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Slutty women Worcester black girl w shirt

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Dictionary of slang, webspeak, made up words, and colloquialisms. Browse our listings, or submit your own words to our site.

Used either when things are going well, or sarcastically when things are going terribly. Yeah, I have three papers due tomorrow morning. And, yeah, I get off work at 11 tonight. But hey, s'all good. A greeting, like S'up, but cooler. Australian exclamation of surprise or disgust. Short version of What's up? Usually stated forcefully, not with an inflected, questioning final syllable. No way am I eating this this paella-it's S-cubed. Seeya later, I'm going to the pub. Brown-eyed, sweet, cute, hot chick that lives in, oh yeah!

Men have been known to go miles to see an s2. Let's head up to Ontario this weekend to check out some s2. Mark, now that sounds like a plan! A greeting using sabi as a variation of the popular wasabiand yo as the general term for the person being greeted. A handshake usually follows. Friend walks into room: Dental floss, toothpick, something that removes food particles from teeth.

As she finished her meal she asked the waitress for a sacagrub so she wouldn't have to brush her teeth. To gain bravery, or be outgoing in manner.

Frequently used in the Army. Private Wilkinson, you had best sack up and jump out of this airplane. Used in place of holy cow! You can't play Nintendo at all. Really good, but also really evil. Homer uses it a bunch on The Simpsons. Mmmm, that hedonistic pagan girl is sacrelicious. Used mainly to describe someones slavish adherance to pop fashion or music.

Wearing dungarees and dancing to N-Sync. An agreement; used in place of OK or Sounds good. An unfinished cigarette that is purposely extinguished so it can be saved and re-lit later on. Sometimes they will end up saving the day for you hence the name safety when you're out of cigs and craving like a madman. I'm makin' a safety. Warning to others nearby that you expect to flatulate.

Hard to get, over-priced, over-rated, and completely unnecessary. I finally found that Neil Sadaka demo tape on Ebay Someone pretending to have etiquette. I need some tissue. That's gross, what if someone sees it?

Not if it's on the inside. Oh yeah, Bob, you're real safisterated. When faced with a complicated equation that persistently refuses to work out, merely multiply whatever answer you do have by the Safstrom-Phillips Non-Constant-- which is just a good name for the day's expected top temperature.

This equation won't work out. To be very annoyed, often due to a trivial matter. You've got egg on the telly. Smart or sensible Example: My, those are sagilent shoes you're wearing today. Used when someone speaks to you in a tone that could be mistaken for a double entantre. Usually followed with the reply Captin! Do you want me to give it to you? Your dressing sense is sakath. What does she look like? Well, she's a bit of a salad dodger. All the vegetables other than lettuce included in a salad.

This salad has carrot and celery and lots of other salad garbage. Well guys, I guess I'll salada. It's and all, as commonly slurred together. Don't be a sally. An insult for when someone does something stupid or dumb.

Also said when someone is wrong. Can be used in many situations where someone is or should be humiliated or embarrassed by what she did. You simply fell off your chair, Chris. No one else had anything to do with it. It was gravity and your own stupidity that caused it. Gonna' hit someone for that, too? Shortened slang for assault. When someone's ass in in your face. Persons, male or female, who happen to interfere with someone else picking-up one of the opposite sex--the object.

They can, but are not limited to, being salt if they really suck, or by flat out being a dork which results in that dorkiness reflecting on you in an unfavorable manner , or they can be tactless and say something stupid that offends the object, or they can perhaps be a friend of a friend of a girlfriend--which could obviously be detrimental to the game in play.

I don't want Chris to come with us. He is nothing but salt. OR If perhaps your buddy walks up and says anything dumb while you are talking to a lady. After she is gone you can point to him, shake your head, and say, Salt, thereby referring to his salty behavior and calling him salt.

Feeling shame from being beaten or overtaken in an embarassing manner. He felt salty after I schooled him in Quake. A slang word for something heavy in weight. Used mostly in the Lancaster County area of PA. Make sure that you lift with your legs, because that box is mighty salty. Although not identical, they are very similar. Difference between the two is not much. It's violet, not purple! I'm gonna eat me a sammich. Created via use of sampling or a sampler audio: Also refers to Photoshop era that we live in, the sampledelic era.

Anything that has to to with repurposing data, recontextualizing something for a completely different purpose. The composition of hip-hop music is a prime example of sampledelia.

What you say when you realize that San Francisco is great. Something that would be considered good in San Francisco. I've had so much Chinese food and seen so many gay bars, it's san frantastic! That shirt is pretty san frantastic.

Referring to people who believe they are better than everyone else. From the name of a character in Orgasmo. Sancho over there has been screening guests since he got here. He tried to turn away my best friend because her hair wasn't good enough. Spanish slang for boyfiend, girlfriend, or honey. I saw my Sancho at Lorraine's party.

Look at that sand clock up there


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I got tickets to the concert. OR This is really score. I can't believe I passed the test. A fairly large furry scorpion. They tend to be very perverted, willing to grab at people even while going through ritual pain. Scorpies also usually command giant starships and huge confederate empires. Scorpies also tend to assault people for absolutely no apparant reason, eat explosives, and are immortal.

Next thing I knew, the scorpy snatched my lunch box from my hands and ate my lunch. Adjective of acting like a Scoundrel. There aren't enough Scoundrels in your life. His behavior with the ladies is simply scoundrelous. Anyone born or currently living in Liverpool, England. That is, a person who is a square and knows it, but takes a sort of subdued and tense pride in her squareness.

My geology teacher last semester was a real scoyner, he showed us a picture of him collecting rock samples on his honeymoon. A small dog with an unfortunate habit. He's a nice dog, but a bit of a scrabster for all that. Clothes rags that are dirty. I can't believe that Amy and Charles have been living together for three months, and still sleep on a pile of scrags in the corner of a room.

Hurrying to do something you don't really have time to do. I still need to scramblewedge a grocery run before my last appointment. Slang for food, a snack, nosh. Man, am I hungry, who's up for some srcan? The stale cereal in the bottom of the box that someone is forced to eat before a fresh box may be opened. Do I have to eat the cornflake scrankins again?

A real fighter, a battler. Someone who battles hard to make her point known. She's a real scrapper. How much scratch you make with your new burger-flippin' job? A desire beyond words, for a sort of super craving.

So urgent that one would do just about anything to obtain the object of desire. I am scraving some Mountain Dew. I may have to stop coding if I don't get some right away. An extremely embarrassing moment which causes you to scream into your pillow at night. Usually occurs when all of a sudden you become painfully aware that you are humiliated by something you have said or done.

Sarah had a screamer last night when she remembered falling down flat on her face at the club, right in front of a some cute guys she knew. Genetic predisposition to be a couch potato. His constant channel surfing while eating and drinking on the couch suggest screengenes. Vito was in Screensaver mode after his heavy lunch. Unhealthy skin color, characteristic of persons who spend all summer inside, in front of a computer monitor.

Also see geek, nerd, millionaire. Howzabout we go out in the non-virtual world for a burger or something? A word used to mean messed up, distorted, beat up, or otherwise changed negativly. Matt, give that back now or Joel's gonna screw-ching you. Nah, only screw-chinged the truth a bit. Syndrome where the pinky finger protrudes from the hand at a 45 degree angle Example: I'm glad I don't have screwed-up-pinky sindrome.

The act of being ripped off; may be used with another word to denote property Example: He gave me the screwgie. I got the ride screwgie I didn't get a ride. Yo, did you check out that Screwish kid? He's got tha guilt and tha kilt! The screwt of is exactly When they dig through the minutiae of your life in order to get you for something. She was a great candidate for the Supreme Court until she was screwtinized.

Someone using a lame IRC script immaturely and annoying others with it. Some Script Kiddie is trying to flood me with his pre-fabricated useless script. Jay was scritching me for half an hour. By the time he was done I was melted into a little puddle on the floor. The way a man's face feels when he hasn't shaved in over a day.

While Todd was on vacation, he let his face get scritchy. Not the fish, but the past pluperfect of screw. From the old joke. Where do I get scrod in Boston? Describes the appearance of a teddy bear when it has been washed and hung on the line. I feel a bit scroffly today. Midwestern slang term for copulation. I can't believe that disgusting troll is scrogging my sister.

A really long web page that goes on forever and requires a lot of scrolling to get down to the bottom and back up to the top. I wanted to read the articles, but it was all scrolly and my eyes were tired. Totally stuffed up, screwed up, shoddy. Look at that guy wearing those tight leather pants One who continually uses others for selfish material gain. That scrounge is always asking me for a favor.

A common term among fighting game players. Scrubs are players who a. Truly have no idea how to play the game but think they do b. Know how to play but lack any sort of skill c. Most scrubs think th Example: Today I went to the arcade and beat on a couple of scrubs.

He's pretty decked out for a man with no job or money. A person who excels in either uncleanliness, laziness, or some other form of repulsive behavior. Usually used when deriding their unsavoriness in a light-hearted fashion. Tell the scrudy beizer to get her butt off the couch and put some clothes on.

An extremely attractive guy with long hair and a beard Example: Damn, he's a total scruffmuffin! You got me a present? How scrum of you. A web graphic that is not optimized. A web graphic that looks crackly and is not clear. That picture is very scrumbly.

The contraction of scrumptious and yummy. The dinner was scrummy. Check out the scrummy babes at the Riviera Crazy Girls show. Generally used in a derogatory manner, it's a term for having sex--derived from screw and hump. All he cared about was getting her back to his place and scrumping her. Extremely pleasant in taste. These cream-pufs are scrump-dililly-lish. So amazing you can't define it with just one word.

Like scrumptious, delicious, unbelievable The dinner we had was scrumpdillyump. Did you see her new boyfriend? He's a total scrumpet! A cross between screwed up and crumpled. That guy has had so much bad stuff happen to him he's scrumpled. Used when describing something that tastes really good. That pizza was scrumpsh. Overly awesome, more than perfect. The wine is scrumtralescent. Goes great with the chicken. An implausible and unimagineable form of improvement beyond perfection. Perfect at being perfect.

Your prose used when composing a belittling joke about jo mama is so marvelous that it's scrumtralescent. Being so good it can't be expressed in words. The movie was better than great. In fact, it was scrumtrulescent. Act of making a flat rug more comfortable by folding orpiling into a heap or scrunchpile.

Look, Bandit's scrunching his rug again. Elastic hairband with decorative cloth wrapping Example: Sara looked very with that gold lame scrunchie in her hair. To crumple or twist with one's fingers. My dog likes his ears scrunged.

The newspaper is all scrunged up. A cross between a Skank, and a Slut Example: Look at that dirty Scrut. This is a nonsense acronym found in a bogus feel good survey sent out on the web. I saw the word sctief in a survey and went to psuedodictionary.

Taken directly from the word scrub. Is a younger brother that is also the baby of the family. If someone is an older sibling as well, they are not a scubu. Katty laughed as her scubu became confused as a dog circled him. Archery expression for an arrow which flies high and wide of the mark, missing the target entirely. First coined by an American Naval Officer and archer in connection to the Soviet-made missle when he observed an unsuccessful Soviet demonstration of the missle.

The weapon missed its target by a considerable margin. The gentleman remarked What a scud! The press was present and printed the word and it has been associated with the missle ever since. The scud is a aptly named weapon as it is notoriously inaccurate. I owe this phrase to a friend of mine called Joe. I really scuffed up on that maths test.

The study of what makes a person, object or act scummy. Robert was very learned in the field of scumiotics. He used his knowledge of scumiotics to help him in his everyday work. Not taking pride in one's self. That hobo's so scummy it's sad. This restaurant is really scumpy.

OR Geez, you are such a scump. To move about on the elbows, dragging the back half of the body, in almost a froglike manner. This is done by both elbows at the same time, and follows with the knees a second later. The tomboyish girl decided to scunch across the living room carpet floor, thus obtaining rug burns on both her knees and elbows. Another name for a cat. Look at that ugly, mouse-eating scunge. If you are scunnered of chocolate, you are all chocolated out.

But ma, I'm scunnered of chips. I need to see a man about a llama. Derisive term for appearance or attitude. Did you see what that scuzbucket was wearing? Here's the revised company dress-code policy from the new scuzbucket personell director. The characters from Puzzlefighter are sd'ed. Sd'ed robots and cars are so cute. From Douglas Coupland's Microserfs. Something that seems unbelievably fun, but in the end winds up as a cruel, bitter letdown upon arrival. This new publication was expected to be groundbreaking, but in the end, it was just Sea Monkeys.

Drunk girl that sits at the bar and talks smack about other girls. That sea monster's starin' me down. A wagging dog tail underwater. Rover sea wags at the beach. An itching sensation rash in your pants caused from sitting around in wet clothes for a long period of time.

Mike was out boating all day without a change of clothes and now he has a nasty case of sea-scratch. From Glenpool, OK, high school student's poetry. A word that rhymes with beagle? Boss who shows up randomly, makes a lot of noise, messes up eveything I wish he'd just travel all the time. Make seagull cawing noises to warn of manager's arrival. Any act that is Sean-Connery-like. Did you see Seannery on Barbara Walters?

Surfer talk for a fat chick on the beach Example: The beach has nothing but a bunch of seapigs in bikinis today. Ernest hemingway was sebid. Washington DC slang expressions for the Presidential Cabinet. Secretary of Defence, Secretary of Agriculture, etc. This is the sec-def's second time around; he was sec-def under President Ford as well.

Like hawt and ur, this is used by stupid teenage girls on the Internet who think it looks cutesy and cool. Gains more Stupid Points than hawt, because it requires TWO extra keystrokes to produce than to correctly spell the word.

See hawt and ur. I think I'm coming down with the flu or something -- I'd better use the second bestroom. A designer of cryptographic code for secure computer communication. So-called for being stereotypically male, physically-small, and twitchy. If we want genuinely secure email we need to hire a secret-squirrel. An unusually wide butt, usually used in reference to a woman. He's neither a secretary nor female, but he still has secretary spread. Adjective describing something as bad in some fashion.

Denny's is section eight. Clever and witty in a charming fashion; handsomely eloquent Example: Cheryl, have you spoken to Lance yet? He's so funny and secuous. Used to either tell someone to get out and stay out or to state that the person saying it is leaving permanently. I've had enough of your lies. The distance one must travel.

As far as you can see. The old ballfield is two sees down that road. A particular type of person given to saying or doing something of a particularly disgusting nature. Fletch, stop being so disgusting. Do you have to be such a seedy-bags all the time? It means that something is understood, two people are in agreement or it's cool.

Yo you wanna hit Turbo tonite? Or just acknowledging what was said. I got my girlfriend pregnant last night. His friends and family knew him to be a seesayleptic and refused to watch subtitled movies with him. Situation that could have been part of a Seinfeld episode.

The whole ordeal was so Seinfeldian. Incapacitated due to severe hangover. I'd have another one, but I can't be seized tomorrow. The feeling of relief that you get once waking from a dream that had unconquerable problems or obstacles. When Tom awoke from his dream of being fired and being forced to file bankruptcy, he felt a wave of selance wash over him. When a person only remembers the things that they really want to remember as opposed to the things others want them to remember.

Ok, so you didn't remember to put the dishes away, but you were able to remember that big party in town?! You've got the worst case of select memory I've ever seen. The illogical refusal to accept certain principles of fiction whilst accepting other, more unlikely, principles Example: He infictionated 'Superman the Movie' by accepting the guy could fly but refusing to believe Lois Lane would never recognise him! Of size increasing by self regulation to an extent that elicits awe; getting more and more immense without regulation and on one's own power.

Maria was caught in the hay with her horse-riding teacher after accidentally killing the horse that her father gave her instead of paying off the house. Clearly her luck was self-colossallating. Describes a fanwork which features the author as a main character. Written to boost the author's self-esteem, rather than to present an entertaining or thought-provoking plot.

Have you read his latest Sailor Moon self-insertion fanfic? That guy is desperate. Surfing to your own web site to make it look more popular. His hits were down, but a couple hours of self-surfing made him look as hip as ever! Goodbye, bye, buy or any sort of way in saying goodbye. Well I have to get going now, sell! If some one tells a lie, it's a ticket, or you could tell them they are selling tickets.

Someone who repeatedly makes blunders. Did ya see how Bob missed that open goal? Yeah, he's such a sellist. Might as well set up shop in the middle of the field. After crying for hours, drew in a semble. Any piece of techno-gadgetry that defies conventional description and does something that will be described with an overly generalized analogy.

What if we hooked up the semiconductiing lube-valve to the EPS conduit and reversed the polarity? That should create just the kinda of quantum gravitation field we're looking for. Oh, you mean like filling a ballon with too much air and letting it go? The syndrome of deriving a meaning from a sign which is not that which was originally intended. The signpainter appeared to have semiopathy when he made the lakeside warning read: Crocodiles Do Not Swim Here.

Fairly beautiful, or almost beautiful. She's not bad-looking, definitely semipulchrous. A male who is ostensibly macho to disguise the fact that he is a complete wuss. With the big show he makes of his daredevil nonsense, Geraldo has got to be the biggest Semper-Flex out there. A term for any body part that would otherwise be unfit for public discussion. I dropped the bowling ball on my foot! Oh, kiss my semprini. There goes another senignal driver. A combination of senile and philosopher.

Used to describe a computer that constantly sits and proccesses information for no reason at all. Mark finishes booting computer and moves mouse, causing computer to sit and think. I haven't even opened anything yet. The anomaly in the space-time continuum where time dilates in direct proportion to your distance from a Senior Citizen, slowing time as we know it to a crawl.

This effect makes one later and later for an appointment as one gets closer in proximity to a Senior Citizen. The magic ability for time to appear to speed by faster as you get older, making old age seem to zip by, however dilating time around you for everyone else. Thanks to the Senior Citizens Effect, the years when I had the dispeptic ulcer seemed to zip by quickly. The amount of time needed to account for senior citizens when trying to make an appointment.

When going through a high senior citizen density area such as the supermarket at noon , you must take into account the relative speed and delays propogated by senior citizens. We have to leave earlier if we take into account the Senior Citizens Factor. An exhibit of behavior that would typically be associated with growing older. I just had a senior moment! Behaviour characteristic of high school seniors, but can be contracted it's like a disease as early as middle school.

Symptoms include rampant class-skipping and general apathy towards all things school-related. I won't be doing my homework tonight either. Senioritis has got me bad this year. Fear of opening old lunch boxes. I was about to start sorting out my school bag after the holidays when I was suddenly assailed by seniprandicapsaphobia. Someone who is open to any and all experiences, and enjoys each one thoroughly.

Hi, my name is Ochre Orientis. I like to eat, swim, make love, and all that stuff. I'll do anything, I'm a senseslut. A statement or part of a statement made when a friend fuges out and doesn't finish her sentence. Last night I got a new Something you don't have to worry about, because responsibility for it belongs to someone else.

There's a huge load of customers that walked into the door! I've signed out and changed clothes. My gorgeous gothic girlfriend is a sephim. American, mainly from USA. Mark is a Seppo. A catch-all describing both those classified under serfdom and also servitude.

The peasants revolted against their terrible state of serfitude. Would-be sophisticate, a snob. Used derogatively to describe someone overdressed for the occasion--or having her nose in the air. She tended to dress in a sernerfer fashion. A positive response to a request or a favor, implying that in order to fulfill the request or favor you must first put aside the banana you are eating. Hey, Roy, can I borrow your leather chaps for tonight's ice cream social?

Let me set my 'nana down. Adjective describing words that are fake or made up by people. That's not a word, it's a seudo-p. When a conversation topic, joke, etc. Useful when you don't have a clue what's going on.

I didn't get it. It was a to me. A short, devout Mormon wrestler who almost goes pro grappling can be called sewellesque. Have you ever seen Goldberg post WWF? The stitched seams on a teddy bear.

The antique bears were in excellent condition, except for some torn sewup. A person who is extremely sexy. That Elizabeth is one sexable chick. Getting dressed or preparing yourself to look sexy. John will be here in an hour. Let me go get sexified. To force your roommate to leave so you can have annoying, noisy sex.

Jeff, why are you sleeping in the student lounge? An expert of all things sexual. Jane is a sexpert, she knows all about it. To infiltrate someone's bedroom to gather information. To use sex in a negative way to harm someone else's relationship. I used my best friend for sexpionage to see if my girlfriend was faithful. The act of being taken in for the night after being sexiled. Can I get sexsylum in your room tonight? My roommate has his girlfriend in from out of town and I got sexiled. A compliment to someone you think is attractive.

You have vexy sexula arms. OR My word, you are very sexula! Adjective used to describe an inanimate object that is expensive or beautiful. My girlfriend looks sexy, but I wish she'd move once in a while. Anything that grows from small to huge very rapidly. From the growth of San Francisco in the Gold Rush from to over , people in a few months.

Hey, Tom, if you gobble down any more of that pizza, you gonna go SF Spaghetti for the lazy--or those who can't spell.

I like Italian food, especially sgetti. Slang for Let's go eat Example: It's 12 o clock! Usually said in an awkward moment as a response to someone's comment you don't hear clearly.

As in unsure agreement. I think Nikki is the total cat's pajamas. Denotes affirmative in a laid-back manner. I told him I'd be back by 6. Teenager's request for others to be quiet. An exclamaton to be used when one is very impressed. That girl was hot. Same meaning as wow, cool, or thank you.

That was very shaba! Did you see that website? A word used to express extreme surprise or excitement. Man, I thought I was in for another routine day of classes, but then during science, shablamo!

To take something from someone when they have asked you if you want some before going to get it--and you declined. The best description is when you ask your friend I am going to get a burger and fries, you want something?

Shabooser, shaboosee, shaboosist, shaboosing, shaboosable. If I had known you were going to shaboose my potato salad, I would have got more for you. Lame guys with no intelligence or agenda. Many at college like to drink beer, conform, and screw around. All have frosted tips, leather jackets, and turtleneck sweaters from Structure. Tan from a can guys who like to think they're from California. Comes from the slang Shahbrah as in Yeah brother gone to Yeah brah then horribly mutated into Shahbrah.

This party's lame and there's too many shahbrahs here. To nail a thought or description that someone else has been explaining Example: You just shacked that PETA argument. A piece of clothing that is both a shirt and a jacket. Perfect for nights that are not too cold or hot. That is a nice shacket. Someone who refuses to let go of useless possessions after moving to a new location, thus bringing all belongings with them.

Also packing the shack. After Debbie pulled the brassed antlers from the box, she screamed, Tom, you shackpacked after telling me you wouldn't. Slang for Shut Up Example: Why don't you just shaddup? German for too bad. Used sarcastically when you don't mind that you're missing out on something. Your orthodontist appointment was cancelled. Said when one departs a room. That guy on the corner is acting shady. You gave him the money?

You have been shafted, mate. The point at which someone enters a single-issue universe; purpose: I think we should steer clear of her this evening. After what she said on the last press trip to Barcelona, I reckon she's in her shagitude, and shouldn't be dissuaded from her course of action; namely, nailing that nice bloke over there Someone in a particularly kinky mood. Bill was giving me the look, so I knew this shagnasty guy was waiting for action. You are looking simply shagtastic.

To leave a place as in bounce, or roll. Let's shake and go to Taco Bell, I'm starving. I got really dirty playing football. I'm going to go shake a tower. To look through, as in browsing or leafing through.

Unneccesary looking through with no final outcome. So, yeah, the other day I was shamming through some old books. He's such a shammer, never deciding upon one thing. A doo-wop term to express excitement. Shamalamadingdong, that's a cute bobbysoxer! A person who steals another person's idea. Patrick stole my idea and claimed it for himself Something incomprehensible or in severe disarray.

After that kegger on Friday night, my place was a shambles. To wreck or make a shambles of a person, place or thing. After they were barred from the night club they returned and shamblized the place. Boca makes much better shamburgers than Garden Burger does. My car broke down so I'm taking the shame train this week. A religion based on the worship of Shamu. Shamuism is quickly becoming the religion of choice for intelligent people.

An absolutly gorgeous person. Someone who is a big turn on. She is totally shaness. OR He looks really shaness in that outfit. To badly hit a ball. Man - you shanked it way to the right! Generally decrepit or falling apart. Can be paired with towne to describe a place that is rotten, filthy, or run-down. Mike, your muffler is falling off your Miata. That is one shantey automobile. How long has it been since you cleaned this apartment, Rick? It's become a shantey towne Capri pants, a mix of shorts and pants.

Shants are more comfortable than pants cause you can breath, and more comfortable than shorts cause they aren't showing off my fat thighs. Being both shocked and happy at the same time.

Yes, Mallory, when you told me you were marrying Nick, I was very shappy for you. A tiny blister located on the flap of skin that connects the bottom of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. I had a great time last night, but now I've got a sharmoancinnon.

Being so incredibly excited that you can't sit still. I was totally shasited to get my CD player put into my car! An average to ugly-looking person that you'd sleep with anyway if nothing better is around. From the cheap soft drink Shasta. You'll still drink it if there isn't anything better around.

The chick that Greg took home is shasta. Must have been a slow night at the bar. Where did you get it. The sweet, sweet fighting style made famous in Star Trek, in which you can defeat someone without actually hitting any vulnerable spots. The best Shat Fu move is the one where they clench their fists together and bring them down over their opponent's back, crippling them instantly.

Another name for a mullet; the hairstyle featuring a short, often spikey top with shoulder length hair in the rear, giving off that business in front, party out back feel. It's shaved and it's long. I saw this guy at the mall yesterday. You wouldn't have beleived his hair. Talk about a shavlong. Used during moments of extreme excitement. Swear word from the planet Ork. I'm stuck on this godawful planet. To cause the appearance of a genie by way of the marrying of two rings.

I am in a real fix, if only I could shazzam my way out of this somehow. A animal, a cross between a sheep and a pooddle. Most commonly found in Huron, Michigan. The sheapp fallowed the girl untill she let it eat her shoe. Incredibly loud, tasteless, and tacky. The golfer showed up in what had to be the sheckiest outfit I'd ever seen. A term for a little guy who thinks he's a bad dude, but in reality is a major dork. The guy let someone kick him in the chest, breaking his sternum.

Nothing but a shee-han. We went to this totally shee-shee restraunt and it cost the two of us two bills. I did the laundry today, so tonight I'm sleepin' on sheents. Hey Tiffany, I'm so having a sheentz, lets go outside! OR Man, I did sheep on the chemistry quiz. When one attemps to coherse a group of people into an action by gentle prodding.

Everyone was so unmotivated i wound up sheepdoggin us over to the bar for wings and beer. Hey do what you want, i aint gonna sheepdog tonight. Ok who's sheepdoggin tonight? A cross between sheep and people. Members of a horde of mindless followers, such as can be found at rallies, sports events, and religious gatherings. As the sheeple entered the stadium, they were herded gradually towards their seats.

A baby sheep; a young sheep. The new sheepling gets along well with the other animals. The old-fashioned phrase Oh, for crying out loud! He actually said that? An expression to describe something having extra sheeshness. He actually said that to his Dad??

A member of the KKK. My cousin in Alabama is a sheet head. Australian Slang for a female, woman, girl, chick. There are some decent sheilas at this party, mate. One who has had a sex change operation. After the operation, he is no longer a he or a she, but a sheit. The stomach when it has become enlarged to the point of being an appendage. You dropped some food on your shelf. The bound, printed version of a project, which likely will end up on a shelf, unused and forgotten, gathering dust.

We put ten man-months into that research, but all it became was shelfware. To beat by a large margin. Collingwood gave Carlton a shellacking. Ignorant or stupid person. Someone who acts impulsively without thinking, usually making an ass of themselves. Chris is such a shem, he sits in front of his computer drooling and typing with one finger all day. Following a female being for countless hours in clothing, jewelry and other stores, saying That one is better than the other, and No, that doesn't make you look fat, honey, and Yes, I like that one--without really caring.

I have a terrible headache because I had to follow Martha sheopping for hours and hours. Anna and Sharon went sheopping and I had to wait for them while they chose all the clothes they'd be using in the party. Being involved with the raising and tending of sheep. Shepherdry would be a good vocation for those who want to spend time alone out in the wild. One of Canada's finest, the park ranger. Specifically, a female ranger small in body, big in heart.

Friend to all animals and at home in the rough outdoors. That girl is so resoureful and smart, she could almost become a sheranger. Usually applied to cute objects, animals, or people. Today for show-and-tell Rahim brought in his new puppy--what a sherblit! Just a tad better than cool or kewl. That new computer has everything on it; it's so shewpus. That party was soo That shirt looks so shibby on you!

An interjection or adjective that is used as a variant of cool. It is usually preceded by way. That movie was way shibby. That shibby chick in the red slipped me her phone number. Adjective meaning cool, brilliant, wonderful, fantastic, shibby. More exhuberant way of saying either of these.

Derived from the words shibby and fantastic. Wow, I just had the most shibbytastic day! Look at the shicken run around the yard. Dad will never catch it. Shickle-short of a nickle-In essence, it is used when your out of change. You don't just have to be out of nickles, you can be out of something else. I had some extra change for my friend who was shickle. What's up with the shie? I don't get him.

Yet, despite all that, the country still remains a dictatorship and since the fall of the Soviet Union they lost one of their major financial backers. Many people have fled Cuba by boat and went to Florida, where they express firm anti-Castro and anti-communist opinions and vote Republican.

Castro-hating Cubans are often cast as villains in JFK conspiracy theories because of his debacles with the American intervention on the island. Expatriates from other countries in the USA tend to see Cubans as extremely loud and entitled freeloaders. Due to the American boycot of the country they cannot import newer models from there and thus rely on using and repairing the ones that were left there after the revolution.

The Cubans that emigrated were known as the Marielitos , which left a pervasive image of lawlessness among the Cuban population in Florida, prompting the plots of films like Scarface and TV shows like Miami Vice where Marielitos were portrayed as frequent villains.

Haiti Haitians , aside from the voodoo things, are seen as pity seekers in search of constant support and help. Even though they are considered to be French speakers, there is a great amount of the population that does not speak an ounce of French; it does not help that most of the contact they have with the world is with the Americas, which are largely English, Spanish and Portuguese speakers, having a language barrier by default.

In the USA, Haitians are known to be dutiful, yet extremely conflictive workers who pull the Race Card more often than not. From the 18th and 19th century onward it was world famous for the export of sugar. Since the s, s and especially the s the island has become internationally famous for their highly unique musical styles: A Jamaican will always use the following words and stock phrases: This despite the fact that Rastafarianism is still nothing more than a cult on Jamaica and not even close to being the largest religion on the island.

Its use was nevertheless so widespread that people were rarely prosecuted unless they were high pun not intended profile. Jamaica is notorious for being dirt poor, corrupt and full of crime. Even Bob Marley was targeted, but survived the murder attempt. Another negative reputation associated with the island is its homophobia. Homosexuality is still a punishable offense on the island and local musicians even boast about murdering gays in their lyrics. Mexico Mexico is usually reduced to 19th century stereotypes.

All men wear large sombreros, colorful ponchos or serapes and have long thick black moustaches. While one dictator is replaced by another tyrant groups of guerrilleros prepare the local defenseless villagers for the next military coup. To round it all off all the gunslingers will have a Mexican Standoff.

Much of this imagery is derived from Zorro , Speedy Gonzales and dozens of Western movies. Some stereotypes about Mexicans are similar to those about Spaniards.

They all enjoy singing and dancing, eat foods comprised of beans and hardened corn and peppers too spicy for foreigners to handle, drink tequila and watch bull fights. Most of their time is spent taking a siesta in hammocks, against a wall or even against a cactus, if neccessary. The lazy hispanic stereotype is also in vogue in Mexico.

Typical Mexican dishes are tamales, tacos, pineapple, avocado, guava, mangos, enchiladas, tabasco, tequila and burritos. One wrestler, El Santo, has pratically become a Folk Hero larger than life and has starred in countless local B-movies. Higher Understanding Through Drugs: Another stereotype is that Mexicans will spent the night around a campfire enjoying the hallucinogenic effects of peyote. Often in presence of some Magical Native American, nearby an ancient temple.

A Spirit Advisor may appear. In the United States Mexicans are mostly seen as illegals who try to sneak over the border and move to the U. Especially in American media, Mexicans will always be depicted as mestizo , even in some of the more northern areas of Mexico where whites are just as common.

Examples come in two distinct flavours: All Mexicans either ride donkeys or eat them. Every Mexican owns a chihuahua as a pet dog.

In Chihuahua, of course! Mexico City is the only place that exists in fiction. Acapulco might get a mention and Tijuana, but more as a Wretched Hive, where whorehouses, cheap tequila and donkeys are the main attractions. Nicaragua Very prominent in the s, because the Reagan administration tried to back the overthrowing of a socialist government there. Nicaragua has a hundred-year-long standing dispute with Colombia for the sovereignty of the San Andres Archipelago which is incidentally closer to Nicaragua , though it has remained largely diplomatic.

Panama It has a famous canal. Also seen as a sort-of cheap and still majorly untouched beach resort. Trinidad Trinidadian people are often confused with those of other Caribbean countries, when it is a much richer and more modern country. Trinis also see Jamaicans as poor, western tourists as patronising redirecting them to Tobago , and also see Tobagans as rural and backward. Conversely Tobagans see Trinis as stuck up. South America Argentina The most enduring Argentinean stereotype is the tango dancer, a popular image since spicy women will be dancing, while brawling, moustached macho men strung their guitars in some ill-lit bar.

Cringeworthy for Argentinians with even a cursory knowledge of how the real tango is danced. Argentina has the most Caucasian civilians of any Latin American country, along with Uruguay.

This makes it somewhat less exotic for North Americans and Europeans, who feel more at home; this is also played by the Argentine Bureau of Tourism, which made Buenos Aires the most visited city in Latin America, with heavy contribution of North American and European visitors.

Since the end of the Second World War, many former Nazis fled to the country. Now that most of them are finally dead this stereotype might die out as well.

Politically and economically, Argentina has suffered the same bad reputation many other Latin-American countries did. Their soccer supporters have a special name, hinchas , but whether it be a sport match or a musical concert they will always react with tremendous enthusiasm and great gratitude. They even sing entire songs not just verses! Even when their team is losing they will keep on singing. Other countries started copying this trend. The band even choose the country for their final international concert.

Argentine men will be seductive, yet melancholic cynics. In the countryside, all men are brave gauchos, generally noble, proud and stoic, who can even sew silk on horseback and tend to answer to the smallest provocation with a knife. They mostly eat read meat and drink gallons of wine and the mate beverage. In Latin America Argentines in general have a reputation for being vain, arrogant, sarcastically cynic know-it-alls, who talk way too much. The people from the northern provinces usually are depicted similary to bolivians or paraguayans depends on the provinces.

In Spain and Latin America Argentines are stereotyped as cunning, treacherous people who enjoy taking advantage from others. Argentinia is often stereotyped for having a hot, tropical climate, while it also harbors glaciers and ski centers. Out of all Latin American countries the Argentines have the most civilians of Italian descent: Even the Argentine accent sounds similar to Italian accents.

Argentines are also infamous for swearing a lot, and in a creative way. Bolivia The only South American country where the founder is immediately memorable: A stereotypical Bolivian image is that all women there wear bowler hats and have long black pigtails. Also, they like to fight in lucha rings while wearing traditional clothes. In foreign films and TV shows people will always talk with a Spanish accent whenever they impersonate a Brazilian. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentinia.

Whenever Brazil is depicted in foreign fiction all action will always take place in Rio de Janeiro. And, oh yes, regardless of what time of year it is: The country as a whole has a strong association with catchy and sexy dances, especially the samba, choro, conga, bossa nova, tropicalia and lambada.

Some of the most famous South American musicians were Brazilians: They are all keen to dance and very open to sex. The favelas are perhaps the most negative association the country has to offer. These local slums are full with criminals, drug addicts, gang wars, con artists, pick pockets and corrupt police officers. See also the movie City of God. Brazil is also famous for soccer, having won The World Cup a record breaking five times.

Brazilians are often stereotyped as wisecracking fast-talking always-cheerful guys. Every single Brazilian loves soccer and samba more than anything else. Firstly, there is the Ambiguously Brown, exuberant, grinning Dance Battler type, a depiction no-doubt deriving from the native Capoeira martial art.

Beyond the stereotypes, there are multiple reasons for their large presence in such games, including prohibitive import taxes on console games and regulations getting in the way of setting up a unique version of the game for them as is done often in the industry, usually between Europe, Asia, and the Americas. A country where old people, young people and even kids are always ready to say something sarcastic.

Their characters can be stereotypically described as being snobbish, passive-aggressive, pessimistic, quite Holier Than Thou though this one is becoming discredited ever since The Nineties , and incredibly classist. But mostly, they are seen by their neighbors as having an incredibly big Inferiority Superiority Complex.

In regards to their neighbors, Chileans are either very Tsundere or totally hate them. Specially polemic in the case of Peruvians and Bolivians, a bit of a Discredited Trope with Argentines as they tend to be more of Vitriolic Best Buds now… though some Chileans may team-up with Brazilians to make fun of them. Within Chile, there are several other stereotypes of their own: People from the Nearest North aka Norte Chico Coquimbo, La Serena are stereotyped as lazy bums that live at the beach rather than at home and have a steady diet of fruits and Chilean pisco.

They also sneer at tourists and whine because everyone but them Drives Like Crazy. Santiago people Santiaguinos are seen as bitchy, spoiled, smug and specially as self-centered. The rest of the Nearest South is seen as still being made more of countryside than anything else. The South of Chile is made of lakes, greenery and, from Coyhaique onwards, covered in snow.

People with Mapuche heritage are seen as very Hot-Blooded, proud and stubborn. The country is also known for the chili pepper. Colombia Colombia is a druglord haven full of corrupt politicians, leftist guerrillas, and right-wing death squads.

Colombian expats in Venezuelan works tend to be depicted as people with Hair-Trigger Temper and a love for the Colombian folk music style Vallenato with the volume amped to max. Thanks to its export of TV soaps, Colombian Bogotanians have earned the stereotype of being simultaneously polite and smug. Among other Spanish language nations Colombians are known for being uniquely adept at swearing.

Other groups exist, but the main rivalries between regions come from the four mentioned. The difficulties in land communication between cities have historically made these regions notoriously isolated from one another note. The four groups have grown an intense regionalism exacerbated by the media which is known to be extremely Bogota-centrist and more importantly by Soccer rivalries.

They are also known to unsuccessfully dabble in seceding from the rest of the country. Curiously, there is a well known stereotype regarding the women of the Coffee Axis city of Pereira in Risaralda, especially their penchant for plastic surgery and being notoriously easy to approach, to the point of being prostitutes.

They are also lampooned for their butchering of the Spanish language. Where everyone else in the Atlantic coast progressed, Guajira remained stagnant. Other noteworthy groups include the Pastusos , the Boyacos and the Llaneros , among others.

Fortunately, they take the slaps with a full face and do not shy from the jokes. Chocoanos live off their dear Atrato River, even though it floods every now and then, taking all of their few possessions. Chocoanos are essentially the Haitians of Colombia. People of Los Dos Santanderes are just mad with everyone. People from the cities of Cucuta and San Cristobal in Venezuela are interchangeable. People from Cauca and Putumayo just might as well not exist at all.

People from Tolima and Huila do nothing but eat tamales, have beauty pageants and dance Bambuco all day note. The Opita peoples of Tolima and Huila are often parodied in television for being notoriously lazy. San Andres is the most exotic place a bare-bones Colombian vacation can aspire to.

People of the Amazonian region are mostly seen as stone-age indigenous people. If they are in Leticia which lies by the Amazon River people assume that they travel everywhere by canoe. Demographically in general, the indigenous people in Colombia suffer a great degree of discrimination from all strata of society.

Indigenous communities in Colombia were nowhere as big and developed as the great ancestral empires in Mexico, Central America and Peru, though they left a great cultural watermark for the ages such as the Tayronas, the Caribs and the Muiscas. However, formerly small indigenous communities like the Nukak-Maku are getting greater recognition and respect regarding the uniqueness of their cultural idiosyncracies Nukak-Maku have their own distinct language. In fact, Guyana is the sole English-speaking country in South America, and its border with the Caribbean coast and shared culture with other former British colonies in the Caribbean Sea results in the nation having a Caribbean-based culture.

They do nothing but smuggle goods and steal cars from neighboring countries; also, thanks to Jose Luis Chilavert, they were considered to have Hair-Trigger Temper.

Also, everyone is bilingual in Spanish and Guarani, and will often speak in the latter language to confuse and troll foreigners. Every Paraguayan can play the harp. The only more-or-less modern city to appear in popular culture will be Lima or Cuzco. Peruvians will be stereotyped as people who speak in helium-infused squeaky voices while wearing colorful robes and funny bonnets with ear flaps. They all worship the Sun. Colombia and Peru share a frontier through the Amazon which is sparsely populated and not particularly media-savvy , so very few people in Peru are aware of why Colombians are so good at making fun of them…?

Uruguay Uruguay tends to be considered just a very small and quiet Argentina, Luxembourg style. They are not thrilled with this. However, they are generally exempt from the negative Argentinean stereotyping, considered polite, open minded, friendly… and really obsessed with mate. Though well versed and world-famous, some players have had considerable trouble for taking it too far. Also known for its nationalized oil industry, for having a whole industry dedicated to winning the Miss Universe pageant, and for looooong and melodramaaaaatic Soap Operas.

While other continents are continuously in the news for various reasons Oceania barely makes the headlines overseas. This leads to the impression that it is essentially nothing more than a quiet, peaceful holiday destination. The other 12 are rarely ever mentioned in fiction, save for Papua New Guinea see below. Australia and New Zealand claim the other country is having sex with sheep.

All we know is that the sheep are sluts. These animals are practically synonymous with the entire country. Australia may be own the few countries where the animal population is more famous than the citizens.

Since they have a very unique fauna: So, watch out for kangaroos and wallabies, koalas, kookaburras, Tasmanian devils, emus, echidnas, dingoes, platypuses, funnel-web spiders, black widow spiders,… Jokes about invasive species such as rabbits, cane toads and ostriches are also very popular and unfortunately have been Truth in Television. Australian wildlife is all huge and savage and poisonous and will kill you in a heartbeat. It outnumbers the humans and actively hunts them. However the funnel-web spider does live in Sydney, and has cause injuries and even death to humans.

One of the most persistent stereotypical ideas about Australia is that its capital is thought to be Sydney. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is also essential.

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Nov 26,  · Paris is a mess: Up to , illegal immigrants live in just one suburb. A new parliamentary report shows that the number of migrants living in a Paris suburb may be nearing ,, according to Paris Vox. Foreign audiences associate American media with big budget spectacle. Consider the fact that Hollywood is the only place in the world where millions of dollars are used to make films and TV shows about sensational topics.