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Womens wont real sex free in Lincoln

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B , amlwch] I believe this is an area which needs much more research. W , Ratho] Enact legislation to require the medical establishment to disclose all options available to women for treating fibroids. Provide sources for information to patients to learn more about each option including discussion boards on the internet wherein fellow-sufferers discuss their experiences in an open and candid forum. C , Bowie, MD USA] i saw a professional and all he wanted to do was a hysterectomy - i saw someone else and has a resectin a week ago and feel fab - i am back in work - some of these men are butchers!

I had UAE in October and although because of the size of my fibroid it took a while for things to get better it is the best thing I have ever done and I am glad i spent the time to search out a good gynae and interventional radiologist - it took about 18 months and vistst o 5 gynaes and 4 hospitals [ S.

A , london] I have just cancelled my hysterectomy that was due to take place next week. My gynaecologist wanted to 'whip' out everything including my ovaries even though I have only just turned I want to take part in trials of this drug here as it sounds amazing.

Is any research going on in the UK on the effectiveness of this drug in treating fibroids? S , Borehamwood] Just because it's not cancer doesn't mean it's not worth treating. Surely quality of life needs to move higher up the agenda. E , Bingley] I certainly agree with the view that Fibroids have not received as much attention as it should, considering its prevalence and effects on women. I will be happy to see that more is done towards research and education in the UK.

E , Chadwell St Mary] I was diagnosed with fibroids over 10 years ago and had they been treated then I would not now be put in a position where I have to consider an hysterectomy at the age of 43!

N , Bradford] Yes indeed more research! A , Worcester] Having recently undergone a myomectomy I know how miserable having a fibroid makes you and affects your day to day life. As much research as possible should bedone in to the cuases of this condition. D , Leeds] Every woman should be fully informed of all options. A young member of our family was fortunate to receive this in London. M , Leeds] I fully support research into this condition and would like to add my name to the campaign to raise more awareness of the condition which causes much suffering to so many women.

W , Bosham, Chichester, West Sussex] More guidance needs to be given for women who wish to remain fertile and need treatment for their firbriods [ L , Carshalton] I have resisted surgery in the hope that an alternative to the current options will come to light.

I'm still waiting [ M. W , Islington] Living in the North of England the only option here to be completely free of fibroids is to have a total hysterctomy.

I don't think anyone truly understands the misery of fibroids,both physically and mentally, unless they have suffered themselves. I have had some relief in the last 12 months with Zoladex. However, there is only 1 GP in our practice who can administer this, and it is almost impossible to get an appointment with him! There should be more research,training,and treatments available to all women in this country.

S , Wigton] Also need research into how effective current treatment is. From experience everyone is offered a Mirena regardless of whether this is the best option. Side effects are dismissed as trivial and women are supposed to put up with them as long as there is some decrease in bleeding [ H. A , emsworth] Doctors need to be more sympathetic to how it affects womens quality of life, not one person has asked me this question, to which my reply would be i havent got one.

N , Portsmouth] My periods are a nightmare as i have 5 fibroids. Im getting womb ablation in 2 weeks, this being an alternative to a hysterectomy. O , cairneyhill] more reseach also needs to be done on why so many black women have fibriods.

H , london] I have just been diagnosed with 3 different types of Fibroids at the age of 40 after years of symptoms which have progressively worsened. I cant accept hysterectomy as the only complete solution when I am yet to have my first child.

I dont want to compromise my fertility. More research needs to be made into other options to help sufferers make an educated choice. I live in Dubai where most doctors are British or follow British medical practice.

There are alternative treatments out there that should be readily available to every patient. Either some of the medical profession is ignorant to what is available or there simpy isn't enough funding to make alternative treatments available.

However wouldn't it far more cost effective if the NHS only had a patient take up a bed for 2 days with UAE as a opposed to 2 weeks myomectomy? It doesn't make sense. L , London] Having had fibroids for at least the past 10 years at the age of 54 they are still growing. I am battling with the medical opinions and this afternoon have an appointment when I will be insisting on a referal to at least talk to a radioligist who performs embolization to then be able to evaluate for myself another option available, apart from hysterectomy which I have been resisting for the past year.

Waiting for referals seems such a waste of time. I am now on my third gynaecolgist as they are so narrow minded. J , Brighton] I have recently recovered from a myomectomy, after years off misery and ill health, which was misdiagnosed as "its your age" hb of 6 by final diagnose of fibroids. I then had the misfortune of being referred to a consultant who only overs hysterectomies!!! Not accepting this i requested a second opinion and finally found a consultant who was willing to give me a myomectomy to retain by uterus!!!

Am now recovering but feel more support and research is needed in this area - I fought for my treatment but how many women actually question the their treatment.

Many times I did think how my treatment might have differed if I was paying for my treatment! Fibroids effect millions of women, resulting in time off work, depression and fatigue - most of these women carry on because they are working women, mothers, keeping the family home going and do not have time to moan -they just cope!!! I also ponder on how different it would all be - if men had uterine fibroids!! Sorry to be cynical but 3 years of fighting for my treatment on the nhs as a very high taxpayer has taken its toll.

My advice would be to "step away from the table and get a second opinion". W , leicester] Treatment options need to be made available to the patients throughout their treatment - we would not be looking at these websites if we felt we were being given all our options with their side effects discussed honestly throughout.

G , Sale] i first had a ovarian cyst in op and still not pregnant and low and behold i now have Fibroids but i still trying before it's too late. J , Ashton-under-Lyne] As a long term sufferer of fibroid, I fully support that more effort be put in the research for the fibroid and a permanent cure found. O , Gillingham - Kent] My large fibroids are making my life hell and after causing me such intense pain that caused contractions and a late miscarriage, I want to know when I will ever feel normal again.

Any research that can support prevention or non-surgical cure I fully support. A , London] Having been diagnosed with fibroids since , I am still trying to decide on my options and believe better guidance and more research should be done [ N. K , Edinburgh] i am in the process of having a myomectiomy open surgery. H , leeds] It is about time the NHS looked into more non-invasive treatments for fibroids. It is cost effective, cheaper than hysterectomy.

Reduces the misery suffered by thousands of women. W , DEAL] Please consider that women need access to early detection and non-invasive treatments when it comes to fibroids. I have been lucky that I have been referred within a month, however many aren't.

A , Accrington] I believe that gyneacologists must be more forthcoming with their patients regarding all the treatment options for fibroids. Too often surgery is sold as the only option. This needs to change.

H , London] I don't suffer with fibroids, but a good friend of mine does. It's another one of those conditions that we know very little about unless we're suffering from it. More awareness would be good. Get some research going into the cause, prevention and safe cure of one the most debilitating of illnesses that should no longer be ignored.

S , London] I would like to support this petition as the mother of a sufferer about whom the entire family has been anxious for too long. There is an obvious and urgent need for more energetic research and action.

S , Urbino] My doctor suspected Fibroids, 2 months ago, after my visit about painful period. She send me for ultra sound and virginal screening yesterday. From chatting with the nurses, I am sure I've got Fibriods. I don't know the type yet because I am yet to see my doctor, but I am frighten and confuse. I started researching, and found this website. Any help would be appreciated.

A , Adel, Leeds] Detection and management of fibroids appears to be hit and miss! More research has to be funded to avoid misdiagnosis and to prevent prolonging the misery for sufferers.

C , Oakham] I am due to have a Hysterectomy next week due to fibroids I am in that much discomfort that I can't wait. I hoped to keep my womb but this was the only option offered and I can no longer put up with feeling this bad.

M , kingsbury] I have recently been diagnosed with fibroids at a private clinic. I am shocked at the lack of advice and information i have been given. I'm having to study and research myself. This subject needs to be taken more seriously and the medical approach by some doctors really needs to be re-addressed.

L , Birstall, Leicester] I was only diagnosed with fibroids in February but since I've noticed that's there's so little known about this I didn't even know they exist, let alone that they affect so many women I want to see more research done and more education for young people. M , Wimbledon, London] I was disappointed that nothing could be done about my fibroid symptoms and pain in the UK.

I had private Uterine Fibroid Embolisation treatment in Australia and have not suffered the same extreme pain as a result. The treatment has also allowed me to carry my son full term and have a normal pregnancy.

I do not think I would have been able to have a child had I not had the procedure. More research needs to be carried out so that more women like myself are able to reduce or stop the symptoms of fibroids, as well as have the opportunity to have a normal healthy pregancy. L , London] I think it is important for the government to fund research into this condition.

I have suffered with this and underwent an operation in The condition has returned and I am facing further surgery again. N , London] Please put more money into research this problem affects many women and leads to many lost working days and possible job loss because of problems associated with fibroids please help. C , London] As a sufferer of fibriods it would benefit all women and also help employers who have employees who suffer from this condition.

A lack of understanding and exposure of the condition means that colleagues, managers do not appreciate what you go through and the affect it has on your lifestyle. H , greenford] I was diagnosed with Fibroids 5 years ago,have had a myomectomy and am appalled at how little advice and support that has been offered to me.

My next option is a hysterectomy! I'm determined to do my own research as I'm only We need more research and less ignorance! We need more research into treatment options. H , London] I Have 2 small Fibroids but i dont know much about them or the long term effects of them, This should be a concern to the goverment as a lot of women in England suffer withthis problem, [ J.

T , middlewich] i am 28 years old and never heard of fibroids, i now have a very large one blocking my cervix and may have to have a hysterectomy, further education and research is needed as i had my symptoms put down to just having a heavy period!!!!

B , Barnoldswick] Research needs to be done. It makes my life unbearable and resulted in an extremeley difficult pregnancy [ C. R , Northampton] There needs to be a routine check on all ethnic women, because some people do not know they have it. After almost two years of period misery up to one week of pain severe enough to interfere with normal day to day life and up to two weeks of heavy bleeding , I was diagnosed with fibroids.

The female docctor I am now working with is excellent and has given me several options on treatment. However, the only reason I was assigned to her was because I stood my ground and refused to see the male doctor I had originally been assigned. Suffice it to say that he had no empathy for my situation; treated me as though I did not have a brain dismissing my questions about the procedure he wanted to do - no choice offered and no full explanation of the process offered.

The only way I can described his examination was that it was not dissimilar to the way the vet used to examine cows on my father's farm. If you have similar issues, I'd recommend standing your ground until you get the doctor and choices you deserve as a customer of the NHS. L , Farnborough] just been told that have fibroids more test to undergo very scared at the moment [ A. B , liverpool] My mother is suffering from fibroids but she is so scared to speak with doctors and do something about it.

I want to find an alternative method of reducing the fibroids and would like more campaigns to be done for women to have fibroids investigated at the earliest opportunity [ R. H , London] Yes - more research needed. G , Grantham] i found the only way to access information about fibroids is from the internet itself. H , Streatham, London,] We need more research as there is only western women who are able to obtain the information on the subject.

If research was widend and more money put into it this may help some of the women in the rest of the world. I am sure ohters feel that there is nothing that can be done but with research they may just be able to stop the Fibroids in the first place, and stop sufferes world wide.

V , Crumpsall] My fibroid was dismissed by various bodies for years and through my persistence was removed last week- wth near tragic results. It had gotten so big it was a major op and then I had internal bleding and and had tobe re-operated on. K , Bury] I have been told by telephone that I require a hysterectomy for a 'possible' fibroid! How arrogant can members of the medical profession be to break serious news in such a manner?

My so-called consultant has not even explored all other areas for possible diagnosis or alternative treatment with me. I am getting a second opinion. I am angry and I advise other women to get angry and demand quality treatment to suit you and refuse to undertake any treatment until you are absolutely certain is is right for you.

The medical profession must stop experimenting with women's bodies now! S , Bristol] I was told I have 4 this morning, after having pressure on my bladder for several months, and heavy periods and pain for most of my adult life. I will find out my options in a week, its been good to read there are other options than hysterectomy, though I have children it seems a bit severe [ R. B , henbury Bristol] Hysterectomy is major surgery in every sense and surely should be considered only after all other options have been explored.

It's sad to know that years after our mothers suffered unnecessarily the situation doesn't seem to have changed. C , Parkstone, Poole] do believe not enough info or research and advice availbale [ J. T , ruislip] Please do this so that my old pal Lynda can get her life back again and stop being so grumpy. G , Northolt] There is a real lack of support, sympathy and information from doctors and the the government for women with fibroids.

We need more research to be carried out on this condition, so that women have more options and the condition can be treated properly. So far there only seems to be temporary fixes for women who still want and can have children. This issue needs to be addressed. E , London] more research is needed [ N , london] More research is necessary and a greater priority should be given to research and development to find the causes and treatment for fibroid disorder, which affect so many women.

O , New York, NY] I find it shocking how common this problem is, yet how little information or research has been invested into it. I am currently trying to get second opinions, whilst in pain, there is so much ambiguity and it really is time to do more [ U. N , beckenham] I think everything should be done to try and reduce the impact of fibroids [ O.

O , London] we need to look further into what causes them as it all seems to be a bit vague to me. A , newport] no choice given for non-invasive treatment. I have witessed one and saw the misery they pass through. O , Northampton] after being diagnosed with fibroid, i tried to find infomation about this but found it really hard to find.

H , Sompting, Lancing] I am in support for there to be more research carried out on Fibroid. I do not mind being part of it if necessaruy because i love research and i have carried some research, including qualitative research in the past on other areas of health. Thank you [ N , wolverhampton] I had a large fibroid from the age of 22 and they only discovered it 4 years later, even though I had a laparoscopy!

It would be very benefitial for suffers to have more research done [ M. M , Lockerbie] After suffering years of heavy and painful periods which have recently got worse, I went to my doctors. Only after seeing a female doctor did I actually get sent for a scan. Scan showed I have a fibroid, thus why I am still in pain several weeks after the last horrendous period which seems to have been made worse by the contraceptive pill.

I have been given no treatment or any further details and was dismissed as just being rundown!! More research is definately needed. B , Yate] I'm livid that an incompetent arrogant, ignorant and utterly insensitive NHS consultant took it upon himself to terrify my already deeply distressed daughter.

Yes, more research is needed, but also more educating of these so called professionals. L , Sturminster Newton] Totally depressing problem [ J.

R , Ely] Just discovered I have fibroids and am now preparing for a battle on the basis of what I am reading. S , Batley] it needs to be addressed [ J. S , west malling] A lot more research needs to be done into this condition which is so debilitating for so many women. Many women also find it embarrassing to talk about this but I think it is better to have open and honest conversations about the condition because I am sometimes unable to work due to the pain and menorrahagia or can arrange flexible working from home while dosed up on painkillers.

Although the majority of fibroids are benign, the problems that they cause warrant a lot more work being done on determining the causes as well as improving the currently available non surgical and surgical treatments. T , Swindon] Not enough is done to find a less evasive action to fibroids. In this day and age its ridiculour. I think if this was something men had to go through a better resolve would have been found by now.

Health professionals are only people and sometimes like all of us they can get it wrong. I under went unnecessary surgery due to a misdiagnosis from an ultra scan.

L , dallington northampton] awaiting hysterectomy on 27 Sept feeling o. Only Knew in July that I had this condition Because of a slight bleed. Generally in very good health. Yes, Im over weight but very active! My first diognises of fibriods, there was only one growth but now it has multiplied to five different sizes but yet I've been told that there is nothing that can be done to help me.

I , Gillingham] i am from africa and i know that fibroid affect most women in my country. D , london] research for women who are suffering fibroid are necessary. K , Birmingham] It is one of the most common complaints in women so why is this not a better supported problem? F , Helmsdale] I would like to see more research into fibroids. B , Norfolk] I'm 22 and have been suffering from constant bleeding for over 3 years - in these 3 years i've also had 2 misscarriages with no apparent reason behind them.

I have only just been diagnosed with fibroids literaly today and am furious that my docotrs couldnt have diagnosed this since! More HAS to be done in the terms of research and sympathy as I don't want any woman to have to go through this, GP's just don't understand, let alone listen! C , London] Early detection as vital as late detection can cause months of suffering and involve much more use of NHS resources and sickness benefits and mean people are unable to work.

Those over over the age of 35 should be prioritised for screening. Treatment should be as non- invasive as possible. I have known people to be spoken to about hysterectomies when other treatments were still possible. This is completely unacceptable. K , London] This would help many [ K. F , Croydon] I have just recently had a fibroid removed and believe there should be much more information made available.

I also had to suffer terrible periods for over a year before my GP would refer me. M , Dartford] More research is definitely necessary regarding fibroids as is the availabilty of general information regarding the condition. Having had an abdominal myomectomy 8 weeks ago performed by a fertility surgeon, I was very fortunate hysterectomy was never mentioned.

However, I have never been given any decent information on the surgery, and found that if it wasn't for the fibroid trust website I wouldn't have known what to expect. If you have a hysterectomy, there is a whole lot more info out there. So let's get more info and research into this the sooner the better. B , Eaton Tarporley] I have regrown fibroids. C , London] I had a Mirena coil fitted nearly two years ago it looks like it has failed.

If i had been told about the side effect i most likely would not have had it fitted. If more research is required to prevent other women and their partners, families and friends from experiencing such trauma then please do provide funding into this area. B , Sheffield] need recherches about this problem [ N , algeria] There definitely needs to be more research undertaken regarding fibroids and alternative methods and medication. Like a lot of women, I too had a male surgeon who was only interested in removing my hysterectomy and that was after my first visit to his surgery!

Because of that I vowed that I would keep my uterus as long as I possibly can despite the heavy bleeding and longer periods. Yes we must petition for more research to be carried out as to why fibroids exist and how they could be eradicated at an earlier stage. F , London] more research and support - more access to specialists - less being automatically labelled wilth IBS [ S.

G , Eastleigh] jbg [ F. A , London] I am at the mercy of my own biology and feel really quite desolate sometimes.

Treatment has not come far enough, because research is underfunded and this is treated as an unmentionable taboo [ A , High Wycombe] When I use my search engine to look for blogs to read yours has come up several times on different categories. That just made me want to read it more, I can see why. Keep up the awesome work and I will continue reading. Jose - [ N. E , ] This is such an important issue- there is very little knowledge about the causes of fibroids and because these are not cancerous growths, I believe they are not always given the priority for research.

The impact on womens lives of fibroids is huge- and they can affect young women as well as old. S , Sheffield] My girlfriend and I have suffered much trauma due to her fibroid and its removal. More funding, awareness and research is certainly needed. Despite knowing about this condition for so long, so little research and funding has been put towards it that I would love to hear this petition makes a difference.

Thanks and love to all who are affected by fibriods. I , Sheffield] Please help women to get rid of fibroids, especially those who want to conceive and want their family life. Please [ S , Plymouth] I was diagnosed with fibroids when pregnant with my second child in ,I have since had 5 other children so fertility not affected.

I try not to complain despite severe symptoms as GP will push for the obvious solution,which at 43 I have no intention of loosing my womb!

More GPs need to be made aware of this so that they can inform patients that hysterectomy and myomectomy are not the sole options. I support this petition to lobby for increased research into this common condition. P , Bristol] I recently underwent a hysterectomy and whilst care was good and I am recovering well it seems to me that there should be a better answer than to have this invasive operation. K , romford] Research into why fibroids occur to avoid the huge cost of surgeries [ K.

M , Bishops Stortford] I am pleased to be supporting this campaign. Having had fibroids for over seven years and until recently being told "they will shrink when you hit the menopause" i am now investigating my options. My consultant radiologist recommended this site. S , Minster on Sea] i would like my fibriods removed as i have a lot of problems with them, also i would like another child with my partner and feel that the doctor might think i am to old at 48 in a month time is to old.

F , Tottenham, London] I have recently been diagnosed with fibroids and for something that is so common in women, I also do not feel that there is not enough coverage and information on fibroids.

Especially as they can cause miscarriage and premature birth etc. All women should be made aware of fibroids. S , Farnham] I was diagnosed with a large fibroid January , not impressed with the information supplied. You have to find information out yourself. Unfortunately I am still waiting for my fibroid to be removed but in the meantime suffering from all the symptoms that go with it, very heavy periods and incontinence, at the age of 34 its very distressing [ S.

E , Chichester] Isn't part of the reason that there is little interest in this subject, the dearth of female gynaecologists at consultant level. W , London] I was diagnosed with 3 Fibroids 2 years ago after I was hospitalised for suspected Apendicitis.

I then developed a lump the other side my body,they found three more larger fibroids on stalks on outside of womb, one was 10cm by 6cm. Also Polyps found inside Uterus. Had digestive problems for years along with very heavy periods and pain. I had been to the GP for years and was always given pill to help, never referred to see Gynaecologist from GP.

We need far more research done into Fibroids and how we can treat them without a Hysterctomy being perfomed. S , Johnstown, Carmarthen] More research and awareness needs to be done for Fibroids. R , Northolt] and we still do not have a clear idea of causes of fibroids how are we going to prevent and effectively treat our daughters? End unnecessary suffering for women, more funding and incentive to research now!!

B , London] I support this campaign. The well be of our women should be a priority for government. Help women and you are halfway helping the whole society.

Suffered for 7 years being treated by male doctors who did not take my pain seriously. Saw a female doctor who at last even took a feel of my abdomen and refered straight away but have had to have an open myomectomy with salpingoophorectomy. Now forced to have a surgically induced menopause. Not happy at all. Fibroids had grown to the size of a 24 week foetus [ A. A woman who consents to a hysterectomy cannot guarantee she will wake up with her ovaries still in place.

S , Lyme Regis] Need more research on fibroids and miscarriages [ J. R , London] Too many consultants and GP's suggest a total hysterectomy as the only answer. I feel confused and scared about not having others options available.

A , London] There has to be better treatment that hormones or hysterectomy. B , High Wycombe] Reading the stories about the suffering caused by fibroids is bittersweet. I happened to come acoss this site by accident dureing the numerous attempts to reserch the topic. I was touched and relieved to find women who could identify with the ordeal i am experiancing. It is good to know that so many women are realising that they can and should seek other opions,and that it is their right to have a voice in the methods used to cure them.

It is very sad to see that in this day and age we are still in the dark about this ailment and even sadder that their is not enough effort, awareness and fundding needed which is vitial for its cure. O , london] fibroids have awful effects on daily life much more research must be done to find the cause.

Help must be found for the next generation of women [ L. G , harrogate] No one seems to have a clue about the causes of this very common problem, a solution needs to be found.

B , Brighton] more research is needed. E , Denbigh] why do all doctors think that removing a womans womb is the answer to everything?? E , Denbigh] I support this peition as I was forced in to an unwanted hysterectomy at the age of 43, whilst a single parent of a 3yr old who still needed lifting. The impact of this was devastating for myself and my child.

I was given a re-section which failed, making my symptoms much much worse, which then left me requiring a hystrectomy. At no time was I told of alternative treatments such as myomectomy, tailored ablation, or uterine artery embolisation. C , Bournemouth] As I have been suffering with very large fibroids for over 30 years I fully support this campaign to raise awareness and campaign for further fibroid research in this area.

All NHS Trusts should ensure they have the qualified personnel to deliver all treatment options locally, especially embolisation. D , Darlington] For ladies who have not had children, there needs to be more options than a hysterectomy. I have this condition as well as Stage 4 Endometriosis - it is debilatating. G , Glasgow] I think it is important to get enough researh into fibroids that help us understand and treat this condition better for the benefit of all.

As a professional woman living with the anxiety of this condition each month, getting effective treatments can transform your life and make it normal again. C , WATFORD] I am shocked by the lack of adequate research into cause of fibroids, treatments available and the number of hyterectomies performed due to fibroids.

L , Bath] whilst reading your stories, I realise that I have been very lucky with the doctors and treatment I have so far received, good luck to the ladies who are still undergoing treatment.

R , Thorpe Bay] I have suffered with fibroids since It then went into red degeneration. Thankfully my daughter was born in perfect health at 41wks. But the pregnancy was a very anxious one. S , Ashford, Middlesex] In I was offered a hysterectomy to remove my fibroids but was not ready to accept I may never have children, so am hopeful that there are alternatives soon that might help me. I see their are a number of us in a similar mind set.

Hang in there sisters xxxx [ Y , Warrington] It is very concerning to me, having been newly diagnosed today, that there is such a sense of inadequate funding for research, and a poor sense of the treatments and the access to them for women with this condition.

W , Chorlton] i have several fibroids the size of oranges which have recently been found. I am told that i need not take any further action. The doctors seem to have brushed me aside without any real alternatives.

It seems that these things dont exist similar to the case of when doctors didnt seem to believe period pain, or pmt existed so i welcome this chance to sign this petition. B , cradley heath] Please increase funding for better research. D , Colnbrook] I was diagnosed with fibroids 3 weeks ago. I had an ultrasound scan due to having a coil fitted in December and subsequently bleeding continuously for 5 months. Quality of life needs to be maintained and more research carried out.

After having a scan today it shows some fibroids. So I don't know what happens next. H , Lichfield] Just had a scan told I have fibroids so in the process of researching the condition. P , Newborough] with so many women sufferign with such a common issue funding and proper treatment and care shoudl be available for all women sufferign from this condiion of fibroids.

I have n't been able to work for years as a result. P , Leicester] I really can't believe that women have to suffer so much and that there are not very many options that don't involve pumping yourself with hormones. Please do something to help us. H , Norwich] I'm staggered at the cavalier attitude that some gynaecologists adopt when approached for help. It appears to me that even the 'experts' aren't as knowledgable as they would have us think, so perhaps if the UK followed the USA's example with government funding, more credence would be given to this debilitating condition.

B , Essex] my opinion is to help to find a way which they can check on every single woman starting form teenagers. Y , romford, essex] Women should be given an internal exam when having cervical test. I went to my 3 year test without fail and never knew I had fibroids until I went to the UAE and was told during a routine exam. More women need to know sooner O , London] It's a disgrace that women's health is so overlooked.

B , Brighton] I would love more research into fibroids; I am having a myomectomy next week and think that the more that is known about fibroids the better. P , Rothersthorpe] Living with fibroids is not living, its surviving as best you can.

There is so little information about non-invasive treatments that often GPs will only consider surgery.

There should be more awareness in fibroid research so we can make informed decisions about our treatment. C , New Cross London] I was diagnosed with a 5cm fibroid ten years ago and told there was no need to do anything. I am 34 and currently bedridden with a 11cm fibroid that needs to be removed by myomectomy.

I am in abject pain, the fibroid is petruding and I cannot work. I feel the 'watch and wait'method is absurd, do we wait until things are this bad?

I can't help wondering if they would watch and wait for a benign tumour to get to this size in a man's body. C , London] Just had very painful hysterectomy due to fibroids. Told one was the size of a 22 week old baby. M , horsham] Please help as I have suffered for the last few years and I am still suffering.

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