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Trucks head onto the Ohio Turnpike in Lake Township. Many defendants named in a federal prostitution sting allegedly plied their trade at Lake Township truck stops. The fence behind the so-called 'party row' at a Lake Township truck stop has a piece missing from the back of the property off I The gap enables people to enter the premises.

Lake Township Police Sgt. Brian Linscott patrols a truck stop off I, looking to arrest prostitutes who frequent the area.

Brian Linscott works undercover at area truck stops to question and arrest prostitutes and their customers. For Lake Township police, it was another round of prostitution arrests at truck stops off I exits near the Ohio Turnpike and another night of playing 20 questions with stubborn suspects. Her friend, also a teenage prostitute, was equally insistent: I swear I know for a fact that's true.

For Lake Township police that night, it was another round of prostitution arrests at truck stops off I exits near the Ohio Turnpike - and another night of playing 20 questions with stubborn suspects. Brian Linscott, a veteran officer who patrols the asphalt sprawl of highway and truck stop parking lots. It's Street Cop , but not necessarily easy.

As police know too well, people aren't always who they say they are - especially prostitutes, and especially the young ones. And if it's tough for police to get identities straight, is underage prostitution even more extensive than law enforcement has documented? Using wiretaps, tracking money transfers, and poring over computer databases, Mr. Clancy and federal and state investigators last year built a nationwide case against alleged interstate sex traffickers, including nearly two dozen Toledo men and women accused of taking dozens of teens cross-country to work in prostitution.

By the time of the trial in Harrisburg, Pa. This new approach treats prostitution as organized crime, not nuisance misdemeanors. Yet despite sophisticated tactics, it still takes old-fashioned police work to win a hand of liar's poker with a stubborn suspect.

A Pennsylvania state trooper relied on a three-ring binder with photos to sort out the names and faces behind the page federal indictment in Harrisburg. As far back as , Trooper David Olweiler swapped photos with Ohio law enforcement, hoping to ID hookers who were showing up at Harrisburg area truck stops.

Many provided the same home city: Lake Township's Sergeant Linscott has spent years prying names and information from prostitutes arrested at township truck stops. By the time U. Among them was the girl who, one early morning four years ago, insisted her name was "Robin Martinez.

By the time the sun began to rise - three hours after she and her older accomplice were handcuffed in a parking lot off Libbey Road - Sergeant Linscott had played several rounds of the name game.

He'd called a cell phone number the girl gave. A woman at the other end said she was the teen's mother, and the sergeant's hopes rose. Yet she couldn't offer an ID. And while she knew the day of her daughter's birth, she couldn't remember the year. Eventually, a distraught woman showed up at the police station. She was the girl's mother - but this didn't reassure Sergeant Linscott. She was upset, she admitted, because she too had been a prostitute.

Three years later, both names surfaced again - this time on separate prostitution arrest reports in Harrisburg. In two different arrests, the daughter gave conflicting years of birth.

You know if you like a guy and he's older you're not going to tell him you're underage. Because then you're thinking They weren't the only Toledo names familiar in both Lake Township and the federal court in Harrisburg. Derek Maes - Convicted of running prostitutes in Memphis in , Maes was repeatedly named as a pimp or associate by prostitutes in Lake Township in the last three years, including by two teens - 16 and 17 years old - in He was arrested for trespassing at a Lake Township truck stop in after police said he chased a prostitute who later admitted working for him.

The sergeant was building a local case against Maes when the feds called him two years ago during their investigation. Speaks is the daughter of a Toledo police officer who was convicted in of running a sadomasochistic sex dungeon with her husband in their West Alexis Road home.

Speaks, 19 at the time, was convicted as an accomplice. Jacobs, also known as "Storm," is accused of being Maes' "bottom bitch," a prostitute trusted to discipline pimps' other hookers. Buffie Rae Brawley - In "the game" by age 13, she racked up prostitution-related arrests throughout the country, and was married to Maes.

Murdered in March, , her half-naked corpse was found in an abandoned truck stop near Indianapolis. No one was charged. More than a year ago, a hooker in Lake Township told police she worked for Banks and that he was heading to Florida with seven prostitutes. A short time later - unaware of the federal investigation - an Escambia County sheriff's deputy spotted a year-old Toledo girl wandering in a seedy Pensacola neighborhood.

It wasn't her tight jeans or the tiny shirt that snared Mike Gilmore's eye that night in this high-crime Florida neighborhood. It was the teen's aimlessness. By the end of his shift, Deputy Gilmore had the teen's real name, two other women from Banks' "stable" - and a major interstate trafficking case. Already under investigation in Pennsylvania, Banks was arrested in Florida that night. District Judge Lacey Collier in Pensacola sentenced Banks to 40 years in prison for trafficking in children and five other charges.

Cops don't always win the "name game" and juveniles can have the upper hand. They might be bad liars, but they lack the criminal background that catalogs adults' telltale marks, like scars and tattoos. Sometimes, they have an older accomplice, outfitted with a fake ID, who poses as a parent. Two months before they arrested "Robin Martinez," a year-old runaway not only presented a stolen ID, she pleaded guilty under the alias. But Sergeant Linscott can say this much about teen prostitution: He even remembers his first case.

A woman the girl claimed was her mother turned out to be a suspected prostitute. The teen finally admitted to working as a hooker, according to a police report, and "was usually traded from pimp to pimp for rocks of crack cocaine. In , Lake Township police found two prostitutes - one 30, the other Discovered in a hotel room with a year-old man, crack pipes, and an assault rifle, the teen said she was there against her will.

Sergeant Linscott said the woman said she'd been kidnapped, and their captor threatened to beat them if they didn't prostitute for him. Patrolling at the I truck stops Thursday night, Sergeant Linscott conceded it's impossible to know how many prostitutes are underage. But is there a guarantee we have who they say they are? I can't give you that. Please keep your comments smart and civil. Don't attack other readers personally, and keep your language decent.

Comments that violate these standards, or our privacy statement or visitor's agreement , are subject to being removed and commenters are subject to being banned. To post comments, you must be a registered user on toledoblade. To find out more, please visit the FAQ. Saturday, Oct 06,


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This family continued to disobey court orders--and so what does the Obama administration do? Apparently Herrera believes that the U. Another family that has evaded justice for years and able to find sympathetic useful fools to believe their lies. Deport the entire family ASAP, they are just a bunch of scammers posing behind religion. The Editors at the Toledo Blade evidently have no clue what this bill really does.

Should she leave her children behind? Senator Sherrod Browns's wife who also works at the PD , are the two primary illegal alien cheerleaders at the paper Open letter to U. One of the biggest lies repeated by the media is that the U. In all cases, those being deported and their family choose to split, often in order to continue to remain in the U.

Is the study a joke or the article writtern about the study? The headline is so misleading--it's unbelievable. Journalism at its worst. This reporter should have called me. Pews research is wrong and outdated. There is likely twice the reported number of illegal aliens in Ohio. More nonsense spilling out of the pen of Ms. Schultz and onto the pages of the financially beleaguered PD. Connie must be worried that her leftist friends in public office are in trouble--so she's continuing her own type of journalistic misinformation campaign in hopes of fooling the public--not going to work this time Connie!

This article is included because U. Senator Sherrod Brown is quoted in support for granting birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens--which makes no sense--and corrupts our legal immigration system. Brown power Hate to say it, but This "group" is a bunch of ethnocentric idiots who cry every time they don't get their way. The Blade once again attacks the mayor of Toledo for not joining other political nitwits in supporting amnesty for illegal aliens they call it "comprehensive immigration reform".

Although I think there are much stronger reasons to vote against the Resolution sponsored by an ethnocentric member of city council, he never-the-less voted appropriately--killing this foolish resolution. Toledo needs to return to a rule of law pathway if it wants to recapture any part of its past economic glory--not create a pathway of illegality for its growing numbers of illegal aliens.

This is allegedly written by an illegal alien who claims to have lived in the U. The article is about his business trip from Arizona to Ohio via airplane. I'm curious what ID was used to board the flight. Does this mean the Ohio Democratic Party will formally support amnesty for illegal aliens?

This is a PA story that mentions an Ohio company that hired illegals. This is a radio audio file. Immigration reform [Illegal Alien] backers head to D. Scroll down to the bottom of the Roundup group of articles to see the artile about an illegal alien charged with drug trafficking in Elyria, Ohio.

Area Hispanic numbers up? Bishop Lennon is misinforming Catholics in the Diocese about the true nature of illegal immigration. The Bishop should stay out of politics and spend his time praying for forgiveness for all the sex crimes the Catholic church has covered up. Christmas Day drunk driver sentenced to 10 years, Man will be deported after prison , by Bruce Cadwallader, The Columbus Dispatch, Can high-skill immigrants save Northeast Ohio? Smith, The Plain Dealer, At least one of these candidates opposes g training, which would be very helpful in stopping illegal migrants from operating in Lake County.

Perhaps that's the real reason he opposes it. This article is about the application of sharia law in the U. A national campaign for immigration reform heats up in Ohio , By Robert L. This Columbian woman is evidently in the U. How is it possible for a Columbian citizen to work on voter registration in the U. Foreign nationals, legal or illegal should not be allowed to manipulate U.

Department of Justice, Might sheriffs nab illegal immigrants? The illegal alien got a Cincinnati area minor to share explicit images of himself by email.

Ohio BMV comes under fire for seeking U. It is time for these people to be held accountable and that time is coming soon. Ohio ID crime arrests up 8 pct.

Can you believe President Obama's illegal alien aunt is still being subsidized by U. Is it any wonder why the U. This is a disturbing story that says that Stow, Ohio has been a major hotspot for international drug distribution point for dangerous Mexican cartels.

Also, why do we need to get our news in a Qatar newspaper to find out what's going on 15 miles away in Ohio? The People's Weekly World supports Communism and Socialism, which is why they were interested in this story.

Will US taxpayers be paying to take care of this woman in her old age? Is there a plan to establish a special sanctuary for illegal aliens in Ohio? That seems to be one of this groups initiatives according to this article. This case involved two attempted murders by a Vietnamese man who gained legal permanent resident status in the U. Luckily Canada enforced it's immigration law. This story is about an apparent legal resident alien working at the John F.

Farm in Plymouth, Ohio, who shot his wife and year-old step-daughter on Christmas. I believe there is an error in this story--I believe the victims lived, so the charge would be attempted homicide rather than homicide.

Don't journalists check facts anymore? Is this lack of discernment a result of ignorance, journalistic laziness, or a purposeful attempt to deceive the public? In any form, it is a serious breach of journalistic ethics. It's not the Editor who is misinformed, its Mark Fahringer and Steven Volk who are misinforming the public with their letter. Fahringer and Volk claim to know "reality," stating that our immigration system is "utterly broken. The immigration system would work fine if Fahringer and Volk and their ilk would stop working to sabotage the enforcement side of our immigration laws which worked successfully for decades until corporate and government corruption began to undermine effective enforcement policy.

Professor Volk and his side-kick Fahringer deserve an F for failing to present accurate information to the public. Our security is only as good as the weakest link in the system--which is why national security has become a state and local issue. Illegals are well connected to organized crime and are taking advantage of security holes to spread their corruption and fraud in the U.

Another Editorial with garbage in, gargabe out political analysis of the illegal immigration issue. Illegals brake into the U. Illegals even file lawsuits against the USA complaining about their treatment--and demand a quick payout--complements of U. Because if they are just deported, they can easily reenter the US almost immediately to commit other crimes although this case may be an exception.

Global Village, By Robert L. Miller, Cleveland Plain Dealer, This type of propaganda sob-story film has been done often by others. Why doesn't this woman do a documentary on the people being killed and injured by illegal aliens?

An easily refutable editorial. This article is included because it involves likely illegal workers being sent to Ohio. The wagons, containing the children and invalids, brought up the rear. They attracted a large crowd of men and boys. After pitching their tents and partaking of dinner, a meeting was called in front of the Court House, where a Mr.

Holmes, formerly a Methodist minister, delivered an exhortation. At these meetings the women would occasionally exhort. The writer, when a boy, with others, would often visit their camping ground, curiousity prompting the desire to see them go through their devotional exercises.

They seemed to be very devoted to their peculiar mode of worship, the women frequently lying face downward, and making all manner of gestures, the old Prophet at the same time going through with his gibberage, something he didn't understand, nor anybody else.

The boys, at that time, called it "Hog Latin. When any person joined their sect they termed it "a taking of the girdle. They were a queer looking set, and as they went about the streets the boys would recite the following: Hark, hark, the dogs do bark. The Pilgrims have come to town. Some in rags and some in tags.

And some in dirty gowns. It annoyed them considerably. It is said that had some of the women and girls been decently attired, they would have made rather a handsome appearance. The Prophet, Ballard, with his long beard, dirty gown, and bearskin girdle, looked like one of the Patriarchs of old.

The pilgrims had two or three songs which they would sometimes sing in going about the town. One convert was the result of their labors in Zanesville. He started away with them. His two brother-in-laws followed, and persuaded him to return. He was a well meaning man, but was carried away with the name of Pilgrim and the promised land. Upon their arrival there the citizens would not allow them to stoop, and they continued to wander around, from one place to another for several weeks.

Griffith, a resident of Underwood street, informed the writer that at this time he was living with his father on the Darby Plains, and had met the Pilgrims many times in traveling from place to place, the old Prophet always in the lead. John Dulty, still living, told the writer that in the spring of , as he was crossing the mountains for stock, near Greensburg, east of Pittsburgh, he overtook a woman, walking and carrying a bundle.

He thought he had seen her in Zanesville, and inquired if she was not one of the Pilgrims. She answered that she was, and informed him that the Pilgrims, after being warned away from the Darby Plains they traveled from place to place, and finally started for the Promised land in the Arkansas canebrakes, to build up a settlement there by sending out missionaries. In traveling in a northwesterly direction from Dayton into Indiana, the smallpox broke out in their encampment, and the Prophet and several of the leading men died with the disease.

That scattered the members and broke up the clan. With the death of Ballard, the Prophet, ended the life of one of the greatest of impostors. The press throughout the country commented severely on this ridiculous sect, called the Vermont Pilgrims. See the Zanesville Times Recorder of July 6, for information concerning the writer of the above article Elihah H.

The township was drawn in the partition of the lands of the Connecticut Land Company by the following original proprietors, viz: They were all Free Masons, and, at a Lodge meeting one evening Col. Tilden proposed to call the township Hiram, in commemoration of the King of Tyre, which was unanimously agreed to They had visited the township and located their lands the year before Arriving in Hiram, Elijah Mason began to make improvements on the west half of lot 23, and cleared about twenty-two acres in a rectilinear shape, extending westward from the Center about one-fourth of a mile, on which he sowed for a crop of wheat and built a log cabin.

Elisha Hutchinson cleared twenty acres and built a cabin on lot 23 near where Zeb Rudolph's house now stands. Mason Tilden in like manner cleared and built on lot 23 or They bought all their provisions in Warren, then a little collection of about half a dozen log houses, and where all the merchandizing for a large section was done then and for a considerable time afterwards. The goods brought here were very expensive and had to be transported through the woods to their homes, making them still more costly.

Three of their hired men, Jacob and Samuel Wirt, and Richard Redden, from Pennsylvania, were so much pleased with the township that they determined to settle in it.

Redden bought out Flemmings and sent of went for his father and family who arrived in the fall, and who were the first white family that wintered in the township.

The Wirts bought the east half of lot 38 on which Dea. The number of white inhabitants in the township this winter was nine. Mason Tilden and Hutchinson had gone east in the fall and commenced at once preparing for an early emigration in the spring.

Many others also were induced to emigrate as soon as the condition of the roads would permit. Roswell and Peleg Mason objected for themselves to going again into the woods of the Reserve, which considerably perplexed their father, inasmuch as he was somewhat dependent on them for help.

He was, however, resolved to follow his previous intention but Gov. Marsh, who was the father of his first wife, and whom he visited in Vermont prior to starting, during the winter advised him under the circumstances, to purchase a particular farm in that State, which, to use his own language, he "was fool enough to do!

This was the first marriage that transpired in Hiram. The first mill in the township was built by Lemuel Punderson, at the Cuyahoga Rapids, in , for Esq.

Law, of Cheshire, Connecticut; a flood came in the fall and carried it off. In the dam was rebuilt and a saw mill put in operation. This mill was superseded by others by the Messrs.

For a few years prior to the erection of these mills lumber had to be obtained at Garrettsville, and before the building of Garrett's mill, sawed lumber was not in fashion, but a sort of split plank called puncheon used in its stead. The most of the settlers up to this time were from Pennsylvania. They had come poor, but were hospitable and generous to a fault.

Some of them were at first squatters, settling upon land and improving it until somebody appear[ed] from whom they could get a title. These improvements, or betterments as they were termed, were frequently the subjects of sale, and sometimes constituted all the wealth which the settlers were able to gather around them for many years. The first road in the north part of Portage County was laid in from Warren to Cleveland through the center of Hiram to the west line of lot 24 in Mantua, where it turned southwesterly to Esq.

Sheldons, in Aurora, thence northwesterly to the Center of Aurora. In the road was laid through Garrettsville and the south part of Hiram. Party politics could not have run very high at that time, as out of forty-two votes given Thomas Worthington had thirty-nine for Governor, Jeremiah Morrow had forty for Congress, David Abbott forty for Senator, and Abel Sabin thirty-eight for Representative.

From the yankee element predominated among the incoming settlers until in a few years New England had a great majority of representatives in Hiram. This year Thomas Johnson, an Irishman from Braceville, Trumbull county, came and bought out the Wirts, who moved away contracting to pay them for the land in whiskey, which was considered a good substitute for that then very scarce commodity -- money.

The number of inhabitants now in the township was about twenty. Simon Babcock, in the summer of or , came from Lebanon, Connecticut, with a two horse team and settled on lot 22, near where Horace Munn now lives. Daniel Tilden had given Mrs. Babcock, who was his daughter, two hundred acres of land in Hiram.

In Parley Hughes came from Hartford, Vt. The improvements he found upon this land were worth but little, as fire running in the woods had destroyed most of the fences, and the neglected underbrush had grown thickly over it. Hughes brought many farming and mechanic tools with him, which proved very valuable, as there had been up to this time, great scarcity of such implements in the settlement. The population was now augmented to about In June, , Orrin Pitkin and wife came from the same place with a span of horses and settled on the east one hundred acres of lot 32 where A.

Honey made a quite small improvement in Elijah Mason was to give Mrs. Pitkin, his daughter, one hundred acres of land of her own selection, but she traded her right to her brother Roswell for the land on which they settled. Pitkin was to pay one hundred dollars for the betterments but he never paid the money and Roswell never gave the title which finally passed into the hands of Miles T. Norton by the way of Judge Norton, of Middlebury He purchased considerable land besides. There were now in Hiram thirteen families, embracing sixty-four persons, twenty-nine of whom were adults.

Of this twenty-nine none are now known to be living. In the fall of this year a log school house was built upon a spot then called Popular Ridge, about a half mile south of the center of the township near the top of the hill south of where Benjamin Tilden's house now stands. In this house the first school was taught the ensuing winter by Benjamin Hinckley. He begun his school on the 13th of December and taught ten weeks, having an attendance of twenty scholars.

The names of the scholars were as follows: Betsy Young, James I. Six of those are now known to be living, viz: Andrew Young, and Alexander Johnson. In his school book is the following entry: Thou God supreme; Oh teach me what is good! Save me from folly, vanity, and vice -- from every low pursuit, and feed my soul with knowledge, conscious peace, and virtue fine, sacred, substantial, never failing bliss. Hinckley's house and farm. From this time schools were maintained in the township.

At this time Hiram was but one school district, but in the township was divided into two which were known respectively as the center and south road districts, in each of which a log school house was built soon after the districts were formed.

These houses served the people for all public purposes They afterwards divided their lands, Jason retaining the homestead and Symonds building where Hartwell and son now reside Young was appointed Post Master, which office he held for thirty-six years, until the day of his death, which occurred on the 27th of November, , at the age of Pulsifer and family arrived in the township and settled on lot Ira Herrick with his father and mother began at the east end of lot Daniel settled on lot 31, which he afterwards sold to Samuel Udall.

John Tilden settled on the west half of lot 28, but his father, Benjamin Tilden lived with his son Arunah, who had arrived the year previous. In October Ebenezer Piney arrived and settled on the southeast part of lot 31, which afterwards passed into the hands of Samuel Udall and then to Lucy Judson and is now owned by Hartwell Ryder.

These arrivals, which were all in , augmented the population to about one hundred and twenty. Early in January, Daniel Hampton came from Trumbull County and settled on the west part of the east half of lot Johnson had two or three yoke of oxen, one span of horses and two cows. Udall had four yoke of oxen, three horses and one cow.

Loomis, Miller and Cowen also had teams of oxen and horses. Cows were brought mostly for their milk on the road, as the several families mostly boarded themselves. The snow was deep all the way and they were about six weeks on the road, arriving in Hiram on the fourth day of March.

Johnson settled on the west ends of lots 22 and 39, where he had caused a cabin to be built the year before, and where William W. Udall moved into a cabin owned by Mr. Hutchinson, where Zeb Rudolph now lives, and bought and settled on the west halves of lots 24 and Loomis settled on the middle part of lot 39 where Nelson Udall now lives.

Miller settled on the west half of lot 36, the land now owned by Bela Wheeler. Cowen first moved into a cabin owned by Richard Redden, and afterwards to Miles T.

There were four men now in Hiram who had served in the war of the Revolution. Daniel Tilden, who was a lieutenant, and who was a pensioner, old Mr. Orman Newcomb now lives. He had a large family among which were John Jr. John married for his first wife a daughter of Judge Atwater, of Mantua, and raised a large family.

Zeb married a daughter of Elijah Mason, and is the father of General Garfield's wife. The family emigrated to Ohio from Maryland, John Jr. In the Center district a little time afterwards, a frame building was put up to subserve the purpose of a school house, and with a Masonic hall above, but it was never completed.

Some years previous to this Thomas Johnson and Elisha Hutchinson built each a frame barn which were the first two frame buildings in the town. About the same time, or 20, Jesse Bruce came into the township with his family and built the first frame dwelling house in the township. It stood on the hill a few rods east of Alvah Udall's barn on lot 25; a few years later he moved on to the east part of lot 24, and died there.

He was one of the first carpenters in the township and put up many buildings; his family moved to the Western States. In the first military company was organized by the election of Symonds Ryder, captain; Ryder had previously been an ensign in the company formed by Hiram and Nelson Orrin Hutchinson lieutenant; Silas Raymond, ensign; John Tilden, orderly sergeant; George Udall, drummer; John M. Udall and Tilden afterwards became drum and fife majors of the regiment Forty years ago on the 28th of June, the year , on a pleasant Sabbath evening could have been see Wm.

Jones and Augusta E. Bump of Mantua, quietly wending their way along the rough and newly-cut road through unbroken forests, to the rude and humble home of Symonds Ryder, to have their willing hands and loving hearts which had long been one in the sight of God, but now to be joined in the sight of man, never to be severed until He who gave should call them home.

They found the good man quietly milking his cow, but he soon rolled down his sleeves of home-spun linen and quickly joined the happy pair in the bands of wedlock, gave them his blessing, and they went on their way rejoicing In the winter of Joseph Smith, Jr.

During the next spring and summer several converts were made and matters seemed to be going on prosperously for the "Latter Day Saints. Those papers revealed a deeply laid plot to get possession of the property of their converts and place it under control of Joseph Smith, their prophet. This opened the eyes of the Hiramites and by fall the Mormon church in the township was [a] very lank concern. It was determined by some not to suffer this flagrant attempt at humbug and swindle to pass with impunity.

Accordingly in March, , a company of men from Shalersville, Garrettsville, and Hiram, went under cover of night to Mormon headquarters and took the saints, Smith and Rigdon, from their beds, and denuding them of their sleeping costumes, gave them a plentiful covering with tar and feathers and at the same time gave them the pleasure of "riding on a rail.

This produced the desired result, for the township was soon purged of their presence. They went to Kirtland where Mormonism flourished until , when their emigration to Missouri took place. It is highly probable that had it not been for the discovery of this plot and the resulting tar and feather visitation of the prophets, that Hiram would have been revealed to be a State [sic - Stake] of Zion. Several of the men who engaged in this summary proceeding are still living, no doubt with the consciousness of having contributed a public benefaction, while others perhaps with more deliberate judgment would decide that mobs and persecutions were not conducive to the welfare of mankind and do not tend to the eradication of evil.

The prevailing religious sentiment up to this had been and for a short time subsequent continued to be, Baptist. This denomination had a small church building at the Rapids which has since been burned. The Congregationalists also had a small church organization at the same place, but it proved too weak to sustain itself.

On the first day of March a church of Disciples was organized at the south road school house, consisting at first of thirteen members. In one year its membership embraced twenty-one, and it continued to steadily increase and prosper until it now numbers between two and three hundred. In its members erected a church building at the Center which was burned in about twelve years thereafter to be succeeded by the fine and commodious brick edifice that now stands upon the site of the old building The Stark [ County ] Democrat.

Canton, Ohio, Thursday, October 7, You can hardly think of one without thinking of the other. Both rested in the midst of fertile plains, Sodom and Utah.

Both were near salt and fish-less seas. Both were the capitals of the most accursed wickedness. In a company of emigrants from Arkansas set out to better their condition in California. They were good, respectable people, but they did what appears to me a most terrible thing -- made the transit of the continent by an emigrant wagon. They suffered everything on their way. By night fires kept away the wolves. By day they stared danger and starvation in the face; tender womanhood and children were there crying for rest.

There were in the company, and their way lay across Utah territory. It had been the custom for the emigrant trains to stop in the Utah country and take in new supplies of provision; but Brigham Young had heard of this company, and forbade any one extending even the hand of bought kindness to these emigrants and why? It was a revenge for the fate of Elder Pratt, who had been killed in Arkansas where he had stolen away a man's wife and brought her into Momonism.

On, on went the emigrant train, suffering all indignities, until they came into Mountain Meadow. The Indians dashed down upon them, but a temporary barricade was successfully thrown up. Then the Mormon militia came down to their murderous work; but you know how men fight when they are fighting for their wives and children. They were imprisoned in a death-trap, and oh, how they suffered for water, with the spring justt outside, under the sweep of the Mormon rifles.

Two little girls, clad in white, were sent out from the barricade to get water. No sooner were they seen than they were shot dead; appeals were made, and three brave fellows volunteered to go out to make the attempt to push on to California and secure help. They were prayed for by the whole band and went out to be butchered. Time passed by and one day wagons were seen coming. They were met, and assurance was given the emigrants that they could pass on peacefully upon giving up their arms.

They laid them down and walked out -- first the men, then the women and the children. Then came that blot upon our country's record, the Mountain Meadow massacre.

Mormon rifles and daggers and knives slew all save a few little children who were thought too little to tell the story. Women sick within the barricade were taken out into the presence of their murdered husbands, stripped of their clothing, and hurled, as they received their death wounds, upon the heap of corpses. Years after, one of those saved children saw a dress in the possession of a Mormon woman, and exclaimed, "That is the dress that mamma used to wear.

Lee was the presiding spirit of that massacre; and when, fifteen years after, he gave his testimony, he said he had orders to do what he did, and that the property taken went to the Mormon power.

Carleton passed over the grounds and gathered the skeletons of the martyrs into decent graves, placed over them the inscription, ''Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord. It is this same Mormonism that I arraign to-day for trial before you, a jury of American people, for disgracing manhood and dishonoring womanhood.

Gory, ghastly, hideous, revolting Mormonism, stand up and look into the faces of the American jury that is to try you. This summer, as well as on a previous occasion, I had the opportunity of inspecting this iniquity and of asking many questions, and having them answered by anti-Mormons and Mormons. The Governor of Utah called upon me and asked me, and asked me, when I got home, to present the subject to the people of the East. I promised to do so, and this morning I redeem that promise.

They tell us it is dying out. It is a lie. Seven hundred and fifty arrived but a few days before we got there; ten thousand have been added the past year, and miasionaries are now out to gather up victims from other lands. Our own fair East, and Great Britain, Norway and Sweden are scoured by the licensed procurers, and only recently a number of Scotch Presbyterians fell into their hands.

These missionaries are compelled to go out, for this whole system is cruel and Herodic. These missionaries go to those who have to struggle for life, and beguile the weary with fair promises. They are taxed till the blood comes, and the only escape is the grave. I charge Mormonism with being one great cruelty. No one denies the existence of the Danites. The Hickman butcheries were Brigham Young's own, and he should have fallen for their expiation.

I saw a cellar in which a mother and her two sons had been murdered, for no reason but that they had divulged the secrets of the Endowment House. They have a delicious vernacular. When they speak of putting a party to death, he either has "met with an accident," or "has been unfortunate," or "has been cut off just below the ears.

Because a regiment of United States troops are stationed on the hills overlooking the city, and may at any time rake the city with shrapnel. Not because Mormonism is any the less brutal and bloody, but because it has not the courage, is it now in comparative rest. I charge Mormonism with treachery to the United States Government.

There is an oath taken in the Endowment House which is above all other oaths, and perjury is not such when it merely breaks a Gentile or Government oath. Mormonism hates the United States Government, and is a thorn in the side of the Constitution. There is a man in Salt Lake City who had for his wives a mother, grandmother and granddaughter.

As the family increases, the house is increased in size; forgetting that no house is large enough to hold two women married to the same men -- applause and laughter -- marriage becomes a farce for there never yet was a woman who could truthfully divide a husband's affection with another.

They may smile, but they have no mirth. An aged woman in Mormonism is a wretched object, in other lands and in civilized communities the softer chair is the throne of the grandmother. As her wrinkles increase, so do our love and veneration for her. But in the Mormon house, when when women get old they are pushed backward and outward, as the younger rivals take their place and in turn give way to others, Mormonism is hell.

This corpse has been rotting in the sun out on our fair plains of the West for forty years, and the United States Government has not had courage to bury it. All the time it has been growinig in influence. Once it meant Utah; now it means Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, while the circle is widening as the influence goes forth to debach the nation.

When a committee of Congress was appointed to examine, one of the members asked why all this fuss about polygamy, because the Mormons make the having of four wives a part of their religion; while some members of Congress have four wives without the pretense of any religion. The United States stands convicted of inefficiency when it permits that gigantic indecency to go on. The curse of God will come down on this nation if we do not extirpate it. Would you interfere with a man's religion?

The Mormon may believe Joe Smith a god, and Brigham Young the second person of the god-head; but polygamy is against morality, and therefore should be destroyed, and it never will be destroyed except by the Government.

It will not be war; it will be police duty by the troops. Gen, Johnson in , with his troops, might have destroyed it when sent out by President Buchanan, had he marched right on; but here was not moral courage enough in the Administration, and Gov. Not an Administration since has had the power and the will to throttle the evil. We go and look at it and pass on.

Grant went; Secretary Schurz went; President Hayes went -- everybody goes and looks and comes away. They cling to their idols and receive you with courtesy. They bow you into one city and bow you out of it; and I never had a more genial audience than one I addressed in this Mormon city. But if I were a believer in the transmigration of souls, I would pray that the spirit of Andrew Jackson might get into the soul of the soldier President who is to succeed him -- applause -- and in thirty days every Mormon would either be living with one wife, would go to jail or would leave the country.

If they submit, all well; if not, then cannon of the largest bore to thunder morality into their ears. Arbitration by all means, then howitzers and bullets, bayonets and cannon balls. If a pack of them should squat on one of our territories, and say that robbery was a part of their religion, how long would they be permitted to exist? I call the attention of the American Congress to this evil. Let some Senator, with a good morality of his own, lift up the anti-Mormon standard and expose the record, and he will gather about him an overwhelming following.

It has got to be done. Let the man go forward in the name of God, and he will make his everlasting political fortune. Why do we have a campaign, and as our issue, exhume only the dry mummy of African slavery out of our soil, and toss it about as a weapon, when here we have a live, aggressive subject? Take some of the money that is being poured into the lap of this mother of harlots. Utah is rich enough to pay for all the surgery of taking out this cancer from our social and political body.

I make no war against Mormonism as a religion; but only as it is an insult to morality, The knife broke up Judge Drummond's court in , and it was the same spirit that piled loose rocks on the edges of the canyons over the roads, ready to roll down on the United States troops.

Now I have impanelled you as a jury. Are you ready for the verdict? What say you, guilty or not guilty? When shall the execution take place? Let the scaffold rest, one end on the Sierra Nevadas and the other end on the Rocky Mountains. What grave shall be deep enough to bury this thousand armed, thousand footed, thousand headed corpse, and put upon a monument high enough for the world to see, "Born Feb.

I make a plea for the 15, Gentiles who live on in hope in the midst of that abomination there, I plead for the thousands of emigrants coming and yet to come.

I plead for the women of Mormondom, who live and die in mute despair. I plead for the womanhood grieved till it cannot weep, living on in the horrible pandemonium of a polygamous home. O, men with wives and mothers, and daughters and sisters, does not your blood run cold at the story of the great crime? O, you wives and women, sympathize with your sisters dying the still death of Mormonism.

The one great sin in our republic. The best cornerstone of a republic is the hearthstone. May God keep it inviolate. Talmadge gave various versions of this speech during , in different cities. Cincinnati, Saturday, January 29, Special Correspondence to the Cincinnati Gazette.

The village of Kirtland, two miles south of Gen. Garfield's residence, is a place of interest to many persons who come from distant parts of the country to visit Mentor.

It was once the Mecca of the Mormons, and that strange sect still have an interest in it. Their first temple was built in Kirtland in , and still stands in good repair, a monument of the methodical fanaticism which has culminated in Utah. It is a stone building, eighty feet long by sixty in width, and the walls are about fifty feet high. It stands on a hill, and presents an imposing appearance. For a long time the ownership of this temple was in dispute, but it was filially settled in February, , Joseph Smith of Plano, Illinois, the son of the original Mormon prophet, holds the property now as the trustee of the "Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints," his title being confirmed by a decision of the Common Pleas Court of Lake County.

The original Mormon Church was organized in Palmyra, N. A few months since its members, headed by Joseph Smith, removed to Kirtland, where Smith's co-laborer, Sidney Rigdon, a disciple Campbellite preacher, had already gathered a congregation of fanatical religionists, who readily embraced the new faith, and combining with the colony from New York, formed a strong community. Many converts were made in Mentor, and other adjoining towns, some of whom were persons of considerable wealth.

They established a mill, store, bank and printing offlce in Kirtland, and for some years carried on a lively and prosperous business. In conversing with the older people in this vicinity, I find that their earliest recollections of Mormonism in Kirtland are in regard to the bank.

It was a "wildcat" institution, of the class that flourished in those good old Democratic days before the wicked Republican party gave to the country an honest banking system and a sound currency.

No legal checks or safeguards hampered the financial genius of the Latter Day Saints; and they made the volume of their paper money equal to the demands of trade in this section of country. The connection of several wealthy men with the enterprise gave it an advantage in gaining the confidence of the public, and as the notes of the bank were for some promptly redeemed on presentation, a fair credit was established, and a very large circulation was soon afloat.

Farms, live stock, lumber, and indeed all kinds of property were bought by the Mormons wherever the notes of the bank could be used in payment. One of these notes lies before me as I write, and is an interesting relic of early Mormonism and of the financiering that was popu'ar forty or fifty years ago. Leaving off the figures, which were handsomely engraved on the margins, the face of the note reads as follows: The bank began business in and collapsed in When the inevitable crash came, Smith and Rigdon fled to the West to escape the wrath of hundreds of swindled Gentiles whose worldly goods had been exchanged for Mormon "money.

But thenceforth the Kirtland "Zion" was too hot for them and they removed as rapidly as possible to Independence, Missouri, then to Nauvoo, Ill. A few of the original Mormons, however, are still to be found in Mentor and vicinity. They are all aged people, and none of the peculiar features which Brigham Young added to Mormonism seem to have any attractions for them. They denounce the polygamists as apostates, stoutly deny the complicity of the prophet Joseph in the introduction of polygamy, and adheres to his son Joseph of Plano, III.

They are still full of the strange fanaticism which led them into Mormonism, and although for half a century their expectations have been disappointed, they still look daily for the "end of the world" and the literal "coming of the Lord.

The farm on which General Garfield lives was owned by a Mormon in those palmy days of religion and financial inflation, when this region was the hotbed of Mormonism. The General is familiar with the early history of this strange sect, and has a hearty abhorence of the iniquities which have characterized it from its birth, In the judgment of a very large class of his countrymen, his official attitude toward the Salt Lake abomination is of far greater importance than the.

During his administration we may confidently hope for a real advance toward the destruction of the surviving "twin relic of barbarism" which now disgraces the republic. A strange and yet not wholly improbable way of peaceably settling the question would be the acceptance of Joseph Smith's leadership by the Church in Utah, and a "revelation" through him of the necessity of stopping the further progress of polygamy.

As the son and heir of the original prophet he has much prestige, even in Utah, and he is carrying on quite an extensive and systematic missionary work In many of the States, steadily increasing the number of his followers, all of whom are taught to regard polygamy as a fatal heresy. He has a printing house at Plano, where he publishes the Saints' Herald, a monthly journal and various Mormon books and tracts, including the "Book of Mormon.

Cincinnati, Ohio, Saturday, February 26, First it is the home of the President-elect, a fact pretty generally well known by this time; and second, it contains the renowned "Mormon Temple. It is situated about three or four miles from the residence of the President-elect in the now quiet and almost obliviated town of Kirtland.

It is built on a commanding point of land, and is visible long before the village is reached. The temple is of plain sandstone, and is strongly and substantially constructed. With so many residents of the past, present and future trying to connect with one another it can be difficult to find the page that best suits your needs. Below, you will find a list and description of each Facebook group available to YOU, the valued citizens of New Carlisle and surrounding areas!

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According to our research of New Jersey and other state lists there was 1 registered sex offender living in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey as of September 29, The ratio of number of residents in Berkeley Heights to the number of sex offenders is 13, to 1. The number of registered sex. The old legend of the Waugh brothers coming to America may have truth to it. Two of the brothers who came to Boston then by ship to Maine and finally settling in Londonderry, NH are appearing to be correct. After a leak caused sodium hydroxide to spill into a creek at Mill Creek MetroParks, the Ohio EPA is working with a company to make sure this does not happen again.