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Sex dating in Alum creek

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Nick threw an 18th birthday party for her in September , not knowing that she was actually 19 and a year older than Nick, making her date of birth September 17, Sep comment made about Nick's trust fund confirmed he was 35 years old, Sharon would have been Feb 19, ; divorced: Mar 5, ; Wedding: Oct 6, incomplete].

Dec 28, ; annulled Mar 17, ] second engagement broken. Jan 13, ; annulled a few days later; Remarried: Aug 3, , televised Aug 2 ; annulled]. Tucker McCall [Ceremony performed: Sep 27, ; invalid - papers unsigned, and Sharon's husband was not dead]. Mariah Copeland twin daughter, with Frank, sold by nurse to Ian Ward at birth.

Sullivan McAvoy son with Dylan, but was actually Sage's son Christian who had supposedly died; so Sully never existed. Moved a dead body to cover up a crime, presumed to be Cameron Kirsten, but was her daughter's father; no charges filed.

Arrested for the murder of Skye Lockhart Newman; sentenced to thirty years in prison; retrial was granted; charges were dropped Nov Arrested for fraud, conspiracy, and giving false statements to the police after Victor disappeared Sep Followed Phyllis in a stairwell, fighting with her, caused Phyllis to fall; failed to get help Jul Sixteen-year-old Sharon Collins and her single, paraplegic mother, Doris, lived in Madison, Wisconsin, after being abandoned by her father.

Sharon was somewhat responsible for her mother's crippling accident when Doris went out looking for Sharon in a snowstorm, though it was never fully explained. Sharon's best friend in high school was Grace Turner. When Sharon told her high school boyfriend, Frank Barritt, that she was pregnant after he had pressured her to have sex, he wanted nothing to do with her or his child. Sharon and her mother decided to give the baby up for adoption because they felt they were unable to raise her properly.

The baby girl was adopted by Alice Johnson and named Cassidy. Alice later abandoned Cassie to pursue a man, and left the child in the care of her elderly mother, Millie. Cassie loved Millie, but it was very difficult for a woman of her age to keep up with a young child, and Cassie had no friends but her dolls. Sharon and her mother moved to Genoa City when Sharon was Sharon was a sweet girl who worked a part-time job to help Doris make ends meet.

Nick fell for Sharon at first sight, but since she was dating Matt Clark, he stayed with Amy. Nick ended up winning Sharon from Matt, who hated rich boy Nick. Nick and Matt got into a fight and Matt kicked Nick's butt. To get even, Matt raped Sharon. Sharon told no one but a therapist, who tried to help her deal with it. Nick's mother, Nikki, objected strongly to Sharon, and believed her to be a gold-digger.

Mother and son fought, and Nick moved in with his father. Unlike Nikki, Victor adored Sharon, and even paid for an operation for her mother, which Doris could not afford.

When Sharon and Nick beat out Amy and Matt as queen and king of the high school senior Polynesian dance, Matt took revenge by telling Nick that his virginal Sharon had given up a baby for adoption when she was Nick didn't believe him, and they got into a bad fistfight, and both were injured.

Sharon admitted to Nick that it was all true, and Nick understood eventually. Sharon and Nick were about to get married when Sharon admitted that Matt had raped her. Nick raced to Matt's apartment, only to find him on the floor in a pool of blood.

The police arrested Nick, who thought Sharon did it. When Matt came to, he said Nick was the one who shot him. Nick was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Sharon and the Newman family were devastated.

Victor tracked down Amy who was suffering from a serious trauma. He was convinced it was caused by something that happened the night Matt was shot. Upon seeing Matt, Amy remembered she had shot him after he raped her. Matt fled, Nick was released from prison, and Sharon and Nick married in a small ceremony as a disapproving Nikki looked on. Not long after they married Sharon "accidentally" got pregnant.

Nick wanted to wait and tried to talk her into an abortion, but Sharon couldn't do it. Months later, Sharon fell on the ice and went into early labor. When it appeared that their newborn baby, Noah, was going to die, Sharon's best friend, Grace Turner, and Grace's boyfriend, Tony Viscardi, tracked down Sharon's first child, Cassie, to help Sharon ease the pain of her loss.

They convinced her adoptive grandmother Millie to allow them to return five year old Cassie, to Genoa City to be united with her natural mother. But Noah lived, so Grace decided to keep Cassie until the "time was right" to tell Sharon. Grace fell in love with the engaging child, and kept the child's true identity to herself for over a year.

One night Nick was out partying with friends while Sharon stayed home ill. Grace was helping out by spending the night in the nursery, but was actually plotting to steal Nick. Nick arrived home drunk and made love to a willing Grace, thinking she was his wife. The next morning, when he realized his error, Nick panicked and swore Grace to secrecy. When Cassie's true identity was revealed, Nick had a hard time accepting her.

Sharon moved out, but their love for one another reunited them, and Nick began to love Cassie as his own. Cassie went to live with Sharon, Nick, and Noah. Grace used her secret sex with Nick to get a job as Nick's assistant at Newman, and renewed her attempt to steal Nick from Sharon.

Sharon was going with Nick on a business trip, but when Noah fell sick, Grace went instead. Nick was angry with Sharon, and allowed Grace to seduce him. Sharon showed up the next morning to surprise him, but was stunned to hear outside the door, Grace telling Nick that their lovemaking was incredible. Sharon moved out with the kids and would not forgive Nick for his infidelity. When Cassie's adoptive mother, Alice Johnson, re-appeared and hired attorney Michael Baldwin to fight for the return of her "daughter," Sharon decided to take back the repentant Nick.

Although Alice was about to win custody, Sharon and Nick were able to convince the jobless and flighty Alice that Cassie would be better off with them.

Alice gave up her parental rights, and Sharon was awarded custody of Cassie. After a waiting period, Cassie legally became a Newman when Nick adopted her. Nick and Sharon bought Crimson Lights Coffee House, the scene of their courtship, to keep it from going out of business and so they would have something to work on together.

They later opened a second location in Milwaukee, and had plans for a third. The Nick Newmans were a happy loving family. In the Newmans had a scare when Cassie tested positive for tuberculosis, but it turned out be inactive and was cured by antibiotics.

Matt Clark returned to town as Carter Mills, disguised by plastic surgery, and worked at Crimson Lights. He teamed up with Nick's old cellmate, Larry "Wartman" Warton, both bent on revenge, plus Matt still wanted Sharon for himself. Carter date-rape-drugged Tricia McNeil into sleeping with him, and used her to help set up Nick and put him in jail for selling drugs. Carter became a trusted employee whom they even considered as manager of their next franchise, and was Sharon's confidant while Nick was in jail.

One evening Carter was invited to dinner at their home, so he arranged for Nick to be very late. While waiting for Nick to arrive, Carter put a date-rape drug in Sharon's margarita. Nick arrived just in time as Carter was about to rape the semi-conscious Sharon. Thinking she had drunk too much, Nick sent Carter home and helped Sharon to bed. Weeks later Tricia caught Carter attempting to rape Sharon at a cabin in the woods where he had lured her, but Victor arrived and sent Carter running.

Tricia picked Carter up and drove off a cliff expecting to kill them both. Carter deliberately pulled out his breathing tube, committing suicide to make Nick look like a murderer.

With his dying words, he viciously told Nick that he had raped Sharon on "margarita night. Nick, finally out of jail and without the threat of Matt, lavishly romanced Sharon to help her get used to normal life again. Months later, Sharon realized she was pregnant. Both knew that if Matt had told the truth, the baby could be his. Nick demanded a paternity test, but Sharon decided the risk before birth was too great, so was willing to trust that it was Nick's and have her baby no matter what. During a fight about this, Nick knocked over a chair, slammed out the door in a huff, and drove off, creating a loud bang as his tire exploded against the curb at high speed.

Fearful for Nick, Sharon ran for the door, tripped over a chair, and landed on her stomach. Her baby girl was delivered prematurely and later died. A paternity test showed the baby was indeed Nick's. Sharon was unable to forgive him for killing their unborn child due to his attitude. Diego Guittierez seemed to be in the right place at the right time whenever Sharon needed a friend.

Time after time, when Sharon was in crisis, Diego was there for her, but his intentions were always those of a friend. Just as there appeared to be hope that Nick and Sharon would get back together, Sharon caught Nick kissing another woman in the office at the coffee house and turned to Diego, but he rebuffed her several times.

After one advance too many, Diego succumbed and made love with a needy Sharon, who was jumping to conclusions that Nick was having an affair with Grace.


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