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Social sex Canada

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This invitation came by way of Twitter, in large part because of the profile I maintain in part to advertise my phone sex services. For this reason, I primped at home beforehand, which included full makeup appropriate for the role I was playing as sexpert at a club read: The line of questioning went something like this: Where are you speaking? What do you do to get such speaking gigs? Is there money involved? Did you bring a contract? How will they pay you? I told the Canadian Border Patrol agent that this was all negotiated on Twitter, and she asked for my phone, making sure the social media apps were accessible.

We were told to return to our seats, where we watched her comb through my phone from a distance. Just a few months earlier, I was at an industry event in Miami where several sex cam models on the Canadian side of the boarder were denied entry into the United States after they had their social media profiles examined, which outed them as cam models. They had to forfeit their tickets and hotel accommodations, not to mention presence at an event that was meant to help bolster their careers.

It might seem like the easiest solution to this problem would be for sex workers to opt out of social media , or at least any non-vanilla social media presence. This may be possible for strippers and other sex workers who work locally. However, for many sex workers, social media presence is a necessity for the recruitment and retention of clients, and thus for a functional business. High end escorts, traveling models and strippers, and almost by definition all online sex workers, including cam models and phone sex operators my forte all depend on social media to develop and legitimate their brand.

In a milieu where carefully crafted branding on social media is a large part of the work of being a sex worker—but where that very social media presence is often used as a weapon against us, restricting our mobility—we are in a bind.

Suggesting that we just cease using social media altogether is to suggest that we give up the possibility of actually having a sustainable work model. Indeed, this happened to a gay Vancouver man who was detailed at the US border for false suspicion of sex work due to a dating site. Sex workers, however, are not afforded the luxury of this distinction. Part of whore stigma is the inherent assumption that sex workers are always working—that we are one-dimensional.

The cam models who were trying to cross the border to go to the convention were not doing so with any specific intent to cam in the United States. Instead, they were coming for an award ceremony. Yet, they were denied entry because of a failure of imagination: The irony is that the multi-dimensionality of our lives is all documented there in our phones.

The officers could have just as easily read the many banal interactions with my mom about our dogs, or the groceries lists I send to my husband as they could view promo pictures for my work.

But sex work casts a shadow on all else. Ultimately, given that the sex work I do in the US is legal and that there was no concrete evidence that I planned to do any sex work in Canada, she let us cross the border. Is there a way out of this seemingly closed loop in which I cannot do my work without maintaining a social media presence, but that very social media presence can be used to thwart my professional efforts and perhaps my personal travel?

There are several suggestions online addressed to sex workers specifically: While these are all good suggestions, I would like to add one more to the mix perhaps an overly idealistic one: That we use our social media platforms to raise awareness of the issue, to fight for protection of ourselves, to seek solidarity with each other, and to work toward political and social change in regard to both social media privacy and sex work.

Jessie Sage sapiotextual is an online sex worker, writer, and former academic. Her interests include embodiment, intimacy, the politics of sex and sex work, and reproductive justice. She is co-host of The Peepshow Podcast. I would never be asked such questions about my job nor have my phone searched for my social media posts.

If your work is legal in your residential location and you are declaring that you are not travelling for work then this should not even be questioned. I am particularly concerned that it was left to the customs officer's discretion as religious or other moralistic judgements may have seen you turned away.

We live in a cyborg society. Technology has infiltrated the most fundamental aspects of our lives: This blog chronicles our new, augmented reality. Comments 1 Alexis — November 30, Appalling. About Cyborgology We live in a cyborg society.


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which are necessary to achieve health for all Canadians. . supports, such as sex worker unions, which improve social capital and access to. The Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform member groups are sex worker is composed of migrants, sex workers, and allies including social workers. Methods: We analyzed the accounts of a heterogeneous sample of adult sex economic and social heterogeneity of the sex industry and results in a range of.