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Lonely lady looking hot sex Petaluma

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At its peak it housed over students. In Spring Creek Lodge was entangled in yet another lawsuit, this time on behalf of plaintiffs, all citing multiple abuses and fraud at the WWASP program and various affiliates. Many allegations of abuse, as well as Social Services complaints and lawsuits have been leveled at Cameron Pullan and his brother Chaffin Pullan. Many allegations of abuse, as well as Social Services complaints and lawsuits have been leveled at Chaffin Pullan and his brother Cameron Pullan.

He then went on to be the Director for Majestic Ranch, now operating as Old West Academy, where children as young as 7, and perhaps younger, were detained, abused, and used as forced labor. They picked me up in the middle of the day. I packed a few books for the road and got into a car with two ex-cops. They told me not to run. My last meal was an egg mcmuffin. That morning we drove deeper and deeper and higher and higher into the forest on a mountainside.

I wished I would have run sooner. I soon learned that I could not call my parents. I could not talk to boys. I was on lockdown; I had no rights and could not leave. There were eight giant, two-story, log cabins on campus with a communal cafeteria in the middle. Each cabin was divided into four dormitories. There were twenty bunk beds in our dorm all along the walls. There was also a large bathroom connected to our living space with several sinks and small showers. It was a cross between a military school and a cult.

I was introduced to levels and a complicated point system. At the end of the day I was always in the negative and never got past level one. This was accomplished mainly by talking. If you talked in line it was a T. I also got in trouble for talking to other level-ones as level-ones can only talk to their buddies or level-threes and higher.

I grew somewhat accustomed to the monotony, floating through the same day over and over and over again. The bell in the morning, the five minute shower, the ugly uniforms- khaki and maroon. I was strip-searched upon arrival. This included the confiscation of my black and purple polka dot underwear. Only white cotton undergarments from now on. They took my Dostoyevsky and even my Calvin and Hobbes.

Our rare trips to the little library which I was usually barred from attending were depressing. The selection consisted mainly of Goosebumps and other preteen literature. With no access to telephones or computers, my only connection to the outside world was through letters to my parents.

It eventually became clear that they had become almost as brainwashed as some of my peers. My pleas to come home or to be allowed to move in with my best friend in Los Angeles were met with program lingo i. I tried to comply once against my better judgment. I decided that the level two privileges of butter, sugar, and a weekly candy bar were not worth it. I saw level sevens crushed because they lost all their points for a trivial reason.

I saw the special treatment given to girls that had been there too long in order to speed up their graduation. Staring into space is categorized as either looking-at-boys or planning to escape.

Although I was often penalized for the former by the upper level girls, I was usually doing nothing except not looking straight ahead of me. We would often have to stop in the middle of marching from place to place to accommodate other lines or stop at the restrooms. I made friends with girls who felt the same way. We shared rumors and strategies to get out. One day we heard that two boys managed to leave. They were upper level and took advantage of their good standing to make a run for it.

Supposedly they ran, stole a car, and stole a boat before being caught by the police and put in juvenile hall. Whether or not there was any truth in this, it inspired me. My friend Jennifer and I decided we would find out. There was an emergency button we could push to get out of our cabin.

The only problem was that our shoes were locked up at night, so we only had flip-flops. We pushed the button and ran for a bit, but the boys were faster.

There were small victories however, occasionally vicarious ones. We could only eat three meals a day, plus one snack, so when we snuck extra pop tarts for friends that was a triumph. There was also this one time when a girl from one line saw her boyfriend from home walking in another line and they ran to each other and kissed. The same girl headed a mini-rebellion consisting of some girls from her cabin breaking out and running around the campus naked. In the end I had my own successful demonstration of defiance.

I was also afraid of having to celebrate my sixteenth birthday there, of finishing high school in another state, of having nothing when I finally got out. In any case, I staged an individual silent protest. At first they put me in intervention for long periods of time in solitary confinement.

They threatened to send me to a facility in Mexico or Jamaica where there are even less regulations. They tried to restrain me, prevent me from sleeping, and other methods of unpleasantness.

Finally they kicked me out. When I got home I looked up the school online. Their website recommended that parents watch the movie Thirteen to understand what horrible things their teenagers are doing. In Spring Creek was closed.

I was there in , i remember being there. Wow it was crazy. When i went i was 17 so i only had a year to do. I was in the excel family. We had the worst reputation which i somewhat enjoyed. At that point i stop caring cause i was about to go home anyway. So on a trip up to the hobbit one time i ran into a girls hobbit and kissed this cute little blond girl. I was like a family hero after that. I was in Excel as well.

Arrived in SCL in and took my exit plan at 18 in We actually got the name from the shower curtains which were made by a company called Excel. God this place sucked I was in unity family. K think my favorite phrase was staff it. What was the name of that little room where you went during the day to avoid school? I just remember being well beheaved so I could watch the movie. Showers sucked as well. When were you in there?

I was in there from , also in Serenity. So glad this hell-hole was shut down. That was a program meant for kids that needed tough guidance.. It was a fast and easy program for those that wanted to work it.. It was a place that MADE you earn your privileges.

Privileges you lost at home because of that lack of respect. Sadly there were some parents that used that program because they wanted to ignore their kids or just use the place as an expensive babysitting..

In those sad cases it was just poor parenting. Life is Hell out there but you have to make it a livable one maybe even a happy one. But not without respect and an open heart to others. If and hopefully when you DO come to terms with what happened to you, we will be here for you, as we have been for so many others. Good luck to you. I am not so sure this is actually a survivor… sounds more like a former staff member to me.

Aw man this is definitely a a staff member. Sounds like a case worker or family parent. Considering WE all went through it.


Fukuoka | Japan

It's an interstate ghost town of shut down truck washes, boarded up diners, and closed rest stops-the result of a section of the highway being relocated a short distance north. Signs labeled "Grimes" mark the old interstate exit that still remains.

I am also continuously being emailed by dozens of porn star type girls from a nearby town called Host, Pa. Host consists of a blinking traffic light, 4 houses, and a church.

I actually had a girl who messaged me from outside the site, and was supposedly "vacationing" in the the area, agree to meet me. She insisted that it be at her" safe" location, which I already know to be a drug and gang infested housing project. This site borders on evil and is calculated theft. Check your bank statements to make sure that they are not still charging your credit or debit card after you unsubscribe, have a laugh at yourself and chalk it up to experience.

But there is no response to text messages they are base in california. Numbers are in sequence which i though it was weird. Also email messages never get answer. Even when the other party sippost to be requesting a email or text which they force you to purchase text tokens.

I already know how this site is not cool all bad they got me but a lesson learned I should of seen it coming best of luck to ya on finding something real later. Did you get your money back, Yea no doubt a scam. I live next to the town she said she was from and asked where that was located. Another time a got a response the next day and said she was out doing laundry.

I can go on. This is NOT the number to Milfaholic. When I called I was told they did not support that site and the only advice they could give was to go to the customer service section on milfaholic and do live chat.

No one answered there either. Hey Jon they use a professional answering service to take calls because I talked to one of the operators that was kinda cool with me and she told me they get a lot of calls from people complaing about the service and told me to be careful so whats that tell you well you already know they are dirty take care bro.

This site is a scam. I want my money back. I want my money back and I want it credited back to my credit card. I have joined Milfaholics! I am getting a lot of response from women!

I have a lot of them want to chat! I am going to see if this is real! I am going to make a date, take her out and I will get back to you. The problem with some Men is that they are overweight,they show their junk, and and act rude or crude!

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Most women want a man who is confident! I joined milfaholic about a month ago, I got a few flirts, sent out alot of e-mails but never even got a single reply, even from those that had flirted with me. Last week I sent a message to 50 people that the site said were on line at that time.

I have actually met a couple of women here. It is true too that you have to act and treat them as ladies, not whores even if the show nudity. I do have to admit one tho…. It does seem like all of the women ave huge breasts. The women I met had b cups. If you met women on this site you are in the minority, good for you if you actually did.

I find it hard to believe though…. This site is over the top. I am going to work with attorney general to criminally prosecute these assholes. Like stealing from handicapped people-they are evil. The give aways are: Multiple accounts with the same picture. Repeat messages from same people…. Dwayne,,,your the guy thats hit on the head. I live on a very small Island in England and the first thing I was presented with was a large number of good looking women in one of the towns.

Just too many to be a reality. Zero responses to messages, also I opened up a second trial account only using a different location. The same women who supposedely lived near me now live across the country where I set up the second account. A lot of effort goes into making this site look real, but after a month of attempting to interact, I never, ever had a response. So have to agree that it is a scam. Did not reecognize any of the women, no way there could be that many unhappy in marriage and go naked online from that one little town.

When you click on one, it builds a memory que. They Never answer a message or if they do, it is the same canned message they already sent. If you send multiple messages to one, poof, they are now offline. Even the fully clothed, not so good looking, women that you think might actually be real— not. I just want to know how to get my money back? A rolling bill as it where. Got any idea to why this is?

Call the number on the back of the credit card you used and tell them you want to dispute the charge. They like to hear that you have called the culprits and asked for a refund, so say that you have, and then tell the agent the full story.

Ask your card company to add these milfaholics to their list of questionable businesses and refer them if necessary to the numerous complaints on this page.

Just did a month for NO responses at all. Did have a small conversation with a woman in Texas which is miles away! Lol but no thing local and I sent over messages out! Such a rip off! Back to the bars I go! They had pages upon pages upon pages of profiles in my area and the surrounding areas, and there is absolutely no way there are that many women looking. I can also atest to the site milfaholic. I was lured in also an after the 3rd day now and no one replying to me I did as some others and put in the message if this site was for real and no messages or texts.

So I too am going to call and try to get refunded. Learned a lesson their. That is what happens when you let the wrong head do the thinking.

Research stuff out before giving them your credit card number. Yeah they got me to. Free enterprise sucks at times. Glad I came here. I finally put 2 and 2 together and came up with the exact same thing as everyone here did. Only a handful of cities used. Wish there was a way to collectively shut this site down.

I do get texted back, but its always at 3 or 4 in the morning, And get asked what you doing, DUH! Sleeping, they must be in another time zone. Or they say get back to them, And i text back in less than a minute and no answer. Then i realized , when you text them back they take a token, so there just trying to get you to use up your tokens to buy more.

Chat InformationAll operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly. Please contact this number Toll Free: The percentages do not calculate especially that I know hundreds and hundreds of people in the county I live in and its impossible not to see anyone on this site that I know.

Rating is no stars but I had to check one to go forward with this. I am reporting this charge to Paypal. Milfaholic is a fraud. They show profiles of dozens and dozens of white woman from Riverdale IL.

But Riverdale is entirely black. Basic research you scammers. I had checked this out prior to getting onto the website, decided that the UNICEF Scammers would be fun to play with again, I had latched onto one on a dating website previous. To my surprise, I not latched on one scammer, but three, all of whom I believe may have been the same person.

The same story as on the other site, make a friend, get intimate conversation going, and then when they think they got you, they pull out the I need money to pay for food, then onto flight home. After two weeks of playing with them I reminded them that a true friendship would never be based on a friend I never met, asking me for a thousand dollars.

And further more after checking them out with UNICEF, fraudulent people can be prosecuted to the full extent for this type of action. Of course that led them to silence! I called the 3rd party billing company Epoch at and asked for the charges to be removed. They asked me why and i told them about some of the sites reporting this scam. Before i called Epoch i deleted my profile on Milfaholic and then cancelled my card after speaking with them. Better safe than sorry! From other reports i have read using the customer service help from Milfaholic will get you nowhere and could lead to more charges on your account.

Call Epoch they were very helpful. Have learned my lesson. When I saw the th. Penwell,TX is no longer a town, its an abandoned truck stop and oilfield equipment graveyard. You men are right, complete and total scam. Lets all get our money back!!!! Just like all the other guys here I got tons of introductory email messages asking to see me and asking for more info.

All this before I signed up for this bogus site! You have been warned. The minute I confirmed the payment transaction — zelch! Actually it seem to stop my regular email coming in my Hotmail account.

I did get a message a day later from a lady asking if I could be discreet and one friend request. Neither replied back when I sent a message.

I recognized two porn stars. Sara Jay and the other was Aria Giovanni. I have been to Eldorado, Kansas. There are only a few hundred people there, this site has hundreds of hot women. Plus I never received a response to a single inquiry to any female. Finally they kicked me out. When I got home I looked up the school online.

Their website recommended that parents watch the movie Thirteen to understand what horrible things their teenagers are doing. In Spring Creek was closed. I was there in , i remember being there. Wow it was crazy. When i went i was 17 so i only had a year to do. I was in the excel family. We had the worst reputation which i somewhat enjoyed.

At that point i stop caring cause i was about to go home anyway. So on a trip up to the hobbit one time i ran into a girls hobbit and kissed this cute little blond girl. I was like a family hero after that. I was in Excel as well. Arrived in SCL in and took my exit plan at 18 in We actually got the name from the shower curtains which were made by a company called Excel. God this place sucked I was in unity family. K think my favorite phrase was staff it. What was the name of that little room where you went during the day to avoid school?

I just remember being well beheaved so I could watch the movie. Showers sucked as well. When were you in there? I was in there from , also in Serenity. So glad this hell-hole was shut down. That was a program meant for kids that needed tough guidance.. It was a fast and easy program for those that wanted to work it.. It was a place that MADE you earn your privileges. Privileges you lost at home because of that lack of respect. Sadly there were some parents that used that program because they wanted to ignore their kids or just use the place as an expensive babysitting..

In those sad cases it was just poor parenting. Life is Hell out there but you have to make it a livable one maybe even a happy one. But not without respect and an open heart to others. If and hopefully when you DO come to terms with what happened to you, we will be here for you, as we have been for so many others. Good luck to you. I am not so sure this is actually a survivor… sounds more like a former staff member to me.

Aw man this is definitely a a staff member. Sounds like a case worker or family parent. Considering WE all went through it. Wow, you are a shill. So Diana, when were you there? Did you find your magical child? Maybe the rest of us are just lazy misanthropes too thick in the head to possibly come to realize the wealth of life skills you the enlightened eternal level sixes have attained.

The rest off us a pretty wide cross section of folks at that seem to see what went on in Montana as a simple get rich quick scheme by a bunch of Mormon carpetbaggers. And second, you really should look up the people you are defending, and weigh positive praises of the wwasps facilities against the evidence against them: Please drop a line after you do! Were you a student there Diana? Did you ever get jumped in the woods, told to keep quiet to the press, beaten, abused or humiliated?

If not you have no right or idea what you are talking about. If you are a staff member you were party to the systematic mental and physical abuse of the program, designed to promote failure in all but those who actually needed real help.

Yes most needed help or guidance, but this kind of sickening treatment of youth is disgusting. What actual education came from that place? Did it do anything but give parents an excuse to dump their children on someone else?

Did I not have enough respect? This place was disgusting… seriously whoever thought that torturing kids helped them is a horrible person….

I agree I have no bad memories. I truly feel that the abuse and neglect allegations were kids writing their mommies trying to get them to bring theme home. I remember gravel pit and how fresh and revived I felt afterwords.

The seminars helped release all of that pent up anger. I am not scarred at all. I think these people were a blessing in my life. I remember when Cameron let me babysit his kids and how much trust he had in me.

I remember Natalie Carson making each girl feel as pretty as her. I remember working in the kitchen as often as possible because we could cut up and have a good time. That candy bar on store day gave me something to work hard for. Come on people embrace the good! Rebecca, i was part of that naked girls running. These people are acting like a bunch of victims and 3 year old kids. Id like all of u to realize if you got sent here its your own doing. If u didnt get anything out of the program its your own doing.

If you are the same person doing the same thing with the same bad attitude as before you qent to the program wake up! Its your own doing! Cry me a fuking river you unaccountable over sensative pussies! You — Tom, sound like a prick. If you went to Spring Creek Lodge you would know the truth. I was there too. By the sounds of, around the same time.

Only difference is my parents brought me and lied convincing me it was just a boarding school where I could easier focus on my education without the distractions that gangs and drugs were causing at the time. But scl was filled with the same shit.

People cheeking and trading meds, one guy evwn got caught smoking the one nug of weed he managed to smuggle in using an apple and a lighter he stole from one of the car of one of the many stoners they had working there. I ran with the nortenos back in the day, and lucky me, there was one fellow 15yo ene there from antioch…but 3 surenos and a crip, and this asian dude that was muscly as fuck but mentally a complete bitch who just wanted the crips to like him.

And just cause they flew the same colour rag, the crips n scraps clickes up. So in all, it was 2 vs 6. We got jumped constantly, almost every other day cause there was shit to do n people got bored. And the instructors just allowed it to happen saying they needed to blow off some steam. Luckily tho, my parents found out about the school from the parents of my brother in law who was still enlrolled.

And collin is a big, built, corn fed country boy. For the firat few weeks, he and I werenteven allowed to make eye contact. The next time the Flue rag bitches tried to creep on us, they got completely smashed on. They didnt fuck with us anymore after that. But Thirteen was the wrong move.

Its The Sleepers or just Sleepers with kevin bacon. Fuck every parent that ever sent their kids to this school. It fucked me up more than any amount my hometown could have. I was only I was there for a total of maybe 10 weeks.

Your story of me running away and stealing a boat was true but that was my first attempt. I took off on foot the first time because I could hear a train horn in the distance so I thought I would try to jump on it and go whatever way it took me and I will figure out my next move whenever I got the fuck away from those assholes.

When I got to the bottom there was a river that was a yards wide. I thought about jumping in and swimming but it was moving fast so that idea was scratched. There was an aluminum boat somebody had chained up but no paddles so after busting the padlock with a boulder took about 45 minutes but I finally did it I went back in the forest and found some branches to use as paddles. Took a minute but finally made it across the river next was a big ass cliff of rocks that elevated the river bank from the train tracks.

That was probably the biggest struggle so far was making it up that 10ft wall because it was at a 90 degree angle but I got up it. About an hour goes by waiting on tracks and I hear the horn and get excited. Tell me why this muthafucking train was flying by at about 60 mph. I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and never saw a train in an unpopulated area. Shit all the trains out here unless commuter are moving slower than I can walk.

So after that I just walked out to the street and tried my luck hitchhiking only to be picked up by someone who knew Cameron and his gay ass brother. So I was laying in the back of the pick up with a blanket covering me thinking I got a ride out of there. Surprised when we pulled over to see those twin fags.

After sitting in isolation for about 3 weeks I was finally back to my next way out of here. He was assigned to be my shadow and he had been there for 13 months or something and was almost out of there but he was still the same person that arrived there just faking it to get out of there.

There was 2 of us that actually pulled off the escape and made it all the way to Washington before we split up. He was in Samoa for 22 months his name was josh and he was upper level and was already 18 but he went on a pass and when he confessed that he had sex with his girlfriend who he had a 2 year old baby with and just got dropped back down to level 1.

Anyways he could of just walked out of there technically but we shared a bunk and we just waited until the night staff that always falls asleep was there and the staff that was the leader of our cabin jay bird I feel so bad because he was the nicest out of all the staff. Long story short i stole his truck and drove to Idaho filled up at a self serve gas station then ditched the truck in Spokane Washington.

My heart felt empty because the program manipulated his parents. He was only about 15 minute drive from his house also when his dumb ass told his parents where we were so I just said please tell them I dropped u off here and I jumped back in truck and went to a pay phone by air port.

I will make it to California within the next 2 days. She said she already knew I was gone and she knew about a couple other crimes I did in between to eat and whatever so she was my biggest cheerleader to get home and booked me a plane ticket to get home that was departing in about an hour. Luckily it had a speaker in there so it would do last calls for every departure. During that hour Cameron and someone else came in the bathroom looking for me and there was a person in one of the stalls a couple doors down from mine lol.

These fools knocked on his door and the guy was like what the fuck do u want in a deep voice and they just apologized said they were looking for one of the students because he is missing and plane is about to take off.

To josh lamberts mother. I am so sorry to hear about Josh. I was the one that stole the truck and ran away with him. I just read the article on what he had done to his grandfathers and when it said that no one said anything positive about Josh I was shocked. Josh was a fucking great guy in my opinion during the time I knew him. If u want to call me since I am not much into computers please feel free.

And I will tell u anything I can remember. I am gonna write him sometime this week also. What a fucking shame. Josh was a good guy but we share a bad trait and that is a short fuse. I wish I was as brave as you. I was in Serenity from to I had blacked out a lot of what happened there during my stay. I hope the girls in my family are alright. I have heard too many rumors of people killing themselves after leaving.

The real world never has felt normal since. I was in Spring Creek Community. That was what it was before your time. It was very bad but apparently it had gotten worse. I salute your efforts and yes , the only time I saw someone allowed to leave was because they stopped talking period. I feel for you.

Yep just had a nightmare I was there again woke up feeling sick and not wanting to go back to sleep. This happens more often than you would believe and I have been out for over eight years. Damn that hell hole.

Omg Ian and Jennifer, I totally remember you guys and maybe others! I was there and this is a freaking trip reading all of this. I had no idea there were websites like this.

No wonder my counselor at school had so many questions when I told her I went to Spring Creek. Ian Baldwin I remember you wisdom family. I remember a lot of stuff remember Tyler parish. I was the only guy there from Alaska. I was in Thompson falls in when I was 16 I was taken in the nigh and spent 4 months. It talking to my parents I watched countless times as fellow students were beat and neglected in the hobbit there was one student who they sent to the hobbit every day I hope the kids who were abused win there case if this place was still open I would run up in that camp and take shit over.

It talking to my parents I watched countless times as fellow students were beat and neglected in the hobbit there was one student who they sent to the hobbit every day I hope the kids who were abused win there case if this place was still open I would run up in that camp and take shit over I was in respect sept through December.

I have been forced to stay at Spring Creek Lodge for three years. I still have nightmares about this place, and it has been 7 years since I have graduated from this place. My nightmares were mostly about feeling trapped and having no sense of control over my own life.

I am the type of person who has deep thoughts, and I am not always conscious of my surroundings. Consequently, It was very easy for me to lose points for being unconscious and neglectful, especially when all the girls in leadership positions used to watch us like hawks and consequent us for every minor mistake. I think there should be better ways with dealing with teen behavior.

We were just kids after all. I used to watch Cameron and Chaffen walk around there as if they were kings of the facility. They did not care about the kids. They only cared about money.

In fact, I actually got away with not talking to anyone for a few months. As long as I stayed a ghost, no one felt tempted to pick on me, and that was good for me. I was a naive kid that cared deeply about what others thought of me, I figured staying out of peoples lives would make me feel better.

No wonder that girl killed herself. I was at SCLA in their final days of neglect and deceit. The rules there never changed, and the overall mentality of staff was neglectful and oblivious to the emotional conflicts of individual students at SCLA.

Money trap, most definetely. I was in spring creek in My parents grew wary of them after a few phone calls and a letter I sent to my father using codes and I was pulled after about 7 months of intense madness of a true American teenie gulag. I made the mistake of crossing the jr. Staff at a facility meeting for abuse and was relegated to level 3 status no matter how much time I spent as family leader and asst.

I had it relatively good. Friends of mine like little Doug, John H. Evil people…it was the first time I encountered truly evil adults who practiced trickery and manipulation to maintain a yoke of control upon their wayward little piggy banks. I heard it improved as time went on, but even those who spent time there in the last days, after it had been exposed as a torture facility have my pity for having to experience such things as went on. For every story that made it out of there…every injustice exposed that the children experienced, there are a hundred more that were never told.

Those of us that spent time in Wisdom, Courage, Unity, legend, serenity, eternity etc. Most who praise these places are shills who profited off of it. I could have done this as my family married into the Lichfield mafia in Utah… I no longer speak to them. It never goes away no matter how long in the rear view the experience was. The feelings of hopelessness, mental rape, and imprisonment for whatever offense perpetrated at home, and dealt with by uniform aggression and abuse always remain.

I was a lucky one considering the time I was there few were spared from atrocious violence. I hate to say I inflicted violence on other kids to remain in good standing with family fathers etc. Simply try to forgive, forget, and move on. Once you feel detached enough to fight the bastards and spread your own testimony of their treachery, do so. People should know what went on and what still goes on in remote corners of the country and abroad to children whose parents have been duped into this stuff.

It was a nightmare, but wear your survival with pride. You are better because you made it out and can turn the pain into strength if you make yourself do so. Hell is hot and Thompson Falls was cold…yet they were hard to tell apart at times.

Admin of this site, thank you! Your friend, Myles- Wisdomfamily I was in Wisdom right when i got there in July , I soon transfered to Courage Family due to a letter I wrote home. I was the kid that got messed with. As i remember it I was sleeping Sunday morning and a junior staff decided to climb on me while asleep and dry hump me, I kicked him off and of course he tried to punish me.

Was Doug the little guy that was always in the hobbit? John the one i remember was a cool guy, he was the one that talked to me when i got there. He was from the East Coast somewhere like North Carolina. Eugene was the black kid that was wild right? I seem to remember a story about him using a fire exstinguisher on a staff member in Courage family before he got moved to Wisdom.

Eugene was a veteran who had been there long before I was there. He was a wild son of a bitch, but a sweet guy. That place brought out the worst in people. He beat a staff up with a vacuum tube if I recall correctly…insanity breeds insane behavior if you ask me. Doug was indeed the little guy always getting thrown the Hobbit with that big oaf staff member Kayden. John was my best friend there and he was a cool guy from N. I remember you vaguely. Did you wear glasses? Most did in one way or another.

I hope you feel the same. It is weird that the story of the fire extinguisher is right there in front of me because it was Eugene and me who did that. Someone mentioned that it was a place where we lost our dreams and it seems like that US true bc everything th a rd happened to me after I left has been a result of what that place made me become. Yeah they messed with us early guys pretty hard. I am hoping you remember me!

I am sure since our moms hit it off and we kept in contact for a while after getting out. I heard you had a baby a while back!

I have just for some odd reason been thinking about my time spent in hell…and decided to google it! Well suprise suprise they got shut down! It has been great to read all of these posts and see the familiar names…. I would love to hear from you …. I knew Joah at Sprimg Creek. He was one of the good ones in the jr.

I remember when he was demonized to all hell after he stole the car and escaped with some gangbanger kid. He was always fair and in one particular incident backed me up for calling out a jr. Staff member for beating on a thirteen year old who had been sent there for being too fat.

Tell him Myles from Wisdom says hello. Straight shooter and solid guy. My son Gabriel was there in He is almost 32 years old and is just now starting to talk about what happened at Spring Creek, which is why I am just now doing research on what others experiences were at this facility. He may have known your son. I will ask him. You are more than welcomed to contact me privately at greene gmail.

I will be glad to put you in contact with my son so you can discuss with him directly. I hope he hires a lawyer soon. He was indeed traumatized by wwasps. I remember Joshua somewhat. That place was complete hell. I remember when I finally made it to jr.

They saved them all in there files on polaroids. I was only 15 at the time and was seeing that stuff. Seriously hope everyone involved in that places burns. One day they will have to answer for the things they did. Susan … I was in springcreek from to You are a testament to the endurance of a restless spirit haha. I felt like I abandoned you man…still haunted by that shit. I wonder whatever happened to Atfield?

Anyway, just be good man, and if you ever want to, you know how to get ahold of me. On a side note, in that place the duality of man became very apparent. It was a bad experience because I learned to see the good side of otherwise evil people and empathize which has cost me a lot, but it also taught me to not be afraid of bullies.

In fact it seems like it already has. Anyway brother John, you were the guy who carried me through that time. We leaned on each other a bit. Continue to be happy, take care of the young ones and the wife, and be thankful. Know as well that I would do anything for you bro. All in all it is all as it is supposed to be. Merry Christmas homie… I self correct… I mean uhh and happy new year. I was in the program from I was in unity family.

Let me start off by saying this place was shit!! I spent most of my time I the Hobbit and did not pass level there my parents were brain washed,and my family turned against me I have deep anger issues from this place aam glad it is shut down. Brandon, I was always in intervention. Everyday for a year and a half. My name is Nick Theriault. Do you know it?

I was in Quest family. I was in Spring Creek from was the only person I am aware of to be kicked out of PC3, as a level 6- for being honest about my home contract. I was also the youngest on the facility, for I was a fresh 13 year old.

My parents then sent me to a southern baptist program in Kentucky for my junior year. After that, I was sent back to scl for my last year That place did way more harm than good. There was absolutely no one qualified to look after us.

Another side note- my reason for being there was because I did not like my step dad and argued with my parents constantly. So happy that place was shut down. No one deserved that treatment and lies. Chelsey, I was in Serenity family in I remember you, I believe. Did you have braces? God what a miserable time. Poor Miss Keely, I will never forget her. What an awesome lady. Hi, I was in Serenity as well. I think I remember Chelsea…. That place was horrible…. I was one of the few who got away.

When I arrived i saw brainwashed kids everywhere I looked. There was no way in hell I was going to become another statistic. After extensive prepping and planning.

I finally made my escape it was a cold Novemeber night about 2am. After running all night in the freezing cold my sweat was frozen to my beanie ,I was caught the next morning around 10am. They put out a search party for me…police, volunteers, staff ect….

I was sent there when i was 13 as well for almost two years i was the youngest girl there too im now 28 and feel as if that place ruined my life and changed the path my life i wished ended up.. I was still a virgin when i went there.. That got taken from me.. I started my period all alone and was laughed at by other girls.

I was in the family Charity and never made it past level 2. The twins gave me level 3 just so i could go to a seminar and see my mom in hopes that it would calm me down but it only made things worse.. I was in and out of worksheets daily and spent countless hours nights days and weeks in the hobit. I was molested and beaten up and learned things i would of never dreamnt of knowing how to do or been around people like that until my mother sent me there.

Pretty much just to get me out of her hair so she could drink and party honestly. I have ptsd, severe anxiety, insomnia, intermittent explosive disorder andb severe depression and i believe its all from there. I wouldnt wish that place upon my enemym Chaffin eventually had enough of me and so did every one else i guess and tried to make my mom send me to Jamaica where they had no child labor laws but my mom just brought me home instead.. Made up a home contract followed it for 2 weeks once i got home at the age of 15 and of course got bored and went out to find older kids..

And within 5 months of being home i was doing drugs and pregnant and getting into physical fights with my mother. That place ruined me. Sure it sucks not beig able to eat or watch tv when you want and you have to follow a bunch of bullshit rules. It sucks but it is what it is you make the best with what life throws at you. I am totally against peer on peer displine because upper level assholes are corrupt as hell.

But as far as the staff go I had nothing but great staff member Chaffin and Cameron did walk around like kings but they were harmless. Those kids deserved that, they asked for it. We never deserved that nor the awful mental and emotional repercussions that still longer and influence us today. Cameron, Chaffin, Ken Kay and all the rest deserve to rot in a special place in their Mormon hell for child abusers.

Be prepared boys and girls…Roger is as dumb and sadistic as it gets. He is too stupid to be evil…but the results are the same. And to think she used to be my favorite cousin…shame shame. Maybe we should start a program for kids where they actually receive help and guidance rather than classic Maoist brainwashing and abuse. Hell, I would bet just about everyone on this site is more qualified than these Utards…sorry Utahns.

Robert Lichfield can barely read. I was 15 years old. They had just opened Spring Creek Lodge in Montana. I remember her pulling over at what I thought was a Motel 6 to ask for directions. She went in while I stayed in the car.

After about 15 minutes, I went in to see what was taking her so long. I saw her at the desk and heard the door auto lock behind me and two staff members grabbed me. I knew I was fucked. I had arrived at Brightway! I stayed at Brightway for about 2 weeks before being flown to Montana. Cameron became my new guardian and made that perfectly clear when I got there. There were only about 20 boys at Spring Creek when I arrived… we were the first and opened that damn hell hole like prisoners opening up a new yard.

No one knew what to expect. The youngest of our group was Cliff, he was only 11 or 12 years old. It all started in when his wife, Irene, died mysteriously leaving Jack grief stricken. Eight months later his four year-old son, Jeremy, stopped breathing in his sleep.

Jack claimed it was some genetic link that was killing his family. Next his daughter, also four, died in her sleep. Family and friends could not believe such tragedy could strike again. Jack packed up and moved in with his mother. When the poor lady died in her bed, authorities became a little suspicious. Jack still maintains his innocence and likes to dwell on his suffering. Now that he's been charged with four murders, he might be in for a little more suffering for the next one hundred years.

Donald Miller 4 A prisoner in the Jackson State Prison in Michigan, At age 23 Don confessed to four rape-murders -- including the murder of his former fiancee -- from to in and around East Lansing, Michigan. He was arrested while attempting his 5th rape-murder. In exchange for leading prosecutors to the bodies of his four victims, the charges against him were reduced to only manslaughter.

In , Miller -- a college graduate in criminal justice who was diagnosed as mentally ill before his trial -- was sentenced to toyears in the big house. Fortunately for the rest of us Donald will not be out of prison until Though he could have been released in February after earning ten years off for good behavior, a Michigan judge deemed he's still too dangerous to be released. Thomas "Zoo Man" Huskey 4 On February 13, , after a jury said it was unable to decide whether the defendant was insane, a mistrial was declared in the quadruple murder trial of Thomas "Zoo Man" Huskey.

The member panel, brought miles from Nashville to Davidson County because of intense local publicity, told Judge Richard Baumgartner they were deadlocked The defense claimed Huskey, a former zoo elephant trainer, possessed multiple personalities he couldn't control. One personality in particular, an evil alter ego named "Kyle," confessed to the the murder rampage that claimed the lives of four prostitutes. Prostitutes knew him as "Zoo Man" because he also liked to take them to a barn near the Knoxville Zoo for sex.

The "Zoo Man" has already been convicted of attacking and raping several women in and , and he is serving a year sentence for those crimes. After his arrest in October , Huskey met several times with Knox County investigators. Calling himself "Kyle," he described how he met the victims, what they wore and what they did once he took them to Cahaba Lane, a dead-end road where he could bind, beat and rape women he picked up around Magnolia Avenue.

While being interrogated he related how he talked with Anderson, a prostitute with a serious drug habit, about what he would do with her. Anderson, who was pregnant, begged him to let her go. Huskey -- or Kyle if you are to believe his multiple personalities -- said he strangled her, laid her body on her stomach, threw a jacket over her back and shoved an old mattress on top of her.

In his trial Dr. Erickson saw Huskey when was 16, after he broke into a house on the grounds of the Knoxville Zoo to steal money. His defense contended that as a young man he was recruited by a sado-masochistic prostitution ring which permanently scarred his psyche. Since his arrest in October, , psychologist Dr. D, repeatedly interviewed the "Zoo Man" and uncovered his purported multiple personalities. She also testified that Huskey reported having spells in his past in which he lost track of time.

According to McCoy, Huskey was insane when he killed the four women. Anthony Balaam 4 Anthony, a Trenton, New Jersey crack addict, confessed to sodomizing and strangling four prostitutes during sex-for-drugs exchanges. Fifth rape victim who escaped after being raped and led police to her attacker ending his month deadly rampage. According to police Balaam, 30 at the time of his arrest, showed no remorse and "came off as a nice guy" when he was arrested on August 8, The crimes Balaam was charged with ocurred within two miles of his home.

Police said he encountered his victims in the predawn hours, while cruising neighborhoods where women regularly swap sex for crack cocaine. On February 16, when the woman who was raped escaped, police became convinced from details of the attack and the weapon used that the rapist was also the strangler they were seeking. DNA from semen taken from the victims and other laboratory results linked two killings.

Balaam eventually became a suspect, and the rape victim identified him as her attacker after his arrest. Balaam, known as the "Trenton Strangler," was convicted on June 1 of killing the four women. The slain women were: On June 17 jurors ruled against the death penalty for the convicted killer. Lowell Amos 4 On Oct 24, , Lowell, a Detroit businessman whose mother and three wives died under suspicious circumstances, was convicted of murdering his third wife with a cocaine overdose.

Lowell, a former General Motors plant manager from Anderson, Indiana, claimed his wife, Roberta Mowery Amos, 37, died from an accidental drug overdose during sex play in which he was inserting cocaine into her body. However, a coroner's autopsy revealed that her body contained 15 times the amount of cocaine needed to kill a person.

Prosecutors believe Lowell knew Roberta was about to leave him and he wanted to collect on her life insurance. Strangely, the unlucky widower's two previous wives and his mother had all died mysteriously between and He now faces an automatic life sentence without possibility of parole for the slaying of his third betrothed, Roberta. Eric Elliott, 18, and Lewis Gilbert, 24, of Newcomerstown, Ohio, bored with their mundane existence, went on a weeklong crime spree in Ohio in leaving four dead in their wake.

In Gilbert was convicted in the killing of Roxy Ruddell and was sentenced to death. Eric's first trial in May, , ended in a deadlock. In his second trial, moments before jury selection was to begin, Elliot pleaded guilty to participating in the September slaying of Ruddell because, he said, "he was in fact, guilty.

The victim, year-old Roxy Ruddell was murdered while fishing in a lake. The two boys were arrested with Mrs. Ruddell's truck near Santa Fe, N.

Police believe they also abducted and killed Ruth Loader of Port Washington, who has never been seen again and is presumed dead. Furthermore, they are suspected in the slayings of William and Flossie Brewer, whose bodies were found in their home in Kingdom City, Montana. Beverly Allit 4 Bev, a nurse suffering from the mental illness Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy a desire to kill or injure to get attention , was given 13 life sentences at Nottingham crown court in after being convicted of murdering four children and attacking nine others.

Her arrest followed an investigation into several incidents of alleged tampering with patients' ventilators and pumps delivering intravenous medication at various hospitals in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. The nurse is now detained in Rampton Maximum Security Hospital for the criminally insane. It is unlikely that she will ever get out, but if she does relatives of the dead children have promised to kill her. Public reaction to the case was particularly hostile, as, being a nurse, she was obviously in a position of trust and in charge of caring for children.

Archie "Mad Dog" McCafferty 4 A multiple killer who has been in jail in Australia for the past 23 years was to be deported to his native Scotland within the next two weeks.

Australian authorities immediately confirmed that they would send him back to Scottland from where he came with his family when he was ten. The murderous rampage took place five days after his six-week-old son died when his wife fell asleep while breast-feeding and rolled on top of him.

McCafferty claimed at his trial in that he had heard the voice of his dead son telling him he would be born again if seven people were killed. He remained obsessed with the number seven in prison, writing an autobiography titled "Seven Shall Die. However, a parole board judge said that by "Mad Dog" became a model prisoner. His freedom was granted after his fifth request for parole.

Philip Morrice, the British Consul-General, said Britain had no choice but to accept the decision to deport McCafferty, although the prisoner has appealed against the move.

At the hearing McCafferty apologised to relatives of his victims and said he was "out of touch with reality" at the time of the killings. If I could give my life to bring your fathers back I would do that gladly. On April 23, "Mad Dog" lost his last appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal against a deportation order by the Australian government. On May 1 McCafferty was escorted onto a plane by two police officers and sent on his way to Scotland, a place he has no desire to live in.

Scottish authorities stated that they will have to house him if he returns to Glasgow, but there are fears of a lynch-mob if the public discovers his where-abouts. The victims families believe that he is not a changed-man, and that there is every possibility that he will kill again.

Andrei Maslich 4 A death row inmate in Siberia, Andrei has received two death sentences for strangling and cooking his cell mates in prison. Maslich, a four-time convicted murderer, received his first death penalty in when he and another inmate strangled, cooked and ate a prisoner because they were bored.

He was sentenced to death again on December 26, for strangling his new cell mate after an argument and boiling his liver in a metal mug on a makeshift fire. Allegedly he cooked his cell mate in hopes of being declared insane and escaping execution for his first act of cannibalism. Maslich told the Altai regional court he cooked his cellmate, a double murderer, in hopes of being declared insane and escaping execution for his first act of cannibalism.

The crime was not discovered until the next morning, when a warder looked through the spy hole and Maslich nodded to his lifeless cellmate: Tsutomu Miyazaki 4 Charged with the kidnapping and murdering four young girls in Tokyo and the Saitama Prefecture from to , Tsutomu told the Tokyo District Court he did not, "have much interest in his trial.

Court hearings were suspended on March when lawyers demanded a second psychiatric test for Miyazaki. The first psychiatric tests showed that his mental condition, despite signs of personality disorder, was sufficient enough to be held responsible for the crimes. But a second test contradicted the initial one, suggesting that he was either suffering from multiple personality disorder or schizophrenia.

According to the court, Miyazaki kidnapped a 4-year-old girl in Saitama Prefecture and strangled her in a forest in suburban Tokyo in August About five months later, he burned the body near his home. The he placed the ashes in a cardboard box that he left in front of the dead girl's home. In October the same year, he abducted a 7-year-old girl while she was walking along a street in Saitama Prefecture and took her to woods in suburban Tokyo and strangled her. In December , Miyazaki approached another 4-year-old girl in Saitama Prefecture, strangled her in his car in a parking lot and abandoned her body in a nearby wooded area, according to the court.

In June , he abducted a 5-year-old girl in Tokyo and also strangled her in his car. He later mutilated her body and abandoned parts of the corpse in wooded areas of Saitama and Tokyo prefectures. Miyazaki was arrested in July , in Hachioji, Tokyo, on charges of trying to molest another girl after he was caught by the girl's father.

He confessed during questioning to the four slayings. After his arrest, investigators found and confiscated a collection of 5, animated and other videos at his home. Among the videos was one with about five minutes of footage of one of the mutilated victims, as well as a video tape from the "Guinea Pig" series in which a man kidnaps a nurse, renders her unconscious by injection and cuts off her hands, head and feet. Miyazaki later said he had felt "uncomfortable" with adult women and turned to children.

An equal oportunity psychopath, he added that he was attracted to necrophilia. Robert Arguelles 4 While serving a sentence for child molestation, Robert Arguelles, 34, confessed to being a serial killer. On May 2, , four years after the disappearance of three teen-age girls from the Salt Lake City area, Robert confessed to their murders after he received a letter saying that he was a father. The repentant slayer said: I started to understand just how much it would hurt to have someone do what he had done".

In return for fessing up, Arguelles asked for a private cell, a color TV and the death penalty. Arguelles confessed that on March he kidnapped, sexually assaulted and strangled year-old Tuesday Roberts, then stabbed her friend, year-old Lisa Martinez, to death with a wood chisel.

Earlier that month, he kidnapped, sexually assaulted and killed year-old Stephanie Blundell. He also pleaded guilty to the February abduction and strangulation of year-old Margo Bond, a janitor at a junior high school where Arguelles said he was hunting for girls. Originally he claimed to have merely witnessed the dumping of the bodies of two of the dead teenagers.

Later, in a tearful seven-hour session with his lawyer and a police investigator he broke down and admitted to the four killings. On May 12, Arguelles -- who has spent all but three years of his adult life behind bars -- pleaded guilty to the murders and said he wanted to be executed as soon as possible.

In a strange courtroom exchange the judge bluntly asked Arguelles: I would elect to be executed by firing squad," if possible without a hood, Arguelles added. On April 7, , Arguelles told Judge David Young he was fed up with the competency hearings to determine if he is fit to die.

A lot of people are trying to tell me I don't want the death penalty. Arguelles has repeatedly stated he wishes to die for his crimes and will fight any effort to appeal his death sentences. He murdered and mutilated 4 men in , the bodies found near small rural towns. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in No victims beyond the 4 he admitted have been suggested by police.

Described as "ugly, stunted, without attraction of face, figure, speech Her hubby, Zwanzinger, proved to be a drunken bully who went through her inheritance before dying of alcoholism.

By the time she was 40, after trying her hand at toymaking, she starting working as a domestic with the hope of finding the right man who would fall in love with her charms and cooking and would want her to be his wife. Her first potential husband was a judge named Glaser.

Unfortunately the man, although separated , was still married. Thoughtful Anna engineered a reconciliation between Glaser and his wife. Once the Frau was back at home, Anna started feeding her arsenic in her tea until she died. Still, the judge wouldn't propose, so Anna poisoned several of the judge's guest. After being fired from the Glaser household Zwanzinger found work at another judge's home. Judge Grohmann and, unbeknownst to him, was a potential future husband for his new housekeeper.

Once the judge announced his engagement to another woman, he unwillingly signed his death sentence. After feeding him a bowl of special Bavarian soup, Grohmann died an agonizing death. In the meantime two other servants poisoned unsuccessfully by Anna because they annoyed her. Her next household was of yet another judge. Judge Gebhard was married to a woman who was sickly before Anna started feeding her poison.

Her condition turned from bad to worse once and she too died following horrible stomach pains. Crazed with the power of death, Anna poisoned several servants and fed the judge's infant a biscuit dipped in arsenic. The servants survived, but the baby died. At the urging of his servants Judge Gebhard had their food analyzed.

Traces of arsenic were found after Anna had already escaped. Before her getaway she filled every salt shaker and sugar container in the household with generous doses of arsenic. On October 18, Anna was arrested after she had sent several letters to the Gebhard household extolling her love for the dead baby and saying the she was willing to forget the wrongs she had suffered and was ready to resume her duties.

After six months of questioning, Anna finally broke down confessed. Turner On January 5, Washington D. Turner with a third murder three over a three-year period. Turner, 36, was charged with the murder of Toni Ann Burdine. Burdine, a known prostitute and drug user, was found in an open field in the Northeastern section of the city May 4, The year-old had been raped and strangled to death.

Three years later police arrested Turner for two similar slayings. After reopening the Burdine case, authorities were able to match a strain of semen taken from her body to Turner's DNA. Turner has already been charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Jacqueline Teresa Birch, 39, and Dana Hill, Both women were also known prostitutes and were strangled to death.

Further, all three victims have been found near Turner's home. Turner has pleaded not guilty to all three attacks.

The additional victims are Lateashia Blocker, 28, who was found in in the same empty house as Teresa Birch; Emile Dennis, 42, who was discovered in December in a crawl space beneath the townhouse where Turner lived with his wife; Jessica Cole, 41, whose body was found badly mutilated on October ; and year-old Priscilla Mosley. Turner was not the initial suspect in the slayings of Birch and Hill.

The most compelling evidence police have so far revealed against Turner, in addition to the DNA matches, is the testimony of a former girlfriend who Turner is charged with raping and choking. In a hearing, the woman testified that Turner once said he preferred violent sex, including strangulation, because he had "trouble achieving sexual enjoyment any other way. The year-old suspect was caught on closed-circuit television at University College Hospital on Wednesday asking for medicine for a diabetes-related condition called peripheral neuropathy but left when staff began to query where he lived.

Detectives believed that his quest for medication was their main chance of catching him. Earlier in the week a tramp foraging for food in a dumpster in the back of a pub found body parts wrapoped in plastic bags. Investigators then found a torso of one woman and seven or eight bags with body parts in neighboring trash containers.

A second female torso Hardy's apartment. Police believe both women were prostitutes. The heads, hands and some limbs of both victims are still missing. Police also identified one of the prostitutes as year-old Brigitte Cathy MacClennan. She is believed to have lived in Camden but originally came from New Zealand. The other dismembered prostitute was identified as year-old Elizabeth Selina Valad, originally from Nottingham.

Though her head and arms are still missing, Valad was identified by her breast implants. Commander Andy Baker said there remained a "number of unsolved murders we must have an open mind to". Among them is that of Paula Fields, 31, a prostitute found in Camden canal in February She had been cut into six pieces and her head has not been found.

Hardy, a former mechanical engineer, was first questioned by police in January last year after year-old Sally Rose White was found dead in his apartment, but post-mortem tests showed she had died from natural causes. The sensitive type, Bobby whimpered as he was led to a police car in Patchogue, Long Island. He said he felt "horrible" and apologized to the families of the victims. Shulman's brother been charged with helping dump some bodies, but is not believed to have be involved in the killings.

Shulman enjoyed picking up prostitutes and taking them back to his apartment for drugs and mayhem. After satiating his senses he would beat them to death using a hammer, baseball bat or a set of barbells. Police tracked down one of the victims from a tattoo on her body. Investigators were then able to link Shulman and his brother's blue Cadillac to the dead prostitute. First police charged him with killing two women.

While in custody he admitted involvement in three other murders. Apparently he would smoke tons of crack with his prostitute friends, black out and wake up to find them dead. On March 4, , a Suffolk County Court jury convicted Shulman of first-degree murder in Long Island's first capital murder case since a new death penalty law has been enacted.

Shulman was found guilty of murdering and dismembering three prostitutes in and He is suspected of at least two more killings. In court, Shulman wore a plaid shirt and a blue sweater. When he was arrested, his hair was long and scraggly. In court, he wore his hair in a buzz cut. It has taken three months of pre-trial hearings, four months of jury selection, and four months of testimony and two days of deliberation.

The penalty phase of the trial begins March To be prosecuted under New York's new serial killer provision, a defendant must be accused of killing three or more people within a month period as part of a common scheme or plan or in a similar fashion. On May 7, , a jury recommended the death penalty for former Shulman. The Suffolk County Court jury deliberated about five hours before recommending death by lethal injection for the murders of three prostitutes.

Shulman was convicted of killing Kelly Sue Bunting, 28, of Hollis, Queens, whose body was found in December in a trash bin in Melville, Long Island; Lisa Ann Warner, 18, of Jamaica, Queens, whose body was found in April at a Brooklyn trash recycling plant; and an unidentified woman whose mutilated body was found in December on a roadside in Medford.

He is also is awaiting trial in Westchester County for the murders of two other women. He is accused of killing Lori Vasquez, a year-old Brooklyn woman, in and dumping her body into a Yonkers trash can. He also allegedly killed and dismembered another woman whose body was found in a trash bin in Yonkers in She was never identified. Shulman's attorney, Paul Gianelli, argued that his client's life should be spared because he suffered from depression and had a weak grasp of reality.

As a result, the attorney said, Shulman was unable to help prepare a defense during the sentencing phase of the trial. Defense testimony recounting Shulman's troubled childhood -- his mother and brother suicide -- failed to sway the jurors. Shulman, who faces two more murder charges in Westchester County, attempted suicide with a razor after his conviction.

He wept as yesterday's death sentence was announced. Asked if she had a final statement, she answered weakly, "No, sir," squeezing her eyes shut and keeping them shut, not looking at the witnesses on the other side of the glass.

In her final days Judy said she wanted to be remembered as a good mother. Goodyear died in September. Buenoano went to live with Bobby Joe Morris, who also grew ill and died. Then John Gentry, who started getting ill and checked into a hospital. Gentry had vitamins that Buenoano was giving him analyzed and found poison.

Buenoano was convicted of drowning her year-old son, Michael Goodyear, in by pushing him out of a canoe into a river. He was paralyzed from arsenic poisoning and was wearing heavy leg and arm braces.

After the attempt on Gentry's life, she changed her name from "Goodyear" to the"Buenoano" good year in Spanish. When police made the Goodyear-Buenoano connection the kid's body was exhumed and it was found to be plump with arsenic. Prosecutors in Colorado also found evidence Ms.

Buenoano poisoned a boyfriend in but did not charge her because she had already gotten the death penalty in Florida. Judy mantained her innocence until the very end. Oscar Ray Bolin Jr. A former carnival worker, Bolin was found guilty of first-degree murder and false imprisonment in the November death of Stephanie Collins, The high school senior's disappearance from a suburban shopping center sparked a massive monthlong search.

He won new trials, however, when the Florida Supreme Court said improper evidence had been introduced. Bolin was retried in and sent to death row for murdering Matthews.

In February, a Hillsborough jury recommended that Bolin get the death penalty for killing Holley. He is to be formally sentenced by a judge in May in the Holley and Collins cases. Prosecutors say Bolin abducted Collins after she stopped by the drugstore where she worked to see about picking up extra work over the holidays. She was on her way to chorus practice. Bolin took the teenager to his north Tampa travel trailer and bludgeoned and stabbed her to death, jurors were told.

Bolin's wife at the time of the murders, who now is dead, testified on videotape that he admitted killing Collins. Bolin's attorneys said their client merely helped conceal the crime of an unnamed person. Bolin did not take the stand. After the trial, his attorneys said they think numerous issues will provide a basis for an appeal. They argued during trial that they were hamstrung by a poor cross- examination of Bolin's ex-wife by his previous attorneys.

However completely unremarkable Bolin is as a serial killer, he became the focus of national media attention when he married Rosalie Martinez, a socially prominent Tampa woman. Rosalie left her attorney-husband and four young daughters, for her jailhouse Lothario. It wasn't exactly a traditional ceremony. However, they have not consummated their union. I'm on a crusade. Shedding a different light on the case, on October 26, , Mrs. Oscar Ray Bolin, Jr. During the trials in the early 90's I was training to be a victim advocate.

I was privileged to sit with and "support" the parents of the 3 women Bolin murdered. I was present when Rosalie Martinez was evicted from the court room for "trying" to intimidate Bolin's half-brother while he was testifying. In fact, I nearly fell off my chair. He has been tried AND convicted 6 maybe 7 times for Christ's sake.

I wonder how pretty SHE would feel with a tire iron across her head. And lets not forget that the tire iron was only used because Bolin's stabbing and drowning didn't kill Matthews. How pretty she would be. On behalf of all of us women out here, I would like to make a collective sigh of relief that he is not on the streets. Sit down and shut up sweetheart. Your 15 minutes are over, and I will say an extra prayer tonight that your soon to be dearly departed will get a "date" soon.

For the seventh time in a row, Florida serial killer Oscar Ray Bolin has been found guilty of first-degree murder. Since he has been found three times guilty of killing Terry Lynn Matthews. Twice he has been convicted for each of those murders. Each time the victims' families, the prosecutors, the judges, thought they had moved closer to justice, the Florida Supreme Court found mistakes in the trials and overturned the convictions.

During Bolin's eight-day trial, signs of just how much time has passed since the killings were everywhere. Time and again, witnesses were forced to answer questions apologetically by saying, simply, "I don't remember. It's been so long. Some witnesses have died, including Bolin's ex-wife, Cheryl Jo Coby.

Another witness, Robert Kahles, committed suicide in He owned the tow-truck company that Bolin worked for in Ultimately, it was his decision to allow Bolin to take a wrecker to Pasco County on the day Matthews was abducted and murdered. Before putting a gun to his head, Kahles called his wife and said, "I shouldn't have had that boy working for us.

He would pick up his victims at gas and service stations along the interstate and dump their bodies further down the road. Authorities in seven other states want to question Sean about dozens of similar death that occurred along his truck routes.

Many of the victims were prostitutes who were smothered or strangled. Perhaps we'll see Sean move up the ranks of his peers as he is linked to more killings. On December 15, , the year-old trucker received two consecutive life terms for the killings in Tennessee. He also received year jail terms on each of seven counts of rape and 18 years each for five conspiracies to rape, to run concurrently. In short, Mulcahy, 41, was convicted after his childhood friend, John Duffy, spent 14 days in the witness box cataloguing their rape and murder scheme.

According to Duffy during the s the pair went on "hunting parties" searching for women. Duffy, who was known as the Railway Rapist because he used his knowledge of the rail network to target his victims, was caught and jailed for life in In custody he named his former friend -- who police suspected all along -- as his accomplice.

Their three confirmed victims were: Alison Day, 19, who was attacked close to Hackney Wick station in east London in December ; Maartje Tamboezer, 15, whose body was found near a station at Horsley, Surrey in April ; and Anne Lock, a year-old secretary with a television company who was murdered near Brookmans Park railway station Hertfordshire in May Mulcahy and Duffy were first interrogated by police in July about a series of rapes in North London.

They were both released on bail and five months later they raped and murdered Alison Day in Hackney Wick, East London. In the spring of they raped and murdered two more women -- Maartje Tamboezer, 15, and Anne Lock, The pair was rearrested in November of that year. Police charged Duffy with the three murders and six rapes, but had to release Mulcahy for lack of evidence.

In Duffy broke his silence and started talking about the murders and other rapes he had committed and implicated Mulcahy as his accomplice in many of the crimes. Mulcahy was finally arrested on February 3, In court Duffy described how he and his best friend from childhood would hunt for victims throughout London. We did it as a bit of a joke.

A bit of a game. Police, believing the two are probably responsible for many more deaths, are re-investigating the murder of year-old Jenny Ronaldson, who was sexually assaulted, strangled and thrown in the Thames.

Detectives plan to examine a national file of over unsolved murders of women to search for any links to Duffy and Mulcahy.

Surveillance teams tailing him decided to move in when he was located at the Sun Hotel in downtown Miami. Two SWAT teams cleared out the rest of the hotel and found him in a room on the top floor. Officers also found a year-old girl in another part of the sixth floor. Crowley identified her as Angelique Stallings, who had been missing since she went out on a Valentine's Day date with Kee. Police also are investigating whether Kee, nicknamed the "East Harlem Rapist" by the New York media, was involved in the killings of two other teen-age girls in and One girl may have been burned alive on a rooftop.

Another had her life's breath squeezed out of her, and a third, only 13, was strangled and stabbed three times in her bare left breast. No mother should have to suffer what the mothers of these three murdered teenage girls are suffering on the 12th floor of a lower Manhattan courthouse.

As just one example of his alleged cunning, Kee - a computer whiz, self-styled rap artist and convicted thief - repeatedly outwitted police attempts to get his DNA and link him to the attacks.

Once, when he was held last year on a petit-larceny charge, he declined a cheek swab - cops lied that it was a "tuberculosis test" - claiming, at the brink of signing a consent form, that he was a Jehovah's Witness, opposed to invasive medical procedures. The prosecution presented DNA evidence recovered from six of his seven victims that matched Kee's. Police obtained Kee's DNA from a coffee cup he used while in custody at the time of his February 19, , arrest. In a bizarre twist, Kee testified in his own defense, ignoring his lawyers' advice.

He insisted in two days of rambling and disjointed testimony that he was innocent of the murders and rapes and accused the police of framing him. He insisted police arrested him because of the Amadou Diallo shooting in Feb. Kee's explanation as to how his DNA got on six of the seven victims was that police "planted the DNA on the girls and it had something to do with genetic shuffling. Kinney, 51, is suspected of killing women in Washington, Michigan and Iowa, has been in.

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