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So lonely this sunday evening


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So lonely this sunday evening

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Jenny Stallard, 38, opens up about her own experience Friday night when you're single is all parties, late-night cabs and waking up with a stranger Well, last Friday I headed home with a bag of pasta and pesto, watched TV, then went to bed alone, without speaking to a soul.

Not in person, anyway. Sure, there was some commenting on Facebook and a bit of WhatsApp. Then I woke up on Saturday ready to welcome guests but, until their 3pm arrival, I was in my flat — silent, alone.

On paper — and, importantly, on screen — our lives can seem so brilliant. My job on a national newspaper is busy and engaging and, between trips to the gym, nights out for work events, drinks with colleagues or seeing friends, I can easily fill my weekday evenings. But I suffer from weekend loneliness. The peak time is Sunday evenings. Without company and conversation, Sundays bring those feelings of isolation right to the fore.

But now mini-breaks and shopping trips are not so easy. Most friends need babysitters or want, understandably, to spend weekends with their families. But it can make me angry and jealous, which I hate because I love my friends. Some ask, why not get a flatmate? Gone is the derogatory meaning of spinster, but I am not single by choice.

Stating that feels very anti-sisterhood, very uncool. Those who are married or in relationships clearly wanted and got that.

I have my own flat, independence and a great career as a journalist and novelist. I want the lot — a nice flat, good job and a boyfriend. My friend Jane also finds weekends can be strangely empty. Make friends with members of the opposite sex. Not for dating, just for friendship. To say, this is me for now. For five days, anyway. But I will not let this feeling define me.

To try to just accept that this can feel bad. And hope for less lonely weekends ahead. Do you suffer from weekend loneliness? Let us know at feedback graziamagazine. Jenny is commissioning editor at Metro newspaper.

Her novel, Boyfriend by Christmas , is out now. I've Got Maternity Leave Loneliness. Everything You Need To Know.


The Lonely Island

The Labour Of Leisure, a new book by the sociologist Chris Rojek , argues that free time takes as much effort as "unfree" work. But Sunday carries more meaning than "the day before work": And so it ignores two key rules of happiness. First, as soon as you label any period as "specially" enjoyable, you'll become so self-conscious, monitoring its specialness, that enjoyment is near-impossible.

And second, in a culture that's no longer monoreligious, being told which day to set aside triggers an inevitable rebelliousness. I rarely want to go supermarket shopping on a Sunday evening until I remember it's forbidden. Add to all this Sunday's role as a temporal punctuation mark — "Reading the papers, drinking tea, ironing, a few more hours, and another week gone," as Jimmy Porter puts it in Look Back In Anger — and it's a bust.

You couldn't invent a more dispiriting day if you tried. Which explains why campaigns to "keep Sunday special" seem doomed, on their own terms, and leaving aside their Christian bias: Perhaps we need strong laws to protect shopworkers' hours, but that's a separate matter.

The Keep Sunday Special campaign doesn't even have the courage of its convictions: Create a Monday-specific to-do list, line up necessary files, and tag e-mails that require attention.

If you have to check your work calendar over the weekend, do it Sunday morning to avoid having the prospect weigh on you all day, then dive into a distraction exercise, playtime with the kids to keep yourself from becoming consumed with work thoughts.

Getting your act together at the end of the week can be a boon to all aspects of your life, from planning meals and organizing carpools to managing long-term school projects. Anticipating challenges preweekend will prevent late-night dashes to the market and Staples, and the headaches that go with them.

Slipping into hermit mode is all too easy come Sunday, especially in the short days before daylight saving time kicks in.

But there is plenty of research that shows that people who are less social tend to be less happy. You may get similar benefits without joining a formal group. Who wants to wash a fondue pot on Sunday night?

Something low-maintenance—like a scheduled phone call with your sister, margaritas with the neighbors, or even Yahtzee night with the kids—can make all the difference. Volunteering is one more way to connect, but it has an unexpected perk, too. Giving away your time makes you feel as if you have more time, reports a study published in Psychological Science. Hence, it extends your weekend. Why is it that 7 p. Active leisure—a book club, practicing yoga, or even going to the movies—will make you happier than choosing something that is passive.

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