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Get laid Edison

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Thomas Edison was more responsible than any one else for creating the modern world Accordingly, he was the most influential figure of the millennium Surprisingly, little "Al" Edison, who was the last of seven children in his family, did not learn to talk until he was almost four years of age.

Immediately thereafter, he began pleading with every adult he met to explain the workings of just about everything he encountered. If they said they didn't know, he would look them straight in the eye with his deeply set and vibrant blue-green eyes and ask them "Why?

Actually, he was born -on Feb. In , his family moved to the vibrant city of Port Huron, Michigan, which ultimately surpassed the commercial preeminence of both Milan and Odessa At age seven - after spending 12 weeks in a noisy one-room schoolhouse with 38 other students of ll ages - Tom's overworked and short tempered teacher finally lost his patience with the child's persistent questioning and seemingly self centered behavior.

Noting that Tom's forehead was unusually broad and his head was considerably larger than average, he made no secret of his belief that the hyperactive youngster's brains were "addled" or scrambled. If modern psychology had existed back then, Tom would have probably been deemed a victim of ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and proscribed a hefty dose of the "miracle drug" Ritalin.

Instead, when his beloved mother - whom he recalled "was the making of me And always made me feel I had someone to live for and must not disappoint. After the above incident, she commenced teaching her favorite son the "Three Rs" and the Bible. Meanwhile, his rather "worldly" and roguish father, Samuel, encouraged him to read the great classics, giving him a ten cents reward for each one he completed. It wasn't long thereafter that the serious minded youngster developed a deep interest in world history and English literature.

Interestingly, many years later, Tom's abiding fondness for Shakespeare's plays lead him to briefly consider becoming an actor. Tom especially enjoyed reading and reciting poetry. Indeed, his favorite lines - which he endlessly chanted to himself and any within hearing distance - came from its 9th stanza: The path to glory leads but to the grave. For example, when he began to question them about concepts dealing with Physics - such as those contained in Isaac Newton's great "Principia" - they were utterly stymied.

Accordingly, they scraped enough money together to hire a clever tutor to help their precocious son in trying to understand Newton's complex mathematical principles and unique style Unfortunately, this experience had some negative affects on the highly impressionable boy. On the other hand, the simple beauty of Newton's physical laws did not escape him. In fact, they very much helped him sharpen his own free wheeling style of clear thinking, proving all things to himself through his own method of objective examination and experimentation.

All the while he was cultivated a strong sense of perseverance, readily expending whatever amount of perspiration needed to overcome challenges. This was a characteristic that he later noted was contrary to the way most people respond to stress and strain on their body Because this was considerably more than enough to provide for his own support, he had a good deal of extra income, most of which went towards outfitting the chemical laboratory he had set up in the basement of his home.

But hen his usually patient and tolerant mother finally complained about the odors and danger of all the "poisons" he was amassing, he transferred most of them to a locked room in the basement and put the remainder in his locker room on the train. One day, while traversing a bumpy section of track, the train lurched, causing a stick of phosphorous to roll onto the floor and ignite. Within moments, the baggage car caught fire.

The conductor was so angry, he severely chastised the boy and struck him with a powerful blow on the side of his head. Poignantly, he once stated that the worst thing about this condition was that he was unable to enjoy the beautiful sounds of singing birds. One day while he was on the train, the stationmaster's very young son happened to wander onto the tracks in front of an oncoming boxcar. Tom leaped to action.

Now, one of the most significant events in Tom's life occurred when - as a reward for his heroism - the child's grateful father taught him how to master the use of Morse code and the telegraph. By age 15, Tom had pretty much mastered the basics of this fascinating new career and obtained a job as a replacement for one of the thousands of "brass pounders" telegraph operators who had gone off to serve in the Civil War.

Called an "automatic repeater," it transmitted telegraph signals between unmanned stations, allowing virtually anyone to easily and accurately translate code at their own speed and convenience. Curiously, he never patented the initial version of this idea. Sadly, he found his parents in an even worse predicament Shortly thereafter, Tom accepted the suggestion of a fellow "lightening slinger" named Billy Adams to come East and apply for a permanent job as a telegrapher with the relatively prestigious Western Union Company in Boston.

His willingness to travel over a thousand miles from home was at least partly influenced by the fact that he had been given a free rail ticket by the local street railway company for some repairs he had done for them. The most important factor, however, was the fact that Boston was considered to be "the hub of the scientific, educational, and cultural universe at this time However, instead of being a haven for the thousands of young "tekkies" - who communicate with each other in computerese and internet code of today - it was the home of scores of young telegraphers who anxiously stayed abreast of the emerging age of electricity and the telephone etc.

During these latter days of the "age of the telegraph," Tom toiled 12 hours a day and six days a week for Western Union. A beautifully constructed electric vote-recording machine, this first "legitimate" invention he was to come up with turned out to be a disaster. When he tried to market it to members of the Massachusetts Legislature, they thoroughly denigrated it, claiming "its speed in tallying votes would disrupt the delicate political status-quo.

Even though his remarkable invention allowed each voter to instantly cast his vote from his seat - exactly as it was supposed to do - he realized his idea was so far ahead of its time it was completely devoid of any immediate sales appeal. Because of his continuing desperate need for money, Tom now made a critically significant adjustment in his, heretofore, relatively naive outlook on the world of business and marketing Institute of Technology in and the ideas of several associates on the state-of-the-art of "multiplexing" telegraph signals.

This theory and related experimental quests involved the transmission of electrical impulses at different frequencies over telegraph wires, producing horn-like simulations of the human voice and even crude images the first internet? Not surprisingly, Alexander Graham Bell, who was also living in Boston at the time, was equally fascinated by this exciting new aspect of communication science. Bredding's family obligations combined with his business naivte prevented him from persuing his dreams.

Bredding had originally worked for the well known promoter, George B. Stearns, who - with Bredding's help - had beaten everyone to the punch when he obtained the first patent for a duplex telegraph line.

A device that exploits the fact that electromagnetism and the number and direction of wire windings associated with a connection between telegraph keys can influence the current that flows between them, and greatly facilitate two-way telegraphic communication, it powerfully intrigued Edison Bredding and Edison, of course wound up getting absolutely nothing from the venture. Unlike Edison, Bredding was an extremely modest individual with little taste for aggrandizement and self promotion During the third week after arriving in "the big apple" Tom seen left was purportedly "on the verge of starving to death.

Immediately after having begged a cup of tea from a street vendor, Tom began to meander through some of the offices in New York's financial district. Noting that no one in the crowd that had gathered around the defective machine seemed to have a clue on how to fix it, he elbowed his way into the scene and grasped a momentary opportunity to have a go at addressing what was wrong himself Luckily, since he had been sleeping in the basement of the building for a few days - and doing quite a bit of snooping around - he already had a pretty good idea of what the device was supposed to do.

To everyone's amazement, except Tom's, the device began to run perfectly. This was not only more than what his pal Benjamin Bredding was making back in Boston but twice the going rate for a top electrician in New York City.

Later in life, Edison recalled that the incident was more euphoric than anything he ever experienced in his life because it made him feel as though he had been "suddenly delivered out of abject poverty and into prosperity. Convinced that no bank would honor the large check he was given for it, which was the first "real" money he had ever received for an invention, young Edison walked around for hours in a stupor, staring at it in amazement.

Fearful that someone would steal it, he laid the cash out on his bed and stayed up all night, counting it over and over in disbelief. The next day a wise friend told him to deposit it in a bank forthwith and to just forget about it for a while. I am now in a position to give you some cash Write and say how much Give mother anything she wants Over the next three years, Edison's progress in creating successful inventions for industry really took off At age 29, he commenced work on the carbon transmitter, which ultimately made Alexander Graham Bell's amazing new "articulating" telephone which by today's standards sounded more like someone trying to talk through a kazoo than a telephone audible enough for practical use.

Interestingly, at one point during this intense period, Edison was as close to inventing the telephone as Bell was to inventing the phonograph. Nevertheless, shortly after Edison moved his laboratory to Menlo Park, N.

In and , while beating a path from his research lab to the patent office, he introduced the world's first economically viable system of centrally generating and distributing electric light, heat, and power. See " Greatest Achievement?

By , Edison was recognized for having set up the world's first full fledged research and development center in West Orange, New Jersey. An amazing enterprise, its significance is as much misunderstood as his work in developing the first practical centralized power system.

At the turn-of-the-century, Edison invented the first practical dictaphone, mimeograph, and storage battery.

After creating the "kinetiscope" and the first silent film in , he went on to introduce The Great Train Robbery in , which was a ten minute clip that was his first attempt to blend audio with silent moving images to produce "talking pictures. By now, Edison was being hailed world-wide as The wizard of Menlo Park , The father of the electrical age," and The greatest inventor who ever lived.

Government to focus his genius upon creating defensive devices for submarines and ships. During this time, he also perfected a number of important inventions relating to the enhanced use of rubber, concrete, and ethanol. And due to the continuing demands of his career, there were still relatively long periods when he spent a shockingly small amount of time with his family. It wasn't until his health began to fail, in the late s, that Edison finally began to slow down and, so to speak, "smell the flowers.

Thomas Edison died At 9 P. He was 84 years of age. Shortly before passing away, he awoke from a coma and quietly whispered to his very religious and faithful wife Mina, who had been keeping a vigil all night by his side: In his existing laboratory and home in West Orange, N.

All rights registered and reserved. Absolutely no part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form - or stored by any means in a database or retrieval system - without the prior written and express permission of the author. The Biography of Thomas Edison. Electricity And Man Surprisingly, little "Al" Edison, who was the last of seven children in his family, did not learn to talk until he was almost four years of age.


Edison Biography

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