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M4w Harmless middle aged married guy who is in a sexless marriage slampieece to meet up with a hottie and make her a queen for the day. I am 5'6, tall, athletic and I love working out. I am waiting to find a lady friend who is in Lookin for a slampiece committed relationship Swingers Personals in Olmstedville am) who would Lookij to Lookin for a slampiece through e mail or on line and share thoughts experiences that may be hard to share with the 'better half' or with friends and acuquaintances.

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Lookin for a slampiece

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I am what they a dream chaser.

Please be DD free and HWP I am 47 with average looks and I live in Hayden. Write back, let me know your situation.


Before she settled down with Matt, she tore up the Maine basketball record books. Boston College recruited Sarah, and she started as a point guard for three years. The couple met at BC while both were ripping it up. In fact, they met in the weight room while they were pumping iron. In early April, she felt it was time to explain her incredibly justified absence. On January 9th I was placed on hospital bed rest due to complications with my pregnancy.

After 6 weeks under the watch of the amazing doctors and nurses at Northside Hospital, our twin boys decided they were ready to make their arrival into the world.

They were small but tough and fought their way through their time in the NICU to get strong enough to come home. His brother John Johnny Matthew Ryan followed a week later. To say that having Marshall and Johnny at home is a dream come true for Matt and I would be putting it mildly. We are endlessly thankful for their doctors and nurses in the NICU who gave them the most incredible care and will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

We so appreciate it. A post shared by Sarah Ryan sryan03 on Apr 8, at 8: It appears everyone is finding their groove and doing well. She is officially a sponsorship sales consultant. I cannot oversell how much of a huge athlete she was in Maine: In fact, I was working at a Portland Maine news channel during her heyday — she was honestly a big deal.

I do get the sense she has a natural, competitive sports streak. Matt and Ryan like to travel to exotic places as much as any other pro athlete with a fat wallet. I suppose the offseason is a time to explore tropical, curated paradises.

I like that description because it captures her well. Ryan seems to hang out with her mother in Maine whenever she can.

The two of them engaged in some karaoke sessions, and Sarah posted them on her social media. He should be dating me.. Maybe he wants a natural looking girl that was really good at sports. They probably have alot of similar interests because she was really athletic and so is he. She seems really nice as well. I say stick with the athlete chick….. He could have anybody at all.

Otherwise, she will always be aware of the constant and inevitable buzz that surrounds them when they walk into a room together, or her in the company of the other wives which goes like this: I mean, really, WTF? I think she is pretty and she can play ball. All you girls have it wrong. She is not hideous, ugly or any jealously driven diatribes you say.

I saw her at a Georgia Tech game when he was at B. And shall we say…. But who says she has to look like that. And maybe she is really pretty in real life. I have great taste as I factor in the things that really matter for a long term relationship: Intelligence, good values, personality, ability to hold good conversation, and good looks are always a bonus.

Sarah has all of the above and then some. Out of all the women that I have met so far in life, Sarah is one out of the few select women I would call wifey material, a woman you want to spend the rest of your life with through thick and thin.

Oh and Sarah, ironically after last topic of our conversation, I was in the very last seat of the plane. I have great taste in women as I look at the things that really matter: Sarah is all of the above and then some.

She even volunteers her time to the less fortunate as I have spent most of my life. Oh and Sarah, ironically after our last conversation, I was situated in the very last seat of the plan. She even volunteers her time to the less fortunate as I have spent most of my life doing also. She is cute and they are happy and its not always what you look like its also whats inside you that matters too.

The Nature Boys likes the ladies in the big sweaters!! Got them training bras. I personally know Sarah as we work at the same Company as co-employees for about years now. I feel like throwing up. This is what happens when a culture is immersed in marxist feminism. A woman who grows up playing sports loses her feminity, has a masculine looking body and acts mannish. Men tend to lose their natural masculinity and start to look for a girl who lacks the complementary feminine manner.

A professional athlete in the year should not be relegated to this beast. I know helmet to helmet hits in the NFL are a serious epidemic, and this news is further evidence of its traumatic effects. I am sure the first few girls do not look that great while playing sports if they do at all. She exhibits the qualities that every person should posess: This is not fair because I met her a few times in South Carolina and have met him through her.

Those pictures really are bad pictures of her. She is actually some what blond now and VERY good looking. I guess some folks decided to post some bad pics or shes just not photogenic. On top of that her personality with her good looks I completely understand what Matt sees in her. The crazy thing is he is so much thiner in real life than his pictures. I wish them the best of luck. Sarah is a precious gem — witty, smart, athletic and very pretty.

I wish her and Matt all the happiness in the world. Yea but if he got a good looking women with no brain what do you think shed do? In real life Sarah is gorgeous; those pictures do not do her justice. Four of the five pictures are when she is in game mode. Ya know ,I cannot understand why you all would post such ugly and hurtful things. Dont know her,but that girl is beautiful and so is Matt. When people start listing all of your qualities guess what……That means your fuckn nasty lookin!!!!!

I cannot believe how rude crude judgmental these comments are they definitely show a lack of intelligence class and education and I am sure that everyone who made negative comments are miss americas and gq material with a 3.

I wish that emails were printed in reverse order so the public could see the most recent to oldest. Miss Marshall is a beautiful young lady. I applaud her for all of her accomplishments. She and Matt Ryan will make a wonderful couple. I wish them only love and happiness. I am a huge Matt Ryan fan and I hope that they stay together so she is happy and him too. But I think he could possibly do better and that is pretty much true.

So I think he should go for who he loved so he can be happy. And as long as he is happy I am happy to because he is super sexy and handsome. And any women is lucky to be with him. I was shocked when I saw her picture but oh well. As long as she treats him right.

Nothing better than that. I went to high school with Sarah and she was not only a great athlete and student but she was a really nice person and a great example for upcoming girls. Looks are not everything. I was in HS with Sarah for one year before she transferred to a private school after her freshman year and she was one of the most down to earth, constantly happy…silly even..

I knew her as a very humble person considering how smart, athletic and very popular she was. Sarah is a very beautiful person. Her whole family is beautiful.. Saying nasty comments out loud, esp. For that I feel sorry for you. Though if Matt Ryan has another season like , the couple may no longer be welcomed in the state.

If the coaches and General manager get the d and o- line straight, We will get to the super bowl.


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Enjoy some company befode the simmers gone. Don't care about body type or color. I already told you my age.

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