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The area affected by the August 17, , storms and associated flooding generally was within the area affected by the larger storm of June , The maximum observed precipitation totals of between The maximum documented precipitation amount in was A peak flow of less than 1 cubic foot per second occurred upstream from the storm extent for streamflow-gaging station Battle Creek near Keystone ; whereas, the peak flow of 26, cubic feet per second was large, relative to the drainage area of only Farther downstream along Battle Creek, a Results on the long term variability of galactic black hole candidates are reviewed.

Since these spectral hardenings occur on the d timescale it is probable that they are associated with periodic changes in the accretion rate. Possible causes for this behavior are discussed, e. This project has the potential to supply significant uranium to the market. The Coles Hill uranium deposit is located in south central Virginia and is probably the largest undeveloped uranium deposit in the United States.

The whole rock analyses of the deposit indicate a relatively monomineralic ore that does not contain quantities of heavy metals that are typical of uranium ores of the southwestern United States. The Colorado School of Mines Research Institute conducted mill mineral processing tests in the s. Project pre-feasibility studies and other plans completed in the s will be updated over the next 12 months.

Mining and support personnel can reasonably be recruited from the local area, as the skill sets needed for miners exist already among people and companies who are comfortable with farming and heavy equipment. Virginia currently requires that uranium mining regulations and permitting be adopted by law prior to approving a mining operation at Coles Hill. Virginia has regulated and permitted many similar mining industries.

A process to evaluate uranium mining through the Virginia Coal and Energy. Full Text Available We study the state -space geometry of various extremal and nonextremal black holes in string theory.

From the notion of the intrinsic geometry, we offer a state -space perspective to the black hole vacuum fluctuations. For a given black hole entropy, we explicate the intrinsic geometric meaning of the statistical fluctuations, local and global stability conditions, and long range statistical correlations. We provide a set of physical motivations pertaining to the extremal and nonextremal black holes, namely, the meaning of the chemical geometry and physics of correlation.

We illustrate the state -space configurations for general charge extremal black holes. In sequel, we extend our analysis for various possible charge and anticharge nonextremal black holes. From the perspective of statistical fluctuation theory, we offer general remarks, future directions, and open issues towards the intrinsic geometric understanding of the vacuum fluctuations and black holes in string theory.

Education in the United States: Is It a Black Problem? A study of academic disengagement. Despite Ogbu's intent to further the scholarly…. The constant stress of collecting sufficient water led to negative impacts on mental health. In Mithingapuri, women stated that since they spent a lot of time on collecting water, they had little time to cook food properly.

They responded to the paucity of Even so, they have not fared statistically as well as their majority contemporaries. These statistics pose interesting questions about black officer professional development and career progress We suggest that the hysteretic cycle of black hole state transitions arises from two established properties of accretion disks: During quiescence, magnetic field loops are generated by the magnetorotational instability at the interface between the inner hot flow and outer thin disk.

These properties favor episodic jet production. It is also one of only two known black hole candidates, including all black hole transients, which shows a decrease of its keV flux when entering the thermally dominated soft state , rather than an increase. During this time, seven dim soft states are detected.

We discuss the observed state transitions in the light of physical scenarios for black hole transitions. In one vacuum, such states are described by black holes; in another, they can be thought of as perturbative BPS states in Double Scaled Little String Theory. In general, both kinds of states are present.

We compute the degeneracy of perturbative BPS states exactly, and show that it differs from that of the corresponding black holes. Ecological state of the Romanian Black Sea littoral lacustrine ecosystems. The author uses the results of his own researches as well as data from specialty literature to assess the ecological state of some typical lacustrine ecosystems considered, about 50 years ago, of major importance by their functions, services and researches, for the human populations in the settlements nearby.

Based on this assessment the author recommends a few criteria which can be taken into account when programs of integrated management of these coastal ecosystems are initiated.

The paper focuses on the study cases regarding the following major ecosystems: Techirghiol Lake - for a long time under the sea level, a hyperhaline lake with therapeutic, sapropelic mud, disturbed by huge quantities of freshwaters infiltrated from the irrigation system.

At present, the state of the lacustrine ecosystems at the Romanian Black Sea Coast can be characterized, mainly, by the following aspects: Almost all pressure forms associated with the.

Analytic continuation of the rotating black hole state counting. In loop quantum gravity, a spherical black hole can be described in terms of a Chern-Simons theory on a punctured 2-sphere. The sphere represents the horizon.

The punctures are the edges of spin-networks in the bulk which cross the horizon and carry quanta of area. One can generalize this construction and model a rotating black hole by adding an extra puncture colored with the angular momentum J in the 2-sphere.

We compute the entropy of rotating black holes in this model and study its semi-classical limit. Evaluation of ERTS-1 data for inventory of forest and rangeland and detection of forest stress. Principal Investigator ; Aldrich, R. Results of photointerpretation indicated that ERTS is a good classifier of forest and nonforest lands 90 to 95 percent accurate.

Photointerpreters could make this separation as accurately as signature analysis of the computer compatible tapes. Further breakdowns of cover types at each site could not be accurately classified by interpreters 60 percent or computer analysts 74 percent.

Exceptions were water, wet meadow, and coniferous stands. At no time could the large bark beetle infestations many over meters in size be detected on ERTS images. The ERTS wavebands are too broad to distinguish the yellow, yellow-red, and red colors of the dying pine foliage from healthy green-yellow foliage. Forest disturbances could be detected on ERTS color composites about 90 percent of the time when compared with six-year-old photo index mosaics.

Black -and-white enlargements can be used effectively as aerial navigation aids for precision aerial photography where maps are old or not available. Research suggests that immigrants from the English-speaking Caribbean surpass the earnings of U. Using data from the — U. I validate the earnings pattern of black immigrants documented in previous studies, but I also find that the earnings of most arrival cohorts of immigrants from the English-speaking Caribbean, after residing in the United States for more than 20 years, are projected to converge with or slightly overtake those of U.

The findings also show three arrival cohorts of black immigrants from English-speaking African countries are projected to surpass the earnings of U. No arrival cohort of black immigrants is projected to surpass the earnings of U.

Birth-region analysis shows that black immigrants from English-speaking countries experience more rapid earnings growth than immigrants from non-English-speaking countries. Non-Gaussian ground- state deformations near a black -hole singularity. The singularity theorem by Hawking and Penrose qualifies Schwarzschild black holes as geodesic incomplete space-times.

Albeit this is a mathematically rigorous statement, it requires an operational framework that allows us to probe the spacelike singularity via a measurement process. Any such framework necessarily has to be based on quantum theory. As a consequence, the notion of classical completeness needs to be adapted to situations where the only adequate description is in terms of quantum fields in dynamical space-times. It is shown that Schwarzschild black holes turn out to be complete when probed by self-interacting quantum fields in the ground state and in excited states.

The measure for populating quantum fields on hypersurfaces in the vicinity of the black -hole singularity goes to zero towards the singularity. This statement is robust under non-Gaussian deformations of and excitations relative to the ground state.

The physical relevance of different completeness concepts for black holes is discussed. Black Tourism in the United States of America. This study investigates elements of black tourism, and visitor motivations. Our goal is to reach an understanding of visitor motivations, and how dark sites and their symbols may have an impact on its visitors.

Through theories of semiotics, classification, and historical processes, we have reached a satisfying conclusion, but theoretical data was not our only tool to reach this conclusion. Relevant research questions, study cases and methods played a big role in our project report. Incarceration and Black -White inequality in Homeownership: A state -level analysis. Rising incarceration rates in the United States , as well as the concentration of incarceration among already marginalized individuals, has led some scholars to suggest that incarceration increases economic inequality among American men.

But little is known about the consequences of incarceration for wealth, about incarceration's contribution to Black -White disparities in wealth, or about the broader effects of incarceration on communities. In this article, we use state -level panel data from to to examine the relationship between incarceration rates and the Black -White gap in homeownership, a distinct and important measure of wealth.

Results, which are robust to an array of model specifications and robustness checks, show that incarceration rates diminish homeownership rates among Blacks and, in doing so, widen Black -White inequalities in homeownership. Therefore, the findings suggest that the consequences of incarceration extend beyond the offender and may increase inequality in household wealth.

Investigation of remote sensing techniques as inputs to operational resource management. Visual interpretation of 1: The LANDSAT repetitive nine day cycle over the state allowed the surface areas of stockdams and small reservoir systems to be monitored to provide a timely approximation of surface water conditions on the range.

Visual temporal analyses of LANDSAT imagery improved highway map drainage information and were used to prepare a seven county drainage network.

An optimum map of flood-prone areas was developed, utilizing high altitude aerial photography and USGS maps.

Properties of Griffin- Hill -Wheeler spaces - 2. The properties of the subspaces of the many-body Hilbert space which are associated with the use of the Generator Coordinate Method GCM in connection with one parameter, and with two-conjugate parameter families of generator states are examined in detail. It is shown that natural orthonormal base vectors in each case are immediately related to Peierls-Voccoz and Peierls-Thouless projections respectively.

Through the formal consideration of a canonical transformation to collective, P and Q, and intrinsic degrees of freedom, the properties of the GCM subspaces with respect to the kinematical separation of these degrees of freedom are discussed in detail. An application is made, using the ideas developed in this paper, a to translation; b to illustrate the qualitative understanting of the content of existing GCM calculations of giant ressonances in light nuclei and c to the definition of appropriate asymptotic states in current GCM descriptions of scattering [pt.

The climate conditions, noise and light level were analyzed using suitable ergonomic methods. Studies on endoparasites of the black bear Ursus americanus in the southeastern United States. Examination of 53 black bears Ursus americanus from six states in the southeastern United States revealed at least 17 species of endoparasites, including Sarcocystis sp. Twelve of these represent new host records for black bear, and two are considered to be new species.

Data are presented on prevalence, intensity and geographic distribution of each species. Pathologic effects were associated with infections of spargana of S.

Hill climbing algorithms and trivium. This paper proposes a new method to solve certain classes of systems of multivariate equations over the binary field and its cryptanalytical applications.

We show how heuristic optimization methods such as hill climbing algorithms can be relevant to solving systems of multivariate equations A characteristic of equation systems that may be efficiently solvable by the means of such algorithms is provided. As an example, we investigate equation systems induced by the problem of recovering the internal state of the stream cipher Trivium. We propose an improved variant of the simulated annealing method Regolith-mantled hillslopes are ubiquitous features of most temperate landscapes, and their morphology reflects the climatically, biologically, and tectonically mediated interplay between regolith production and downslope transport.

Despite intensive research, few studies have quantified both of these mass fluxes in the same field site. We present an analysis of meteoric 10Be measurements from regolith and bedrock to quantify rates of regolith transport, and compare these data with previously determined regolith production rates, measured using uranium-series isotopes. Regolith flux inferred from meteoric 10Be varies linearly with topographic gradient determined from high-resolution LiDAR-based topography along the upper portions of hillslopes in and adjacent to SSHO.

However, regolith flux appears to depend on the product of gradient and regolith depth where regolith is thick, near the base of hillslopes.

The combination of our results with U-series derived regolith production rates implies that regolith production and erosion rates along ridgecrests in the SSHO may be approaching steady state conditions over the Holocene. Archibald Vivian Nobel Laureate Medicine - YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog. Posted on 19 January The Sky Island region is a mountainous region surrounded by grasslands, deserts and intermountain valleys, located between Mexico and the United States.

However, different land management and human impact can have an effect on its wildlife populations. Currently, the border wall poses an immediate threat to the survival of black bears Ursus americanus , considered an Full Text Available The Istanbul Strait has intense maritime traffic while, at the same time, it poses significant navigational challenges. Due to these properties, there is always a high risk arising from maritime shipping in this region. Especially, substandard ships threaten life, as well as the marine environment.

Stringent and effective inspections assist in the enhancement of navigation safety and help to develop sustainable environment management. In this context, this study aims to assess maritime safety for the Strait region concerning passing flag states. Firstly, to assess the performance of flag states in general, the Black Sea MOU Black -Grey-White lists were generated for the period — and the change in the performance of these flags was examined.

Secondly, the risk level of each flag state passing from the Strait region was determined using the method of weighted points based on the Black -Grey-White List, deficiency index level, casualty index level, and passing index level.

Remarks on the necessity and implications of state -dependence in the black hole interior. We revisit the " state -dependence" of the map that we proposed recently between bulk operators in the interior of a large anti-de Sitter black hole and operators in the boundary CFT.

By refining recent versions of the information paradox, we show that this feature is necessary for the CFT to. We revisit the " state -dependence" of the map that we proposed recently between bulk operators in the interior of a large AdS black hole and operators in the boundary CFT.

By refining recent versions of the information paradox, we show that this feature is necessary for the CFT to successfully. State -dependent bulk-boundary maps and black hole complementarity. The existence of these operators is predicated on the assumption that the mapping of CFT operators to local bulk operators depends on the state of the CFT.

A study of the mixing state of black carbon in urban zone. The knowledge of the mixing state of black carbon particle with other aerosol species is critical for adequate simulations of the direct radiative effect of black carbon particles and its effect on climate.

This paper reports the investigation of the mixing state of black carbon aerosol in the urban zone. The study uses a combination of in situ and ground-based remote sensing observations conducted during the ESCOMPTE experiment, which took place in industrialized region in France in summer of The criteria we used for identifying mixing state relies on the known enhancement of absorption for aerosol composed by internal versus external mixtures of black carbon with weakly absorbing aerosol components.

First, using in situ aerosol data, we performed Mie computations and reconstructed the single scattering albedo of aerosol for the two different mixing assumptions: Our conclusion on external mixture of black carbon aerosol with other particles in urban zone during ESCOMPTE close to the pollution source is coherent with observations made during other independent studies reported in a number of recent publications.

Duck plague UP is a highly fatal disease of ducks, geese, and swans family Anatidae , produced by a reticulo-endotheliotrophic virus classified as a member of the Herpesvirus group. The disease was recognized in Europe in On the American continent, the disease was first diagnosed in the United States in Very little is known of DP virus ecology, particularly of the mechanisms of interepizootic survival and movement.

The tendency of the IIerpesviruses to enter into a quiescent state after an overt or inapparent infection is a proven characteristic for most of the members of this group. Herpes simplex, which is the model of the Herpesviruses, is said to be the classical example of a persistent recurrent viral infection.

Burnet and Williams 4 were the first to recognize this kind of relationship between herpes simplex and its host in Later, it was found that the reactivation of the virus can be brought on by a variety of stimuli either physiological menstruation , pathological anaphylactic shock , chemical pesticides or physical sunburn.

This same latency property has been proved for every member of this group of viruses which has been studied adequately, DP is among the few Herpesviruses for which the carrier state has not been demonstrated, but there is circumstantial evidence suggesting it. The carrier state for DP seems to be a likely explanation for the persistence and the particular pattern of movement of this disease.

The crux of the black hole information paradox is related to the fact that the complete information about the initial state of a quantum field in a collapsing spacetime is not available to future asymptotic observers, belying the expectations from a unitary quantum theory. We study the imprints of the initial quantum state contained in a specific class of distortions of the black hole radiation and identify the classes of in states that can be partially or fully reconstructed from the information contained within.

Even for the general in state , we can uncover some specific information. These results suggest that a classical collapse scenario ignores this richness of information in the resulting spectrum and a consistent quantum treatment of the entire collapse process might allow us to retrieve much more information from the spectrum of the final radiation.

Blacks also experienced a low 3-year survival rate among persons with HIV infection diagnosed during CDC and its partners have been pursuing a high-impact prevention approach and supporting projects focusing on minorities to improve diagnosis, linkage to care, and retention in care, and to reduce disparities in HIV-related health outcomes.

These data demonstrate the need for implementation of interventions and public health strategies to further reduce disparities in deaths. Area racism and birth outcomes among Blacks in the United States. There is increasing evidence that racism is a cause of poor health outcomes in the United States , including adverse birth outcomes among Blacks. However, research on the health consequences of racism has faced measurement challenges due to the more subtle nature of contemporary racism, which is not necessarily amenable to assessment through traditionally used survey methods.

In this study, we circumvent some of these limitations by examining a previously developed Internet query-based proxy of area racism Stephens-Davidowitz, in relation to preterm birth and low birthweight among Blacks. Area racism was measured in designated market areas as the proportion of total Google searches conducted between and containing the "n-word.

Our study provides evidence for the utility of an Internet query-based measure as a proxy for racism at the area-level in epidemiologic studies, and is also suggestive of the role of racism in contributing to poor birth outcomes among Blacks. By refining recent versions of the information paradox, we show that this feature is necessary for the CFT to successfully describe local physics behind the horizon—not only for single-sided black holes but even in the eternal black hole.

We show that state -dependence is invisible to an infalling observer who cannot differentiate these operators from those of ordinary quantum effective field theory. Therefore the infalling observer does not observe any violations of quantum mechanics. We successfully resolve a large class of potential ambiguities in our construction. We comment on the possible semiclassical origins of state -dependence. By refining recent versions of the information paradox, we show that this feature is necessary for the CFT to successfully describe local physics behind the horizon not only for single-sided black holes but even in the eternal black hole.

We comment on the possible semi-classical origins of state -dependence. Comparing the United States and the United Kingdom. Racial disparities in child development in the United States are significant, with a particularly pronounced disadvantage among Black children.

This report focuses on the development of children of Black immigrants, comparing against the outcomes for their peers in native-born and other immigrant families. The report also compares children in the…. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. In , heart disease accounted for approximately , deaths, representing one in four deaths in the United States. Population estimates were obtained from NVSS files.

National and state -specific black -white heart disease mortality ratios also were calculated. Death rates were age standardized to the U. Joinpoint regression was used to perform time trend analyses.

From to , heart disease death rates decreased for the total U. Rates decreased for the total population an average of 2. At the national level, heart disease death rates for blacks and whites were similar at the start of the study period but began to diverge in the late s, when rates for blacks plateaued while rates for whites continued to decrease.

Heart disease death rates among blacks remained higher than among whites for the remainder of the study period. Nationwide, the black -white ratio of heart disease death rates increased from 1. Contemporary radioecological state of the North-western Black Sea and the problems of environment conservation.

Review is devoted to the analysis of a radioecological situation in the North-western Black Sea and concerns the levels of contamination of the components of an ecosystem by the main artificial radioactive isotopes 90 Sr, Cs, , Pu. The long-term accumulation trends of these radionuclides were analyzed in components of the Black Sea ecosystem after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident.

Zones that have an increased ability to accumulate these radioisotopes were revealed. The assessment of irradiation dose rates formed by 90 Sr, Cs and , Pu in Black Sea hydrobionts was obtained. The strategy for biodiversity conservation and sustainable management of natural resources should include monitoring of the radioecological state of the marine ecosystems, and the formation of a complex of biogeochemical criteria for assessment of an ecological situation in the sea.

This approach is important for marine protected areas, since it allows the formation of a basis for scientific and practical function. Coccolithophores and calcite saturation state in the Baltic and Black Seas.

Full Text Available The Baltic and Black Seas are both brackish, that is to say both have salinities intermediate between freshwater and seawater.

The coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi is abundant in one, the Black Sea, but absent from the other, the Baltic Sea. Here we present summertime coccolithophore measurements confirming this difference, as well as data on the calcium carbonate saturation state of the Baltic Sea.

We find that the Baltic Sea becomes undersaturated or nearly so in winter, with respect to both the aragonite and calcite mineral forms of CaCO 3. Data for the Black Sea are more limited, but it appears to remain strongly supersaturated year-round.

The absence of E. In addition to this potential importance of winter saturation state , alternative explanations are also possible, either related to differences in salinity or else to differences in silicate concentrations. Principal component analysis of biometric traits to reveal body confirmation in local hill cattle of Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh, India.

In the present study, biometric traits body length [BL], heart girth [HG], paunch girth PG , forelimb length FLL , hind limb length HLL , face length, forehead width, forehead length, height at hump, hump length HL , hook to hook distance, pin to pin distance, tail length TL , TL up to switch, horn length, horn circumference, and ear length were studied in adult hill cattle of Himachal Pradesh for phenotypic characterization.

Morphological and biometrical observations were recorded on hill cattle randomly selected from different districts within the breeding tract. Multivariate statistics and principal component analysis are used to account for the maximum portion of variation present in the original set of variables with a minimum number of composite variables through Statistical software, SAS 9. Five components were extracted which accounted for The first component explained general body confirmation and explained Communality estimate ranged from 0.

Second, third, fourth, and fifth component had a high loading for tail characteristics, horn characteristics, facial biometrics, and rear body, respectively. The result of component analysis of biometric traits suggested that indigenous hill cattle of Himachal Pradesh are small and compact size cattle with a medium hump, horizontally placed short ears, and a long tail. The study also revealed that factors extracted from the present investigation could be used in breeding programs with sufficient reduction in the number of biometric traits to be recorded to explain the body confirmation.

Black carbon mixing state impacts on cloud microphysical properties: Black carbon BC is usually mixed with other aerosol species within individual aerosol particles. This mixture, along with the particles' size and morphology, determines the particles' optical and cloud condensation nuclei properties, and hence black carbon's climate impacts. In this study the particle-resolved aerosol model PartMC-MOSAIC was used to quantify the importance of black carbon mixing state for predicting cloud microphysical quantities.

Based on a set of about cloud parcel simulations a process level analysis framework was developed to attribute the response in cloud microphysical properties to changes in the underlying aerosol population "plume effect" and the cloud parcel cooling rate "parcel effect".

It shows that the response of cloud droplet number concentration to changes in BC emissions depends on the BC mixing state. When the aerosol population contains mainly aged BC particles an increase in BC emission results in increasing cloud droplet number concentrations "additive effect". In contrast, when the aerosol population contains mainly fresh BC particles they act as sinks for condensable gaseous species, resulting in a decrease in cloud droplet number concentration as BC emissions are increased "competition effect".

Additionally, we quantified the error in cloud microphysical quantities when neglecting the information on BC mixing state , which is often done in aerosol models.

Estimates of late Pleistocene-Holocene slip rates and recurrence intervals for these two fault zones are uncertain owing to poor relative age control.

We present optically stimulated luminescence OSL dates ranging from 27 to 4 ka of fluvial and eolian sand lenses interbedded with alluvial-fan deposits offset by the BMFZ. By cross-cutting relations, we infer that there were three separate ground-rupturing earthquakes on BMFZ Section 1W with vertical displacement between 5. Slip-per-event measurements indicate Mw 7.

Following an introductory section, the subject is discussed under the headings: Axially symmetric stationary black -hole states of the Einstein gravitational theory. Some aspects of the thepry of black -hole states of the Einstein gravitational theory are reviewed in this paper. First explicit vacuum solutions of Einstein's field equations are searched for when the space-time admits 2 isometries axially symmetric and stationary , which could be considered as candidates for black holes.

Then the Liapounov stability of these solutions is studied. A generalization of the Ernst potential is introduced for solutions of Einstein's vacuum field equations with axial symmetry only, and this allows to construct a dynamical system. Using the theory of ''multiple integrals in the calculus of variations'' it is possible to show that the weakest casuality condition chronology is a necessary condition for the Liapounov stability. Finally, it is shown that the Kerr solution is Liapounov stable under a given topology.

Some aspects of the theory of black -hole states of the Einstein gravitational theory are reviewed in this paper. The Crisis in Black and Black. These essays explore why the historic conflict between blacks and whites in the United States has become a crisis that divides many African Americans. The changing racial dynamic is not marked by conflicts.

Biomarkers of selenium are necessary for assessing selenium status in humans, since soil variation hinders estimation of selenium intake from foods. In this study, we measured the concentration of plasma selenium, selenoprotein P SEPP1 , and glutathione peroxidase GPX3 activity and their interindividual differences in low-income blacks and whites selected from a stratified random sample of adults aged 40—79 years, who were participating in a long-term cohort study in the southeastern United States US.

We assessed the utility of these biomarkers to determine differences in selenium status and their association with demographic, socio-economic, dietary, and other indicators. We found that SEPP1, a sensitive biomarker of selenium nutritional status, was significantly lower among blacks than whites mean 4. The findings suggest that SEPP1 may be an effective biomarker of selenium status and disease risk in adults and that low selenium status may disproportionately affect black and white cohort participants.

Mortality among white, black , and Hispanic male and female state prisoners, — Full Text Available Although much research considers the relationship between imprisonment and mortality, little existing research has tested whether the short-term mortality advantage enjoyed by prisoners extends to Hispanics.

We compared the mortality rates of non-Hispanic white, non-Hispanic black , and Hispanic male and female state prisoners to mortality rates in the general population using data from the Deaths in Custody Reporting Program, the National Prisoner Statistics, the National Corrections Reporting Program, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The results indicate that the mortality advantage for prisoners was greatest for black males, followed by black females, Hispanic males, white females, and white males.

Hispanic female prisoners were the only group not at a mortality advantage relative to the general population, with an SMR of 1. Imprisonment, Mortality, Population health, Racial disparities. Fine-grained state counting for black holes in loop quantum gravity.

A state of a black hole in loop quantum gravity is given by a distribution of spins on punctures on the horizon. The distribution is of the Boltzmann type, with the area playing the role of the energy. In investigations where the total area was kept approximately constant, there was a kind of thermal equilibrium between the spins which have the same analogue temperature and the entropy was proportional to the area. If the area is precisely fixed, however, multiple constraints appear, different spins have different analogue temperatures and the entropy is not strictly linear in the area, but is bounded by a linear rise.

Nonthreshold D-brane bound states and black holes with nonzero entropy. We start with Bogomol close-quote nyi-Prasad-Sommerfield- BPS saturated configurations of two orthogonally intersecting M-branes and use the electromagnetic duality or dimensional reduction along a boost, in order to obtain new p-brane bound states.

In the first case the resulting configurations are interpreted as BPS-saturated nonthreshold bound states of intersecting p-branes, and in the second case as p-branes intersecting at angles and their duals. As a by-product we deduce the enhancement of supersymmetry as the angle approaches zero.

We also comment on the D-brane theory describing these new bound states , and a connection between the angle and the world-volume gauge fields of the D-brane system. We use these configurations to find new embeddings of the four- and five-dimensional black holes with nonzero entropy, whose entropy now also depends on the angle and world-volume gauge fields.

The corresponding D-brane configuration sheds light on the microscopic entropy of such black holes. Although the overall life expectancy at birth has increased for both blacks and whites and the gap between these populations has narrowed, disparities in life expectancy and the leading causes of death for blacks compared with whites in the United States remain substantial.

Understanding how factors that influence these disparities vary across the life span might enhance the targeting of appropriate interventions. Trends during in mortality rates for the leading causes of death were examined by black and white race and age group.

Multiple and national data sources were analyzed to compare blacks with whites in selected age groups by sociodemographic characteristics, self-reported health behaviors, health-related quality of life indicators, use of health services, and chronic conditions.

During , age-adjusted death rates decreased significantly in both populations, with rates declining more sharply among blacks for most leading causes of death. However, during , blacks still had higher death rates than whites for all-cause mortality in all groups aged blacks in age groups deaths among blacks especially cardiovascular disease and cancer and their risk factors across the life span and create equal opportunities for health.

Diversity and biogeography of land snails Mollusca, Gastropoda in the limestone hills of Perak, Peninsular Malaysia. Abstract Limestone hills are now gaining global conservation attention as hotspots for short-range endemic species. Levels of land snail endemism can be high at limestone hills , especially at hill clusters that are geographically isolated. In the State of Perak, Peninsular Malaysia, limestone hills have been opportunistically surveyed for land snails in the past, but the majority have yet to be surveyed.

To address this knowledge gap, we systematically surveyed the terrestrial malacofauna of 12 limestone hills that, based on our opinion, are a representation of the limestone land snail assemblages within the State. We found species of land snails, of which 34 species were unique to one of the surveyed hills. We identified 30 species that are potentially new to science. The number of land snail species recorded at each hill ranged between 39 and 63 species.

Four of the sampled limestone hills namely, Prk 01 G. Tempurung, Prk 55 G. We identified two clusters of limestone hills in central Perak with distinct differences in land snail species composition — a northern hill cluster on elevated granite bedrock and southern hill cluster in a low-lying valley surrounded by alluvial soils.

Antigravity hills are visual illusions. Antigravity hills , also known as spook hills or magnetic hills , are natural places where cars put into neutral are seen to move uphill on a slightly sloping road, apparently defying the law of gravity. We show that these effects, popularly attributed to gravitational anomalies, are in fact visual illusions. We re-created all the known types of antigravity spots in our laboratory using tabletop models; the number of visible stretches of road, their slant, and the height of the visible horizon were systematically varied in four experiments.

We conclude that antigravity- hill effects follow from a misperception of the eye level relative to gravity, caused by the presence of either contextual inclines or a false horizon line.

In his study of periodic orbits of the three-body problem, Hill obtained a formula connecting the characteristic polynomial of the monodromy matrix of a periodic orbit with the infinite determinant of the Hessian of the action functional. A mathematically rigorous definition of the Hill determinant and a proof of Hill 's formula were obtained later by Poincare.

Here two multidimensional generalizations of Hill 's formula are given: Additional aspects appearing in the presence of symmetries or reversibility are discussed. Also studied is the change of the Morse index of a periodic trajectory upon reduction of order in a system with symmetries.

Applications are given to the problem of stability of periodic orbits. Are hills like white elephants? Understanding the local electronic properties of individual defects and dopants in black phosphorus BP is of great importance for both fundamental research and technological applications.

Here, we employ low-temperature scanning tunnelling microscope LT-STM to probe the local electronic structures of single acceptors in BP. We demonstrate that the charge state of individual acceptors can be reversibly switched by controlling the tip-induced band bending. In addition, acceptor-related resonance features in the tunnelling spectra can be attributed to the formation of Rydberg-like bound hole states.

The spatial mapping of the quantum bound states shows two distinct shapes evolving from an extended ellipse shape for the 1s ground state to a dumbbell shape for the 2p x excited state. The wave functions of bound hole states can be well-described using the hydrogen-like model with anisotropic effective mass, corroborated by our theoretical calculations. Our findings not only provide new insight into the many-body interactions around single dopants in this anisotropic two-dimensional material but also pave the way to the design of novel quantum devices.

On particle creation by black holes. Hawking's analysis of particle creation by black holes is extended by explicity obtaining the expression for the quantum mechanical state vector PSI which results from particle creation starting from the vacuum during gravitational collapse. We first discuss the quantum field theory of a Hermitian scalar field in an external potential or in a curved but asymptotically flat spacetime with no horizon present.

Making the necessary modification for the case when a horizon is present, we apply this theory for a massless Hermitian scalar field to get the state vector describing the steady state emission at late times for particle creation during gravitational collapse to a Schwarzschild black hole. We find that the state vector describing particle creation from the vacuum decomposes into a simple product of state vectors for each individual mode. The density matrix describing emission of particles to infinity by this particle creation process is found to be identical to that of black body emission.

Thus, black hole emission agrees in complete detail with black body emission orig. Mechanisms involved in the psychological distress of Black Caribbeans in the United States. The mental health of ethnic minorities in the United States is of urgent concern. The accelerated growth of groups of ethnic minorities and immigrants in the United States and the stressors to which they are exposed, implores academic researchers to investigate more deeply health disparities and the factors that exacerbate or minimize such inequalities.

This dissertation attended to that concern. In a series of three studies, the dissertation investigated the role and consequence of 1 chronic discrimination, immigration factors, and closeness to ethnic and racial groups; 2 personal control and social support; and 3 family relations and social roles in the psychological distress of Black Caribbeans. Study 1 examined how the associations between discrimination and psychological distress were buffered or exacerbated by closeness to ethnic group and closeness to racial group.

It also examined how these associations differed depending on immigration factors. Results indicated that the buffering or exacerbating effect of ethnic and racial group closeness varied according to the type of discrimination subtle or severe and were more pronounced among those born in the United States.

Using the stress process framework, Study 2 tested moderation and mediation models of the effects of social support and personal control in the association between discrimination and distress. Results from a series of analyses on respondents suggested that personal control served as a mediator in this relationship and that emotional support exerted a direct distress deterring function.

Study 3 investigated sex differences in the associations between social roles, intergenerational family relationship perceptions and distress. Galactic Black Holes in the Hard State: The canonical hard state is associated with emission from all three fundamental accretion components: On top of these, the hard state also hosts very rich temporal variability properties low frequency QPOs in the PDS, time lags, long time scale evolution.

Through spectral and temporal analysis we seek to determine the geometry of accretion components, and relate the geometry to the formation and emission from a jet. In this presentation I will review the recent contributions of our group to the field, including the Swift results on the disk geometry at low accretion rates, the jet model fits to the hard state SEDs including Spitzer data of GRO J, and the final results on the evolution of spectral including X-ray, radio and infrared and temporal properties of elected black holes in the hard states.

We analyze 15, spectra of 29 stellar-mass black hole BH candidates collected over the 16 year mission lifetime of Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer using a simple phenomenological model. As these BHs vary widely in luminosity and progress through a sequence of spectral states , which we broadly refer to as hard and soft, we focus on two spectral components: Our proxy for the strength of reflection is the equivalent width of the Fe—K line as measured with respect to the power law.

A key distinction of our work is that for all states we estimate the continuum under the line by excluding the thermal disk component and using only the component that is responsible for fluorescing the Fe—K line, namely, the Compton power law. This is most readily caused by the dilution of the Fe line amplitude from Compton scattering in the corona, which has a higher optical depth in hard states. Alternatively, this could be explained by a more compact corona in soft compared to hard states , which would result in a higher reflection fraction.

Full Text Available 8 puzzle merupakan salah satu implementasi dari Artificial Intelegence. Dalam proses penyelesaiannya banyak terdapat algoritma-algoritma pencarian yang dapat diterapkan. Loglist merupakan tempat penyimpanan setiap kunjungan dari state-state puzzle yang telah dilakukan untuk menghindari looping atau pengulangan terhadap state yang pernah dilalui.

Untuk menanggulangi permasalahan pada SteepestAscent Hill Climbing. This model consists of a truncated thin disk with an inner advection-dominated accretion flow ADAF. The spectral profiles of the sources are fitted in agreement with the data observed at four different dates corresponding to the rising phase of the LHS. Quasiequilibrium states of black hole-neutron star binaries in the moving-puncture framework.

General relativistic quasiequilibrium states of black hole-neutron star binaries are computed in the moving-puncture framework. We propose three conditions for determining the quasiequilibrium states and compare the numerical results with those obtained in the excision framework. Thus the numerical results do not provide a quasicircular state , rather they seem to have a non-negligible eccentricity of order 0.

The trans- Hill stage of planetesimal growth. When planetesimals begin to grow by coagulation, they first enter an epoch of runaway, during which the biggest bodies grow faster than all the others. The questions of how runaway ends and what comes next have not been answered satisfactorily.

We show that runaway is followed by a new stage—the 'trans- Hill stage'—that commences when the bodies that dominate viscous stirring 'big bodies' become trans- Hill , i. Subsequently, the small bodies' random speed grows in lockstep with the big bodies' sizes, such that the system remains in the trans- Hill state.

Trans- Hill growth is crucial for determining the efficiency of growing big bodies, as well as their growth timescale and size spectrum. Trans- Hill growth has two sub-stages. In the earlier one, which occurs while the stirring bodies remain sufficiently small, the evolution is collisionless, i. Furthermore, the size spectrum is flat equal mass per size decade, i. This collisionless trans- Hill solution explains results from previous coagulation simulations for both the Kuiper Belt and the asteroid belt.

After that time, collisional cooling among small bodies controls the evolution. The efficiency of forming big bodies rises and the size spectrum becomes more top heavy. Trans- Hill growth can terminate in one of two ways, depending on the sizes of the small bodies.

First, mutual accretion of big bodies can become significant and conglomeration proceeds until half of the total mass is converted into big bodies.

In this ASTER image of Soufriere Hills Volcano on Montserrat in the Caribbean, continued eruptive activity is evident by the extensive smoke and ash plume streaming towards the west-southwest. Significant eruptive activity began in , forcing the authorities to evacuate more than 7, of the island's original population of 11, The primary risk now is to the northern part of the island and to the airport. Small rockfalls and pyroclastic flows ash, rock and hot gases are common at this time due to continued growth of the dome at the volcano's summit.

With its 14 spectral bands from the visible to the thermal infrared wavelength region, and its high spatial resolution of 15 to 90 meters about 50 to feet , ASTER images Earth to map and monitor the changing surface of our planet.

The broad spectral coverage and high spectral resolution of ASTER will provide scientists in numerous disciplines with critical information for surface mapping, and monitoring of dynamic conditions and temporal change.

Results From to , heart disease death rates decreased for the total U. The emergence of the PLN and the fading of the BLN and QPOs initially took place below 2 keV when the source entered the hard intermediate state and settled in the soft state three weeks later. The evolution was accompanied by the emergence of the disk spectral component and decreases in the amplitudes of variability in the soft and hard X-ray bands.

Our results indicate that the PLN is associated with an optically thick disk in both hard and intermediate states , and the power spectral state is independent of the X-ray energy spectral state in a broadband view. The move comes one Ghana's president John Mahama has conceded defeat two days after a hotly contested election, seen as a test for a country generally viewed as a beacon of stability in west Africa.

Divorced and dealing with squabbling daughters, terminal patient wants people to stop promising their prayers. One-third of Americans who have taken prescription opioids for at least two months say they became addicted to, or physically dependent on, the powerful painkillers, according to a new Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation survey.

Virtually all long-term users surveyed said that they were Customs and Border Protection says in a Supreme Court filing that an agent who killed a Mexican BEIRUT — Nearly two weeks into a crushing blitz, Syrian forces and their allies have taken control of nearly all of what was once an opposition stronghold in eastern Aleppo, touching off a new wave of evacuations Friday and raising concerns about hundreds of men who have disappeared While the main drag was left intact, the charred remains of homes, vehicles and businesses The Blue team defeated the White squad to claim a As the newly released film "Loving" celebrates an interracial couple who helped change marriage laws, another interracial couple is coping with racially charged vandalism that has left them upset and off kilter.

Snow geese migrate in huge, honking flocks, each bird winter-white except for a beak and wingtips smudged black. A single flock may comprise tens of thousands of birds.

When the geese land en masse, bird hunters call it swirl, as though a twister The Senate beats a midnight deadline and approves the stop-gap spending bill. A former police officer recorded using racial and gender slurs is asking the court to reverse his firing. Protesters were planning to march near the Seoul presidential palace where A group of Hawaii musicians and a Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant provided special inflight entertainment to a Pearl Harbor survivor flying home from a ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary of the attack.

Wesley Matthews matched a season high with 26 points, Harrison Barnes scored 25 and the Dallas Mavericks beat the Indiana Pacers for just their third win in 15 games They have been doting nonstop on their new daughter since her birth one month ago.

But Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are being careful not to forget her first baby. Chyna uploaded a brace of Snaps Dupree McBrayer scored 18 points and Akeem Springs added 16 off the bench to lead Minnesota over Georgia Southern on Friday night for the Gophers' third straight win The attorney for two city men — who were badly burned by an exploding e-cigarette parts — wants to ban the devices on public transportation.

Suddenly embracing a rebuild, Chicago adds seven solid prospects. Elsie Mahe died of injuries she suffered Police fired bean bag rounds and used a taser on a man who they say pulled out a knife an advanced on them late Thursday near the Hill Air Force Base. A city mayor is facing a one month suspension for failing to issue a permit within the day period required by law.

The medals arrived two months ago, as if to remind Gerald Cleveland of a significant event now seven decades old. Distinguished glass artist, co-founder of the Pittsburgh Glass Center and beloved member of the local arts community Ronald L. Desmett died of cancer Wednesday at West Penn Hospital.

Should the… Residents of Princeville, N. The first town chartered by African Americans has battled two year storms in under 20 years. Some see the ruins of homes, many covered in mold, as a lost cause. Others vow to rebuild. As visitors returned to downtown Gatlinburg for the first time since massive fires spread through the town, just a short drive away families were searching the rubble of their former homes.

With winter storms in Chicago's weekend forecast, Metra said it was mobilizing its crews to get ahead of problems. Hominy quarterback Zaven Collins accounted for yards and four touchdowns and the Bucks completed an undefeated season with a win over Wynnewood on Friday night in the Oklahoma Class A title game.

The Bachelor's Kirralee 'Kiki' Morris has celebrated the beginning of her beach holiday in Bali with a sexy bikini photo posted to Instagram on Saturday. A year-old Port Sanilac man is dead after a tree fell on top of him while he was doing work with his tractor Friday evening. Nic Batum has filled the box score of late in leading the Charlotte Hornets to three straight victories.

This weekend marks the 80th anniversary of one of the most turbulent times in the history of the British monarchy. Edward VIII's abdication in rocked th A dramatic rescue in Lincoln Park Thursday was caught on cell phone video. South Korea is instituting a hour emergency response system. Jonathan Toews Witnesses said the woman driving the SUV appeared to hit the gas pedal instead of the break, plowing through Terrana's brick wall and into his year-old son's bedroom.

Eric Staal scored in the sixth round of a shootout and the Minnesota Wild beat the Edmonton Oilers on Friday night. Along the way, knots of onlookers gathered to offer their thanks to a public Something needs to be done now, before disaster strikes The CIA has concluded in a secret assessment that Russia intervened in the election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, rather than just to undermine confidence in the U. Trump transition team casts doubt on CIA report Russia tried to help him win aol.

Ash Carter said extra troops would include special operations forces and are in addition to the US troops already working in the region to recruit, organise, train and advise local Syrian forces to combat Isis. Addressing a security conference in Bahrain, Carter also took aim at US Middle East partners for failing to provide more military muscle in the broader campaign to defeat the group and counter extremism. Carter noted that many Sunni-led Gulf countries have expressed concern about the spread of Iranian influence in the region.

That means getting serious about starting to partner more with each other, and investing in the right capabilities for the threat. He said the US president, Barack Obama, approved the troop additions last week. The military push is complicated by the predominant role played by local Kurdish fighters, who are the most effective US partner against Isis in Syria but are viewed by Turkey — a key U. A senior defence official said the troop boost announced by Carter would give the US extra capability to train Arab volunteers who are joining the Raqqa push but are not well trained or equipped.

US to deploy more troops to Syria rss. US to send troops to help seize Raqqa from IS bbc. For the seventh straight week, protesters gathered en masse in the streets of the capital, but the mood was generally festive, after lawmakers on Friday voted overwhelmingly to impeach the deeply unpopular Park over a corruption scandal.

Although the move stripped Park of her substantial executive powers, activists said they intended to keep up the pressure, with the impeachment still requiring final approval from the Constitutional Court -- a process that could take months. And many were adamant that the president should resign immediately and face criminal prosecution. Until the court rules, Park's authority is only suspended and she retains the title of president and the immunity from prosecution that goes with it.

And she still has her supporters, many of them elderly voters who remain steadfast admirers of her father, the late military dictator Park Chung-Hee -- credited as the architect of the South's economic transformation but vilified as an authoritarian rights abuser. Waving national flags, they carried banners that read: Park was impeached on numerous counts of constitutional and criminal violations ranging from a failure to protect people's lives to bribery and abuse of power.

Most of the charges stemmed from an investigation into a scandal involving the president's long-time friend, Choi Soon-Sil, who is currently awaiting trial for fraud and embezzlement. Prosecutors named Park a suspect in the case, saying she colluded in Choi's efforts to strong arm donations from large companies worth tens of millions of dollars. The impeachment process was ignited and fuelled by public outrage at Park's behaviour, with the weekly mass demonstrations demanding that politicians take a pro-active role in removing her from the presidential Blue House.

The National Assembly has played its part, but the country now faces a lengthy period of uncertainty at a time of slowing economic growth and elevated military tensions with nuclear-armed North Korea. The challenges that follow will be bigger," said Kim Young-Ho who attended Saturday's rally with members of the Korean Farmers' League. As Park's prime minister, Hwang Kyo-Ahn became the temporary guardian of her sweeping executive powers the moment after she was impeached.

A stern and not particularly popular figure, Hwang is seen as a Park loyalist and there were numerous chants at Saturday's rally for him to resign as well. Flung into a role he had never sought, Hwang sought to strike a reassuring tone during an emergency cabinet meeting on Saturday.

North Korea has conducted two nuclear tests this year and multiple missile launches, prompting South Korea to agree to host a sophisticated US anti-missile system -- despite protests from China. Contributing to the general anxiety is the presidential power transition in the United States, a key economic and military ally which has nearly 30, troops permanently stationed in South Korea.

Korea's president loses power, keeps title, house, salary mynorthwest. Korean president, anti-Park rallies resume dailymail. US intelligence agencies believe Russia acted covertly to boost Donald Trump in the election race, US officials have told leading newspapers.

A report in the New York Times says the agencies had "high confidence" about Russian involvement in hacking. The hacks targeted emails at the Democratic Party and a key aide to presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. In October, US government officials pointed the finger at Russia, accusing it of meddling in the campaign. Now, senior administration officials quoted by the New York Times say they are confident that Russian hackers also infiltrated the Republican National Committee's computer systems as well as those of the Democratic Party, but did not release information gleaned from the Republican networks.

Intelligence agencies say the Russians passed on the Democrats' documents to WikiLeaks, the Times reported. Democrats reacted furiously when email accounts of the Democratic National Committee and Mrs Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta, were hacked.

The Podesta emails were revealed by WikiLeaks and posted online. Quoting an unnamed "senior US official", the Washington Post said "intelligence agencies" had "identified individuals with connections to the Russian government who provided WikiLeaks with thousands of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and others, including Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman".

At one point in the campaign, Mr Trump had encouraged Russia by name to "find" Mrs Clinton's emails, although he later said he was being sarcastic. Democrats claimed the hacks were a deliberate attempt to undermine Mrs Clinton's campaign. White House spokesman Eric Schultz said President Obama wanted the investigation carried out on his watch "because he takes it very seriously".

It is not clear if the contents of the review will be made public. At least five people were killed and 27 injured when a freight train derailed and exploded in while entering a Bulgarian rail station, officials said.

The train was transporting gas through the northeastern village of Hitrino, 60 miles from Bulgaria's main port of Varna on the Black Sea, when it derailed at about 5: The train was carrying more than 20 tankers of propylene gas and propane butane when it came off the tracks while entering the village's station.

The last two tankers hit a power line and exploded and seven tankers full of propylene went off the tracks, local police spokeswoman Assia Yordannova said. The interior ministry said there were firefighters and rescuers at the scene. More than 50 houses were damaged and 40 families evacuated.

Civil defence chief Nikolay Nikolov added: Twenty-five people were injured. Aerial footage showed a massive plume of black smoke rising over the small village, which is home to some people. Charred tankers lay scattered around the tracks of the nearly ruined railway station. There was debris everywhere.

Twelve people have been rescued from under the ruins alive so far and firefighters are checking for more,' Nikolov added. Hitrino's station, the police headquarters and several homes along the railway tracks were razed. Fires raging in the area were put out around noon, local authorities said. There are several injured with 90 percent burns,' Bulgaria's outgoing Prime Minister Boyko Borisov after arriving at the site. He appealed for blood donations for the hospitals treating the injuries.

Residents said the firefighters had been 'very slow' to arrive and many burst into tears while recounting how their houses collapsed. Cargo train accidents are relatively frequent in Bulgaria where railway tracks are obsolete and regularly pillaged by thieves. Four killed in Bulgarian train blast digitaljournal. At least 45, left homeless as rescue operations near end following Indonesia quake independent. The vote in the Senate late Friday night was for a stopgap spending bill that will keep the government operating through April Shutdown averted, US Senate backs stop-gap spending bill article.

The show last aired in , and with Trump starring. There was no talk of anything else when we started the show. And hopefully there will be no more talk of anything else after. Play a quick game of solitaire or Sudoku. Or take one of our fun quizzes! See photos inside and outside. OK Trump is still 'Apprentice' producer article.

In his acceptance speech, Santos described the award as a "gift from heaven" and dedicated it to all Colombians, particularly the , killed and 8 million displaced in the longest-running conflict in the Western Hemisphere.

Santos reached a historic peace deal with rebels from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia earlier this year. But the initial deal was narrowly rejected by Colombian voters in a shock referendum result just days before the Nobel Peace Prize announcement in October. Many believed that ruled out Santos from winning this year's prize, but the Norwegian Nobel Committee "saw things differently," deputy chairwoman Berit Reiss-Andersen said.

Copyright The Associated Press. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Laureates to receive Nobels, except Bob Dylan newsinfo. I'll never accept being cheated by anyone, says 'defeated' Gambia's Jammeh news Bangalore — After an elephant broke his leg and was left to hobble around the backwaters of a reservoir in southern India, villagers and veterinarians brought him food and tried to soothe his agony through treatment. But he died on Friday after efforts lasting more than three months.

Sidda, the name given to the elephant by forest guards, was estimated to be 35 years old. Sidda fell into a ditch and broke his right leg in the Manchinbele dam area in late August. He also sustained abrasions all over his body and had an abscess on his back that required treatment. The accident occurred in the Savandurga reserve, a home to wild elephants in the Ramanagara district of Karnataka state. The elephant had collapsed and couldn't move, and developed sores on his left flank.

Soon there was a puss formation around the wound. Doctors administered painkillers to help ease Sidda's pain and anti-inflammatory medication for the swelling and the infection in his leg. Forest guards sought the help of the army to build a structure to support Sidda and enable him to stand on his own without collapsing.

A metal frame kept Sidda suspended, and a support structure like a cradle lifted him up and eased the stress on his limbs, according to Wildlife SOS India's website. The autopsy report said the infection was caused by a puss formation inside the leg that was not noticeable from outside. Manjunath uses one name. Elephant breaks leg, dies after 3 months of care article. Elephant breaks leg, dies after 3 months of care dailymail. James passed Elvin Hayes on a driving layup with 6: The four-time MVP was removed about a minute later and received a loud ovation from the Cleveland crowd.

Kevin Love, a game-time decision because of back spasms, scored a team-high 28 points and had 15 rebounds for the Cavaliers. He missed the morning shootaround but was in the lineup after warming up on the court about an hour before tip-off.

Kyrie Irving added 23 points for the Cavs. They have won three straight after losing three in a row. Derrick Williams scored 17 points to lead the short-handed Heat. They have lost four straight. Harden also had 12 assists and nine rebounds to help the Rockets win their fifth straight. Houston withstood Harden's 6-for shooting effort.

Westbrook finished with 27 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists. He has the longest triple-double streak since Michael Jordan had seven straight in The most in a row is nine by Philadelphia's Wilt Chamberlain in March It was Westbrook's 12th triple-double this season and the 49th of his career.

He is the NBA's active leader in the category and ranks sixth overall. The Thunder had won the previous six games during Westbrook's triple-double binge. Toronto erased an eight-point halftime deficit and led by as many as 11 in the fourth quarter. Boston pulled within four in the final minute, but Al Horford fouled Lowry on a 3-point attempt with 30 seconds to play.

Lowry made all three free throws to help close out the victory. Horford and Avery Bradley each had 19 points to lead Boston.

Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas sat out his second straight game with a strained right groin. Marcus Morris had 15 points and seven rebounds and the Pistons had their way with Minnesota's struggling defense, hitting 14 of 29 3-pointers.

They have lost seven of their last eight games. Two nights after a listless second half in a point home loss to Sacramento prompted a team meeting, the Mavericks started the third quarter with a run that gave them a double-digit lead. Matthews outscored the Pacers by himself during a spurt that turned a deficit into a lead.

The shooting guard had 16 points during the run, capped by a 3-pointer. Paul George had 22 points for the Pacers. Paul Millsap added 23 points and 14 rebounds, and Tim Hardaway Jr.

The Hawks ended a seven-game losing streak Wednesday night with a win over Miami. Jabari Parker scored 27 points for Milwaukee. Kemba Walker had 15 points in limited action, and Ramon Sessions and Jeremy Lamb each scored 12 off the bench.

Batum missed out on a chance at a triple-double because Charlotte's starters didn't play in the fourth quarter with the game out of hand. He had nine rebounds and seven assists. Evan Fournier had 14 points for Orlando. Devin Booker had 15 points before fouling out for the Suns, who hit a season-high 13 3-pointers and withstood a late rally by the short-handed Lakers. Lou Williams hit six 3-pointers and scored 35 points in another monster game off the bench for the Lakers, who have lost five straight after a promising start to their first season since Kobe Bryant retired.

Los Angeles has faltered during a busy portion of its December schedule while playing without four injured regulars: Alex Len had 14 points and 13 rebounds, but the Suns blew most of an point lead in the second half. Phoenix hung on for just its seventh victory of the season after losing five of its previous six. Kristaps Porzingis added 17 points and 10 rebounds for New York. Brandon Jennings scored 13 in place of injured Derrick Rose, and the Knicks beat the Kings for the second time in six days.

The Kings missed multiple shots in the waning moments, including an uncontested driving layup by DeMarcus Cousins with 22 seconds left that would have given Sacramento the lead. Rudy Gay missed a potential tying 3-pointer with 3. Cousins finished with 28 points, 11 rebounds and six assists. James moves into 9th on scoring list as Cavs top Heat article. Cavaliers overpower Heat pressherald.

In a stunning response to widening claims of a Russian espionage operation targeting the presidential race, Trump's camp risked an early feud with the Intelligence community on which he will rely for top secret assessments of the greatest threats facing the United States.

It's now time to move on and 'Make America Great Again. The transition team's reference to the agency's most humiliating recent intelligence misfire — over its conclusion that Iraq under Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction — threatens to cast an early cloud over relations between the Trump White House and the CIA. The top leadership of the agency that presided over the Iraq failure during the Bush administration has long since been replaced.

But the comments from Trump's camp will cause concern in the Intelligence community about the incoming President's attitude to America's spy agencies. CNN reported this week that Trump is getting intelligence briefings only once a week.

Several previous presidents preparing for the inauguration had a more intense briefing schedule. Multiple sources with knowledge of the investigation into Russia's hacking told CNN last week that the US intelligence community is increasingly confident that Russian meddling in the US election was intended to steer the election toward Trump, rather than simply to undermine or in other ways disrupt the political process. On Friday, the Post cited US officials as saying that intelligence agencies have identified individuals connected to the Russian government who gave Wikileaks thousands of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta.

Trump has repeatedly said there is no evidence to suggest that President Vladimir Putin's Russia, with which he has vowed to improve relations, played a nefarious role in the US election.

I don't believe they interfered," Trump said in an intervie w for the latest issue of Time magazine , adding that he thought intelligence community accusations about Russian interventions in the election were politically motivated.

Trump has also been highly sensitive to any suggestion that he did not win the election fair and square, including claiming that he is only trailing Clinton in the popular vote because of a huge trove of illegal votes -- a claim for which he has provided no evidence.

Earlier Friday, the White House said that President Barack Obama had ordered a full review i nto hacking aimed at influencing US elections going back to Russia has demanded evidence of its alleged involvement in the election and denied any wrongdoing. French government seeks extension of state of emergency article. Court documents ending their marriage were filed Friday, but they will not officially be single until December The two married on September 27, , one month after meeting.

Their wedding ceremony was filmed for a special episode of "Keeping up with the Kardashians. As part of the divorce agreement, their joint company Khlomar will be dissolved, according to the court documents.

Both Kardashian and Odom waived spousal support. Her name will go back to Khloe Kardashian. The couple had signed a prenuptial agreement in October , which was honored in Friday's settlement. AP — Hampus Lindholm got his first goal of the season with 5: The year-old Lindholm held out this season before signing a six-year contract extension in late October.

He didn't play his first game until Nov. Jonathan Bernier had 22 saves for the Ducks and withstood a frantic final attack after San Jose pulled its goalie with 2 minutes left. Anaheim is in its past seven games, including two wins over San Jose. Martin Jones stopped 29 shots for the Sharks. San Jose tied it early in the second period when Labanc slipped a shot under Bernier's left leg. It was the year-old's third goal of the season. The Ducks nearly completed a dominant first period with a lead, but Burns got his 12th goal of the season with 6 seconds left by slapping a shot past Bernier.

Anaheim opened the scoring 4: Jones deflected the shot, but Rakell snagged the rebound and wrapped it around and behind Jones for his 11th goal. The Ducks went up after Theodore came streaking down the right side and fired a perfect pass to Vermette, who snapped it past Jones for his fifth of the season. The Ducks are against the rival Sharks. Host Carolina on Saturday. Host Ottawa on Saturday. Ducks edge Sharks, charlotteobserver. The year-old rights lawyer and former foreign minister, narrowly lost the and elections to the ruling National Democratic Congress NDC.

But after garnering I will do all in my power to live up to your hopes and expectations," Akufo-Addo told an ecstatic crowd at his house in the capital Accra late Friday. He had campaigned on a platform promising to boost growth and deliver jobs. While incumbent John Mahama has been slow to address what many perceive as worsening corruption, Akufo-Addo had promised to act quickly to stop a "borrowing binge" that has "mortgaged our future".

He campaigned hard across the country, brandishing his party's red, white and blue flag emblazoned with an elephant as a symbol for radical change. His "one district, one factory" programme would encourage private sector investment, as would a policy of slashing corporate taxes. Akufo-Addo was born in Kyebi, in the eastern region of Ghana into the political elite. He is related to three of the "Big Six", politicians dubbed as Ghana's founding fathers, including his father who served as president.

Akufo-Addo studied in England and has enjoyed a successful career. He worked in England and France before returning to Ghana.

When multi-party democracy was restored to the west African country in after decades of military rule, Akufo-Addo became involved with the NPP, later serving as both justice minister then foreign minister under President John Kufuor between and In the last election, he lost Akufo-Addo wins election in Ghana post-gazette.

Obama orders review of election-season hacking:: With boxing gloves in every centerpiece and the theme from "Rocky" blaring over the speakers, Douglas, one of the golden age of Hollywood's last living legends, walked confidently into the Sunset Room at the Beverly Hills Hotel Friday afternoon to celebrate his th birthday at an intimate gathering of friends and family. Flanked by Anne Douglas, his wife of over 62 years, his son Michael Douglas, his daughter-in Kirk Douglas celebrates th birthday with family and friends independent.

Dozens of people are confirmed dead, with the toll expected to rise. Performers who came to play the electronic dance party last weekend and those looking to be awed by the sounds and scene wanted to be among people who accepted them for who they were. Straight, gay, transgender, black, white or multiethnic, they wanted a place they could feel safe.

It's why we call it the underground. There were no fire alarms, no sprinklers and the two stairways from the second-floor party did not lead to the building's only two exits. For those who survived, it was largely a matter of luck that when the first cries of "fire" were heard, they were able to find their way through smoke and darkness or were near enough to a door or already outside.

The communal living spaces have helped nurture a thriving underground art scene and provided space at a reasonable price in an area where astronomical rent hikes fueled by the tech boom have driven many people out. Near the heart of the city's industrial Fruitvale section, home to a large Latino population, the warehouse is a short walk from a Bay Area Rapid Transit station where the elevated train frequently whispers past. A retail corridor offers check cashing, quinceanera dresses and taquerias.

One of the older establishments in the neighborhood is a large commercial fire extinguisher business a block away. The warehouse was home to the Satya Yuga Collective founded by Derick Ion Almena, who billed it on Facebook as an "unprecedented fusion" of "bomb bunker helter skelter spelunker shelters and Indonesian straw huts rolling into valleys and down alleys.

Almena also rented the space for occasional all-night parties. The couple and their three kids were not home the night of the fire.

The building owned by Chor N. Ng, however, was only permitted as a warehouse and the city had opened an investigation last month after neighbors complained about trash piling up and people living inside. A criminal investigation is underway that prosecutors said could lead to charges as serious as murder. The interior was constantly evolving as a revolving group rotated through and redesigned more than a dozen living spaces.

Organs, pianos and guitars were scattered throughout. But hazards were many. It was a cluttered labyrinth and much of the construction was built with scrap wood. A mess of electrical cords snaked throughout the building to power everything from appliances to musical equipment to lights. A set of stairs was assembled with stacked up pallets and a ramp that had boards nailed to it as steps. Bhatt, who had performed there in the past, was wary of all kinds of dangers.

As a promotor, he wouldn't put on a show there even though it offered a big dance floor and plenty of unique nooks to socialize in. He didn't want that responsibility. But he would perform and attend events there. People 'dying right in front of me' article. People 'Dying Right in Front of Me' abcnews.

Turned out quite well for Vigneault and company. Raanta made 26 saves against his former team, Nick Holden scored 55 seconds into overtime and the Rangers blanked the Blackhawks on Friday. Darling was going for his second straight shutout while subbing for injured starter Corey Crawford, but he had to settle for a season-high 36 stops in another solid performance.

He improved to in 20 career appearances at the United Center. The year-old Raanta had 17 saves in Thursday's victory at Winnipeg, and Vigneault opted to give him a second straight start because of his recent play and his success in Chicago. But Vigneault challenged the play and it was waived off when a replay review showed Hossa was offside. I wasn't even noticing it was close to offside, but with today's technology and this new rule, it's a game of inches," Hossa said.

Captain Jonathan Toews missed his eighth straight game with an upper-body injury, and Crawford missed his fourth in a row after he had an emergency appendectomy last weekend. New York forward Rick Nash was sidelined for the second straight game by an upper-body injury. Nash is tied for second on the Rangers with 11 goals. While each team was missing some star power due to injuries, Raanta and Darling put on quite a show. Raanta made a great glove save on Patrick Kane's one-timer early in the first and had a dazzling stop on Richard Panik's wide-open look in the middle in the second.

The 6-foot-6 Darling made a couple terrific saves in rapid succession in the second, denying Stepan on the doorstep before getting over to knock away Jesper Fast's prime opportunity on a 2-on Raanta got some help in the third when Mats Zuccarello swept a loose puck away from the goal line with 2: Rangers F Jimmy Vesey returned to the lineup after missing a game with an upper-body injury. Blackhawks D Michal Kempny was a healthy scratch. Hosts the New Jersey Devils on Sunday night. Hosts the Dallas Stars on Sunday night.

People living within a meter yard radius of the boarding house where the pressure cooker bomb was found were evacuated during the police operation. Two men and a woman were arrested in the neighborhood, said National Police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar.

Umar Surya Fana, the police chief of Bekasi, a Jakarta satellite city where the evacuated neighborhood is located, said two men were arrested shortly after leaving the boarding house. The woman was arrested in the boarding house. Fana said that the militants were monitored by the police counterterrorism squad as they traveled to Jakarta from Solo. Police believed they were planning to bomb the presidential palace during a guard-changing ceremony that is a tourist attraction in Jakarta, he said.

The woman's will, which was found during the counterterrorism operation, stated her desire to take part in "amaliyah," an Arabic term used by extremist groups for attacks or suicide bombings. Police said those arrested are suspected to be part of a militant network responsible for a bomb-making lab raided last month in West Java province that was operating under the direction of Bahrun Naim, an Indonesian fighting with the Islamic State group in Syria.

Those arrested in last month's raid planned to bomb targets in Jakarta, including the parliament and the Myanmar Embassy. Indonesian police evacuate neighborhood after bomb found article. Banjul - Gambia's leader of some 22 years Yahya Jammeh announced late on Friday he would no longer accept defeat in recent elections, plunging the West African country into turmoil with a demand for fresh polls.

Investigations into the December 1 vote have revealed a string of "unacceptable errors" on the part of electoral authorities, Jammeh said in a speech broadcast on state television, adding that he would no longer concede to opponent Adama Barrow. I will not accept the results based on what has happened," he added, warning Gambians not to take to the streets to protest his decision. Soldiers were seen placing sandbags in strategic locations across the capital Banjul on Friday, a development which triggered widespread unease among the already-spooked population, who had been panic-buying food before the vote due to fear of unrest.

As the military deployed onto the streets of the tiny nation, the US Embassy in Banjul urged the army to continue to show "respect for the rule of law and the outcome of the presidential election". Latest official figures gave Barrow Opposition spokesperson Isatou Touray criticised on social media a "violation of democracy" and called for people to "remain calm, lucid, vigilant and not retreat.

But on Friday he pointed to errors which awarded victory to his opponent Adama Barrow with a slimmer margin than initially announced, claiming that numerous voters had not been able to cast their ballots.

Shock victory Neighbouring Senegal immediately condemned the development, calling for a UN Security Council meeting on Gambia and urging Jammeh to accept the "democratic choice, freely expressed by the Gambian people" and continue a peaceful transition of power to President-elect Barrow.

The US State department called the move "reprehensible and unacceptable breach of faith with the people of The Gambia and an egregious attempt to undermine a credible election process and remain in power illegitimately.

Jammeh's move upends the situation in Gambia, where the population had been hoping for a peaceful democratic transition after Barrow's shock victory this month ended Jammeh's more than two decades in power. But pressure to prosecute Jammeh and top figures in his administration, who have been accused of widespread human rights violations, is one of the key challenges facing the new government.

Police harassment Many Gambians had tired of their leader's unpredictable behaviour, including the declaration of an Islamic republic in a country with a history of religious tolerance, and its withdrawal from the Commonwealth and the International Criminal Court. The perception that Jammeh simply took over businesses and properties for his personal gain also angered many, while police harassment and impunity by the security services, especially the National Intelligence Agency that reported directly to Jammeh, fed growing resentment.

Barrow had vowed to set up a South Africa-style truth commission but ruled out a political "witch hunt" and promised that his predecessor would be able to "live in Gambia like any ordinary citizen". Dozens of opposition activists, including the leader of the United Democratic Party UDP had already been freed from prison on bail this week.

Gambia's president refuses to accept election results article. Friday was the opening night for high school basketball in Maine. Jacqui Hamilton and Emily Esposito each added 10 points for Gorham, which led after the first quarter, at halftime and continued to pull away. Julia Symbol led Westbrook with 12 points, all on 3-pointers. Logan Tibbetts scored nine points and Mikayla Van Zandt grabbed eight rebounds. Maggie Strohm added six points for Old Orchard, which led at halftime.

Katherine Larson led the Panthers with 10 points. Graff scored 16 of her 20 points in the first half. South Portland led after the first quarter and at halftime. Sarah Boles added seven points with the only 3-pointer for the Red Riots. Jill Joyce led the Lions with 10 points. Brianna Genthner added six points for Lincoln, to go with seven rebounds and a pair of steals. Grace Despres led Maranacook with eight points. Megan MacDonald added 14 points.

Grace Mears had eight points to lead Greater Portland Christian. Lauren Jakobs added eight points for Lake Region, which trailed at halftime and through three quarters. Halee Ramsdell had 12 points for Wells. Taryn Lambert added nine. Amanda Brett added 18 points for Deering, which led at halftime. Shayla Eubanks scored 10 points to lead Portland. Madeline Suhr added 15 points, 10 rebounds and eight steals for Brunswick, which led after the first quarter.

Sierra Wallace scored 10 points for Morse. After a halftime tie, York, the defending Class A champion, opened the third quarter with a run, but Fryeburg chipped away. Martha McCaddin led the Wildcats with six points. Leslie Stevens added 13 points, and Mary Toman had 10 points and nine rebounds for Gardiner, which outscored Medomak in the third quarter to open a lead.

Chelsea Ripley scored 14 points to lead the Panthers. Alicia Dumont added 10 points for Gray-New Gloucester, which hit nine free throws in the fourth quarter. Cory Langenbach scored 16 points, and Allison Clark added eight points and 11 rebounds for Yarmouth.

Brooke Obar added 15 points, four rebounds and four assists for Greely, which led at halftime. Pierre added 13 points for Waterville.

Charlotte Messer paced Camden Hills with Gabby Fogg scored 15 points for Kennebunk. Maran Oakman tossed in eight points, and Sierra Tartre had five points, eight rebounds, five assists and four steals.

Adelaide Cooke led Falmouth with 13 points. Grace Soucy chipped in with Jessica Seely added 13 points for Poland. Caroline Smith had seven points for Freeport. Elizabeth Goulet added 10 points for Leavitt, which took a lead after the first quarter.

Nikki Bradstreet and Taylor Wienckoski each scored nine points to lead Mt. Cavallaro hit two 3-pointers in the first quarter, and eight Stags scored in the first half on the way to a lead.

Amy Fleming led the Knights with eight points, including two 3-pointers. Kalin Le added 18 points for Lisbon. Sabrina Freeman had 10 points and 10 rebounds for Hall-Dale. Kendra Sweet scored nine points for Valley. Emily Swartz led the Bucks with five points.

Were you interviewed for this story? Cheverus wins in overtime in basketball pressherald. Defending champion Cousino girls roll rssfeeds. Sunday's early parliamentary election in Macedonia , held in the shadow of a massive wiretapping scandal, pits the governing conservatives against the left-wing main opposition. Two smaller players, both representing the country's ethnic Albanian minority, might prove key for either main party in forming a government.

Here's a profile of the four main party leaders. He stepped down as prime minister in January, under a Western-brokered deal to defuse one of the worst political crises since Macedonia gained independence from former Yugoslavia in Opposition parties accuse Gruevski of orchestrating an illegal wiretapping operation that targeted 20, people, including judges, politicians, police, journalists and religious leaders.

His party is leading in opinion polls. He has described the forthcoming election as "a choice between doom and life," and accuses the conservative government of fostering corruption and social injustice.

Last year, Zaev released copies of dozens of illegally tapped phone calls that he said showed involvement by Gruevski and his top aides in multimillion-dollar corruption deals, tampering with election results and bringing spurious criminal prosecutions against opponents. ALI AHMETI Ahmeti is a former military commander of an ethnic Albanian insurgent force that fought government troops for six months in , before a peace deal granted more rights to the minority that forms about a quarter of Macedonia's 2.

Ahmeti's party, the center-left Democratic Union for Integrations, emerged from the guerrilla campaign and has governed as a junior coalition partner with Gruevski's conservatives since Polls suggest that DUI leading against the other main party representing the ethnic Albanian minority.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had his speech on human rights interrupted by protesters demanding he take a stronger stance on the Syrian civil war. As the leader of the opposition began his speech at Westminster this morning, demonstrators marched to the front of the stage in front of him and held up banners calling for immediate air drops in the war-torn nation.

They were led by campaigner Peter Tatchell, who has previously criticised the Labour leader for failing to speak out loudly enough against Russia, who are accused of propping up the brutal regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Scroll down for video And as the protesters stood silently in front of Mr Corbyn, several of the people in the audience called for them to end their demonstration.

But Mr Corbyn spoke out saying: Seemingly forgetting they were still wearing microphones, Baroness Chakrabarti advised the Labour leader 'just let them do this'. Mr Corbyn then consulted Ms Thornberry, asking: And several members of the audience were also heard telling Mr Tatchell to stop, with one being heard saying: Mr Corbyn then left the stage and only returned to the podium when the demonstration was over.

He then addressed the protesters by saying: Donald Trump has sent some mixed signals on China. Even the way he says the word — and he says it a lot — seeds confusion. Sometimes the president-elect spits it out like poison, sometimes he exclaims the word as if greeting a favoured child. The president-elect rattled Beijing again earlier this month after taking a call from Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen — the first communication between top officials from the two governments in nearly 40 years.

But such a signal has not been enough to head off worries of a looming trade war between China and the US that would send shockwaves across the globe. But Pei said descriptions of Branstad as a longtime friend of Chinese leader Xi Jinpin were overblown.

Academic studies have already shown the consequences of political spats with Beijing. Trump has long maintained that China has been devaluing its currency in order to stack the deck on exports in its favour. Allegations of Chinese currency manipulation are out of date and largely incorrect, according to Pei. In fact, Beijing has been burning through its currency reserves in an attempt to prop up the value of the yuan.

Intellectual rigour is not one of his concerns. If a trade war starts, it is likely to start with targeted hits, said Pei. If Trump wants to placate his base in the midwest he could target Chinese steel, for example. But past at a certain point, Beijing will retaliate and would likely target large American firms, Boeing or Apple for example, that increasingly rely on China.

Both sides have a lot to lose in a trade war. China has more to lose but the types of goods it sells to the US are harder to source elsewhere. The three largest categories of goods China buys from the US are soybeans, cars and aircraft, all of which China could source from elsewhere. Tariffs on those goods would also disrupt trade right across the Asia Pacific region, said Pei. A trade war with China on those goods would cause collateral damage on imports from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and others.

Household debt has soared as property prices have increased, and millions of workers are set to lose their jobs as the government seeks to rebalance the economy away from state-led investments. Not all factory owners in China are worried about an upcoming trade war.

Chen Yadong also sells to Walmart. His company, Indena, makes computer mice and bluetooth speakers, sending more than 1m mice to the US each year. If Trump increases tariffs, then this business will become increasingly difficult.

But they do understand the consequences of a trade war. Afghan future is cloudy at best article. Afghan Future Is Cloudy at Best abcnews. Despite numerous complaints about conditions both inside and outside the warehouse, city officials have so far not produced any evidence that either fire or building code inspectors entered the building.

The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said some of the firefighters who responded to the catastrophic fire the night of Dec. City officials have been releasing inspection records related to the warehouse all week and expect that process to continue. Officials revealed earlier this week that no building code enforcement inspector has been inside the warehouse in at least 30 years, despite the fact that the building and its adjoining lot had been the focus of nearly two dozen building code complaints or other city actions.

The fact that the warehouse was not on the fire inspection system is puzzling because the city Fire Prevention Bureau is required to conduct annual inspections of all commercial buildings and multifamily residences, according to city ordinance.

Some said they made complaints to the city. People rented space in the building even though it was zoned only for warehouse use.

The death toll from the fire was so high because the warehouse was hosting an unpermitted concert that night. Experts said Oakland has a variety of questions to answer about how it handled the warehouse.

Others said that Oakland is far from alone in struggling with code enforcement, especially at a time of rising property values that have pushed lower-income residents into substandard housing like the Ghost Ship. Fire Chief Teresa Deloach Reed said her department was still in the process of looking for records related to the warehouse.

The complaints appear to assert that structures had been built inside without permits or that the property was being used as a residence.

Most of the other complaints cited illegal parking and mounds of debris piled up on the sidewalk and in an adjoining vacant lot. Earlier in the week, officials had said the refrigerator and other appliances were being examined as possible causes. But Jill Snyder, a federal agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said that electronics engineers had ruled out the refrigerator.

She also said there was no evidence the blaze was intentionally set. Questions over the inspection records of the warehouse sparked mixed reactions in Oakland. Some residents feared that the fire will lead to a crackdown on housing like the Ghost Ship, causing low-income residents to be evicted with nowhere to go.

Lopez said she is concerned that the warehouse was not inspected more often. Department of Commerce , and the L. City Council hopes to end 'mansionization. Mourners gather at Oakland museum to remember victims of Ghost Ship fire latimes.

A total of 1, members of the Iraqi Security Forces had been killed and wounded. The figures included members of the Peshmerga and Iraqi Police and were for the whole country. But almost all had been killed in the fight for Mosul.

Be the first to know - Join our Facebook page. They were also incorrect. If 1, had been killed along with the estimated killed in October, the effectiveness of the fighting units would be severely degraded. Like many things in the Mosul offensive, the casualty figures leave more questions than answers. Since the campaign began, around 77, people have fled the fighting, yet the city held by Islamic State still has , people living in it. Residents told Al Jazeera they refused to leave.

Stories about Islamic State gathering tens of thousands of people for use as human shields have largely been shown to be false. Reporters believe almost any far-fetched story about Islamic State atrocities.

But the reality of Islamic State is that its atrocities were carried out two years ago. Most of the people of Mosul lived under Islamic State in relative peace.

I interviewed a family from Mosul in June The father had fled, but all his adult children chose to stay behind. Some Mosul residents who even initially fled Islamic State in June returned a month later. When Iraq launched its attack on this massive city, which is almost 15 kilometers across, it was thought it could take two months to clear. The first two weeks went well, until the Iraqi Army moved into the eastern district of Aden.

Islamic State looted them within meters of the Iraqi positions, an incident caught on camera by a CNN team. As for casualties, they were mounting. In an elite unit like the ICTF, those men are difficult to replace. It also did damage to 47 roads, a reminder that Iraq will have much reconstruction work ahead after Mosul. Islamic State has proven that it can stop what Iraq is throwing at it.

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