can sit and stay from 40 yards away and he is only 13 weeks old. Amy taught him to shake as well. He is also house broken and kennel trained. Kameaux's favorite thing to do is play fetch with his dead fowl! I would like to thank you for breeding such beautiful and smart chocolate labs!

I looked all over town and the internet looking for a great chocolate lab breeder. The only hard decision was which litter to choose from! We would also like to thank you for your generosity for the day we went to visit your kennel! We were very impressed to see how nice your facility is! You also made our wait a little easier with all of the great photos and videos you sent! You came into our lives unexpectedly 2 years ago, but you were a true blessing!!!

You took one look at my 14 year old yellow lab, Jake and appointed yourself his protector. We love you Hester!!! Your weekly pictures and emails were so helpful as we waited for our puppy.

Every week we grew more and more excited and couldn't wait to bring him home. Though flying him home was an option, the 10 hour drive from Florida was more than worth it to be able to bring Tully home with us. He was a perfect angel the whole trip back, sleeping often and never having an accident in the car.

It didn't take very long at all to housebreak him, which people still cannot believe. I attribute part of that to your early use of a kennel, which made the transition home into his kennel here relatively seamless. He knew early on how to signal us and let us know when he needed something. He learned sit and lay down commands very easily and is eager to learn more. Our vet complimented us on a beautiful pup and said that he believe the breeder did a great job in getting us a well bred, physically and emotionally sound puppy.

We couldn't agree more. He is a lover of all humans and other dogs alike. He's a beautiful puppy who gets more and more handsome every day. We look forward to our lives with him. Thank you so much for your professionalism throughout the process. You have given us such a wonderful puppy who will undoubtedly make us happy for a very long time.

We have already recommended you to a family member looking for a chocolate lab and will recommend you again. After writing this letter to you it seemed a little long but we just can't help bragging about you and our boy. Tully is a handsome 1 year old. We had our friend come over with her nice camera and take some pics of our gorgeous boy. We figured we'd send you a few so you can see how well he's growing up and post an updated picture if you like. He makes us so happy and everyone at Thanksgiving said what a pleasure he was to be around: He loves to play frisbee, to go on runs and to the park.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Let us know if you get any updated pics of any of his litter mates. She is weighing in at 19 lbs and is as beautiful as can be!

She is healthy and happy and absolutely loves her new home. I cannot thank you enough for keeping us informed about the puppies from birth until I picked her up. I loved every one of your emails, texts and photos. It was amazing to see them grow and develop from a state away! I wouldn't hesitate to give you and Bayou Labradors the highest rating. You were so professional, kind and caring.

Thank you for going out of your way to let me meet Chopper and Lilly. I see their traits in Duchess and she definitely is just as sweet and beautiful as her parents! A little about Duchess She knows to sit, she comes when she is called even when she has something in her mouth that she shouldn't , she is a fantastic retriever: She loves to play in the backyard with my son and to go for short walks she is very well mannered on the leash.

She is a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you so very much! She has the most adorable features and we have fallen in love with her beautiful hazel green eyes! Yvonne, it truly has been a pleasure to work with you on selecting our puppy. Without a doubt we made the right choice to work with Bayou Labradors and cannot thank you enough for all of your support along the way, and conversations in the future. F2, now known as Cash, has fit in perfectly with our family.

She is spoiled already and acts just like she is one of our children. For 3 months old she is so smart. She sits on whistle and is consistently steady, which is surprising for her age.

She also goes into her kennel, and gets into her bed on command. Cash loves to fetch as well as swim. She is getting very consistent with retrieving on command. She is absolutely gorgeous! Cash goes with us as much and often as possible and we constantly get compliments on how beautiful she is. People are just so attracted to her dark brown coat and pleasant temperament.

She is very energetic and loves to go for rides and play. For a puppy she is fantastic with our children. She lets our 9 month old daughter crawl all over her and love on her. We have already given out your website information to a local couple that just loved Cash. Thank you so much for all of the texts and updates throughout the whole process. We felt like we already knew so much about all of the puppies before we even saw them in person.

Scott and Katie Miller Mt. It's Amanda Henrikson, Kimber's owner. I just wanted to update you on his progress.

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