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Download the MBG App. Air Force photos 5Quick Reference Numbers The appearance of advertising in this publication 19Welcome The information contained in this guide has been obtained from multiple sources and 34Health Care Information is subject 37Family Resources Military Buyer's Guide Please visit us at www. In times of the main gate of Little Rock Air Force Base, Air Force Mobility Weapons School -- is known of emergency, as declared by the governor of is about miles southwest of the geographic as the world's "Center of Excellence" for tac- Arkansas, the th AW performs the state mis- center of the contiguous 48 states, near Lebanon, tical airlift.

Little Rock is home to more than sion as directed by the state adjutant general. In driving terms, it's miles west of 70 C H and J models. It is the fourth-largest employer 53, retirees who live in the local area. Base Size into the heart of contingency operations in hos- The base encompasses 6, acres and includes tile areas.

For more information, cal Directory Assistance at In , the U. By August , the training for U. As the two the newly formed Air Mobility Command attacks, the rd AG has supported both wings awaited movement orders, Col. Then again in October , the Iraqi Freedom. Thomas died in the crash of the base's only aircraft, a C that had been assigned for administrative flying. J tary Airlift Command. Since the turn of this century, the base has continued its contributions to relief efforts by assisting after hurricanes Katrina and Rita as well as its continued support throughout the Global War on Terror.

In , the first active- duty CJ arrived at the base, extending the distance and speed of the C while reducing manpower and operating expenditures. These represent every possible major OBY command a continental U. As part of AMC's Global Reach capability, the 19th Maintenance Group performs all main- wing's responsibilities range from supplying tenance on assigned C aircraft.

It utilizes two local drop zones and assault landing zones, and more than 10 regional HARR airfields. The th Training divorce papers, etc. The majority, or about 75 percent candidates to become instructors in their respec- of the group's personnel are TRs.

In addition, the wing operates weeks during the year. Although some come Lonoke counties chapter on Page 22 for infor- the Air National Guard Enlisted Aircrew Aca- from as far away as Florida, Utah and Cali- mation about local airports, train service and demic School, which trains all the Air Force's fornia, the unit is local in nature, though global public transportation. The closest commercial C entry-level loadmasters before they are in capability. Transportation is not provided to the base.

AIRF Sponsorship is vital to the relocation process. Stop at the Visitor Center at the gate for a base map. If you arrive during non- munity Support Center, Bldg. Your one-stop inprocessing will be at the When you arrive at the base, you are required When you inprocess with the MPS, you will to inprocess with Military Personnel Sec- be given an appointment to attend a Newcom- Newcomers Orientation Event from 7: Monday through Friday, except 10 a.

Bring your sealed envelope and Term Airman's Center. All first-duty station Center, Bldg. At orientation, you will be greeted by base leadership, meet local com- munity representatives and receive all of your mandatory inprocessing briefings including medical. The event is mandatory for military members, but spouses and new civilian employees are also encouraged to attend.

Call for more information. Check-in time is 2 p. All lodging facilities are nonsmoking. Follow these simple steps to ensure you have no break in coverage when you move: Be sure to include all family members who wish to use Prime on the form. Temporary lodging facilities available to provide responsive, cost-effective care and ser- TRICARE Standard and Extra are available personnel on accompanied PCS status feature vice to patients; and to ensure a full spectrum to family members only.

Any active-duty an additional fee. Pet shot records are required health, flight medicine, immunizations, lab family member who is registered in DEERS at check-in. Pit bulls, Rottweilers and Doberman testing, mental health care, optometry, pedi- may use these programs by seeing any network pinschers are not permitted.

Then find Arnold Drive through Friday. Little Rock Military Treatment active-duty military only. Family members of Here are a few things to remember about using Facility Enrollment Air Force Base and beneficiaries in the sur- obtained by calling or visiting Remember, if you see network providers, rounding area.

Its mission is to ensure a fit and www. Permanent party unac- Bldg. Monday through Friday types of coverage programs and regions, visit rooms, a shared bathroom and an in-house The full-service Post Office on base provides www. The campus is within window service weekdays, and the lockbox walking distance to the chow hall and PSC mail- lobby is always open. Unaccompanied Airmen in the rank of delivery, use the following address: Visit General Delivery www.

PSC Box 7 a. Monday through Friday, Use the resources provided to become familiar 9 a. Monday through Friday 10 a. Saturday, 1 to 5 p. When you arrive at Little Rock with only incoming mail boxes, is adjacent to housing is privatized. Personnel residing on Little Rock Air Force 7: Monday through Friday For comprehensive information about homes Base must have pets licensed by the Veteri- Unaccompanied housing is provided for unac- and amenities available in the Little Rock priva- nary Treatment Facility, Bldg.

Personnel companied Airmen in the ranks of E-1 to E-3, tized housing community, visit the Little Rock living off base must have pets licensed by the and E-4 with less than three years of service. Continued on Page 14 www. Arkansas state traffic laws apply on base; all vehicles entering or leaving base are subject to search. There are no Daily Mass, Tuesday through Friday Bldg. Pit bull Sunday Mass, 9: Contemporary Service, 11 a. Monday through Thursday, Treatment Facility offers services such as vac- There is no longer a requirement to register 10 a.

Friday cines, medicines, spays, neuters and dentals. The Education Center provides educational Services are provided to pets belonging to any All privately owned vehicles on base must be opportunities and counseling services to all active-duty member, retiree, reservists or anyone with an ID card. Most sites do not require it, Bldg. Don't invite people whom you don't know to The United States Air Force Chaplain Corps families in locations around the world or with the be your "friend.

It provides, or finds a way to provide, for a broad to transfer. Never share operational information, such as spectrum of worshippers. If you are seeking upcoming ports of cal and military exercises. Here are some safety tips for using social media: Never post confidential personal information tional security and the safety of our service The Little Rock Air Force Base chapel offers such as your date of birth, address, Social members. All counseling sessions are cov- of information when signing up for a social in a public forum such as a social network or blog.

All offer acceler- ated courses in eight-week terms on a variety of schedules: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; 7: Monday through Friday The Child Development Center offers weekly care for children 6 weeks to 5 years old, and hourly care is available on a space-available basis with reservations.

The center provides a safe, nurturing environment that promotes the social, cognitive, language and physical develop- ment of children. Fees are based on total family income.

A with information and referral services. Monday and 9 to 11 a. Wills are provided on an appoint- Family Child Care activities that focus on character and lead- ment basis only and are drafted and executed in Bldg. Appointments are offered By appointment only, 7 a. Monday opment, health and life skills, the arts, informal at 3 p.

Monday and 11 a. Monday through Thursday, age children, as well as care during swing and after-school care as well as a full-time vacation 10 a. Friday and Saturday midnight shifts.

It is accredited by the National collection consists of 25 internet-connected spouses to contribute to the family income while After-School Association. FCC providers are well-trained, they and their family members undergo a thorough background check and their homes are inspected for fire safety, health, safety and other requirements. In addition, their homes are monitored on a regular basis at least monthly by the program staff.

Monday through Friday The school liaison office is the connection U.


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