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Indian women fuck Victoria

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Victoria Justice is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. She is known for starring on the Nickelodeon TV show Zoey Log in to Reply. But the relation might be through marriage and not bloodline.

She is very ambiguous looking too. She probably has some black too since most Puerto Ricans have black ancestry. But you will get people who are more or less. PRs are usually in the Quadroon-Octoroon range. Not everyone has African ancestry though. She looks European, mestizo at the most. You can still have the DNA and not look it or barely look it. I thought she was fully white too, but remember, Puerto Rican is not an actual race, its a nationality.

Puerto ricans are usually European white , Native American, Black, or a mix of all 3. Her mother probably has mostly European blood. Puerto Rico is white majority country afterall. She could be pure European. Mostly people in the capital are white.

Also, Puerto Rico once had the opposite of the one drop rule in place, where if a person can prove they had a white grandparent, they were considered white.

I agree with you. I knew a girl who was very white-passing, but I found out that she was half Thai. Also, there are biracial and multiracial celebrities who are white-passing. She looks white cause her mom is a White Puerto Rican of Spanish ancestry, you can tell just by looking at her phenotype.

Only according to the census, which goes according to what people decide to fill in as their race. In Puerto Rico it is opposite the one drop rule in America. If a Puerto Rican person could prove they had a grandparent who was white, then they would be considered white.

A lot of Puerto Ricans and other Hispanic, mostly Caribbean people refuse to accept they have black in them. I think most are mixed, at least in my family, some cousins still come out with strong Indio features, my grandfather looks straight up taino, and everyone thinks im arab.. Her mom looks like a White Puerto Rican http: You are so stupid loool. Puerto-ricans are a mixture of Spanish, Native and a bit of black.

She is HALF puerto-rican. Doubt if this girl can really identify with her puertorican side. Seems like any other brunette, brown eyed white girl to me. People of Latin American heritage have a diverse background of cultural and racial heritage.

I am from Spanish descent. My daughter is blonde with green eyes. She is part Latin American. You need to stop stereotyping people of South American and Central American descent. She is basically part white and Hispanic. Not all features will show of her ethnic.

My Spanish features show way more since those Spanish features are stronger along with my Romanian features. She is what she is. Do you know that hispanic is not a race. How can yoj compare hispanic with white? He hispanic mother has also a white part. How about stop trying to figure out what she looks like, huh?!?! I think she looks half German half Turkish. I know she is not though: She looks Puerto Rican as hell. But there is a look. Some do look White as hell.

But even when they do I still just get a vibe that they came from a Latin American country Victoria Justice kind of looks Native American. Obviously Taino indian blood from the Puerto Rican. And she is tan. She definently has Taino from her mom.

Cheek bones give it away. Victoria is partly native??!! Native population in Puerto Rico died out many years ago. And what does a latina look like? Latina is a race or ethnic group but a culture.

She does take more after her Puerto Rican side. She looks more Puerto Rican and Irish than the other ethncities. Not that there is anything wrong with looking German, French or English.

S puerto ricans are mixed with african. Lynsey- yes, Puerto Ricans are mixed with Africans and European too. Was that suppose to offend me?? Puerto Ricans do not think they are Caucasian. Where are you getting this information from? I would like to know. You must be some racist punk hiding behind a computer.

All I said she looks Puerto Rican. Why are you getting so offended?? You on the other hand have very low self esteem.. I could just tell. Victoria is very proud of her ethnicity and does not give a rats ass about racist people like you. I have white friends with blonde hair and blue eyes, also y have black friends, and all considered himself LATINS, why you think all the latins are brown skinned.

Calm your eggs, Rose is obviously thinking about the stereotypical Puerto Rican. Just like people connect Swedish people with white skin, blue eyes and blonde hair.

Check the history they are all mixs too just like American people. Fully Puerto Rican of the real back bone is being taino if you not then you not consider full puerto rican end of discussion. Some may be Italian German Romanian Portugese! The people from Brazil are Portugese! So tbh she looks quite German or Italian i think? I used to have a friend dat looks just like Vic. By the way latin are originally spain, portugal, romania, italian and some other country in europe.

I just have a question, is hispanic a race or not? Because hispanics I know say they are hispanic… not black or white or native american or w. But the majority are Hispanic. How are Puerto Ricans exotic? Vanessa Hudgens is especially bad about this. U are so stupis ass fuk…nd dont be jelious since u aint famous! Omg, I am your ultimate 1 fan forever and always, your totaly gourges, and fab. I know what your you tube and myspace is, and much more. I have all the proof i need to proof to everyone i am, your biggest fan.

I have all your merchandise, i am 15 and a girl. I have watched every episode of victorious, and listened to freak the freak out for 44 hours back to back. I have been your biggest fan from the very start, and have proofed it to my sister, brother, mother, father, and my whole school knows i am your 1 fan.

I will meet you someday, and proof it! Everything you do, makes me happy.


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