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Girl in the blue Curlew off


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Girl in the blue Curlew off

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So, I'm hoping a sensitive, successful, thirty something man like myself can find that woman who is perfect for him. I would like someone who is in school, has a job, has a car, will come fuck, someone who is into sports the outdoors bc i cant sit still for more then 5 seconds. Just looking 4 something w4m i just got some butt implants and they make me look like a tramp.

I am a mid 50's separated WM that will be riding my on Saturday and Sunday.


Mother Codling lived in a windmill in Norfolk near the sea. Her husband the miller had been dead for a number of years, during which Mother Codling had kept the mill and her family going. The sails went round, and the corn was ground, and the little Codlings were clothed and fed.

The mill-stones turned the red-gold grains of wheat into fine white flour, while time turned Mother Codling's children from babies into little girls and boys; and the fine white flour was changed in the oven to plump loaves of bread, while the girls and boys were changed by the passing years into healthy young men and women.

There were six of them, four boys and two girls. Abe, Sid, Dave, and Hal Codling worked in the fields, ploughing and harrowing, sowing and reaping, all round the year. They were good strong lads with enormous appetites, who said little and thought less.

So much for Abe, Sid, Dave, and Hal. Doll Codling was a blooming wench of eighteen, as buxom as a cabbage-rose, and as sweet. She had a skin like strawberries and cream, hair like a wheat-field in August, and big blue eyes, soft and shining like the summer sea.

As well as good looks, she had a good temper and a good heart; indeed, she had only one fault. Doll Codling was as lazy as a sloth, that spends its life hanging upside-down on a tree. Not that Doll did so, or even wanted to. What she liked doing was to sit with her hands in her lap, dreaming about what would happen next. As the next thing that happens is always breakfast, or dinner, or tea, or supper: Poll was quite another cup of tea.

She was the youngest of the Codlings, not yet grown up, being just twelve years old. She was brown as a nut, bright as a button, sharp as a needle, and inquisitive as a kitten. She had never stopped asking 'Why? She wanted to know , and was restless till she had found the answer; which, as soon as she had found it, started a new question running like a hare. As nobody yet has caught up with the last answer to the last question, Poll was always chasing her hare, and always would be.

As for Mother Codling, she was at least half as big again as your mother, with a body like a sack of flour, arms like roly-poly puddings, and hands like Norfolk dumplings. She was as busy as Doll was idle, which is to say all the time; and she had as few ideas in her mind as Abe, Sid, Dave, and Hal put together, which is to say next-to-none; but she had a tongue that could clack when it wanted to, though what it had to say was of no consequence.

She had feelings of sorts for her children, but they didn't come to the surface, and were like stray currants buried in the middle of a suet duff; you might come on them with luck, but most often you didn't.

For the rest, she baked and she brewed, she scoured and she scrubbed, she made and she mended, she weaved and she span, she washed, starched, and ironed, she trimmed the lamps, and swept the floor, and chopped the logs, and burnished the brasses, and she kept the mill-sails turning and the mill-wheels grinding, from crack of dawn to fall of night.

Her children called her 'Mawther', because they were Norfolk-born in the days when Norfolk had a King. His name was Nollekens. As for the mill, it stood on a knoll in a cornfield that grew to the edge of the sandy cliff.

When the big kitchen door stood open, you saw nothing but a clear sheet of gold blowing away to the line of the green sea flowing away to the verge of the blue sky. Some birds and clouds flying overhead, some poppies and pimpernels growing underfoot, and that was all. One fine morning Mother Codling stood up to her elbows in dough at her kitchen table, mixing and kneading bread for the week and dumplings for dinner.

Near by sat Doll, with a hank of flax on the spindle of her wheel, and her foot on the treadle. The foot seemed to have gone to sleep, Doll's fingers lay intertwined on her apron, and her eyes gazed out-of-doors at the puffy white clouds sailing lazily over the corn.

And if you don't, there's nothing. She made short work of her younger daughter's questions. Every question, in her opinion, had a perfectly simple answer, and this being so she couldn't see the need of putting any questions at all. Her answers, however, seldom satisfied Poll's appetite to know , they were like crumbs of bread, when Poll was hungry for the whole loaf.

Poll went back to the fire and continued to feed the oven. Mother Codling looked across at her elder daughter. Doll gave the wheel a little turn that was almost less than nothing. Mother Codling shaped up her dumplings, and laid the floury balls out on her board.

And there's Doll's and Poll's. And that's the lot. She began to put her loaves on the long-handled spatula. She thought this over and asked, 'How long does it take for a dumpling to grow up? Then she peered into her bin. I must needs grind some more. If he have, bring me a good few for my dinner. Poll jumped up and unhooked a creel from the wall. Doll sat where she was, without lifting foot or finger. Spinning I hate, and spin I won't. Just take a look at that. I can't run like a hare, but I'd like to.

I can't jump like a flea, but I'd like to. I can't be the Queen of Norfolk——'. Bring big ones,' she called, as Poll reached the door, where the gulls were reeling and screeling overhead. Suddenly the shrill squeals were drowned in wild screechings from a flock of birds from another quarter.

Their screams rent the air like the tearing of unbleached linen. Even Doll turned her lazy head to listen. The two girls listened till the cries died away. Poll still loitered at the door, with a little puzzled frown between her eyebrows. But of course what she really meant was, 'Don't ask me any more. Doll had never been one to chatter. She was too lazy even for that. From where she sat she could hear the creak of the windmill sails going round, and she saw in fancy the little hard grains pouring in at the top and coming out at the bottom as soft as snow.

Pounds and pounds and pounds of wheaten flour. Dozens and dozens and dozens of big round puffy duffy dumplings. She breathed a sigh of rapture at the thought, and lay back against her tall chair with her head lolling to one side, and her sweet red mouth a little open.

The curlews were squealing, the mill-sails were creaking, and the mill-stones were grinding through her day-dream; and all the sounds of summer seemed to be murmuring the same thing. Queen of Norfolk Dumplings! Doll's head dropped down to her shoulder, and she woke up with a jerk.

She rubbed her eyes and mumbled, 'Queen of Norfolk, oh dear! Who wants to be the Queen of Norfolk? Queen of Norfolk, indeed! The likes o' you don't wed into the Royalty. Seein' yourself in cloth of gold and silver, was you, with dimond crowns on your topknot. Then she put it on her head, and tying the strings, 'Give over, do, you gurt stoopid,' she said, 'and be content with what you are.

So saying, she trudged off along the edge of the cornfield towards the village, her shoes shuffling up the soft white dust; and Doll was left to her dreaming. They'll all be come agen by dinner-time. This beautiful thought was enough to make Doll stir her stumps at last. Leaving her idle wheel, she dragged a stool to the hearth, opened the oven door, muffled her hand in her apron, and pulled out the nearest dumpling. It was already bigger than it went in. She tried it gingerly with her white teeth, and gave vent to a sigh of bliss.

Bit by bit she nibbled till it was gone. It seemed to Doll that life could never be fuller. Her hand stole once more to the oven door, and fetched out a second dumpling. She ate it slowly to the very last crumb, and then she licked her fingers. And for the third time her sticky hand crept to the oven door. Charlee Loon, who caught the flounders Mother Codling liked for her dinner, lived in a little shack on the sea-shore.

It was black and smelt of tar and salt and seaweed, and when I say Charlee lived in it I only mean that it was his shack, but he himself was seldom inside it. He was oftener to be found in his boat, mooning on the sea when it was calm and tossing when it was stormy. Sometimes he caught things and sometimes he didn't. Sometimes he went out to fish without his nets, and sometimes he forgot where he had set his lobster-pots.

But other times he came back with his nets full of slippery silvery herrings or flat white flounders. When he had beached his boat, he usually forgot that he had a shack to sleep in, and lay on his face on the shingle looking for amber, or on his back on the sand staring at the stars. If anybody came along for fish, they could help themselves.

It was all one to Charlee. But as like as not, even if there was fish in the boat, they would find him sliding the herring one after another back into the sea, or laying out the flounders in rows on the wet sand, where the next incoming wave would curl over and foam them away.

You never knew with Charlee, any more than you knew what his age was.


Lost and Found Siberian Huskies

If you have any information at all please call or email michael. If you have seen him or know where he is please call or email alurra71 yahoo. Found this beautiful boy Oct. Great with Kids and other animals really just wants to be around people all the time. Quite the "talker" too.

Seems to know basic commands but only with treats. Please see contact info on Craigslist: Wearing a silver choke collar, very friendly. Please call or email janet. They were infested with ticks, dehydrated, and hungry. They have been taken to a Vet for treatment. The female is stable; the male is still being treated. The check up revealed no Chips on the dogs; but we are looking for the owners. They were found in an apartment complex in the Houston, Texas area, They do not look familiar to anyone in the neighborhood.

Beautiful dogs like these would certainly be noticed. Please email demurekitten26 yahoo. Man in white car picked her up and told the road crew he was going to look for her reward posters. He disappeared with her. I've posted flyers in this area and someone took them down.

Her first birthday is Halloween! Please call or email Jamiefortune02 gmail. If anyone has seen her please call or email lilyjc17 aol. Missing since Monday September 8, My baby has stomach problems and needs attention.

My baby needs her mommy. She's a special needs dog. Missing since approximately mid August, in North Ft. He is microchipped by Avid He has very thick white fur, short legs, has hip issues. He is gentle and loves people. Please call or email pennyjanerose yahoo. Found on the streets of Miami and brought to Friends Forever Rescue. All details may be seen on the Petfinder. He is wearing a choke collar. He is very friendly. Please call reference or email info petkey.

The dog's microchip is registered to someone in Osprey, FL. Please call or go to the shelter's web site at http: Very friendly, loves water. Was wearing a peacock patterned collar with tags when last seen. Any info call or text or or email jennifer. My neighbor and I spotted what looks like a Husky roaming around in the field behind our house. The dog is wearing a harness, and looks as if it has been to the groomers before. I imagine it must have a family somewhere although we haven't seen any signs up yet.

It hopefully is microchipped. The poor thing has been wandering around the field and bushes for two days now. My neighbors and I have given it food and water the poor thing must be so hot. But it's so very shy and skittish. Anytime it sees one of us, it runs in the other direction. I tried calling Animal Control this morning, hoping they could help reunite this dog with its family.

I can't stand to see this gorgeous dog suffer another hot summer day. Please call or email castaway78 gmail. Denali was wearing a teal collar with my number on it as well as her name.

Her eyes are blue with small brown section at the bottom. She also has a small portion of her nose that is pink! She is eight years old and also has seizures. There is a reward for her safe return! Please call or or email cmr yahoo. Please call or email mjjang yahoo.

He went missing Tuesday, July 15, in Houston, Texas. It isn't like him to run off, he always stays close which makes me think that someone might have taken him. He is very sweet and super friendly.

The day he went missing he did have red and blue doggie coloring on him from the Fourth of July. He is neutered and very well behaved. He is very young, I estimate around 8 months to 1 year. He is microchipped but it is not registered. I have called them and they say his name is Ruger, they have called the owner from information they have on file, which may be old. I have kept him and will keep him until he is reunited with his family!

Please call or or email SBowden01 jpshealth. She was 7 months old then, she is now 2 years old. At the time she went missing she was not spayed or microchipped, but she may be now. Please call or email ecordivano gmail. He is well groomed and very friendly and social. I am unable to keep him due to the fact that I already have a small dog, and travel extensively.

I have advertised, and tried everything I could think of to find the owner. Please call or or email norgros gmail. We think someone might have picked them up. Our female Foxy would have a scar on her belly by now from where she had to be fixed after losing her puppies. Also there is a chance she still had the staples in and needs to see a vet ASAP to be checked.

Please call or or email tiffanyl3rooke icloud. She also has diabetes so it's really important we find her soon so she can get her insulin. Please call or email ftwinterpark hotmail. She is microchipped but it may be hard to find it at first.

Please call or or email mbart gmail. There is a cash reward for his safe return. Please call or or email nelson live. Jasper is a male black and white, Ruby is a female light red and white, Scarlett is a female dark red and white. Last seen in Orange Park, FL. All info is listed in this flyer: Please call or email zamora jacksonvillemetal. She was last seen in Huntington Beach, California. Please call or email cchornomud gmail.

Please help me bring my baby home. If you have any information you please call or email jeneriklove08 gmail. She is greatly missed by her family. Please call Devon at or or email devonohara rocketmail. Last seen in Huntington Beach, CA. Wearing collar with skull and bones dog tag. Please call or email fincher04 msn. Please call or email lidianettemolinares hotmail. I have put her info out there on every lost animal site I can find.

I think someone stole her to breed her, however Deci is barren, she can't have puppys unfortunately. Please call or or or email maria. She terribly misses her family. I do not want to post a picture because I want her real family to come forth so I want them to identify her. Please text or email rushnikki aol. If we don't find the owner or find a foster family by Tuesday, March 4, , he is going to be taken to an animal control.

He is young, well-mannered, well-groomed - he is not microchipped. Please call or email jennifer. Please email youngtrinasue gmail. Went missing from Lutz, Florida, February 6, He is microchipped and registered. Please call or or email samarakirkland gmail. She was not wearing a tag or a collar at the time.

Saffra is friendly and approachable. She weighs about 60 pounds and has no medical conditions. Jade is friendly and approachable. She does not have any medical conditions and weighs about 50 pounds. She does not have any special spots on her.

Has ice blue eyes and freckles on his nose. He may be injured, was walking with other family dog Blue Nose Pitbull - Female , she came back to the house limping with blood on her.

They are both playful dogs. He is microchipped and registered, has been reported as Lost. Please call or or email brsck bellsouth. Brown eyes, very sweet girl. Please call anytime day or night or email AHutchens blandclinic. Predominantly black with white markings on his face, belly, paws and tail.

Wearing thick red collar. He may be loose, roaming around or he might be in someone's possession. Please call or anytime day or night or email emilystith gmail. Not neutered, one blue eye and one brown. Please call or text or email rakelyedgar gmail. Two year old brothers, about 50 pounds each. By now they may have crossed into other neighboring counties. Both were wearing collars with rabies tags and licenses.

She broke out of a window at the pet sitter's residence. Last seen wearing a reflective purple collar with a broken leash clip attached to it. She is black with tricolor as secondary markings, blue eyes and missing ear tips. Her tag was left in the window so no tags present. More than likely has lacerations due to the broken glass. She is very people friendly however is not good with other pets and cannot be left alone as she will become extremely destructive and howl.

Sierra has special needs and behavior issues and should not be kept from her family. This dog is very important to my family and we need her home. Please call or email amaltby harmonytx. He is a shorter and stockier Husky, probably mixed with something else. I think someone may have found him and may not be looking for the owner. I am offering a reward for his safe return! You can call me at if seen or found or email clintdelano yahoo.

She is 5 years old with a distinct tail, freckle on snout. She is very friendly, very loved and very missed. My dear friend Adam is her owner: Please call or email lindsayolla gmail. Has collar, no tags. Appears to have been on his own for a while. Email describing dog and collar if this is your pet to Craigslist xq5xt comm. Was possibly last seen in Milnor, ND March 26, We think she is headed back to her Nashville, TN home. She has damage to her left shoulder and places very little weight, only enough for balance, on the left foot.

She also has a cracked back molar due to the impact of the crash. After putting craigslist ad out, I was led to Milnor, ND, where a couple and a deputy had sited a stray that fit Bleu's description. She even responded to her name, but too shy to come out of woods. I lost contact with the couple and lost the deputies name and phone number.

Still, I haven't given up. I feel it in my bones that she was trying to make it to her Tennessee home. You're a good job! Wanna go to the Lake?! Her human family names: Please call or email lyndaspooner yahoo.

Wearing red collar, has microchip ID. Please call or or email cd aol. Wearing collar with phone number. May also be with a brown female boxer Lynda who has also gone missing. Please call or email elizabethjeanmyers gmail. She has a pink collar, she has a yellow hue to her white fur, she also has one blue eye and one brown eye. She is 2 years old and loves people and kids. She is very friendly. Please help me put the word out there that she is missing!

I miss and love her very much. Please call or email blueride yahoo. Went missing from her home in Magnolia, Delaware on May 15, She likes cats n dogs. She is updated on her shots. Went missing from her trainer's facility in Hialeah, Florida on September 29, Please call or email emjosephson gmail.

Last seen wearing red collar with bones on it. Please call or email don. Missing since September 6, Please call or email mikejan24 gmail. Last seen on Aug. Please call or email carolinetrumbull05 gmail. Wearing a red collar. Very Sweet - Very Lovable - No collar or tags. Please call or email j. She is about 40 lbs.

She is Chipped and Spayed. Please call or email robhowe att. There is a reward for information leading to her safe return. She is extremely friendly and missed dearly! We think about her daily, checked with all the local shelters, made flyers, and went hours on end searching the entire community with no luck! We just want her back. Email if you ever saw her even for a split second running through your yard!

Any info will be much appreciated. She does not have her collar on. Last seen August 22, in Schenectady, NY, She has a pink and black harness on and she is very friendly. Please email jazminemauceri gmail. Please call Rick at or go to www. Missing since August 10, Please call or email yoshigrl gmail. He has amber eyes and wearing an Orange collar and Orange bandana. Please call or or email disalvo chorus.

She is a sweet girl and loves to snuggle! Not wearing a collar. If seen please call me at or email Hoodelizabeth ymail. Bi-eyed, one blue and one brown. He ran away from home on August 3, in Riverview, FL. He had a blue harness on. If you find him please email iroyo hotmail. He went missing July 29, from our home in Burgaw, North Carolina. There is a reward for isr safe return. Please call or email KalynSaunders10 gmail. Missing since 10 PM Saturday, July 20th, She should still have a red collar on.

Last seen in Akron, OH, but could be anywhere by now. Please call or email katieexi3 me. He was found not too long ago and posted here, but sadly he went missing again. This is the second time he's ever gone missing since I had him and the second time this month.

He is really friendly and house trained. Please call or text me if you have any information on his whereabouts or email imanitong live. Wearing collar, no tags, 1 year old, microchip 4CBC Please call Rebecca at or email rbanda mlm-lawfirm. He is not microchipped. He could be in Georgia or Tennessee since we are near the both state lines.

He was threatened by a neighbor and we haven't seen him since. We are hoping the neighbor took him off and let him out or took him to a shelter for adoption as a lost dog. Please help, call or email lbeal clayschools. Please call or email mjt yahoo. He looks weathered, like he's been out on his own for a couple of weeks. He's a friendly pup - the Vet guesses about three years old but it's hard to tell, he's very underweight.

He has an extra set of dewclaws on both back legs. Was wearing a black collar with no tags. Please call or email granitestorm gmail. He was taken to the Vet for shots so he is now up to date if he wasn't. He is very friendly, great with other dogs, will give you paw, great with kids etc. Please call or email edward. Please email clarkbn22 gmail. She is not chipped and has no collar or tags. I found her running on Hwy running scared in construction mud on the side of the road.

She loves belly rubs and enjoys being petted. Please call or email Atroll01 aol. She was very bad about running away like most Huskies are. Very energetic, knows shake, sit, lay down. Looks a little more like a Malamute than a husky. She ran away wearing either a brown leather color with studs, or a blue glittery color. If you have any information or have seen this dog please call or txt or or email celenajem17 yahoo. He is very friendly and loves children.

He was last seen in my yard. Not chipped or wearing his collar. No collar and no microchip. Please call or email sativa74 gmail. Was as wearing a 1" emerald green buckled dog collar. LOVES hotdogs and raw bones. He has a tattoo marking next to his neuter surgery site.

His left front toe bends out from his paw due to an old injury. Please call or email whiskygirl2 yahoo. Was wearing a collar when he left home and should have a microchip but he got it 12 years ago, and I've heard they sometimes move out of place. He's shy but will usually come to women and young people. He answers to Umi ooo-me or Woo.

Please call or email ramsay. He has a small black spot on the left side of his face very close to his mouth which looks similar to a bee sting. He was also getting ready to shed his top coat for the summer, so you'll see loose fur especially, on his sides. I am begging you, anyone, and everyone! I am so so desperate people! Please save me from my misery! Please call Tammy at or email tammyswigart yahoo.

He is well manered and house trained. Medium sized dog at the moment. If you have seen him please call or email jamesalex sbcglobal. He could be far from there now. Please call Home Again Pet Recovery at or email themcleancrew gmail. Please help us bring him home! Please call or email mountainviewrescue yahoo.

Please call or email kameronevans gmail. She has blue eyes, very thick fur, she's a pretty big 6 year old. Please call or email nena He is very friendly and likes to make a lot of noise, like talking. Please call or email alex09marie hotmail. Blue eyes, not spayed. Wearing a pink chain collar and a pink leash. Please call or , or email AJ yahoo. Steel is a therapy dog for E5 Sgt Brian Kriener. Please call or email mkriener servicepartnersco.

And location is Hwy 27 where we last heard that he was seen. He is about 40 pounds, very fluffy and beautiful markings with gorgeous blue eyes. Wearing collar with his rabies tag on it. He is very friendly and loves to run and jump in your bed our will jump in your vehicle and sit like a human because he loves to ride around anywhere. He loves everybody, kids and adults. He gets along good with all other dogs and cats and any other animals, he loves to play in water.

He is a great dog and we would love to bring him home and even offer a reward if he is safely returned. Please contact us morning, noon or nite, any hour. Call , or or email danbevpair yahoo. Had on a blue collar with his name and phone s. He is terribly missed, very sweet dog, playful. Please call , , or or email kseay3 yahoo. She is about 7 years old and last seen with a pink bandana and purple collar.

Please call or email marvincardona10 yahoo. Her location was Wyoming but could be anywhere by now. She is silver, black and white. Ice blue eyes, microchipped, and spayed. About 5 yrs old, she is a smaller Husky because her growth was stunted by previous owner breeding her too young.

The male is about 75 lbs and the female is about 38lbs, both are black and white with blue eyes. They are wearing their collars and ID tags. They are both very friendly but will most likley not come to strangers so if seen please call ASAP or email jeffandjozie yahoo. They jumped out of a house window on Sept 3, They both have birthmarks. They rode with their Daddy in a big rig into many states. Any info please call or email icorrena live. I have him in my house re-named Houdini.

He has been beaten and shot at! Scared of so many things. I just would like to let people know where he is. I have had him chipped now and shots.

Any questions call or email icorrena live. This family and soldier are desperately searching for him. Please share and help them find him. If anyone sees him please call us at or email jcampbell gmail. He is about 3 years old, weighs about lbs. He is red and white with hazel eyes. He has a professionally shaved spot on his neck where his electric fence collar sits. He does not have a collar on. I am not sure how far he could have wandered, but our land is off Connell Rd.

If you have information please call or email lmmark87 gmail. Lost in Clinton, Mississippi. He is 1 year old, red and white with gray eyes.

Emmy is 3 years old. Please call Theresa They both have collars, tags and microchips. They love to take car rides.

I hope that if someone gave them a ride, that they will give me a call so I can give them a ride back home. They are greatly missed.

Please call Melissa at if you have any information! He is an older Husky with one blue eye and one brown eye. Seems very friendly, gets along with other Huskies. Please call or email michelle. He has brown eyes and is 1. He slipped his collar and is not wearing any identification.

He is not neutered. Please call or email ywalro yahoo. She was last seen at Olympic and Spence St. If seen please contact me ASAP, she is really sick. Call or email tavaresmarie77 icloud. He was found with his little male Shih Tzu mix buddy.

Both dogs are well groomed and have obviously been well cared for. We have put ads in Craigslist and have put up flyers around the Flushing, Queens area.

We are trying to find the owners or a loving home that can take him and his little buddy. He did have a red collar on. He has one completely brown left eye, the right eye is called a Parti eye with part brown and part blue. There is a reward if found. Please email tsj gmail. He is male with one blue eye and one brown eye. He had a choke collar on at the time he was found. My son said he was running in the streets of 5th Ave.

North near downtown Nashville The vet seemed to think he was around a year and a half old. He is trained and very sweet He is a good dog and hopefully we can find him his rightful owners or a good home. We have put ads on Craigslist and flyers as well as information in the Veterinarian building.

We cannot keep him. Please contact Nick at or email dweir sterlingschools. She is all black and gray with 4 white feet, she has two blue eyes. She was last seen in Newbury, MA at exit 55 off rt She is very people and dog friendly and loves rides. There is a reward or her safe return. Please email katiepurplewolf yahoo.

His owner is a member of the armed forces and is currently deployed overseas. If seen please call or email keener gmail. My kids and I miss my babies very much and a reward is available no questions asked. Please help me find them!!!! Please call Mandy at or email mandymouse85 gmail.

Whitey was found unable to walk in San Antonio, Texas on June 28th. I have since named him Whitey. Whitey was near death with bug infestations, anemia, starvation and a severe leg injury. His leg could not be saved.

I adopted Whitey and got him medical care. He had no tags or microchip. After 6 months of tender loving care, Whitey has shown his amazing personality. He has probably been away from his family now for a year or more and the vet believes he is years old. I feel like someone is looking for him. He has unique personality traits that you will need to identify if you think he is yours. I am more than happy to keep this beautiful 3 legged dog but I think someone is looking for him that took very good care of him for some amount of time.

You will need to show proof of ownership, pictures etc if you are planning on claiming this dog. Please go to this web site for information: My daughter is almost 4 and misses him dearly, they adored each other. They were best friends. We believe he was stolen since he was so friendly and never ran off. We have been unable to locate him. He is now a year and a half old. He was wearing a blue collar with tags but he could have possibly gotten it off.

ANY information would be greatly appreciated!! Please call Traci at but I would prefer emails at lancaster. She has been missing since March from Mishawaka, Indiana. She is about 2 years old now. If you have any information or have seen her, please let me know!! We miss her very much and just want her back home!! Please email monksgurl90 yahoo. Baby Blue Eyes, a scar above his nose. He is about lbs, and has one white patch in between his collar bone on his back.

Rocky is not microchipped. Rocky loves people as long as you talk really sweet to him. He has never been a biter unless someone is hurting him for no reason. He is a little shy unless he feels comfortable and knows the person will not harm him. Please email sweeti yahoo. Very smart, possibly stolen. Please call or email pollytec gmail. She is spayed with bi-colored eyes. Please call if you have seen her or email Virginia. He had been running around Woodland, WA with a yellow lab for a while before being taken to the shelter on December 13, He is about 5 years old, 45 lbs, and was wearing a collar, but no tags.

He is well behaved, and we just know someone is missing him. Please call or email twogudhunds me. She's wearing a collar with no tags, Microchip Chip registered in New Jersey and doesn't have current contact information. Please share and help this poor girl find her way home! If you recognize her, please call He was very thirsty and disoriented.

We have tracked him from a breeder in Missouri. He was born May 29th of at Hunte kennel systems. His chip number is C29 but never registered.

He was adopted by Valley Pet Center of. He was wearing a collar and tag, pets number is but they are no longer in operation. I am at a standstill and have no idea where to go from here. Please help if you can, or if anyone knows what I can do next please contact Penny at or email blueeyes gmail. Last seen in Brooksville, Florida on December 27, Please email gondriawoot24 gmail.

She is 45 lbs, black and white with 2 blue eyes and a white belly. Please email Andrew at bernett gmail. He is so sweet and gentle. Loves other dogs, small children, and to play ball. He has a brown collar with no tags and no microchip.

He seems to be yrs old. Please call or email Traci at tlcraig7 yahoo. Black and white with blue eyes. No chip or collar. Appears to have been well cared for but appears to be about pounds underweight. May have traveled far per the vet. We will not post pictures as she has an excellent disposition and belongs to a special family. Would like the owner to produce a photo with her in order to claim.

Guessing she is years old. May reach me at or email bev hhhcare. I know she was stolen because we put chicken wire on our fence so she won't get out and when I got home, the wire was up as if someone picked it up for her to fit under the fence and get out.

I put up flyers all over my neigborhood, especially by the school, and someone keeps taking them down. We really miss her so if you can help us that would be awesome, and greatly appreciated. Female and Male, black and gray. Found on Monday, December 10, Please email M1jacobo yahoo. Found Sunday, December 2, in St. He appears to be months of age and very sweet, wearing a small black collar with black leash attached. I've placed posters in the neighborhood. I took him to the clinic to look for microchip and did not find one.

Please call or email lldance verizon. He was bumped by a car but not hurt, a beautiful male needs a home. He has no chip. If interested please email johnmadafferi gmail. She is black and white with blue eyes, not microchipped and is definetly leashed trained and obeys commands. Please call or email medavis troy. She is black and white, last seen on Nov 19, in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. She is a baby and wants her parents back.

She has a spot on her tail and she looks a little like a racoon. Please call or or email HGMelnick01 indianatech. Please call Home Again at or email aster8.

There were many hunters going past my house, and my puppy has never left my yard. She disappeared between 4 and 7 AM. I am hoping that someone will see her somewhere, or if she gets free, she will try to escape. Her name is Leika. Her white mask comes to points over her eyes. She is shy, very affectionate and sweet. We really want her to come home. She is very furry, more than a straight Husky usually is and has brown eyes.

She should answer to her name. She is also a very vocal dog, and will talk to you. Please, if anyone sees her, please call me at or email ladygodolphin hotmail. We have contacted all area Humane Societies, vet offices, and have placed posters around town and an ad on Craigslist.

She is microchipped but has no tag on her pink collar. I feel like I am out of options and will never see her again. She is our princess and like most Huskies, she knows it. Very friendly and a talker. She guards her food but for the most part gets along with our golden retriever. Please call or email warrenkaela yahoo. She is very friendly and loves kids and other animals. Please help us find her, call or email tbondingco yahoo. She is not spayed and has lost her collar.

She is not chipped. She went missing Oct 30, near Asheville, North Carolina. She weighs about 40 pounds. All shelters, vets and other organizations have been contacted as well. If you see her please gather her up and contact Tara at or Janet at a Canadian cell phone or email whatsyourelephant gmail. We are grateful for your help. He's very friendly and loves playing with children. He has one blue eye and one brown. My daughter is desperate and we are really sad.

Please help us find Thor so we can be a family again!!! When you go to the costume room you can feel the atmospheric imprint of people there. They have since moved the house off of its foundation, down the block and started renovating it. The workers that have been there still hear the faint screaming of a young woman. Mount Vernon - Walker Valley - Big Lake - Reports of flash lights stop working, only to work when away from the site and footsteps heard down the stairs.

Mukilteo - Harbor point middle school - during the night, if you walk past this school you can see a boy standing is the window of the closest wall. The rumor is the boy was thrown out this window by a science teacher who didn't like the boy.

There are also two girls that look like normal humans but disappear if you look at them to long. Waiting for their brother to get out of school. The rumor behind this haunting is the two girls were shot walking to get their brother. Nobody knows the two girls' names. Once all the lights in the parking lot went off simultaneously and the registers in the restaurant disconnected for days.

When the repairmen came they could find no reason. Linda Burfield Hazzard ran a sanitarium back in the early 's or so. Her theory was that any disease could be cured by fasting going for weeks, sometimes months, on end without food. It is said that she intentionally starved her "patients" I prefer to refer to them as victims to death and buried them on the sanitarium grounds, planting a tree over each body, and when she ran out of room for bodies, she threw them off of the cliff on the back side of where the building once stood.

Her reason for killing the "patients" was out of greed: All that stands of the sanitarium today is the foundation, and the incinerator in which she reportedly cremated some of the bodies.

And the trees that act as sinister headstones to the many nameless innocent people who fell victim to the woman's twisted, immoral and cruel scheme.

Oshkosh - Grand Opera Theater - on the opening nights of performances u can see a little boy walking around on the railing of the balcony were he fell to his death. Oysterville - School House - Oysterville Schoolhouse is said to be haunted by a child who died from an epileptic seizure.

The old schoolhouse was built in the very early turn of the century, it stands in Oysterville WA on the Longbeach peninsula. Packwood - Packwood Library - Its an old library that was once the town first post office. Strange noises are heard from the attic as well as boxes being moved to different locations.

Also there have been reports of children being heard through the ceiling coming from the attic. Paradise - Paradise Inn - When working in the preseason you can hear what sounds like furniture being moved and someone walking in the hallways and rooms above in the Annex part of the Inn. You also get the feeling of being watched when you are working all alone.

The wind also sounds like voices in some of the dormer windows throughout the Inn. Nothing is known to have happened in the Inn but people who have stayed at the Inn and went on to climb the mountain have died on the mountain in various places.

That fact has been verified. Peshastin - Old Orchardists Home - this three story home was once the home of an Orchardist who died of a heart attack years ago. Inhabitants of this home have heard laughter coming on the second floor, footsteps coming down the stairs and lights have been known to flicker on and off occasionally. While in the kitchen, several claim someone had just walked into the room when no one was there.

Pierce county - Tacoma - former site of "Children's Industrial Home" - Original orphanage building burned down. The newspapers report no fatalities.

Current youth group home built using original foundation. Current residents complain of hearing children crying in one end of building. Adult staff members have seen ghosts of children playing in yard and around building. Port Townsend - Manresa Castle - During the early s a young girl named Kate stayed at the castle, after it was turned into a bed and breakfast. It is said that singing can be heard from the bathroom at night.

Also the heat goes through many changes as if she is changing the heat herself. There is a broken clock that chimes. A book was once left in the room so that guests could record their experiences, but was taken out because it scared guests so much they asked for a room change.

But Kate is a friendly ghost and there is said to be a portrait of her hanging in the lounge and the back wall. Numerous apparitions have been seen in the castle. One Visitor took a picture in the room they where staying and there was clearly an image of a woman staring out the window towards the ocean.

She was clothed in late 's attire with a bonnet. It is also rumored that a monk hung himself in the attic. Lights go on and off by themselves, doors open and close in the same fashion. Was featured on the television show "Sightings". True ghost hunters will agree it is well worth a night's stay to truly see evidence of the supernatural.

Open to the public, reasonably priced. Prosser - Whitstran - passed gravity hill - it was said that in a barn near gravity hill they raped girls and killed them.

Some high school kids decided to go and hang out. It is called gravity hill because on the hill if you put your car in neutral it will roll up hill. But if you put dirt of powder of some sort you can see fingerprints. Some kids were there and they were in a truck and there were three people the one in the middle turned to look at the passenger, he was in the middle, it looked like he wanted to cry. He leaned forward and saw the face of a girl inches away from his face.

They said that all you can see is the outline of her eyes with long black hair over her face. There was no water in the canal.

Another time a high school student was driving by the canal alone one night in November. He was terrified to see a young woman with long black hair jump into the canal off of a little bridge over the canal. Some other kids were at the hill. They turned their car off. The car begs to move. They looked back and a young woman was trying to push the car, as if she wanted to them to leave.

Pullman - Washington State University - Steven's Hall - In the basement of one of the only female dorm houses left, it is said that a girl was staying in the basement illegally during the summer. Purdy - Purdy Bridge - in the late seventies a child was hit by a car on the Purdy bridge. Occasionally you can see him dart across the bridge. Puyallup - Fairgrounds - Some nights the large Ferris wheel starts going and one of the seats start to rock and screaming is heard. Queets - Native American Burial Ground - Several people visiting the burial ground have reported hearing strange noises resembling the beat of drums and Indian singing.

Quinault - Lake Quinault Lodge - Sometime in the early 's there was a fire here that destroyed a couple of buildings. There was only one fatality, a cleaning woman caught in the attic. After the rebuild, most of the original attic was saved and restored.

You can still feel her when you go up there it's a small conference room now and in the kitchen, she throws glasses and silverware where nobody was there before. Call them, they'll tell you the story there. Raymond - Hanaan Playhouse - The playhouse is supposedly haunted by one of the people who built the playhouse.

It is said that you will see a black cat walking across the stage or a dark figure in the window of the control room. Raymond - Riverview - A man in white has been sited in past years primarily during the summer in the evening has said to follow those who have noticed his presence for about a week then disappears and a friend without knowing that the other persons have seen this man will talk about it and it will just create an confusion.

Renton - Maple Valley Highway - Maple Valley Highway is a very dangerous and dark road and there have been many accidents there. When you drive down the road late at night, you experience weird unexplained fog, and right after you pass through the fog you can see a teenage girl standing along side the road crying. She appears to be looking for something. Different people have tried to communicate with her to find out what she is looking for, and it appears to be a locket that she lost when she was in the car accident that took her life.

Also, on Maple Valley Highway there is an old haunted house that has lights go off and on by themselves even though there hasn't been electricity in the house for years. Renton - Renton high school - the ghost is known as the phantom of Renton high.

The story of how the phantom came to be is that a girl was raped and murdered by an old janitor who hung her body from the rafters in the old auditorium, which has recently been torn out. Ridgefield - Barn House - This house was built along time ago back when are small town was just starting off. A family had just moved in the place and everything was calm for a little bit.

After a few months weird noises could be heard followed shortly by an apparition that looked like an older women. Things would be moved around at night making feel like you were never alone.

The legend says that an older women died in the house so maybe that is who still walk's the place. Ritzville - Crab Creek - Griffin Cemetery - this place was founded in the early 's mostly kids lay to sleep here..

Roslyn - Brick Tavern - once a jailhouse for criminal miners, people claim to have felt a presence in the basement where the cells used to be. Noises can often be heard before closing time and a few have seen an apparition of a lost miner. Roslyn - Old School House - Toilets flush when no one is there; lockers slam at midnight; pencils fly across empty rooms; according to numerous reports, walking into the guys locker room, you can feel someone grabbing your neck and hear them yelling 'Get away from me!

Common story will be seeing her on the 2nd or 3rd floor wearing a Red dress of the 's and believe it or not, she will be driving through the 2nd floor on her old favorite motorcycle. All that remains of this is the Gym, the rest having burned to ground in the 50's. In the Old Gym, there are many cold spots and an altogether spooky feeling. The old Gym is being used as a gym again Seattle - Andrew's Rainbow House - A young man named Andrew who was gay finally decided to tell his father he was gay.

His father freaked out and killed his son and himself. The next morning the house was painted rainbow colors on the front and the back of the house is an array of colors and swirls. There is also colored tile on the roof and a gray letter "A" in the tile roof. The house has been painted before but the next day the house is always backing to the rainbow colors. The house was shown on "Unsolved Mysteries" for the unexplained activity. In the past, it was the Burnley School of Art.

There is a story that a young male student at Burnley committed suicide and since then his spirit has haunted the building; mostly moving objects -- pushing them off shelves, etc. Some folks have claimed to see his ghost.

Seattle - Capitol Hill Methodist Church - a presence haunts the church and it's origin is not known. Building - Witnesses have claimed to hear strange voices and eerie music inside this old church. There have even been reports of a young female apparition walking down the front stairs. Seattle - Elliatt Ave. Have seen someone walking through the hallways of the apartment building, but it disappears without any of the doors being opened.

Seattle - Georgetown - Central Baptist Church - Mysterious sounds, slamming doors, and strange old man sightings haunt this Korean Baptist church. This was a former Masonic church which was once used to sacrifice animals and supposedly humans.

Visit this building alone and you'll experience first hand of the level of demonic hauntings in this building. Seattle - The Good Shepard Center - The place used to be a girls reform school in the twenties and was closed in the late fifties.

There is an eerie presence there Seattle - Greenlake - In the body of 22 yr old Sylvia Gaines was found murdered at Greenlake, it was determined that her father had killed her in a drunken rage, witness's at the trial stated that they had been having an affair and Sylvia wanted to leave, the point of land where her body was found is named Gaines Point and there have been reported sightings at night of her ghostly figure wandering the point. Seattle - Hamilton Middle School - Hamilton Middle School is a very haunted school and there are many sightings whenever you are alone in the bathroom, there are strange footsteps heard and the door opens and closes on its own.

The bathroom is on the 2nd floor. It is heard that a girl got pregnant and died at this school. Seattle - The Harvard Exit - This is now a movie theater but used to be a meeting hall for a women's organization. People have reported seeing the ghost of a hanging woman in the hallway, as well has hearing footsteps and laughter. Seattle - Hotel Andra - Formerly listed as Claremont Hotel - Employees have reported sounds as of a violent, riotous party from the 's and the Prohibition era complete with period jazz music and the sounds of breaking glass.

A worker fell to her death from the hotel's upper floors in the 's, possibly adding to the ghostly air of the place. Visitors have experienced a levitating paperweight, which crashed back to the glass-covered top of the desk. The staff has become painfully aware of the manifestations, and most have started to notice them. Complaints about the noise are common among hotel guests, but, as one former employee put it, "How do you turn off a ghost?

When staff members investigate the disturbances, which seem to come largely from the 9th floor, the noise abruptly stops, only to start up again later. Seattle - Kenmore - St. Its said that he, carried the bodies to a near by dock and threw several into the water. Me and some friends got drunk and decided to test our nerves by walking the grounds "only a foundation, dock and small forest "we split up and one friend Jessie fell down several times claiming to have been grabbed by some force around the ankles "small scratches around the sock area confirmed this".

I heard what I believe to be footsteps and a woman or child crying. Seattle - Nathan Hale High School - Apparently, a long time ago someone was raped in one of the halls in this school. Some people have hear odd noises and there is a place in one of the halls where people have walked right thru it and a rush of fear came over their whole body.

Seattle - old slave mansion - there is a gate that goes around this mansion and it is said that if you step one foot into the gate you have to fully enter and walk past a forest that is on a huge hill and at the top of the hill is a wishing rock that makes wishes true and if you don't you will have bad luck forever.

But the mansion presuming haunted by the past slaves and many have said that they have seen ghosts there and one friend has said that there cousin has been in that building and a ghost of an old woman has pushed her out the window of the second floor fortunately the girl did survive with minor injuries. Lights being shut off and on. Sounds of running water when no one is in the building. Seattle - Pike Place Public Market - The ghost of a Native American woman has been seen at night when all the tourists and shoppers have gone home.

The site was sacred somehow to Indians until the market was built. The woman still hangs out. Also at pike place market at the bead emporium, the ghost of a child haunts. When renovations were done to this business a few years ago, it was discovered that in the wall was a basket of beads from when the store opened until the present though there was no way to access this space as the door had been painted shut many years before the store opened.

Seattle - The Rivoli - a turn of century building where the spirit of a young Eskimo girl who came to Seattle to start a new life has been felt and seen. Her mentally ill Cuban boyfriend stabbed her to death and her body was hidden behind a Murphy bed. The door to her apt. Seattle - Rainer - At around midnight a kid will come up to u and choke you. You can feel it but not see him. Seattle - Rite Aid - West Seattle - Rite Aid used to be a mining place in west Seattle and it is rumored it has a spirit that will turn off lights, set off alarms, and even call employees and hang up.

Seattle - Screaming Well - They say if you look into the well you can hear screaming of people who fell into the well years before. They say sometimes the voices follow you home.

Seattle - University of Washington - Columns Amphitheater - After dark, there is an entity at the Columns Amphitheater who does not like visitors. A couple sitting on a bench is a favorite target. The entity shakes the closest bush or shrub violently, and growls very low if you do not pay attention. Some people are unable to enter the amphitheater at night because of the forbidding, brooding feelings within. The Columns Amphitheater was named for the four columns from the original University of Washington building located closer to downtown..

Have no idea if the entity came from the original building or is some angry student, but he seems to be male and a young adult. Someone might consider taking a camera in there! Seattle - University YMCA - Many times from , while cleaning basement work-out room, heard footsteps and voices coming from upstairs, although all members had left the building. Also felt presence in furnace room. Building was built in Supposedly, a person had committed suicide by jumping off a bridge with his dog.

You can see the chalk marks still when you go there and around am people have seen the man with is dog by the beach near there staring at people. Seattle - The Sorrento Hotel - Many unexplained occurrences go on here all the time. Guests report sightings of a woman on the 4th floor near her room Most of the old dorms are very cold even in the heat of summer.

In the old nurses dorm, faint voices can sometimes be heard. The gymnasium has also had supernatural activity since the 50's. The police will be called and you will be arrested. Sedro Woolley - Cascades Job Corps - students have seen a little girl roaming the halls of the dorms with a red ball.

In the nurses station they can see a figure of a body hanging up in the window. There are tunnels that lead all over under the campus that have been known to be haunted. You can here moaning and screaming at night. There is also a man that roams outside looking for the little girl. Selah - Eagle Mountain - In the area of the Eagles Graveyard at night you can sometimes hear an eagle or see people running around yelling, "The eagle is back" this area is now a development area and can not be reached, but ask anybody about eagle mountain and you will be able to see the area.

Silvana - Silvana graveyard - In the very small town of Silvana, high up on a hill stands an old white church that is surrounded by tombstones. Many local teens drive to Silvana late at night to see what all the hype is about and many never go back. Strange sounds are heard in daylight and you never feel like your alone. The story goes that on the very top floor of this place it use to be a speak easy, where the lady's of the night entertained and where gambling went on.

One of the prostitutes had a new boyfriend. The boyfriend walked in on her as she was doing business with a "John". He was so enraged. Forgetting what her line of business was he killed her. Snohomish - Maltby Cemetery - night time is the best always to see paranormal activity so it is known when walking down the headstone paths reading the headstones, when you get to the end and start back an obvious headstone changes from a grave marker to a magnificent headstone.

Also whispers had been heard in the wind and trees and only sometimes a woman is looking for her child. Reports of a ghost that guards the entrance to the den.

Many claim if you go in the den, you will lose your mind or never be seen again. Snohomish - The Cabbage Patch Restaurant - A nine year old girl is said to have fallen to her death down a flight of stairs inside the building. She is said the walk up and down the stairs. Snohomish - The Oxford Saloon - "This old saloon contains around 18 ghosts upstairs and down. Workers have in the past had quite frightening experiences with spirits of the old saloon girls who operated a brothel upstairs.

A police officer that was stabbed and killed their remains, and a young teenager who was killed in the street by a car as well. There are too many to list, but ask someone behind the bar, and they will provide you with a detailed list compiled by psychics. Snohomish - Snohomish public library - This is an old library that was built in the early 's. The first librarian died of unknown causes and people say they see her ghost walking around in the basement.

Many of the workers hear her footsteps downstairs after hours and some claim to have seen her ghost. Some people have researched her death and went to her gravesite only to find out that her grave was unmarked. They believe that if they buy a tombstone and have another ceremony she will be put to rest to no longer haunt the library. The library will be moving to a new location within the year and they hope to have her settled by then.

Spanaway - Spanaway Lake High School - sometimes at night the lights will turn on and off. The boy told the janitor No and pulled out a gun. Spanaway - Spanaway Jr. High School - Lights flicker and alarms go off when no ones around. Spanaway - Spanaway Lake Park — Children that have drowned in the lake are said to be heard playing in the play ground above the park at nighttime when the park is closed.

Also a fisherman reported seeing the pale corpse of a girl who drowned and was never found, is said to be seen floating 4 feet under water on the south side of the lake in the early morning.

Spokane - Bowdish Middle School - [Rumor] A long time ago a little before the school was made a boy named Jon was killed. Jon was between the ages He was walking by the area of the school that was being built at around 7: A man in dark clothes grabbed him and stabbed him 10 times. A person in a car drove by and saw a body on the ground. They never caught the man who killed him. Girls and women reported seeing figures in a bathroom by the cafeteria.

The figure roams the halls most of the time between Spokane - Broadway - hammers keep floating up in front of peoples faces as workmen try to fix it up. Spokane - Cameo Catering Event Facility - Mysterious noises, levitations primarily in the basement of assorted objects. Men talking when the building is empty.

Story goes members who have passed on object to "guests" in the building, as their rites were secret. Spokane - Carlyle care center - people have reported seeing shadowy figures and multiple electronic disturbances.

Spokane - Centennial Middle School formerly Park Junior High - In the library students have witnessed an old woman with no legs "floating around" and at the side entrance there is supposedly two people, a man and a young woman, hanging from the ceiling.

Spokane - Double Tree Hotel - Every night, since last October of Halloween a mysterious noise occurs from the 15 floor. People have seen mysterious shadows but so far no one has been hurt. Spokane - Fairchild Air Force Base - Kc - is haunted by 2 people dying on it in flight at different times. Occurrences include strange groaning, loss of power for short periods of time, them being re-gained.

Objects drop off of their securing points. Fuel leaks that come and go. Spokane - Fairchild Air Force Base - weapons storage area - is believed to be haunted by a ghost called the "Goat Man". There have been many sightings by on duty Security Forces in the area. Spokane - Geiger Corrections Center - a scream was caught on tape of an empty floor, no one heard it when it happened.

Her story is as follows: He told her to wait in a small underground tunnel area that leads to the furnace. She snuck into the school and followed his directions, hunkering down in the tunnel to wait. When the boy arrived and opened the trapdoor the scent of burnt flesh wafted up. The heater had kicked on, burning the girl against the wall. Students have reported hearing a girl whispering, and doors in the downstairs hallway, where the girl supposedly died, have been known to open on their own when left unlocked.

One female student even wrote a short story about a girl dying in the tunnel before she had ever heard the tale of the haunting. After hearing the tale, she claimed "This can't possibly be a coincidence! The structure used to be the private residence for James Monaghan, who was brutally murdered in the structure. Many strange occurrences have happened here including the organ being played when no one is there and various musical instruments playing by themselves.

People hear the haunting music all the time. The culprit is believed to be the ghost of Mr. Strangely enough, the music heard by witnesses is the song that was played at Monaghan's funeral.

Growling noises and other unseen forces also make themselves known to unsuspecting individuals. It was obviously done in vain because the hauntings still occur. Spokane - Home, Heart, and Friends - Apparently its haunted by an older woman wearing a long gray dress, probably from the 's. She has been seen walking up and down the staircase. No matter how much work they do on the elevator, it always breaks. Opens and closes and goes up and down without anyone there also. The elevator also opens when you walk up to it.

Almost like motion detecting. While sitting alone, you can feel like people are right behind you and hear the chairs creak, like someone just sat down in it.

Yet no one is there. Spokane - Law Offices - Since it has been changed to Law Offices, there has been no reports of hauntings October update: The old wine cellar is haunted by three ghost that at various times and for no reason will pick up objects, usually wine bottles and throw them across the room. Many employees witnessed this. Spokane - Mead Middle School - formerly Mead High School - In the 's when the high school was first built a drunk Scottish man fell off his ladder and was killed.

On school grounds in places you can smell the strong scent of whiskey and hear mindless muttering. Also, inside the school, doors leading to the outside open on their own. There is a building there that is thought to be an old orphanage school. In this school, some of the kids that never were calimed my by foster parents were murdered.

The playground is still there today were the kids used to play. When late at night, you can hear faint giggles of the kids that once played on the toys at this park.

That is how it gets it's name. Spokane - Mirabeau Park Hotel - Formerly the Valley Doubletree - A woman and her two children have been seen wandering the halls of this hotel. At night they have been known to cause mischief in various rooms.

Numerous employees have experienced very frightening encounters with these ghosts. A former employee reports there are many places in the hotel that are haunted by different things. A man committed suicide in one of the rooms close to the front desk and none of the housekeepers like that room.

The 3rd floor in the back has a friendly gentleman ghost that asks the housekeepers and night bellman for towels and such but is gone before they can get a room number. There are a couple of rooms that the more intuitive employees won't get anywhere near. Spokane - Northwest Christian Colbert Campus - many mysterious occurring. Some say it is the ghost of old Mr.

Altmeyer telling them to leave. Spokane - Riverpark Square - In a man jumped off the top escalator to fall to his death on top the painted map of Inland Washington Lakes. If you stare at the painted map long enough you can see visions of blood and skull pieces. Spokane - Spokane Falls Cemetery - There's a number of steps leading from the side of the road up to the cemetery dubbed the steps.

These steps lead up to a place where satanic rituals are supposedly held. No one is said to be able to make it to the top step except Steve and Joe due to overwhelming fear. Xavier Church - On several occasions the face of a dead nun has been seen on one of the east windows. She appears to be standing with her face over a candle and screaming. There have also been mysterious shadows, some resembling the shape of a nun.

Spokane - West Valley High School - If your walking around in the auditorium with two walkie talkies on around the stage you can hear an old guy talking on them. Reason said to be is because when the auditorium was where the cafeteria is now a janitor was on the catwalk during a play and fell down and died instantly. Stanwood - Pioneer Cemetery - A black figure has been seen towards the back of the cemetery, towards a tree that overlooks a memorial like headstone, breaking a tree branch, about six inches thick broke, and chasing the visitors.

All of the families around there have had strange happenings. Someone has said to have had seen lanterns in the graveyard held by unknown persons. Others have experienced the lanterns in their own yards, displaying a kind of light show. Once you walk out to investigate it, they stay for a moment, start coming towards you and than disappear.

Stanwood - Stanwood Museum - People who have lived next to this house say that late at night when the museum is closed you can see candlelight and the curtains open and close. Some times even driving by you can see a curtain pulled back like someone is peering out, and then when you stop to look the curtain goes back.

Many employees have reported abnormal occurrences with in the building. Steilacoom - Fairy Train Tracks - Steilacoom - is notorious for its ghost encounters and has established a well-known history for all of those who live in the surrounding areas of the town. Located on the train tracks directly in front of the fairy pier you can sometimes hear a faint ghostly sound of a phantom train whistle followed by a distinct scream from a person supposedly to have been struck by a train.

The fairy pier is said to have strange occurrences itself. Late at night, the ghostly figure of a young child can be seen from a distance playing along the pier. While walking towards it however, it slowly maturates into a much older and feebler looking figure until it slowly fades away. Sumner - Boneylake - In this old house has been reported that a women had birth with 5 children and they all died and so had she the same day reporting 6 orbs flying around and night reported about Many persons fishing there have seen a canoe paddled by a Native American pull up to the bank, then disappear.

There have been reports of singing and voices near the river. The Army Corp of Engineers now fences off the area. Late at night workers and fisherman report an old man with a yellow dog walking the banks of the North Levee Rd.

People report seeing the man because of an angry expression on his face. Sometimes a dog can be heard wailing from the site.

Tacoma - Hollywood on the Flats - immediately adjacent to the Wetlands, also known as "Hooverville". The last transient was evicted in The old transient, wearing a batter tan shirt and pants held the Pierce County Sheriff Deputies and Tacoma Police at bay with a shotgun, refusing to leave his "home". The standoff ended with a single gunshot, when the man took his life rather than be evicted. His old yellow mixed breed Lab dog was heard wailing.

Tacoma - Old City Hall - Security guards there have reported elevators moving on their own accord, lights being turned off and on, and doors that were locked being checked and found unlocked. There is a spooky vibe there, and several guards have quit rather than work at that location. On some rainy foggy night when the Moon is full, you can hear moans and footsteps in the late to early morning hours.

Believed to be patients that once were institutionalized there. That place is in ruins now but there remains and boiler room underground that is where most the sounds are heard.

The fence around also shakes when no one else is with you. Tacoma - Lakewood - Pierce Lake - There is a lake in the woods that is located behind pierce college on the way to the old Western state sanitarium. At night early morning hours you feel a presence, see hazy apparitions and hear voices around the lake. They belonged to a woman that drowned there many years ago. Her body was later discovered and her killer was never caught. Late at night the sound of a bicycle can be heard around the 5 Mile Drive.

Several years later a couple flagged down a Park Police officer and admitted she had been driving on the drive after the park was closed. She said as she was rounding the turn by the Narrows viewpoint, she observed a young girl standing next to the side of the road with a light colored bicycle. She pulled over and her boyfriend got out to ask the girl if she was okay, since it was late and the park was closed.

The boyfriend screamed and jumped back in the car and kept screaming at her to go. As she was leaving, in the red tail lamp glow, she saw the girl vanish. The boyfriend was shaking and later told her the girl had no eyes but was smiling at him. Several other people have said that they have seen a girl riding alone near dusk and whenever they stop or look back at her, she vanishes.

Visitors, workers, and the Police have reported hearing footsteps made with hard soled shoes walking around the building after dark. The footsteps seem to be walking down the stairs on the east side of the building, then abruptly stop.

Sighing can be heard at other times and there are cold spots in the storage area below the building. A tale has been told about a young newlywed couple during the 's. The husband and wife would catch the trolley to Point Defiance and the husband would see his wife off for the day to visit her parents on Vashon Island. Small groups of boats would shuttle people to the island for a fee.

The husband would return in the evening to meet his wife. As the small launch she was riding in approached the Boathouse area, it took on water. Many people were thrown overboard in the confusion and the husband observed with his pocket spyglass his wife flailing in the water in her heavy period clothes as she went under. Overcome with grief, he walked down the stairs to the marbled restroom, pulled out a small pocket pistol and shot himself in the head. It is said it is his ghost that haunts the Pagoda.

Tacoma - Puget Sound Mental Hospital - the Puget Sound Mental Hospital, is an enormous facility for the mentally disturbed is also a drug and alcohol rehab. Parts of this 8-story complex are no longer in use.

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