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I've been saving myself for someone special but i havnt found that person yet and im just sick of waiting. My Sexy maids extra money Moeny Free Sexxx Hey, I don't have anything specific I'm seeking for. I am waiting for very mature sexy womans.

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Sexy maids extra money

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Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours.

We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. I am a part time photographer and full time student. I earn around k a month. Our maid Sangeeta was a 53 year old hard working woman. She was dark in complexion and had a fat body.

I fantasized of sex with her. Once when my parents, I thought of surprise for Sangeeta. When the bell rang, I greeted Sangeeta with a Rose and a big smile. I hold her hand and asked her to come with me.

Sangeeta was surprised and resisted my touch. I hold her firmly and took her to my room. I locked my room and spontaneously kissed her on her lips. It was a long kiss. She was very much surprised by my behavior. She slapped me immediately and shouted at me.

Let me tell her what you do. She finally broke out and apologized for the slap. My mother in law is dead and my husband is shifting there to look after our family business.

Please tell this to her on my behalf. I asked her for a good-bye kiss. Sangeeta unlocked the door. My mom was standing outside. Sangeeta started crying and left the house without saying a word. She left me to explain my mom what happened. She and her husband are now shifting to the village permanently and she does not know how to tell this to you. So she told me to tell you about this. Was she here to tell this story or fuck you?

She hugged and kissed me in return. She lived in a chawl. It was a few blocks away from my home. I found her room and knocked her door. The door was opened by her husband. I asked him to call Sangeeta. Sangeeta greeted me inside and said what work I had. Do you know anyone who can come? I know a woman who is made for your benefits. Let me take you to her. She introduced me to Nisha. Sangeeta said Nisha would be a good maid and left us alone. Nisha welcomed me inside her house and locked the door.

She started discussing about her rates when I said it would be best if she talked directly with my mom and asked her to come with me. I am 36 years old and I was a prostitute but I have stopped it just a few days back. I now want to start a new life by earning money with respect. Please never remind me of my past. Sangeeta told me that you fantasize about having sex with maid. Let me tell you that fucking me will cost Five thousand extra and I will be living with you.

And we will be fucking me. She will not take you then. Nisha looked beautiful with her wheatish complexion, round ass, big boobs, long silky black hair and many other to die for features. Nisha asked me to stop staring at her and opened the door for us to go. I immediately closed the door and asked her to wear her saree.

She was just in her gown through which her sexy body could be seen. She smiled at me and said she had almost forgotten about it.

She said she would change the clothes in front of me and I should not mind it. She removed her gown and was completely naked in front of me.

I was locked in a room with a stranger who was naked in front of me. I got a hard on. Please have some patience. I will fuck you after some time. Nisha wore her saree and we left together for my home. I was excited that I finally have a maid whom I can fuck. We entered our home and I introduced her to my mom. The sat on the sofa to discuss the work and charges.

I went inside my room. I was thinking of all the positions in which I could fuck Nisha. While I was masturbating, my mom knocked on my door. I asked her to come in. She thanked me for finding a good maid. She said that Nisha lives alone in a rented room and it would be nice if she lived with us. I agreed with her. My mom asked me weither Nisha could sleep in my room on the floor.

I would have liked if I had a double bed and Nisha would sleep with me on it. My mom asked me to go with Nisha and help her shift her belongings. I took Nisha in car and we went to her room. There she immediately packed all her belongings. We can now live like Husband-Wife and have lots of sex without any guilt. We took all her belongings and placed it in the car. I thought of apologizing to Sangeeta for the last time. But her house was locked. She had left for her village. Nisha gave the keys to the landlady and bid farewell.

In the car, I told Nisha to not make our relationship public and suspicious to anyone. We reached our home and placed all her belongings to the now our room. My mom asked Nisha to rest for today and start working from tomorrow. She asked me to help Nisha get comfortable in the house. She asked Nisha to use me for any work she wanted.

Nisha said she would love to have a full body oil massage. My mom looked at me and asked me to get a bottle of oil. She asked me to massage Nisha in the same way I had massaged my Bindu aunt a few days back. My mom did not knew that the massage had led to me having sex with Aunt Bindu, who is her sister.

My mom left us alone in the room and said she too wanted a massage from me one day. Nisha locked the door as soon as my mom left the room. I knew my mom would see us from the keyhole thus I hung a napkin on the door handle to cover the keyhole.

I spread a bedsheet on the floor and asked Nisha to lay on it after removing her clothes. Nisha was quick at removing her clothes. She laid on the floor all excited to get massaged by me.


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This one is a huge plus for me since I suffer from terrible year-round allergies. I have to stare at boring hotel pictures on the wall instead of beautiful pictures of my family. If I were getting more serious about this the Mrs. I travel for work and usually stay in hotels an avg of 80 days a year. Work pays for the hotel, rental car, airfare and food and I get to accumulate the points.

I am single and my apt lease is up in August and plan on experimenting with living Hotels FT for awhile. I have accumulated enough points where I could live in a hotel free for months. Not sure where I will stay but I am moviing everything into storage and plan on doing it. Its a bit of a experiment so we will see what happens. Maybe you should start a blog about it and make it a one year experiment where you share all the pros and cons over time?

Living in a hotel is awesome. Home ownership blows — for me anyway. I chose a modern hotel and negotiated a six month rate with the owner of the hotel. I renew every six months. Been here for two years. Five star in Las Vegas. And a toilet that flushes like Niagara Falls! And did I mention a great view? I used to live in NYC, but rent out my place in Brooklyn that my parents convinced me to buy even though I never wanted to buy it, as a corporate rental. I have no mortgage, so basically it pays for me to live in a hotel.

It is definitely not for everyone, but I enjoy the lifestyle. I do it everywhere I travel now. I always thought about this but never had the chance to try it yet. We have a few here but I rarely go and I never stay more than two hours. Beth Johnson — Wowwwwwwwwwwwww I am loving that!!

Talk about just doing your thing and enjoying life, thanks so much for sharing with us: That you stay in for only 2 hours? Are you trying to say something about your profession? For some reason this comment notification never got through.

Yes, I meant a few hotels. That was what you wrote about, silly. On second thought, I would be a bit creeped out not knowing who stayed in my room prior.

Like living in an apartment complex minus the lease. What hotel do you stay at?! I have tenants living in a property I own, who for various reasons have asked to hold the lease for some years, which has left me homeless as it were. The idea of living in hotels really appeals to me and looking to the future I think this will be an increasing trend.

With living costs so high, such as house prices, rents, energy etc it make sense. Also with jobs harder to come by it makes you more flexible to move somewhere for a new job, rather than be stuck trying to sell a house. It makes it very expensive when two can live as cheaply as one. You may as well just eat out. I think a communal kitchen would be better because it should reduce costs. I would fancy travelling around the world rather than staying in one location.

If you only stay in one place you may as well rent. My husband, son, two cats and I will be moving in to a one bedroom suite at a Residence Inn soon. This post has been an interesting perspective. They also required a month to month lease. This is going to be an interesting experiment and hopefully the entire family will come out in one piece. In the mean time thanks for giving it a positive spin. And then you can incorporate that back into your normal life again once time? Let us know how it all went later if you remember — would love an update: Been living in a hotel s for almost six months.

I am a single female without pets. I retired 40 and travel about 40 weeks out of the year. I am only considering buying a condo because I want to be able to home swap which will make my trips even more affordable. I am also considering living in one of the Las Vegas hotel residences which would reduce my tax burden even further because there are no income taxes in Nevada.

Back to hotel living, I use Priceline to get better deals than the hotels will offer, even for monthly stays. My entire life is in that little storage locker! Sheets are around TC and I have real comforter with duvet. They offer a free breakfast each morning and dinner four nights per week. It is close to Metro and there is a free shuttle that will take you to any location within a couple of miles of the hotel.

Free safe in room and a full safe downstairs for my laptop when I head out for the day. Free cable around 80 channels including local programming. Pet fee is extra. Also Costco and other clubs have cheap gas.

Plus, I get those offers from Priceline for airport rentals in case I want to road trip during the week. I also have zipcar for emergencies. When I am at a place without a full kitchen, I exploit all the free happy hours, reduced price meal deals, Groupon deals, and buffets in the area. Yes, it pays to get to know people, tip well, and be nice in case you were wondering. They know my hotel living situation and most think its kind of cool albeit odd, so they cut me a break for being a loyal customer.

It was hassle to pack up in the beginning, but once I reduced the amount of the stuff I take with me to a large rolling duffel, I have it down to a science now. And I also know the best and cleanest laundromats in each area in case I need to get a to a local place. Living in NYC for 20 yrs makes you immune to noise. And traveling makes you get out and meet new people. I am living next to some utility contract workers and they are Southerners which means they cook aka fry their dinner every night and are the friendliest guys in the world.

We have drinks the bar and whoop it up! I have met a lot of people I have kept in contact with since last year. And some of the hotel employees are now people I have dinner with when they are not working. And home ownership is overrated. Owning a home is a lot of responsibility. Two people who make the same income should pay the same amount in taxes. The MID, PTD, and other home ownership tax deductions skew the parity amongst taxpayers and create perverse incentives.

Thanks for letting me tell my story of hotel living. I was looking for a place to blab off about it. Try it for a month if you can. The boys next door have made Texas chili and are ringing the dinner bell! A male-version of you, anyways! Haha… this is awesome, wow. Now we have a baby in the mix too making it harder to pull off, but I shall not close out this chapter just yet… One of these days we WILL live in a hotel!

Even for just a month, as you mentioned. I live in the DC area and would love to hear more about where she says, how she does it, etc. Rent is so darn expensive. Living in a hotel is pretty sweet if you can get a nice suite. But if I manage to get a decent suite or a room to myself in a semi nice place with decent gym, pool etc its great. No kids jumping around screaming no wife bickering just silence and cold beer.

I lived in a hotel room for a couple months with my wife and sons one in grade school, the other in high school , and two birds. It got old very quick, like within a day or two.

There was the pool, breakfast, and so on. However, somehow I let a street person know I was staying at that hotel, and he showed up while I was eating breakfast with my wife and bummed money off of me.

Tell me please, the URLs, phone numbers, and other contact information to websites that I will find these hotels to live in? I have an urgent situation that my brother and I are in need of finding Hotels that we can live in with seperate bedrooms, full bath and a kitchen, by the end of November.

We are packed and getting ready to leave soon as we find a hotel in the Hollywood area to live in paying by the month to stay as long as we want. We are serious about living this way for life as we are single, retired and do not want to pay rent or mortage stuck in one place. Sold my house a few years ago, rented an apartment for 8 months, then purchased a new home. Ahhh, well — at least you now know what to try in the future!

However as this is a relocation by using my business to reclaim the vat, the stay is also tax deductible. On top of this using hotels. In total spending 5 out of 7 nights at the hotel as will be going home and holidays abroad will cut out stay nights. Plus all the perks mentioned above.

I can store items at the office and move hotels as required. Hell yeah it does! Not only for the financial reasons, but for the adventure too! Let us know if you end up doing it, and then how you feel about it once there for a while ;.

I currently live in an Extended Stay hotel. The rooms are fitted for long stays so it comes with a full size fridge, microwave, weekly housekeeping and free grab and go breakfast. Not to mention free Wifi. Not to mention, I never have to worry about late fees, evictions, or being tied down to a lease. I only wish I had thought of this sooner. Good for you for trying it and then more importantly using that money to get your finances on track!

We even have Plants. New Management came on Now are using Dirty Tactics to get us to leave. The Hotel is Empty nearly every day except for 12 People Regulars we are the only residence here. Hope you get it all squared away, my man! Love that you found a great way to live like that though and that you married your high school sweetheart: Sending you positive vibes!! The Extended Stay America chain is great. Usually they even beat out Motel 6 for long-term monthly rates.

I found this one with an ad on Craigslist for their monthly rate and when I booked it through Hotwire on a weekly basis, when I checked in I asked the guy at the desk about that monthly rate and he said that all their hotels have that. Now I may just happen to be in a room close enough to the wi-fi router to be able to say that the wi-fi works well enough to WORK on and do online classes on. Thanks for the insight on Extended Stay America — nice to know they offer monthly rates!

The website says that the shown price reflects the applied discount, but we know that ESA absolutely does not charge that much for only 2 weeks. It was a big upgrade from living out of a car. I am thinking of living in a hotel for a few months until I can get an apartment or maybe even live there a year if I can save to later buy a nice condo or maybe a house. I would definitely want a kitchen and washer and dryer.

Even with free breakfast it is nice to be able to cook and have stuff not available at restaurants in the area. It seems like it would be fun to live in a hotel! Yeah, I think it would def. Do you think the Wi-Fi works well enough to work there?

I am planning to work for a travel own business type thing along with already writing short articles for some sites.

The travel company might even help even more since I will make money if I purchase the hotel stay through there which I definitely would! Also what about shopping online? So what should I buy to have my own private network? I only use natural products so some things are hard to find in store and just easier to get online!

We need to downsize now and not wait until one of us is ill. We cannot maintain the costs it takes to maintain our home any longer and we desire easier living. There is nothing to hold us back as our children are scattered throughout the US! Hotel versus RV living? RV living sounds like it could get very expensive and to many things could go wrong.

We are in very good health and would like to make this a reality. We have no destination in mind…. Yeah RV living would require a lot more maintenance than a hotel for sure. Still would be pretty fun though in retirement: You could probably hotel hop though too to still travel? Move around every X of months and keep minimal stuff with you? I wish I looked into this a lot more before I had babies — hah. My husband and I are getting ready to move in a hotel for a week and if we like it, we will stay longer.

It will help us to save money and get our bills together. I think it will be a great idea. My brother and I would need a 2 bedroom 1 bath hotel room with kitchen and laundry. I wish i could find something like you have! Even though I had paid for another month! All the other expenses will be exactly the same.

I mean, rules are posted. This particular pervert is married with children!! Yikes, sorry to hear you had such a horrid experience: Good job getting out of there when you did! I live in a gated hotel on the beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

It is just one of three main vacation hotel buildings, and my building is twenty two stories high. There are tennis courts, two gyms, five pools indoor and out, one sauna, two hot tubs. A snack bar and restaurant, and I am a few steps from the ocean. Private security, large parking lots, and I have lived in a condo in the tower building for the last four years.

Free cable, free internet. Things are definitely cheaper in South Carolina. A property manager does that and the owners set the rental price. There is a laundry facility downstairs. Water and garbage are free. This resort is full in the summers, lots of tourists but very quiet the rest of the year. It is a huge resort, many buildings and activities. All landscaped, ponds with ducks and swans, and turtles.

I have my own mail box in another building, and always know my car is safe in any of the parking areas. If you can find a similar situation, it beats renting an apartment hands down. I can leave my condo, travel for a month, or a week or so and never worry about my condo or the contents.

I do not have maid service. Nobody enters my condo without my permission. I wish I had discovered this way of living a long time ago …. Packing my bags now! I see this is an old post, however it was quite relevant to my recent search. I am relocating as my husband and i will both be attending college in a state thousands of miles from our home. After looking into rental properties, and even cosidering buying a home for the time we would be out there I decided that living in a hotel is going to be the way to go.

We wont have to worry about selling a house either when we leave. There is a swimming pool, fitness center, free full breakfast every morning, wi-fi, cable, electric, gas, water, sewer is all included for one price.

We travel quite a bit, so hotel stays are not anything new. Living in one for potentially nine months is however a new experience. I think it will work quite nicely. I only have to pay one bill a month excluding my phone and netflix of course.

I think it will be far more secure than a low income housing environment in a large city. See, we are country bumpkins and come from a small town in rural wi of about people. I think it will work nicely, and I will be sure to blog about it as we go forth on this journey beginning in September of this year. It was quite interesting to read all of the comments and see all the different perspectives regarding living in a hotel. Would love to follow along and learn as you go….

Thx for stopping by — always fun to look over old topics covered here and see if I still think the same: In this case, I still do! Drug addicts and prostitutes Not! We arrived in SC with every intentions of getting a place to live… Of course people saw our Florida license plate and automatically thought we were either rich or stupid… Neither of which we are… We settled in a nice cheap motel… Went House hunting..

Sounds like an incredibly tough spot to be in: I live in a Hotel. They have all the features free breakfest beautiful room pool maid service Good Rates for long term stay. Of course I am single that what makes it attractive. Love Drop is coming! USAA - For insurance: USAA - For investing: Vanguard - For investing automatically: Acorns - For saving money automatically: Paribus - For cheap cell plans: Republic Wireless - For budgeting: Personal Capital - My favorite books on personal finance!

Money, only claim the thoughts from my head. I am not a banker, CPA, money manager or anything else of that sort. Please seek a professional for any "real" advice. Your Privacy is protected. Think You Could Live in a Hotel? June 18th, by J. Goodbye hotel life, I want my kids back Reply. Might have to check what it would be to live in a nice hotel though, completely different story.

Living the dream… For me? Another benefit would be paying weekly, bi-weekly etc. You could budget a lot better Reply. Other people sleep in your bed.

You might get moved to a new room. But the free gym and coffee would be pretty sweet. I love going out to eat and having a maid clean my room everyday…Hotel is not bad, Persuading my family to do it…hmmm we may need to upgrade to the penthouse LOL Reply.

Now, if I can only convince my wife… Reply. Money — I already do live in a hotel: The building also lets you have pets, and if you take a hotel with a kitchen, you can avoid a lot of problems I think people find it strange, but I see it as a transient apartment.

To all of you approaching 50 What a brilliant idea Where to live when you retire!!! No nursing home for us. Breakfast is included, and some have happy hours in the afternoon. Plus, they provide a spa, swimming pool, a workout room, a lounge and washer-dryer, etc.

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