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Fuck buddy West Valley City

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You must be logged in to post a comment. Inter clubs PA Events. East Coast Biker Events. Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries. Hit the Ctrl and the F keys on your keyboard to search this page for a specific term. A tool used to estimate the minimum safe following distance between moving vehicles. Cars following a motorcycle should allow four seconds as motorcycles can stop much more quickly than cars can.

Can stand for motorcycle, marijuana, methamphetamines, Mongols, and mother chapter. ABATE is a social club and lobbying organization that seeks to preserve and regain legal rights on behalf of the motorcycling community. System that senses when a tire is about to loose traction during braking and decreases braking force, preventing tire lock up. The ABS detects when a wheel is not turning and releases pressure to the brake on that wheel, preventing a skid.

A component added to the braking system that detects wheel lock up. The system then modulates the brakes at that point with the idea of stopping you faster than you could yourself. Essentially, the ABS regulates the braking pressure on the wheel, allowing it to continuously have traction on the driving surface.

Accelerator pump Extra pump in the carburetor to temporarily increase the amount of fuel delivered to the air stream. Aerodynamics In motorcycle context, good aerodynamics means that the motorcycle is designed to have as little resistance from the air as possible. This is essential to achieve great speeds.

The manufacturers often make use of wind tunnels during the development of a new motorcycle. Air cooling Mechanism used to keep the engine at operating temperature by using air flowing over heat sinks engine fins to disperse excess heat into the environment directly. Air fuel ratio Proportions in which air and fuel are mixed to form a combustible gas. Air Intake Valves Reed Valves Air lock Similar to vapor lock, a pocket or air develops that blocks the normal flow of a fluid, such as in a hydraulic brake line.

Common in two stroke engines when the oil injection system is allowed to run dry. Air-Cooled Engines cooled by airflow rather than through liquid cooling that is typical of cars; a bit of a misnomer as all engines are also oil-cooled, including air cooled engines Airheads A term used to refer to older, air-cooled BMW motorcycles. AirTex Mesh-like, highly tear-resistant Dynafil polyamide weave. Manufacturers of exhaust cans and full exhaust systems.

Alloy A solid or homogenous solution that is a mixture of two or more metals to create a combined metal with better characteristics for a specific purpose. Alternative fuel Generally refers to energy sources other than the traditional petroleum ones such as gasoline and diesel fuel. Alternator Modern replacement for the dynamo generator, producing large quantities of alternating current to run the electrical systems of a motorcycle.

Ammeter Gauge that measures amps in electrical current. Analog gauges Shows information in a continuous forum, often a dial; often considered the opposite of digital gauges. It may be used to increase corrosion resistance, increase wear resistance, allow dyeing or prepare the surface for other processes and coatings including paint. Anodization changes the microscopic texture of the surface and can change the crystal structure of the metal near the surface.

The process derives its name from the fact that the part to be treated forms the anode portion of an electrical circuit in this electrolytic process. Anti-dive System A front-end suspension component that reduces how much the forks compress under braking, popular with motorcycles built in s. Aperture An opening, hole or port.

Apes or Ape Hangers 1. Usually found on choppers. A term coined at the height of the custom-bike movement to describe tall handlebars that forced the rider to reach skyward to graps the controls, making the rider adopt an ape-like posture.

Apex The line a motorcycle must take in order to minimize the time taken to complete a curve. The apex of a curve is the tightest portion of said curve. Armor The reinforced parts of your riding gear, often found in motorcycle jackets and trousers. Armor can be made out of different materials, like Kevlar, Foam or plastic, and can often be removed.

Legendary poker hand drawn by Wild Bill Hickok just before he was murdered. Aspect Ratio The ratio of the height of the wall of a tire to the width of the tread expressed as a percentage. Section height divided by section width equals aspect ratio. Aspiration The method for getting air into the engine ie, normal, turbo charged, super charged etc.

Associate A person associated with a motorcycle club. Used more by people outside of the biker community than by the motorcycle clubs themselves. Derogatory term for a biker who has an expensive new bike with new expensive gear, yet cannot ride for toffee. ATGATT All The Gear All The Time This refers to a safety attitude which presumes that safety gear should always be worn when riding a motorcycle regardless of temperature, distance to be ridden or peer pressures that might encourage not doing so.

Refers to the wearing of all safety gear helmets, jacket, etc. Buell Riders Adventure Group. BAB Born Again Biker Someone who has recently returned to riding after a period of absence and really ought to get some advanced training. Back Door The last and most experienced rider in a group ride. Back Marker A slow rider marking the back of the pack. Back Warmer A girl on the back of your motorcycle. Backbone The top tube of a motorcycle frame where the tank is typically mounted.

Backfire Explosion of the fuel in the intake manifold or carburetor, but often used to describe the explosion of unburned fuel in the exhaust system. Backing it in A move brought from dirt track racing where a rider approaching a corner brakes hard and causes the rear of the motorcycle to slide while counter-steering.

This enables the rider to quickly go through the corner and straighten up for a fast exit. Backyard An area that you ride frequently. Badger A savage-looking bike based upon bits of old Ariels, built by a man with a beard in his kitchen for the purpose of Hillclimbing. Baffle Sound deadening material that sits inside a muffler and quiets the exhaust note Bagger A motorcycle equipped with saddlebags, usually referring to a large motorcycle with hard-side bags and full touring gear.

Ballistic Nylon A specific nylon developed by Dupont for the U. Department of Defense for use in flak jackets. Later it was replaced by Kevlar. The basket-weave construction helps add abrasion resistance as opposed to a plain weave. In many cases the materials tear and abrasion strength does not meet a minimum standard for motorcycle apparel and the word is used only as a sales gimmick.

Bandana A square of cloth used for just about everything. A motorcycle that is not very comfortable on longer rides, yet lavishly styled.

Rigid frames and hardtails fall into this category. Bark-o-lounger A large, comfortable motorcycle. Honda Gold Wing Barn Disease When a bike has been idle a few years and the battery is dead, calipers seized and of course the carbs are filled with varnish sludge.

A motorcycle that has been stored in a barn or other outbuilding for many years. Barrels Another term for Engine Cylinders or Jugs. Bash plate A protective plate fitted under the engines of off-road machines to prevent damage caused by grounding. A Bike being built from scratch with parts from other Bikes.

Battery electric vehicle BEV Vehicle powered by an energy storage device such as a lead acid battery, a lithium polymer battery, a nickel metal hydride battery, a nickel-cadmium battery or a lithium-ion battery.

BDC Bottom dead canter of a piston. Opposite of TDC Top dead center Bead The edge of a tire that touches the wheel Beaker points Points face with silver, platinum or tungsten which interrupt the primary circuit in the distributor to induce a high tension current in the ignition. Bearing Load supporting part designed to accept the wear and punishment of moving parts while protecting more valuable parts.

Three type of bearings are roller ball, tapered and metal collar cap type. Beehive A beehive style tail light.

Beemer A nickname for a BMW. Belly-Shover A motorcycle racer who, because of the forward position on a sports bike, has the belly on the fuel tank. Final drive sometimes also the cam drive using a fabric belt to provide power to the rear wheel. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are famous for their use of belt drives. Bench seat A long, non-split seat that is more comfortable for two riders. Berm Built-up dirt on the outside of a turn, either created with a bulldozer or as riders continually go through the turn.

A berm helps a rider take the turn much faster because it acts as banking. BHP Brake horse power. A unit of measurement for engine power output. Bias Ply A type of tire construction utilizing plies that run diagonally from one bead to the other. One ply is set on a bias in one direction, and succeeding plies are set alternately in opposing directions crossing each other. Sometimes called a cross-ply tire.

Bible Repair manual Bi-fuel vehicle Vehicle with two separate fuel systems, designed to run on either fuel but using only one fuel at a time. Big Dog An American motorcycle manufacturer; closed down in April Big Dog Rider An experienced and aggressive motorcyclist known for feats of daring and skill, such as riding at high speeds on public roads, without apparent fear of accident or arrest.

Any large sized V-Twin motorcycle engine.


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